The 20 First-Rate 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couple In 2021

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A year together, neither short nor long, experienced so many emotions together and it was time to celebrate the two people getting to know each other and going into a love relationship. Celebrating your first year together is really important because it marks the fact that you both belong together in adulthood. There are so many 1st anniversary gift ideas, but it can also be complicated to think about which gift to choose that both of you will relish. This article will be a wise suggestion for your couple including meaningful one year anniversary gifts for him and her for the first anniversary of both of you. Let’s see together!

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A year sounds like a short time, but it is not an easy time for any couple. The journey from two strangers because they love each other and learn to understand, care and change to become each other’s half is something that not everyone can do.

1St Anniversary Gift

The first year is the most difficult time because the differences in thinking and lifestyle are gradually revealed day by day. Therefore, the 1 year anniversary of love is more than an important milestone, this is also a moment for both of you to look back on the happy and sad days that have passed, helping you feel more in love with each other, and work harder together for future goals. To choose a suitable 1st anniversary gift for the other party on the 1st anniversary of love, there are things that you need to keep in minds such as the meaning of the gift, the partner’s preferences, and the practicality of the gift, … as well as their own economic conditions.

Moreover, you need to choose reputable establishments of one year anniversary gifts for him and her so that you can be assured of the quality of the products, and have the service of providing products as first anniversary gift boyfriend or girlfriend with guaranteed quality, diverse designs. The price is very affordable. So what is the traditional gift for a first-year wedding anniversary? Let’s find out with Ohcanvas.

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1. Wedding photos album

1St Anniversary Gift

The first year of living and being together must have been a lot of unforgettable things. But the deepest thing still in the heart is the moment you two became each other at the wedding ceremony in front of everyone, and that moment is preserved through image files. And now it’s time to warm your love by creating a photo album of these wonders of the two of you. You can customize the layout design, the content of the cover page, the content inside, and the various sizes of each image. This first-anniversary gift will definitely be an essential item for the two of you for the rest of your life, and every time you look at it, you get emotional.

2. Farmhouse wall clock

1St Anniversary Gift

Giving a clock is an important milestone and a reminder that time is precious, every passing second is a memorable moment. And so, when living together, you must always be in harmony, happiness, and cherish each other so that you will not regret it later. This 1st anniversary gift for wife in addition to such a meaning is also a great contribution to the interior of the house if you are a follower of the farmhouse decoration style. You can choose the texture behind the hands, engraved with the couple’s name and date on the bottom with galvanized metal, gold, silver, wood, and so on to create a luxurious part for the house.

3. Custom Canvas Prints Personalized Gifts Wedding

The two of you sharing the same roof after a year of living together probably still have a lot of space in the house that has not been decorated to the eyes. We recommend this custom canvas as a top pick for a 1st anniversary gift for girlfriend. This art publication has a wide range of themes ranging from the farmhouse, floral, bird, butterfly, and more.

1St Anniversary Gift

You can also ask us to tailor your design from start to finish. Or if you want to find ready-made samples, you can visit our homepage at any time. Each category has a lot of products that have been sold with very good reviews from customers. Hanging this artwork in the house makes the space luxurious, noble but closer than ever because both you and your other half seem to find themselves in it. Don’t miss this 1st anniversary gift on your 1 year anniversary.

4. Stunning couple’s portrait

Special first anniversary gift ideas for wife, containing more spiritual meaning than material but extremely emotional for each other can come from a photo portrait of your couple. The portrait can be a photo of the two of you on the day of your camping trip or a professional artist drawn from your wedding day photo. If you choose portrait photos from drawing, you can refer to many textures, colors, sizes, designs, and layouts.

1St Anniversary Gift

One suggestion is that you should choose a photo that both of you enjoy, you can add floral motifs, birds, butterflies, music notes, melodies, and so on depending on your personal preferences.

5. Love & attraction candles

1St Anniversary Gift

Scented candles are used as gifts on special occasions that many people often think of. It shows respect and sincerity. Not stopping there, in the spiritual life of people, the shimmering light and the pure soft scent of candles are also a symbol of romance and warm emotions. You can choose from a variety of scented candles with different shapes, colors, and scents depending on the preferences of the couple.

6. Wedding vows wall art

Do you two still remember the vows you made at the wedding? That oath is like a pillar engraved with solemn and meaningful sayings that both of them have for each other. You can choose for yourself a gift engraved with your couple’s vows on a frame or background depending on the color you choose; Attached to the oath is the name of the couple, the date of the wedding, and the location. Then, hang it above your bed or bedroom so that you and your partner will always remember that romantic and important day.

1St Anniversary Gift

The vow represents the most sincere and deepest feelings in the emotional commitment of two people. Instead of hiding them, you can display them as part of your home’s interior so that they can always be seen and enjoyed. What a wonderful 1st anniversary gift for wife!

7. Origami crane earrings

1St Anniversary Gift

The crane is a symbol of peace and luck, appearing as the symbol of many famous series and movies around the world. Your couple is a fan of jewelry, small things with great meaning. Then this unique 1st anniversary gift for wife is a gift not to be missed. A pair of small earrings with an elegant origami crane shape is considered a work of art. Wearing these earrings, your couple seems to be blessed by God that your love is always surrounded by protection, luck, and peace. You can flexibly choose the handmade earrings by skilled artisans, you can choose the material of gold, silver, or copper; the long string can also be changed.

