Top 40+ Smart 19th Anniversary Gifts for Her, Him & Couples

19Th Anniversary Gift
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A toast to 19 years together! After nearly two decades together, it’s hard to think of a good cause to rejoice without a mind-blowing gift exchange. Shopping for fantastic 19th anniversary gifts for your spouse or a favorite pair became much simpler. Celebrating almost two decades of marriage? Here are some very stunning ideas. Don’t miss the Oh Canvas team’s latest blog post!

What is The Symbol of 19th Anniversary Gifts?

19Th Anniversary Traditional Modern Bronze Gift Ideas
19th anniversary modern bronze gift ideas
 Traditional Gift  No official gift, but some claim it is bronze
 Modern Gift Bronze
 Flower Chrysanthemum
 Gemstone Aquamarine
 Color Bronze

The modern 19-year anniversary gift is crafted from bronze, a robust and long-lasting material representing an unwavering marriage. Combining copper and tin in bronze symbolizes merging two lives into a single, shared journey.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Bronze home items; Bronze ornaments or accessories.

The flower of the 19th anniversary: Asian cultures hold chrysanthemums in high regard, and the flower’s golden color is a symbol of everlasting life in Japan. In Chinese, chrysanthemums are a symbol of eternal beauty and majesty; the name “nae” literally translates to “essence of the sun” in Chinese. They represent joy, faithfulness, and truthfulness.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Chrysanthemum-theme gift (Candles; Garden; Artwork; Bouquet).

Gemstone of the 19th anniversary: The 19th wedding anniversary is related to aquamarine. This stunning green-blue gemstone symbolizes truth, trust, and “letting go” and is evocative of the sea and pristine crystal waters. In the past, sailors would wear aquamarine as a lucky charm since it was thought to be mermaid wealth.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Aquamarine jewelry; Aquamarine-colored clothing or accessories.

Thoughtful 19th Anniversary Gifts for Her In 2024

1. Bronze Cookware Gift Box

Kitchen Tools Gift Box For The Traditional Anniversary Gift For Her
Bronze Cookware for the traditional anniversary gift for her

Any couple’s kitchen would benefit from the addition of bronze cookware for many years. With its two-handle design and moisture-retaining cover, this fun cast iron pan is well-suited for roasting and slow-cooking meats.

2. Bronze Mirror

Bronze-Framed Mirror For The 19 Years Of Marriage Anniversary Modern Gift
Bronze-Framed Mirror for the timeless 19 years gift giving ideas

Who’s the luckiest woman in the world, according to the mirror? Give 19-year anniversary gifts for your wife in bronze to brighten your house and make her feel special in your relationship. A delicate bronze-framed mirror is important if you’re looking for a more rustic look in the home decor she’ll love.

3. Bronze Candle Holder

Solid Bronze Home Decor For 19Th Anniversary Gifts For Wife
Bronze Candle Holder for 19th-anniversary gifts for wife

An elegant bronze candle stand with glass is another way of incorporating the current tradition into the anniversary present box. In addition to traditional candlesticks, you may now discover laser-cut fretwork Moroccan-style candleholders.

Include a luxuriously scented candle with your sweet gift to avoid giving her an empty container. Hang it and set the tone for a romantic anniversary date with the warm, romantic, light theme and sensuous smells.

4. Sound Wave Art Canvas

Sound Wave Art Canvas Oh Canvas For A Pretty Date Night
Sound Wave Art Canvas Oh Canvas for 19 years together

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Is there a stunning piece of music from your wedding that you and your husband still like to listen to? Make your favorite song into a bronze sound wave with this art. You can submit your song title and the artist’s name (original tracks are welcome too).

Finally, the sound wave will be etched into this beautiful piece of art, along with your beautiful wedding photos. This heartfelt twist on the 19th anniversary gift for wife is a great idea to enjoy life’s biggest moments.

