Best 37 Handy 29th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband, Wife & Parents

29Th Anniversary Gift
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Congratulations! You’ve been married for nearly 30 years, and that’s something to be proud of. Even if it’s not your 30th anniversary yet, celebrating 29 years of marriage is still a big deal. No matter how you interpret it, this is a significant occasion deserving of a well-chosen present. We’ve got a wide range of 29th anniversary gift options to choose from, whether you’re searching for your husband, wife, or a couple. So, scroll down to read on the Oh Canvas blog!

The 29th Wedding Anniversary Symbol

29th Anniversary Gift Traditional and Modern

While the 29th wedding anniversary doesn’t have a traditional gift theme, the modern suggestion is furniture, symbolizing the comfort and security of a lasting relationship. However, if your budget is tight or your home doesn’t have enough space, gifting furniture can be challenging. The solution is getting creative with personalized home décor, engraved keepsakes, or a cozy blanket for snuggling on the couch you already share.

29Th Year Anniversary Gift
29th year anniversary gift

Gemstone and Flower of 29 Wedding Anniversary

The 29th wedding anniversary has been associated with the fiery celosia and the deep red garnet. The celosia, with its distinctive feathery blooms, symbolizes the passion, love, boldness, and courage that have blossomed throughout your 29 years together. Just like your relationship, each celosia is unique and thrives in even the harshest climates.

Meanwhile, the garnet is a gemstone renowned for its rich red hue. Garnet’s durability reflects the strength of your commitment, while its versatility – with shades ranging from royal purple to vibrant orange – mirrors the richness of your shared experiences.

37+ Handy 29th Year Anniversary Gift You Should Know

What to get a newlywed couple who’ve been married for over 30 years? You may not know what to get them. But don’t worry, there are still a plethora of creative and amusing options available to wow your significant other and make them feel extra loved and cared for. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite ideas for anniversary gifts by year.

29th-Anniversary Gift for Wife

1. Large Bookshelf

Large Bookshelf For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Large Bookshelf for wife

If your wife is an avid reader or collector, a large bookshelf is a thoughtful and practical 29th-anniversary gift. She can proudly show off her prized books, souvenirs, and memories. Whether it’s an elegant antique piece, a sleek contemporary design, or a timeless oak bookshelf, choose a style that harmonizes with your home’s decor.

2. Vanity Sets

Vanity Sets For The 29Th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife
Vanity Sets for the 29th wedding anniversary gift for wife

If you want to spoil your wife every day, get her a vanity set. It’s a classy and stylish present that she will love. This set includes a large mirror, plenty of storage, and a cozy stool, allowing her to enjoy her skincare and cosmetics routine in elegance.

3. Song Print

Song Print For 29Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her
Song Print

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It’s only natural to send your significant other a gift for 29th anniversary that includes a few of their favorite song lyrics, given how important music is to so many relationships. You may make someone’s heart sing with gratitude by making them hear how much you value them via music.

4. Mattresses

Mattresses For The 29Th Year Anniversary Gift

Is your wife struggling to get a good night’s sleep? A new mattress could be the finest 29th wedding anniversary gift for her. After 29 years of hard work and dedication to family, she deserves a restful sanctuary. A comfortable mattress can improve sleep quality, reduce aches and pains, and boost overall well-being, making it a practical and thoughtful gift that she’ll appreciate every night.

5. Sun Headboard

Sun Headboard For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Sun Headboard

The Sun Headboard, with its radiant art deco design, instantly elevates the style of your bedroom. If a complete bed frame isn’t in your budget, this piece serves as a luxurious and practical alternative for your 29th-anniversary gift. Its striking design not only adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom but also provides comfortable back support for reading or relaxing in bed.

6. Storage Console

Storage Console For The 29Th Anniversary Present
Storage Console

If your wife has an eye for design and loves to curate a home that feels like a personal museum, this bohemian-modern storage console could be the perfect gift for her. It’s versatile enough to serve as a chic TV stand or a statement piece in your entryway, offering ample storage space for her treasures and everyday essentials. Surprise her with this furniture that perfectly complements her discerning taste.