8. Anniversary jewelry gifts

1St Anniversary Gift

When it comes to anniversaries, first anniversary gift ideas for wife such as necklaces probably come to mind most often. The necklace can have a different structure, but basically, there will be a pendant and two interlocking circles representing the couple. Pendants can be in gold or silver, or other metals. Two circles or two hearts interlocking is an expression of eternal love and the impressive feeling that both bring to each other on a vital occasion.

9. Custom personalized star constellation map

1St Anniversary Gift

The constellations have always brought in their mysterious beauty, strongly attracting couples because it symbolizes romance and peace. A multi-star night map with a customizable name, date, content can be a meaningful gift for a 1st anniversary gift. Hang it on the corner of the wall to confirm the two of you are together and highlight the architecture of the house.

10. Paper flowers bouquet

1St Anniversary Gift

Paper flowers are not a gift of too much money, but they are a trend that many people are interested in. It contains the feelings of the person who made it and keeps it for a long time in its warm space. You can make your own with tissue paper, crepe paper, or other household items. Simple but happy, sure the other half will love this 1st anniversary gift.

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11. Custom wedding day cufflinks

1St Anniversary Gift

A pair of rings with a strong bond is a staple in any anniversary couple’s wardrobe. You can optionally personalize the content on the cuff links, which will usually be your names and the significant date. Then send it to the shop or designer so it can be engraved on this stainless steel accessory. So you’ve got your one year anniversary gifts for him!

12. Couples travel love map

1St Anniversary Gift

If you and your partner have a hobby of traveling, adventure, exploring, visiting beautiful places in the world, this is definitely a great gift suitable for the two of you. It’s a map, customizable in color, for example, white on a gray background with any other embellishments added. If your couple has ever or wants to go to a certain place, just leave a small heart mark on those special places. For instance, you can mark the place where you proposed to laugh, where the two of you first met, went out to eat, went to the movies, and so on.

13. The yearly anniversary journal

1St Anniversary Gift

In addition to an album to keep memories, the yearly anniversary journal can also draw a beautiful story of a couple’s love. Each entry has its own place for your couple such as a message to each other, a photo, or a badge. One year anniversary gifts for boyfriend offer a variety of categories by title, where you met, marked anniversaries, or engagement dates and vows. This gift is simple but very memorable every time you open it.

14. Engraved wooden watches

1St Anniversary Gift

Watches are essential and easy-to-use items for everyone. Within the scope of this article, we suggest that you can personalize your custom wooden wristwatch as a 1st-year anniversary gift for your couple. You can’t help thinking of this special gift when you take a look at one year anniversary gifts for him. You can engrave the name of you and your partner, the date, and a brief message so that you both remember and belong to each other every time you wear it.

15. Farmhouse wooden keepsake box

1St Anniversary Gift

Does your couple like to keep memories through pretty little items? If yes, then this keepsake box is definitely for you. Among one year anniversary gifts for him, we found this to be the most poignant one. You and your partner can hang it in the bedroom or living room, if there are common items that you both want to keep such as wedding invitations, or letters sent to each other when you were in school, you can keep it. Later, when the two open up and look back, this 1st anniversary gift for boyfriend will definitely be as emotional as possible

16. Monogrammed engraved cutting board

1St Anniversary Gift

Couples who live together often spend time together in the kitchen, cooking together and talking about their busy day. And this new cutting board is an indispensable item when preparing food, isn’t it? This first anniversary gift for him is also the optimal gift, both commemoration and highly applicable. On the cutting board, you can engrave your couple’s name.

17. Custom canvas prints personalized wedding song wall art

1St Anniversary Gift

Canvas artwork is also one of the trends chosen by many people in commemorative one year anniversary gifts for him. In addition to custom canvas wall art with the main theme of farmhouse, coastal, or animals, you can also choose this type of canvas which is personalized wedding song wall art. This wedding anniversary traditional gift emphasizes the couple’s individuality and affection. You can customize your photo, date, month, and even lyrics as long as you like it. Buy this first wedding anniversary gift for him now if you want to have a meaningful one-year anniversary together!

18. Meaningful bracelet


1St Anniversary Gift

Made by professional artisans with recycled gold plated material, this bracelet will make the perfect gift for you and your other half. On the bracelet can be engraved the name, date you want. In addition to being unique, this 1st anniversary gift for boyfriend also has a timeless value so that every passing day feels meaningful after many years of living together.

19. Wood city map coasters

1St Anniversary Gift

In addition to the tool just mentioned above, the cutting board, in the kitchen there are also customizable items that can be personalized with deep meaning for your couple. This set of coasters is very eye-catching and very aesthetically pleasing. We suggest you can customize the details on this coaster with a city map of places that the couple likes.

20. Snapshot combined photos

Nothing can preserve the best memories like photos and videos. All the moments in the past are filled with feelings and thoughts that every time you look back, they are full of emotions. And you can turn those memories around by incorporating snaps in an impromptu composition or in the shape of a heart, circle, or square. All will create a sweet gift that will shake your heart every time you look at this first anniversary gift for him.

1St Anniversary Gift

The highlight of this 1 year anniversary idea comes from the fact that you can freely choose which photos, no need to be too beautiful or too impressive.

Further reading:

1st anniversary gift ideas range from traditional to modern. You can refer to those ideas based on the characteristics, views, and thoughts of your couple during the time together. Gifts, whether paper or expensive, contain precious things that only the two of them can comprehend. The gift in addition to marking the one-year anniversary of each other is also a reminder that the couple must always continue to accompany each other on the road ahead no matter how many hardships happen. An anniversary is the most memorable moment of your life, so give your couple a meaningful, close, and dearest anniversary.