5. Personalized Bronze Bracelets

Personalized Bronze Accessories For The Bronze Anniversary Traditional Gift
Personalized Bronze Bracelets for the bronze anniversary traditional gift

This gorgeous monogrammed bronze bracelet is perfect for a spouse who enjoys sturdy jewelry as a 19th wedding anniversary gift. Make this jewelry unique by adding the GPS coordinates of a specific location you want them to keep in mind. You may have the card’s interior stamped for an additional fee to add a personal touch.

6. Bronzed Pitcher Vase

Bronze Pottery Pitcher Vase For 19Th Anniversary Gifts
Bronze Pottery Pitcher Vase for 19th anniversary gifts

She’ll love to display this pitcher vase in the most prominent position on your coffee table because of its beautiful lines and warm bronze glow. These bronze home decor items will add an elegant vibe to the home.

7. Edgy Earrings

Edgy Earrings Is A Modern Gift Idea For The Anniversary Year Together 
Edgy Earrings are modern gift ideas for the anniversary year together

If your beloved has a distinct sense of style, these durable earrings are perfect 19th wedding anniversary gifts. As a bonus, they’re bronze-plated, so your beauty will look its best on your next date.

8. Tibetian Singing Bowl

Tibetian Singing Bowl For The 19Th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Tibetian Singing Bowl for the 19th-year wedding anniversary gift

Each of these singing bowls is a one-of-a-kind creation that may help you relax and cure your emotions. Music and vibrations may benefit deep meditation, creative thinking, and intuitive communication. If you know someone who practices healing meditation or yoga, this is an easy 19th wedding anniversary gift.

Oh Canvas tips

We believe that a singing bowl’s vibrations are enhanced and its positive energy is energized when it is cleansed beneath a full moon. Use pure water and sea salt to gently scrub the bowl clean, and set aside a minute or two to concentrate on and connect with the bowls’ specific vibes while you do so.

9. Personalized Anniversary Date Gifts

Personalized Anniversary Date Gifts For The 19Th Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Anniversary Date Gifts for the 19th anniversary gifts

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Something that can simultaneously bring to mind three significant historical moments must be rather amazing. Please enjoy this perfect Hello, Will You I Do canvas. This unique customized anniversary decor includes your name, your wedding day, and a picture of you and your significant other.

We want to help you remember how lovely it is to spend every day with your partner in a meaningful way. It’s time to add this 19th wedding anniversary gift to your shopping cart!

10. Bronze Forged Rose

Perfect Bronze Forged Things For The 19Th Anniversary Flower
Perfect Bronze Forged Things for the 19th-anniversary flowers

What are some flowers suggestions for a great gift for your bronze theme anniversary? You can’t get much more lovey-dovey than this red rose bouquet.

Each flower is hand-crafted from steel and given a bronze patina to commemorate this significant occasion in your strong marriage. This handmade flower, like their love, will never wither or fade. The red beauty set is a traditional gift for lovers on Valentine’s Day.

11. Jewelry with Aquamarine

Jewelry With Aquamarine
Jewelry with Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a favorite stone among jewelers and their clients due to its stunning beauty. The understated design highlights the gemstone’s brilliant blue color. She will be amazed when she receives this stunning necklace from you.

12. A Scent of the Sea

A Scent Of The Sea
A Scent of the Sea

Any time, anywhere, is a good opportunity to wear a fragrance from the aquatic because of the clean, refreshing aromas they include. Aquamarine, which is frequently associated with the ocean and would make a lovely 19th wedding anniversary gift, has inspired many women’s fragrances. Hermes’ Eau des Merveilles Bleue, housed in a stunning aquamarine bottle, would be the perfect perfume gift for your lady.

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Most Practical 19th Anniversary Gift for Him

13. Custom Bronze Keyring

Custom Bronze Keyring For The 19Th Year Anniversary Gift
Custom Bronze Keyring for the perfect anniversary gift

If you’re looking for extra-special 19th wedding anniversary gifts for him, send them this handmade bronze key ring. A map of their favorite spot on the globe is included in the design. Is this the first place where you had your first date or where you got married?

