Top 40 Elegant 14th Anniversary Gifts for Him, Her & Couples

14Th Anniversary Gift
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Are you looking for a unique 14th anniversary gift for loved ones?  What an accomplishment! When it comes to celebrating a decade of loving and supporting your spouse, a lovely present is undoubtedly the right approach to honoring the event. There will be a party soon! We’ve compiled a selection of 14th-anniversary gift ideas for your wife, husband, or pair. So, don’t miss out on this blog from the Oh Canvas team.

What is the Theme of the 14 Wedding Anniversary Gift?

14Th Anniversary Gift Traditional And Modern
Ivory-inspired gift for traditional14th anniversary gifts
 Traditional Gift  Elephant or Ivory
 Modern Gift Gold
 Flower The Dahlia
 Gemstone Opal
 Color Ivory

Elephant –  Symbol of traditional 14th anniversary: Due to their social and familial behavior, elephants are known for having strong, enduring relationships within their herds, especially between mates. Because of this, it became the symbol for the 14th wedding anniversary.

In Hindu mythology, ivory was revered as a talisman of fortune and protection, yet the illicit and unethical ivory trade wreaks havoc on both the environment and economy. To be more ethical, we’ve opted for elephant-themed and off-white items. Opt for gifts inspired by the grace of ivory, allowing you to articulate emotions creatively while upholding the principles of animal rights.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Ivory-inspired gifts; Elephant-themed gifts; Donate to an elephant reserve.

Gold gift – Modern 14th-anniversary gift: gold that conveys a sense of strength, prosperity, and well-being.

Opal gift – Gemstone of the 14th wedding anniversary: The Romans thought that opals represented affection and faith, which could be reason enough to give your partner one on your 14th wedding anniversary.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Pearl-White Eternity Rose (which symbolizes the 14th anniversary’s associated hue, ivory); Gold or Opal jewelry.

Dahlia – Flower of 14 years of marriage: Dahlia flowers represent worth, grace, and elegance. On the 14th wedding anniversary, they represent a couple’s enduring moral values.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Dahlia-themed gifts (fragrant candles, bouquets, prints, perfume, plants, etc.)

14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

1. Wooden Book Tray

Wooden Book Tray
Wooden Book Tray

Looking for a gift for a husband who is passionate about books? Even if they don’t anticipate it, this wooden book valet will be a treasured present. Put their favorite page-turner on the triangle to retain its position when they need a break. It even includes a spot for their phone, reading glasses, and coffee, in case they use them.

2. Gold-plated Cufflinks

Gold Plated Cufflinks For 14Th Anniversary Ideas For Her
Gold Plated Cufflinks for 14th anniversary ideas for her

If you’re searching for a practical 14th anniversary gift for him, these customized gold-plated cufflinks are a great choice for you. You can’t go wrong with these gold cufflinks to enhance his outfit.

3. Personalized Gift Wedding Anniversary Gift Photo

Personalized Gift Wedding Anniversary Gift Photo
Personalized Gift Wedding Anniversary Gift Photo

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You can’t go wrong with these personalized canvas prints as the perfect 14th anniversary gifts for husband. Your favorite music may now be paired with a photograph you’ve taken. This modern gift will pique the interest of your significant other and enhance the romance of your special day even more!

4. Cotton Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket For The 14Th Anniversary Gift For Him
Cotton Blanket as ivory gifts for him

Neutral and stylish, this throw blanket begs to be cuddled up with! It’s even better since it’s made of 100% organic cotton. Just think of all the credit you’ll receive for giving them this nice 14th anniversary gift. Choose an off-white hue for a warm and perfect gift.

Oh Canvas tips

You shouldn’t wash your cotton blanket in hot water since doing so may cause the fibers to unravel and make the blanket feel rough and unappealing again. Blankets made of cotton or wool may shrink in the wash, and colors may run if washed in hot water.

5. Off-white Plush Robe

Off-White Plush Robe For The 14Th-Anniversary Traditional Gift
Off-white Plush Robe for the 14th-anniversary traditional gift

We will suppose that your companion hasn’t had a new robe in a while. The luxurious robe they’ll want to live in will encourage them to get their vacation on. 100% cotton makes this gorgeous ivory anniversary present very soft and cuddly.

6. Off-white Duffle

Off-White Duffle For The Best 14Th Anniversary Gift
Off-white Duffle for the best 14th-anniversary gift

There’s nothing romantic about a duffel bag, but this one isn’t your usual one. In contrast to a leather bag, which may be scratched, this one is exceptionally light and scratch-resistant. A baggage trolley sleeve fits over your suitcase handle, and a secret pocket makes it simple to access your phone, passport, and wallet when traveling.