7. Tavi Coffee Table

Tavi Coffee Table For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Her
Tavi Coffee Table

This table is perfect for folks who like changing up the look of their living space due to the distinctive legs it has. Coffee table books and a cup of tea are an ideal combination for this space. This 29th anniversary gift for your wife will highlight your house at the very first sight!

8. Beveled Wooden Table

Beveled Wooden Table For The 29Th Anniversary Gift Wife
Beveled Wooden Table

Compared to other tables made of thicker wood, this gorgeous beveled table is a welcome change of pace. Its smooth, angled edges and warm wood tones make it a perfect centerpiece for a modern dining space. This thoughtful and stylish 29th-anniversary gift for your wife combines form and function, providing a beautiful space for shared meals and precious memories.

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9. A Chaise Longue

A Chaise Longue For 29Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her
A Chaise Longue for 29th wedding anniversary gifts for her

Take care of her like a princess and allow her to rest in elegance and luxury. This elegant piece of furniture offers a comfortable space for reading, napping, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility. It’s an indulgent gift that encourages her to prioritize self-care.

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10. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture For 29Th Anniversary Gifts For Her
Outdoor Furniture

Furniture may be used outside as well as indoors. A nice place to relax and enjoy the outdoors may be created with the right patio furniture. Relax in the comfort of your own home with those 29th anniversary gift ideas.

11. Lyric Print

Lyric Print For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Lyric Print

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A canvas print is a great present since it can be customized in a number of ways. It’s possible to include lyrics from any song you choose with a few silhouette song lyric prints. There is more depth and emotive importance to this 29th year anniversary gift when it is done this way.

12. Home Buffet

Home Buffet For The 29Th Anniversary Present
Home Buffet

Another gift for 29th anniversary option is to consider her own style while looking for home design and furnishings. If she likes the more rustic feel of rural life, a home buffet could be the ideal choice. A fantastic place to put flatware and other necessities on show.

13. Woodland Wonderland Bookends

Woodland Wonderland Bookends For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Woodland Wonderland Bookends for the 29th anniversary gift

All 29th wedding anniversary gifts for her don’t have to be extravagant or costly. Often, the most meaningful gift is one that reflects the recipient’s personality. These towering bookends evoke a wooded world with their ethereal appearance. When you’re short on time or stumped for ideas, this is the ideal present.

14. Garden Pot Hanger

Garden Pot Hanger For The 29Th Anniversary Present
Garden Pot Hanger for the 29th anniversary present

Do you have a plant lover in your life? Your home’s garden has been transformed into a work of art by her. Gift her these garden pot hangers as the 29th-anniversary gift, which will allow her to decorate and do what she enjoys the most by spoiling her.

15. Cinema Love Seat

Cinema Love Seat For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Cinema Love Seat for the 29th anniversary gift for wife

Having a cinema love seat might be just what you’ve been looking for if you’re a couple that enjoys spending time together watching movies. There are various wonderful fabrics to choose from for this luxuriously bouncy seat, which comes in different sizes for choosing this kind of gift for 29th anniversary.

16. Stunning Rug

Stunning Rug For The 29 Anniversary Gift For Wife
Stunning Rug for wife

Adding a new rug can completely change the look of a space, and this one is more than capable. Several colors and sizes are available, so it’s easy to find the right gift for 29th anniversary that fits your needs. Consider choosing a rug made from natural materials like wool or cotton for added luxury and durability.

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29th Anniversary Gift for Husband

17. Personalized Canvas Prints

Personalized Canvas Prints For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Husband
Personalized Canvas Prints

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Over the previous several decades, you and your spouse have created an amazing story together. A personalized canvas print celebrating a significant event or milestone in your marriage or family may serve as a treasured keepsake for years to come. It’s a wonderful 29 year anniversary gift for husband to celebrate your anniversary with your whole family.

18. Rattan Chair

Rattan Chair For The 29Th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him
Rattan Chair for him

This rattan essential is more sophisticated than bohemian because of its charcoal black color. An outside patio or porch is the perfect place for this chair to be set up during the summer months. Is there anything better than giving it to him as a 29th anniversary gift for husband?