14. Personalized Bronze Cufflinks

Personalized Bronze Cufflinks For 19Th Anniversary Gifts For Him
Personalized Bronze Cufflinks for 19th-anniversary gifts for him

Personalized cufflinks are a great way to show appreciation for a loved one; this set is no exception. The next time your partner dresses up, he’ll be proud to sport these handsome bronze accessories.

15. ‘The Two Of Us’ Bronze Sculpture

‘The Two Of Us’ Romantic Sculpture For 19Th Anniversary Presents For Him
‘The Two Of Us’ Romantic Sculpture for 19th anniversary presents for him

Bronze is preferred when creating copies of historical objects or contemporary sculptures. Give him a romantic bronze sculpture to remind him that you’ll always be there for him. For a 19th anniversary gift for husband that’s both contemporary and rustic, these cast bronzes are a great choice to show your wedded bliss.

16. Fancy Candle and Holder

Fancy Candle And Holder For The 19Th Anniversary Gift For Husband
Fancy Candle and Holder for the 19th anniversary gift for husband

We have yet to meet a man who does not like the aroma of a well-scented candle. But has he had an impressive candle holder? A perfect 19th-anniversary gift is a combination of his favorite candles displayed on this one-of-a-kind bronze holder!

17. Wedding Gift Ideas For Special Partners

Thoughtful Gifts For Couple Oh Canvas
Perfect Gift Ideas For Favorite Couple Oh Canvas

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When it comes time to commemorate your wedding anniversary, you want to give your spouse something creative. You’ll also be reminded of these three key moments in your relationship when you see this personalized canvas:

This customized anniversary present is perfect for couples celebrating their first, tenth, or fiftieth year of marriage.

It’s also a great way to honor your parents or any other special couples’ wedding anniversaries with this Hello – Will You – I Do Photo Upload Canvas Print. Gift this to the newlyweds as a daily reminder of your affection.

18. Bronze Horse Bookends

Inspired Bronze Horse Bookends For 19Th Anniversary Gifts For Him
Handcrafted Bronze Horse Bookends for 19th anniversary gifts for him

Inspired bookends with a white marble base and a pair of bronzed thoroughbreds are the trending 19 year anniversary gift for the man with discerning taste. They’d look great in a workplace, home library, or a simple place like a bookshelf where everybody appreciates them.

19. Bronze Dragonfly Sundial

Bronze Dragonfly Sundial For The 19Th Year Anniversary Gift For Him
Bronze Dragonfly Sundial for the 19th year anniversary gift for him

In the same way, your marriage can resist the rare storm; this sundial will become more lovely with time! Made of solid metal and finished in a bronze patina, it’s meant to sit flat on a table or counter.

Oh Canvas tips

You should set up your sundial on a horizontal plinth in a well-lit spot, with its meridian aligned with the true North, which is near to the Pole Star.

20. Bronze Rim Whiskey Glasses

Bronze Rim Whiskey Glasses For The 19Th Anniversary Gifts
Bronze Rim Whiskey Glasses for the 19th anniversary gifts

With these simple bronze glasses as 19 year anniversary gifts, his pricey scotch will seem even more opulent! On their own, they are beautiful enough to put on display on a bar cart or buffet.

21. Bronze Glassware

Bronze Glassware For The 19Th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him
Bronze Glassware for the 19th wedding anniversary gift for him

The set includes glasses for martinis and two fingers of scotch, so no matter what your preference, this 19 year anniversary gift has you covered! Our piece on anniversary presents for guys who have everything, including an outdoor fire pit, and we believe this would be the delicate accent for a romantic date night on the deck.

22. Bronze Hanging Photo Frames

Bronze Hanging Photo Frames For 19Th Anniversary Gift Ideas
Bronze Hanging Photo Frames for 19th anniversary gift ideas

We can’t get enough of these durable brass picture frames as a versatile complement to any home décor. Bronze-plated, they’d make a lovely anniversary present for parents celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.

