47+ Best 12th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Partner

12Th Anniversary Gift
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Congratulations on a decade of your love story! Picking up a 12th anniversary gift for your spouse or a favorite pair is now the enjoyable part. The 12th anniversary is just as wonderful as any other year, and it’s a good time to reflect on all the good times you’ve had together.

Keep reading this blog from Oh Canvas to not miss out on any soothing item to delight your loved one! We have included many amazing ideas of ours and perfect third party products that will help you celebrate and enjoy life’s biggest moments.

What is the 12th Anniversary Gift Traditional and Modern?

Traditional 12th Anniversary Gifts

If you’re looking for a romantic gift with special sentimental value to celebrate a happy marriage, there are customary gift options for the yearly wedding anniversary. The traditional 12th anniversary gifts are silk and fine linen, two materials that signify the life a happy couple has made together.

Even if you’re stumped on ideas, a collection of our top suggestions in the traditional theme includes anything from a silk tie on wedding websites to elegant linen shirts at a style shop.

Guide For 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Guide for 12 year anniversary gift

Modern 12th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Pearls are seen as the most current 12th anniversary gift choice. Why not gift your spouse with a precious gem to commemorate a decade of marriage? Pearls have long been associated with virtues such as innocence, sincerity, and sage knowledge.

Our favorite mother-of-pearl presents include anything from meaningful high-end rings to a high-end pearl picture frame, all of which are traditionally associated with the modern theme color, oyster white. When purchasing real pearls, certification is required to assure authenticity, which these possess.

Traditional and Modern 12 Year Anniversary Gifts with a Personal Touch

12 Year Anniversary Gift for Husband

1. Versatile Tie Gift Set

Versatile Tie Gift Set - 12 Year Anniversary Gift For Him
Silk tie to match 12 years of marriage theme

When you give him this great gift tie set, he’ll always be the best-dressed guy on formal occasions. A fine linen-and-silk pocket square and tie are included for the perfect present on special occasions.

Oh Canvas tips

Mix and match these dark ties with lighter solid-colored suits. When it comes to casual or festive occasions, tan, pale grey, lighter kinds of tweed, and even white are all viable options.

2. Silk Polo Shirt

Soft Polo Shirt For The Traditional 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Soft Polo Shirt for the classic gift a dozen years anniversary

Order him a polo shirt as a 12th anniversary gift. A polo shirt should have a good fit and tailored sleeves to reach halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. It will add a touch of traditionalism.

In the best-case scenario, it should have a slim fit. It’s almost impossible to think of a better gift for your loved one!

3. Silk Boxer Shorts

Silk Boxers For 12Th Anniversary Gifts
Silk Boxers for 12th anniversary gifts

Can putting on a perfect pair of silk underwear in lieu of his normal worn-out go-to’s be called “dressing up” in this day of never-ending pantless business calls and late evenings spent passed out on the couch?

Gifting a pair of silk boxers to celebrate a decade of marriage is an ideal way to say “I love you.” You should keep in mind that this is a special 12 year wedding anniversary gift that he will have to wash by hand.

4. Glove Liners

Glove Liners For The 12 Year Anniversary Gift For Him
Glove Liners for the 12 year wedding anniversary gift for him

Purchase plenty of glove liners for your spouse in preparation for the year’s colder months. Liner gloves are used as an extra layer of protection underneath a thicker pair. They are typically cotton and are used under other gloves for added protection. He won’t have to worry about skin irritation with this clothing since they are stretchy in construction.

Oh Canvas tips

Choose a liner that isn’t too thick to limit your movement but yet provides some insulation for your hands.

5. Silk Pocket Square

Silk Pocket Square - 12 Year Anniversary Gift For Him
Silk Pocket Square

As a 12 year anniversary gift for him, consider getting him a silk pocket square. There’s nothing your significant other won’t appreciate on a special day about this time-honored present!

Oh Canvas tips

While selecting a pocket square cloth, you should match it to the fabric of his jacket. While wearing a cotton or linen suit, the matching pocket square should be made of the same material. Yet, this anniversary present is more appropriate for a more sophisticated wool suit.

6. Silk Sunglasses Case

Silk Sunglasses Case For 12Th Anniversary Gifts For Him
Silk Sunglasses Case – gifts for 12th wedding anniversary for him

For the typical 12th wedding anniversary gift for husband, a sunglasses case can do fine if your romantic partner prefers something basic. Your kind gift of a secure place for his valuables will be much appreciated!