19. Modern Farmhouse Bar Cart

Modern Farmhouse Bar Cart For The 29Th Anniversary Present
Modern Farmhouse Bar Cart

Gift your sweetheart a bar cart to celebrate their furniture anniversary and their love of entertaining. When the moment comes to burst the cork, surprise your spouse by rolling out the bar cart with a bottle of bubbly as a gift for 29th anniversary together with your closest friends and family members.

20. Bar Cabinet

Bar Cabinet For 29Th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband
Bar Cabinet for 29th anniversary gift ideas for husband

This opulent bar cabinet will wow even the most discriminating member of your household. Cocktails and drinks may be served to each other for a romantic night at home, or you can utilize them to wow at the next party. It’s the gorgeous antique-finished mirror on top that we love the most.

21. Bar Stools

Bar Stools For The 29 Anniversary Gift For Husband
Bar Stools for the 29 anniversary gift for husband

It’s a great idea to get a bar stool as a 29 year anniversary gift for husband. Home bars, kitchen islands, and gaming rooms all benefit from bar stools, which may also be utilized as seating for a poker night. Bar stools may be a practical and considerate gift idea for any occasion, regardless of the size or purpose of the room in which they are placed.

22. Drink Table

Drink Table For The 29Th Marriage Anniversary Gift
Drink Table for the 29th marriage anniversary gift

Because who wouldn’t want a cocktail table of their own? You can fit a cocktail or a cup of coffee on this cute c-shaped base that nests beneath your sofa without taking up too much room. Let’s send this 29th anniversary gift to your husband now!

23. Puzzling Table

Puzzling Table For 29Th Anniversary Ideas For Him
Puzzling Table for 29th anniversary ideas for him

Have trouble deciding on a 29th anniversary gift for husband? For couples who like putting things together, this table is a terrific option. You can put it up in a matter of minutes, fold it up for storage, and preserve all your hard work intact.

24. Map Print

Map Print For The Best 29Th Anniversary Gift
Map Print

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The 29 anniversary gift ideas with a personal touch are a great way to let someone know how much you care about them. It’s possible to personalize every aspect of the gift to suit the recipient’s preferences, and the print also doubles as attractive wall art for any home.

25. Willow Multi-Color Farmhouse Desk

Willow Multi-Color Farmhouse Desk For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Willow Multi-Color Farmhouse Desk

The desk at their home office, for example, may need an improvement, so upgrading it would be a kind 29th anniversary present for the husband. The mix of painted and stained wood in this handcrafted version creates a striking visual effect.

26. Chairside Tables

Chairside Tables For The 29Th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Him
Chairside Tables for him

If your couch had earrings, chairside tables would be them. There is no need to include them, although they might help to unite a design’s many elements. In addition, they are ideal for storing all of the fragrant candles you want to use in the future.

If you’re looking to add a little flair to your living room, chairside tables are a terrific way to do it. They’re ideal for stowing away remotes, magazines, and even accent lamps. If you’re looking for a unique 29th anniversary gift for husband, a chairside table is a great option.

27. Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage

Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Lift Top Coffee Table With Storage

This lift-top coffee table by Harmati can be used as a workstation or dining table, making this gift for 29th anniversary perfect for you who need additional storage in the apartment. Additional space is available for remotes, office supplies, books, and more.

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29th Wedding Anniversary Gift for Parents

28. Two-Seat Garden Bench

Two-Seat Garden Bench For The 29Th Year Anniversary Gift
Two-Seat Garden Bench

Even if outdoor furniture isn’t on your priority list for 29th year anniversary gift, this bench will convince you otherwise. This elegant item, which has two chairs and beautiful fretwork, would look fantastic in any garden or patio.

29. Fireplaces

Fireplaces For 29Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents
Fireplaces for 29th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

An electric fireplace can be a cozy and practical addition to any home. It offers the ambiance and warmth of a real fireplace without the hassle of wood chopping or chimney cleaning. With various designs and sizes available, you can find one that perfectly complements their living space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for them to enjoy together.