23. Fancy Coffee Pot

Fancy Coffee Pot For The Bronze 19Th Anniversary Present For Him
Fancy Coffee Pot for the bronze 19th anniversary present for him

Since copper is a major component of bronze, copper-themed presents are delicate for a special couple celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary. This chic white French coffee machine is a great way to get your significant other off to a great start.

24. Engraved Bronze Guitar Pick

Engraved Bronze Guitar Pick For The 19Th Anniversary Wedding Gift
Engraved Bronze Guitar Pick for the 19th anniversary wedding gift

The musician in your life will treasure this as a memento of their time together. Inscribed and packaged in a leather bag with a keychain loop, the bronze guitar pick is a continual reminder of your love for one another.

25. Family Tree Art Personalized Photos Gift

Family Tree Art Personalized Photo Gift Oh Canvas
Family Tree Art Personalized Photos Gift Oh Canvas

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Trying to find a unique piece of family art? This custom canvas print of a family tree may be customized with a variety of enjoyable phrases and background themes.

26. Bronze Hammer Bottle Opener

Bronze Hammer Bottle Opener For The 19Th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Bronze Hammer Bottle Opener for the 19th wedding anniversary gift

Using the distinctive form of Thor’s hammer, you may open the bottle in an entirely different manner than you normally would. It serves as both a useful utility and a beautiful piece of art. This bottle opener doubles as a key chain and may be given as a 19th anniversary gift bronze to any fan of the Marvel series.

27. Bronze Wine Goblet

Bronze Wine Goblet For The 19Th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Bronze Wine Goblet for the 19th year wedding anniversary gift

This stunning bronze goblet is a piece of art in and of itself. Its fine craftsmanship would enthrall cocktail party guests. Filling the cup won’t cause tarnishing since the interior of the goblet is covered. Ten ounces is the capacity of the goblet.

28. Timeless Bronze Timepiece

Timeless Bronze Timepiece
Timeless Bronze Timepiece

Perhaps a bronze watch would be more fitting for his collection. In addition to being long-lasting, their distinctive hue sets them apart from other watches.

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19 Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

29. Bronze Finish Frame

Bronze-Finished Frame For 19Th Anniversary Gifts For Parents
Bronze finish Frame for 19th anniversary gifts for parents

Adding warmth and refinement to the space with this bronze vintage-inspired frame. Let’s personalize a sentimental 19th wedding anniversary gift with a picture of the happy couple.

30. Bronze-Gilded Votive Holder

Bronze Gilded Votive Holder For The Modern Gift Ideas
Bronze Gilded Votive Holder for the modern gift ideas

This bronze gilded votive holder will add a festive touch to their tables or mantel. As a stunning 19th anniversary gift, the intricate, heavenly design contains star tips and glass beads.

31. Traditional and Modern Gift Canvas Print

Unique Anniversary Gift Art Canvas Print Oh Canvas
Unique Anniversary Gift Art Canvas Print Oh Canvas

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A Custom Star Map Gift Unique Anniversary Gift Wall Art Canvas Print makes a lovely keepsake for any couple celebrating a special occasion. Your husband or wife will treasure this 19 year anniversary gift for the rest of their lifetime.

It’s also available in various colors so you can match it to any decor. If you offer this practical gift of the night sky to your significant other, they will never forget that night. Keep the memory of your first meeting alive by giving him or her a canvas wall décor personalized with your names as a pair and the dates that are meaningful to you. This is a favorite gift for the first anniversary. It will act as a continual reminder of your affection for each other.

32. Custom Bronze Sign

Custom Bronze Sign For The 19Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea
Custom Bronze Sign for the 19th wedding anniversary gift idea

Try this personalized bronze sign if you’re looking for a unique 19th wedding anniversary gift for your loved one’s house. Include their same last name and wedding date to commemorate their 19th wedding anniversary.