On top of that, it has a water bottle holder and shoe compartments inside to keep your items in order. Isn’t it the best ivory gift for him? It can easily be stowed away beneath a plane’s seat.

7. Off-white Game-changing Body Pillow

Off-White Game-Changing Body Pillow For The 14Th Anniversary Gift
Ivory wedding anniversary gift

Getting a good night’s rest is good for both your health and the health of your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with cuddling, but not every pair sleeps well nearby. The best way to help your loved one get a good night’s sleep is to give them these life-changing body pillows as 14th-anniversary gifts for husband.

The removable, washable, double-sided cover is made from organic cotton, bamboo velour, and shredded latex. As a result, it may assist in alleviating any aches and pains you may be experiencing.

8. Simple Gold Chain

Simple Gold Chain For The 14Th Anniversary Gift Modern
A jewelry gift for modern 14th-anniversary

This simple gold chain will soon become a standard for your companion, even if they aren’t big on jewelry gifts. This simple accessory adds a dash of whimsy and sophistication to your ensemble. Waterproof since it’s composed of 14k gold (which means no stressing about taking off before showering, swimming, or sweating).

9. Wedding Song Lyrics On Canvas Wall Art

Wedding Song Lyrics On Canvas Wall Art
Wedding Song Lyrics On Canvas Wall Art – anniversary gifts for your spouse

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This unique image canvas conveys, “No matter what the world may say about me, I know your love will always see me through.” With this personalized wall painting, you can freshly relive your love story.

If you’re celebrating an anniversary, this print will make a thoughtful anniversary present by year. Additionally, it makes an excellent wedding or engagement gift for friends and family members you care about. Adding three photos, the song title, and names to this beautiful gift is a breeze. Create an artful piece of wall art that your partner will cherish!

10. Black Onyx Square Signet Ring

Black Onyx Square Signet Ring For 14Th Anniversary Gift Ideas
The traditional anniversary is gold square ring

Add this distinctive piece of gold jewelry to your partner’s ring collection. With its 14k gold and black onyx center stone, it has a slick, refined appearance. These 14th anniversary gifts for him are a token of your affection; your S.O. may put it on with their wedding ring.

11. Gold Chain Bracelet

Gold Chain Bracelet For The 14 Year Anniversary Gift
Gold Chain Bracelet for the 14-year anniversary gift

You may wear this gold chain bracelet or stack it with other bracelets to get various looks. The infinity swirl is an ideal choice as a lovely symbol of your eternal love and dedication to each other. As creative 14th anniversary gifts for husband, these bracelets are made of 14k gold and have a glossy finish.

12. Gold Cheese Knives Gift Box

Gold Cheese Knives Set For 14Th Anniversary Ideas For Husband
Gold Cheese Knives Set for 14th anniversary ideas for husband

To mark the occasion, put together a delicious cheese and charcuterie board. Remember the utensils, too! Gold cheese knives are a unique way to commemorate a momentous event with contemporary gold 14th anniversary gifts for him. Plus, they’re built to endure for many years in your kitchen.

13. Off-white Men’s Shaving Kit

Off-White Men’s Shaving Kit For The 14Th Anniversary Gift For Him
Off-white Men’s Shaving Kit for the 14th anniversary gift for him

Gillette razor blades are compatible with this classic men’s shaving kit. In keeping with your 14th-anniversary gift theme, you can’t go wrong with an ivory hue.

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14th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

14. Romantic Gift For Wife On Wedding Anniversary

Romantic Gift For Wife On Wedding Anniversary Oh Canvas
Traditional and modern gifts for 14th anniversary

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Wedding anniversaries are a great time to show your spouse how much you care by giving them unique picture presents. Names and dates may be shown on this canvas, but you can also add a picture.

Photographs from your wedding day or other special occasions may serve as meaningful keepsakes for you and your spouse. When your lover sees the picture with the saying, “Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be,” she will appreciate your sweetness.

15. Ceramic-coated Cookware Set

Ceramic-Coated Cookware Set For The 14Th Anniversary Traditional Gift
14th-anniversary traditional gift for a couple who loves cooking.

It’s possible that upgrading your cookware hasn’t been on your priority list for years, so we appreciate this traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift. With this ceramic-coated cookware set, you can give your kitchen a much-needed facelift. A 550-degree oven may safely use this nonstick, nontoxic dish. What about a romantic candlelight meal for two?