30. Vegan Leather Modern Lounger

Vegan Leather Modern Lounger For The 29Th Anniversary Present
Vegan Leather Modern Lounger

This is the most grown-up bean bag chair we’ve ever seen. It’s made of velvety brown vegan leather and has a more substantial seat. Send it to your parents as a 29th year anniversary gift and make their lives even better!

31. Street Sign Print

Street Sign Print For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Parents
Street Sign Print

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It’s always a good idea to think outside the box when selecting an anniversary gift for parents on the 29th anniversary. You may both surprise and please your spouse by purchasing a customized street sign canvas art poster like this one. Take a look at their faces to light up when they get this stunning piece of art.

32. Mid-Century Bench

Mid Century Bench For The 29Th Year Anniversary Gift
Mid Century Bench

There are so many ways to utilize an upholstered bench, from a coffee table to additional sitting to an entrance or even as an end table for your bed. Its clean lines complement a variety of decor styles, while its plush cushioning offers comfort and support. It’s a practical way to enhance their living space and provide a comfortable spot for relaxation and conversation.

33. Cedar Stump Side Table

Cedar Stump Side Table For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Cedar Stump Side Table

If your parents like incorporating natural aspects into their home, consider these cedar stump side tables as the 29th anniversary gift. They come in a variety of sizes, may be stacked to create a tiered effect, and can be utilized in any area in the home.

34. Industrial Storage Dresser

Industrial Storage Dresser For The 29Th Year Anniversary Gift
Industrial Storage Dresser

The combination of contemporary and history in this black industrial storage dresser is flawless. Its black metal frame and warm wood accents create a striking contrast, while the ample storage space offers practicality and functionality. Hence, this versatile piece makes a suitable 29th anniversary present for your parents, adding a touch of industrial chic to their bedroom, living room, or entryway.

35. Wood and Metal Storage Furniture

Wood And Metal Storage Furniture For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Wood and Metal Storage Furniture

It’s impossible to have too much storage space in the kitchen, and this piece of wood and metal is ideal for storing fresh vegetables or serving ware. Why don’t you send it as the most remarkable 29th anniversary gift for parents ever?

36. Wedding Song Lyrics Gifts

Wedding Song Lyrics Gifts For The 29Th Anniversary Gift For Parents
Wedding Song Lyrics Gifts

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Surprise your parents with a unique and personalized picture canvas print, featuring their names, wedding date, a special photo, and even their wedding song lyrics. This stylish artwork is a heartfelt gift that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate their love and create a lasting memory of their special day.

37. Folding Wood and Leather Chair

Folding Wood And Leather Chair For The 29Th Anniversary Gift
Folding Wood and Leather Chair

It’s hard to believe that a foldable chair like this exists. The dark acacia wood and leather strips are stunning. In addition, it’s very lightweight and small, making it ideal for road trips. Send it as a 29th anniversary gift for parents will make the couple delighted for their whole year!

FAQs About the 29th Anniversary Gift

1. What is a 29th wedding anniversary gift?

A 29th wedding anniversary gift often revolves around the modern theme of furniture. Alternatively, gifts featuring garnets, the gemstone associated with the 29th anniversary, or celosia flowers, the symbolic flower representing passion and resilience, are also popular.

2. What symbolizes the 29th anniversary?

Furniture represents the comfort and security of a lasting marriage. The garnet symbolizes passion and friendship, while the celosia flower embodies love, resilience, and courage.

3. How do you wish for a 29th wedding anniversary?

You can wish a couple a happy 29th anniversary by expressing your joy for their enduring love and wishing them continued happiness and many more years together. For example: “Happy 29th anniversary! May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing year.”

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It’s a big occasion when you and a partner have been together for 29 years. While the idea of a furniture anniversary may seem unusual at first, it’s all about considering your alternatives while trying to locate the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. No matter who you’re buying a present from, you can be sure that personalizing your 29th anniversary gift will make it extra special. Oh Canvas hopes you have the most memorable day this year!

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