7. So they are no longer Canvas Wall Art

So They Are No Longer Oh Canvas For The 12Th Anniversary Gift
So they are no longer Oh Canvas for the wonderful gift

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It might be challenging to track down the ideal silk and linen anniversary gift that is both traditional and modern. Check out this stunning piece if you’re in the market for any artwork.

It is a meaningful customized picture frame you can offer to your beloved or any happy couple. In this picture, a church and a pair of deer depict the joyful life many aspire to. You can easily make it more romantic to preserve memories by adding your wedding day and your name.

8. Linen Suit

Inspiration For 12Th Anniversary Gifts For Him
Linen Suit for 12th anniversary gift ideas for him

Have you had the pleasure of witnessing the awe-inspiring attire of a distinguished gentleman clad in a remarkably exquisite linen suit? When considering the ideal traditional 12 year anniversary gift, it is highly recommended to opt for a breathable suit. This choice not only showcases thoughtfulness but also ensures comfort and practicality for the recipient.

9. Linen Catchall Tray

Linen Catchall Tray For The Traditional 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Linen Catchall Tray

This is such a beautiful and simple concept for your sweet tooth. This creative tray will be engraved with your customized message by the artist. Bring up a sentiment from your wedding, a favorite statement of his, or a sentiment you both hold dear. It’s also a lifesaver for those who always lose their keys.

10. Linen Apron

Comfortable Apron Gifts For Dozen Years Together
Comfortable Apron gifts for dozen years together

Here’s a great way to celebrate your 12th wedding anniversary with your husband: a beautiful and trendy linen apron. This timeless and traditional gift is specifically designed for culinary enthusiasts who take pleasure in immersing themselves in the art of cooking. Experience the exquisite elegance of our product, which will transport you to the captivating world of a culinary show.

11. Linen Handkerchief

Linen Handkerchief For 12 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional And Modern For Him
Linen Handkerchief for twelve year anniversary

You can ensure his hands are constantly clean by presenting him with fine linen hankies. Make it a little more personal by adding his initials. It’s best to include a movie that both of you can cry your eyes out while watching. It’s also possible that he loves to prepare things that are spicy, so that you might add some hot chilies into the mix.

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12. Linen Armchair

Linen Armchair For The 12Th Anniversary Gift
Linen Armchair for a dozen years anniversary

Uncover the unparalleled traditional 12th anniversary gift guaranteed to mesmerize your beloved partner – the priceless present of uninterrupted relaxation and leisure. Give him some much-needed peace and quiet so he can recharge, organize his email, or lose himself in a riveting book. Explore the delicate allure of this gorgeous linen armchair, a multipurpose masterpiece that can be a welcome addition to your home, office, or lounge.

13. Linen Tablet Case

Linen Tablet Case For The 12 Year Anniversary Gift For Him
Linen Tablet Case – traditional 12 year anniversary gift for him

Explore the tablet’s extraordinary attraction, a technological marvel that holds your attention with the same passion as your companion. If you’re looking for a unique way to honor him on a special occasion, this buckram linen case is a fantastic choice due to its excellent craftsmanship and classic style.

14. Linen Guitar Strap

Linen Guitar Strap - 12 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional And Modern For Him
Linen Guitar Strap

As a guitar player’s spouse, you’ll understand the importance of a decent strap. If he’s a fan of rock, give him something that will make it easier for him to rock out. Adjust the price and personalize the great gift for your loved one by selecting the guitar strap size and metal finish (white or yellow gold).

15. Custom Any Song Lyric On Canvas Print

Custom Any Song Lyric On Canvas Print For The 12Th Anniversary Gift
Custom Any Song Lyric On Canvas Print for the 12th anniversary gift

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You can’t go wrong with our 12th anniversary wedding song lyrics canvas print as a special gift for your silk anniversary. Is there a song that you and your spouse sing together? Here are some ideas for your first dance song. What kind of music do the two of you enjoy?

You may now showcase those beautiful phrases in a passionate art display in your house. This rustic wood sculpture would look great in any setting. Personalize it with your name, the words of your wedding song, and your wedding date. Our traditional 12 year anniversary song lyrics canvas print wall art has a lovely melody. Include a memorable photo inside to add that extra special touch for a 12 year anniversary gift for him.

16. Linen Wine Bag

Linen Wine Bag For The 12Th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Linen Wine Bag for the 12th year wedding anniversary gift

Wrap a bottle of his favorite wine or champagne in a linen bag and present it to him on your 12th wedding anniversary to show him how much you care on a special day. Toting a bottle of wine will look even more stylish in a custom-made cloth bag.

You won’t spend more than 10 minutes on this task. It may take 15 minutes to make your first bag, but after that, they go together quickly (and are fun to make).