33. Rustic Bronze Side Table

Thoughtful Gifts For The 19 Years Of Marriage
thoughtful gifts for the 19 years of marriage

The top of this rustic bronze side table has a detachable tray (bonus points for travel!), making it an ideal 19th wedding anniversary gift. This is a great way for them to display their favorite plants, books, and candles, and they’re sure to receive many comments on it.

34. Bronze Serving Tray

Thoughtful Bronze Serving Tray For The 19Th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Vintage Bronze Serving Tray for the 19th anniversary traditional gift

This bronze serving dish is a one-of-a-kind 19th-anniversary gift that the happy couple will like if they choose an unconventional style. Use it to display their newest culinary masterpieces or set it on a shelf as an exquisite decorative piece.

35. Fireplace Screen

Stylish Fireplace Screen For Traditional And Modern 19Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Stylish Fireplace Screen for traditional and modern 19th wedding anniversary gifts

A lovely handmade bronze fireplace screen sets the tone perfectly for a romantic night in front of the fire! We believe it would look great in any room, regardless of the color or style of the décor.

36. Bronze Floor Planter

Sweet Bronze Floor Planter For The 19Th Anniversary Wedding Gift
Sentimental Bronze Floor Planter for the 19th anniversary wedding gift

If you want a beautiful bronze planter that can be used inside and outside, look no further than this one. It can accommodate a 9-inch pot, which is classy for a healthy houseplant.

37. Custom Star Map And Lyric Song Canvas

Custom Star Map And Lyric Song Canvas Print Oh Canvas
Custom Star Map And Lyric Song Canvas Print Oh Canvas

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There was a time when we were all made of light. A star is where all the constituent parts of the human body come from. The stars are both our beginning and our ending. Matches are thought to be created in heaven. As members of the same constellation, you and your spouse have been a part of each other’s lifetime for a long time. Our Personalized Star Map art poster is designed to bring you back to the beginning of your magnificent trip.

For a special couple or your spouse, this personalized star map art poster is an ideal 19th wedding anniversary gift. Your name, wedding date, location, and a star map may be added to the art print you order. Let your love shine as brightly as your fortunate stars, and you’ll be rewarded.

38. Forty Bottle Wine Rack

Forty Bottle Wine Rack For Modern 19Th Anniversary Gift Ideas
Forty Bottle Wine Rack for modern 19th-anniversary gift ideas

For the couple that likes a glass or three of wine, this brass wine rack is a wonderful 19th-anniversary traditional gift! To display their favorite vintages, customers may hang up to 24 stemware glasses from it, and the oak top can support up to 50 pounds. To that end, I want to have a few glasses of wine with you!

39. Spoon Set

Fantastic Spoon Set For The 19Th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Gorgeous Spoon Set for the 19th wedding anniversary gift

This pair of handcrafted teaspoons is perfect for dispensing salt and pepper or a pinch of sugar. They are composed of pewter and finished in bronze, giving them an old-world character with branch-like handles and rough edges.

40. Bronze Tumbler

Bronze Tumbler For 19 Years Anniversary Modern Gifts
Bronze Tumbler for the best 19th anniversary gifts

Giving a present to a couple might be difficult, but this tumbler will surely please the two of you. Traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts with a contemporary touch may be found in these bronze glasses. Hand-washing the glasses, which each contain eight ounces, is highly suggested.

Oh Canvas tips

Soap and water are what we advise using to clean bronze sculptures. In order to prevent unwanted effects, you should not use soaps that include additives or fragrances. After washing your bronze, make sure it is completely dry before waxing it.

41. Bronze Trivets

Gorgeous Bronze Trivets For 19Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Gorgeous Bronze Trivets for 19th wedding anniversary gift ideas

These bronze trivets would make a nice 19 years anniversary present for a couple. They commemorate the traditional and modern gifts of the year while adding a sense of elegance to your table.

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A present amazing theme should be given on every occasion! Whether they are 19th anniversary gifts for your beloved or a special couple, Oh Canvas has the most memorable suggestions, including personalization. Hopefully, you’ve found something that will be treasured for at least the next 19 years.

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