17. Silk Loungewear Set

Silk Loungewear Set For 12Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him
Silk Loungewear Set for 12th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Here’s a must-have addition to our carefully selected assortment of luxurious and incredibly comfortable presents: an enticing silk loungewear set. Get how to make the most out of this special set’s gorgeous collared shirt and wonderfully soft shorts in a variety of ways. These chic accessories may easily amp up or dial down your look.

18. Linen Napkins

Linen Napkins - Unique 12 Year Anniversary Gift For Him
Linen Napkins – unique 12th anniversary gifts for him

These elegant and thoughtful gifts will impress even the most discerning hosts. Explore over a hundred stunning colors, including the classic oyster white that stands in for the beloved 12 years of wedded bliss. These alluring hues have been carefully selected to work well together, and are offered in packs of six for your convenience.

19. Pearl-inspired Cufflinks

Pearl-Inspired Cufflinks - 12 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional And Modern For Him
Pearl-inspired Cufflinks

Pearl-inspired cuff links are the perfect choice for choosing 12 year anniversary gift whether your spouse prefers a casual or formal style. These exquisite accessories are not only thoughtful but also embody a modern aesthetic. Incorporating these stunning mosaic accents into your repertoire of formal dresses is a brilliant strategy for expanding your range of choices.

20. Mother of Pearl Pen

Mother Of Pearl Pen - 12 Year Anniversary Modern Gift Idea
Mother of Pearl Pen – a perfect modern gift for your husband

This exquisite pearl pen and the laser-engraved case would be a wonderful gift for any writer or professional. An abalone and pearls outer finish with high-polish chrome accents adorns the pen, which also has a chrome inside and exterior. As a surprise, it opens, and the lines are sharp and clear as it writes.

His initials or last name may be engraved on the carbon wooden box, which has a striking onyx-black color. Using this great linen anniversary gift will bring back memories of you to him every time he does so!

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12 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife

21. Thoughtful print

Thoughtful Print For Traditional 12 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift
Thoughtful print for traditional 12 year anniversary

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Enhance your space with a timeless touch of nostalgia by adorning a linen backdrop with the cherished lyrics of your favorite song, reminiscent of a classic record. Utilize the melodious charm of the music played during your inaugural wedding dance as a wellspring of inspiration for your gift selection. Discover the incredible and awe-inspiring nature of this remarkable phenomenon!

22. Silk Robe

Silk Robe - 12Th Anniversary Gift For Wife
Silk Robe to send as the 12th anniversary gift for your partner

A silk robe is a sure bet for 12th anniversary ideas for wife  that won’t let you down. You can even wash this one in the washing machine. In addition, it’s manufactured using thermoregulating technology, so kids won’t be too hot or chilly while wearing it.

23. Silk Sleep Caps

Silk Sleep Caps For 12Th Anniversary Ideas For Wife
Silk Sleep Caps for 12th anniversary ideas for wife

Silk sleep caps (sometimes referred to as bonnets) are a must-have for everyone who has ever had their hair styled. With its unique ability to absorb oils and moisture, silk becomes the ultimate solution to safeguard your precious locks from breakage and tangling. Your loved one is sure to appreciate your surprise.

24. Fuzzy Linen Throw

Fuzzy Linen Throw - 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Fuzzy Linen Throw

Throws made of linen are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add coziness and warmth to a room. The wonderful coziness of this blanket is sure to win over the hearts of everyone who finds comfort in wrapping themselves in it at the end of a long day.

25. Silk Pillowcases

Traditional 12Th Anniversary Ideas For Wife
Silk Pillowcases to celebrate a dozen years together

These luscious mulberry silk pillowcases are a luxurious way to celebrate love. You may wear them all year round since they’re breathable and cool to the touch.

Using them won’t result in terrible hair days because of the reduced friction and, thus, less frizz that their deliciously smooth and soft texture provides. You may get them in a variety of stunning hues, including emerald green, blush pink, and white.

26. Linen Anniversary Rose

Linen Anniversary Rose - 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Linen Anniversary Rose

This set of linen roses is a great 12th anniversary gift for her, who is a fan of flowers, and they’ll last a lot longer than genuine ones. These stunning blooms are not only visually captivating but also boast an impressive longevity that surpasses that of real flowers. A branch of linen flax and linen rose will be included in your delivery.

27. Silk Blouse

Silk Blouse For 12Th Anniversary Ideas For Wife
Silk Blouse for 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

In the absence of any clues from your sweetie as to what sort of 12th year of married life gifts she likes, a silk shirt is a safe option. The only caveat is that you should be aware of the fact that stretching will be impossible with this material.

Oh Canvas tips

It can be worn with the season’s trendy straight-leg jeans and your go-to pump or heel for a relaxed, put-together appearance. The combination of leather and silk blouses is another one of our favorite looks.

28. Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants -12Th Anniversary Ideas For Wife
Cargo Pants – 12 year anniversary gift ideas for wife

Give a pair of cargo trousers to the most significant lady in your life as a 12 year anniversary gift for her. Its slouchy design makes them very wearable and maybe a chic substitute for the ubiquitous denim.

She’ll want to wear it all year round since it’s so cozy. You may choose from various colors and a wide range of fashionable styles.

29. Silk Scrunchie Headband

Silk Scrunchie Headband For Twelve Years Together
Silk Scrunchie Headband for a 12 years anniversary present

You can never go wrong with scrunchie headbands as silk anniversary gifts for wife. Any of her outfits will look great with this stylish addition.

The silk headband is one of our favorites because it keeps our hair out of our faces, helps us feel good about ourselves, and gives us a spa-like experience. Moreover, apart from its aesthetic value, softness, and ability to keep us cool, this material is harmless.

30. Heatless Hair Curler

Heatless Hair Curler For The 12 Year Anniversary Gift For Her
Heatless Hair Curler for the 12th year anniversary gift for her

Gift heatless hair curlers to your spouse to celebrate 12 years of marriage. This trendy gift’s silk materials are very useful in avoiding frizziness.

If she has thicker hair, it’s good to rough dry it or wait until it’s almost dry before using a heatless hair curler because it might not dry when it’s wrapped up. Besides, preparing with a texturizing wave spray is essential for fine or extremely straight hair if you want your curl to stay.

31. Linen Notebook

Books For The Silk And Linen Anniversary Gift
Linen Notebook – 12th year anniversary gifts for her

A linen notebook is a great 12th year of married life gift for anybody who loves to create lists, maintain a diary, or compose poetry and prose. Add a dedication at the front of the book, or hide a love note somewhere in the middle.

32. Personalized Photo Gifts

Personalized Photo Gifts For 12 Year Anniversary Gifts
Personalized Photo Gifts for 12 year anniversary gifts

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Look no further if you’re in need of a meaningful, unique 12th anniversary gift for your significant other. You’ve found it! The “I thought I loved you then” personalized picture canvas will remind them of your feelings.

This picture frame is ideal as a wedding anniversary gift since it looks luxurious in just about any place. Personalize a favorite picture with the recipient’s name, the wedding day, and a special occasion to make a sentimental and romantic gift.

Canvas art with the message “I thought I loved you then” is an excellent addition to any room. This Christmas season, make someone’s day by giving them something special. Celebrate your everlasting love with this magnificent, one-of-a-kind print!

33. Linen Tote Bag

Linen Tote Bag For 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Linen Tote Bag for the dozen years anniversary

It makes a lovely and helpful 12th anniversary gift for her, who likes to lounge about the home. This bag, which is machine washable and made of 100% certified linen, may be used as a workout bag, a shopping bag, or anything else you can think of.

34. Linen Jewelry Roll

Linen Jewelry Roll For The 12Th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Linen Jewelry Roll for the 12th wedding anniversary gift

Is it true that you’ve been spoiling your partner with expensive jewels all this time? If that is the case, now is the time to provide her with a place to keep everything. Indulge her even further by slipping the next item on our list inside, provided you’ve got the cash to burn.

35. Washable-Silk Robe

Washable-Silk Robe For The 12Th Anniversary Gift For Her
Washable-Silk Robe for the 12th year anniversary gift for her

A comfortable pair of pajamas is fine, but a luxurious robe? That has the potential to thrill certain people. Aside from being luxurious and cozy, this robe is a step above the rest. The all-silk robe comes with an inside tie, an outer belt for further security, pockets, and fashionable elastic cuff sleeves.

36. Hand-crafted Mother-of-pearl Ring Dish

Hand-Crafted Mother-Of-Pearl Ring Dish- 12Th Anniversary Gift For Her
Hand-crafted Mother-of-pearl Ring Dish

This elegant ring dish is an ideal silk and linen wedding anniversary gift for a partner who insists on order and organization in their life. Jewelry, charms, and other mementos will look stunning in this handcrafted mother-of-pearl dish on their dresser or bedside table!

37. Custom Star Map Gift

Custom Star Map Gift For The 12Th Anniversary Ideas For Wife
Custom Star Map Gift for the 12th anniversary gift for her

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We are all made of the same stuff. There are components in our bodies that were created on a star. The stars are both our beginning and our end. Some people believe that love connections are formed in heaven.

As members of the same constellation, you and your spouse have unquestionably been a part of each other’s life for a long time. Our Personalized Star Map art poster can let you retrace your steps back to the beginning of your life’s path.

For couples, this Personalized Star Map art print is a perfect 12th wedding anniversary gift. The recommended products may be personalized with your name, the wedding date, the location, and a star map of your choice. Be like the fortunate stars, and let your love shine brightly for everyone to see.

38. Classic Pearl Earrings

Classic Pearl Stud Earrings For The Modern 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Happily Date Night Classic Pearl Stud Earrings

A pair of timeless pearl stud earrings are a thoughtful and special gift they’ll wear daily. The earrings may be worn with a casual T-shirt or paired with a more formal outfit for a date night out on the town. This sterling silver jewelry present for a 12-year wedding anniversary is a sure bet.

39. Pearl Glazed Set of Decorative Bowls

Pearl Glazed Set Of Decorative Bowls - 12Th Anniversary Ideas For Wife
Pearl Glazed Set of Decorative Bowls

Any house would be complete with this set of elegant nested bowls. Each one is handcrafted out of porcelain and decorated with a stunning pearl glaze on the insides. With their clean lines, they’d be an excellent addition to a mantel, bookshelf, or coffee table and an excellent container for jewelry.

40. Pearlescent Vase

Pearlescent Vase For 12 Year Anniversary Gifts For Wife
Pearlescent Vase for Twelve years anniversary gifts for wife

Although these iridescent vases aren’t really made of pearls, their beauty cannot be overlooked. It is possible to find them in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of colors, and all of them would look great in a house. It doesn’t matter whether you include flowers or present them as a standalone gift; she’ll be delighted.

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12 Year Anniversary Gifts for Parents

41. Song Lyrics Canvas

Song Lyrics Canvas For The 12 Anniversary Gift
Song Lyrics Canvas for the 12 year anniversary gift

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In this unique canvas print, you have the opportunity to incorporate the couple’s name, wedding date, and the heartfelt lyrics of their first dance music. What more appropriate manner could there be to commemorate the 12th year of your marriage than with a gift such as that?

42. Silk scarf

Silk Scarf For The 12Th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Silk Scarf for a traditional gift for the 12th anniversary

Not only is this lovely silk scarf a considerate great linen anniversary gift, but it’s also good for the environment. You may choose from a wide range of hues to get one that goes well with your own style and complements your current attire.

43. Glass Watch Box

Glass Watch Box For What Can Be Gifted To Parents On Their Anniversary
Glass Watch Box for what can be gifted to parents on their anniversary

In terms of 12th anniversary gift traditional and modern for watch collectors, this one is a shoo-in. Tiny linen cushions fill the inside of this glass watch box, which helps to keep the contents safe and secure. You may also add a personal touch by having their name engraved on the box.

44. Silk Sleep Mask

Silk Sleep Mask For The 12Th Anniversary Gift
Silk Sleep Mask for the 12th anniversary gift

Using this silk sleep mask will make them feel like a million dollars. Give your loved one the gift of a great night’s sleep with these lovely masks. You may be certain that your hair and skin won’t be harmed by the constant rubbing that might occur as you sleep (and comes in so many fun color variations).

45. Silk Scalloped Placemats

Silk Scalloped Placemats For The 12Th Year Anniversary Gift
Silk Scalloped Placemats for the 12th year anniversary gift

These elegant scalloped placemats are a wonderful option for a thoughtful 12th anniversary gift that they can use at home. Linen settings, lined with gorgeous curving edging, are available in five different colors.

46. Linen Sheet Set

Bedding Sheet Set For The 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Bedding Sheet Set – the traditional gift for the twelfth anniversary

A flax linen sheet set is a safe bet for a new set of sheets after 12 years of married life, and it’s hard to go wrong. They’re made of a lightweight material that breathes well and softens with each wash.

In addition, they are antibacterial and insulating. They are also environmentally safe, antimicrobial, and durable. Dove grey, clay, excess green, and coastal blue are among the many lovely hues available.

47. Pearl Necklace

Modern Pearl Necklace For Gifts For 12 Year Anniversary Gift
Pearl Necklace for modern silk anniversary gifts

A beautiful pearl necklace is a thoughtful gift they’ll wear proudly for years. This 12 year anniversary gift, paired with a white gold chain, will never go out of style.

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If you’ve been married for 12 years and are still puzzled about what to send as the 12th anniversary gift to make your beloveds feel special, you’re not alone. Oh Canvas‘s best wishes to you and your spouse as you celebrate a decade of marriage with these anniversary gift ideas! Cheers to a happy marriage!

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