16. Ivory-colored Workout Kit

Ivory-Colored Workout Kit For The 14Th Anniversary Present
Ivory-colored Workout Kit for the 14th anniversary present

For the fitness fanatic in your life, these 14th anniversary gifts for wife are just what she has been looking for. Refresh her exercise area with themed accessories.

Weighted rings, weighted bars, the company’s wildly popular ankle weights, floor sliders, and resistance bands are all included in this ivory-colored set. In addition, a non-toxic sanitizing spray is included.

17. Personalized Gold Trinket Dish

Personalized Gold Trinket Dish For The 14Th Anniversary Gift For Wife
The 14th traditional gift is ivory dish

This little dish is the ideal anniversary gift for her if you prefer not to provide lavish tokens of affection for each passing year. Customize with your spouse’s name, initials, wedding date, or a sweetheart’s initials. This clay sculpture was also hand-painted in gold to keep with the concept.

18. Opal Solitaire Necklace

Opal Solitaire Necklace For 14Th Anniversary Ideas For Her
Celebrate 14 years of love with an opal solitaire necklace.

Does the 14th-anniversary gemstone make sense? Opal. And this gold bezel-set necklace is the perfect representation of it. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last for years, thanks to its 14K yellow gold construction.

19. Elephant Tee

Elephant Tee
Elephant Tee

Whenever your partner puts on this adorable elephant tee, they’ll be reminded of the good it does for animal care (and how kind you are!). You may show your wife how much you care by getting her a T-shirt in her favorite color, style, or pattern. Adding a personal touch to the present makes it more unique and suits her tastes.

20. Fashionable Gold Anklet

Fashionable Gold Anklet
Fashionable Gold Anklet

You can’t go wrong with this delicate ankle chain as a gift for your spouse if you’re seeking something they don’t already have (or haven’t had in a while). The unexpected shine it adds to their wardrobe will surely be noticed, whether they pair it with rolled-up jeans or their favorite beachy dress.

21. Ceramic Frame

Ceramic Frame For 14Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year
Ceramic Frame for 14th wedding anniversary gifts by year

One of the most romantic ways to commemorate your love is with a framed print of a picture. This keeps your memories fresh for years to come. You may give a modern touch to classic ivory by using a gorgeous ivory-hued ceramic frame and putting a printed memory within.

22. Traditional Ivory Album

Traditional Ivory Album For 14Th Anniversary Ivory Gifts For Her
Traditional Ivory Album for 14th anniversary ivory gifts for her

These are great 14th anniversary gifts for her that demonstrate that you have taken the time to think over what you’re going to give, and a picture book is a perfect way to do it.

23. Enamel Bracelet

Enamel Bracelet For Simple 14Th Anniversary Gifts
Enamel Bracelet for simple 14th anniversary gifts

In addition to black, soft taupe, and burnt sienna, this enamel bracelet is also available in an ivory tone. Gold jewelry is a great modern alternative to the more classic diamond ring for a 14th wedding anniversary.

Oh Canvas tips

Enamel jewelry may be damaged by exposure to harsh chemicals, so it’s best to keep removers for nail polish, paint, and gasoline away from it while you’re wearing or cleaning your enamel jewels.

24. Gold U-shaped Opal Hoops

Gold U-Shaped Opal Hoops For 14Th Anniversary Gifts
Celebrate 14 years of marriage with stunning earrings.

The modern 14th anniversary gifts for wife may be paired with the anniversary gemstone for a unique gift. Opal hoop earrings in the form of a U are unlike anything else in your partner’s jewelry collection. On the other hand, these earrings are so understated that they may be worn at any time and place.

25. Beautiful Anniversary Gifts For Wife

Beautiful Anniversary Gifts For Wife For The 14Th Anniversary Gift
Beautiful Anniversary Gifts For Wife for the 14 year wedding anniversary gift

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The God Blessed The Broken Road is one of our most popular things, so watch for it. We know how meaningful this saying is for those of you who are blessed with a family of your own. It’s great to provide these 14-year anniversary gifts for her. Any event, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day to wedding anniversaries, is a fantastic time to give it.

26. Dainty Gold Chain

Dainty Gold Chain For The Best 14Th Anniversary Gift
Dainty Gold Chain for the best 14th anniversary gift

To us, this necklace is ideal as a 14th anniversary gift traditional and modern, because of the combination of the delicate gold chain, the little diamond, and the lovely piece of opal it features. Your loved one may use it as a memento of your special day by layering it with other necklaces they already own.

27. Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet For 14Th Anniversary Gift Ideas
Tennis Bracelet for 14th anniversary gift ideas

Searching high and low for the ideal 14th anniversary gifts for wife? With a tennis bracelet, you can’t go wrong. Because it’s on the go without being overt, your companion may wear it everywhere and at any time. The diamonds and fine gold chain give it a classic look. Wear it alone or stack it with other bracelets—it will look stunning.

28. Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl Drop Earrings For 14Th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife
Pearl Drop Earrings for 14 wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife

These exquisite pearl drop earrings are also a lot of fun, which is why we love them so much. Moreover, the necklace is made from recycled materials and has a vintage vibe, so it will be a unique 14th wedding anniversary gift for wife.

29. Dahila Coasters

Dahila Coasters
Dahila Coasters

Does your spouse enjoy drinking? These beautiful coasters will bring a touch of elegance to her beverage area. You can use these dahlia coasters with any drink or meal to commemorate the blossoming love over the past 14 years between you two.

30. Marble and Gold Serving Tray

Marble And Gold Serving Tray For 14Th Anniversary Presents For Him
Celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary with a marble and gold serving tray.

Do you like hosting dinner parties with your friends and family? Add a new serving piece to your collection while keeping with the contemporary gold trend. Beautifully showcase charcuterie, appetizers, desserts, and more with this marble slab framed in gold.

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14th Anniversary Gifts for a Couple

31. Elephant March Duvet Cover Set

Elephant March Duvet Cover Set For The 14Th Anniversary Gift
Elephant March Duvet Cover Set for a traditional gift for the 14th anniversary.

This elephant print duvet set comes in various sizes: single, double, king, and super king. The rattan bed is our favorite, but it’ll look great in any bedroom.

Oh Canvas tips 

Alignment is a crucial process that should not be neglected. The better the final outcome, the more tightly the duvet and cover’s corners should be aligned.

32. Favorite Song On Canvas Wall Art

Favorite Song On Canvas Wall Art Oh Canvas
Favorite Song On Canvas Wall Art Oh Canvas

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When you think about your lover, do your favorite music play in the background? It may be the music played on your first date or at your wedding ceremony. For 14th anniversary gifts for couples, why not give your lover heart-shaped song lyrics canvas prints?

It’s really simple to create a bespoke canvas print of a song lyric. Enter the name of the song or lyric phrase and the anniversary date you recall by clicking on the title or the lyrics in the customization box. Finally, you’ll see the song’s lyrics. Upload your picture, then type in your name and the event date.

33. Notebook for the Adventure Challenge

Notebook For The Adventure Challenge
Notebook for the Adventure Challenge

You and your spouse have undoubtedly had many experiences together after fourteen years of marriage. The Adventure Challenge is a great way to be creative when you’re stuck for things to do. Imagine a romantic picnic by the seaside or blindfolded baking—just two of the fifty entertaining scratch-off activities in this notebook. It’s a thoughtful 14th-anniversary present that will facilitate the creation of priceless memories that will remain in your hearts forever.

34. Roman Bust Candle

Roman Bust Candle For The 14Th Anniversary Traditional Gift
Roman Bust Candle for the 14th anniversary traditional gift

This ivory-colored Roman bust candle ticks all boxes for the ideal 14 year wedding anniversary gift. It may be used as a piece of art, but the funny anniversary gift also serves as a beautiful piece of décor.

35. Marble and Wood Cheese Board

Marble And Wood Cheese Board For 14Th Anniversary Gifts
Marble and Wood Cheese Board for 14th anniversary gift traditional and modern

When it comes to cheese, this marble cheese board is a certain winner. Your next wine and cheese party will be much more elegant with this 14 year anniversary gift traditional and modern. If your partner is anything like ours, she’ll be blown away.

36. Elephant Tealight Holders

Elephant Tealight Holders For 14Th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couple
Elephant Tealight Holders for 14th anniversary gift ideas for couple

A pair of marble elephant tealight holders is a beautiful present and may be ordered in matching or contrasting colors. For years to come, they will serve as a memory of your ivory anniversary gift.

37. Elephant Plate

Elephant Placemat For 14Th Anniversary Gift Ideas
Elephant Plates for funny 14th anniversary gifts

If you’re planning a special anniversary dinner at home, this elephant-patterned plate will make the occasion even more memorable. If you’re looking for an elegant and versatile tray, this one is for you. Because that’s actually what marriage is all about.

38. Ivory-Shallow Casserole Dish

Ivory Shallow Casserole Dish For The 14Th Anniversary Gift
Ivory Shallow Casserole Dish for the 14 wedding anniversary gift

Investing in a high-quality cast iron pan will pay off in the long run. Ivory may be a hazardous color choice, but ideally, any deterioration will serve as a reminder of the wonderful meals you’ve prepared for one another over the years. You can add to your ivory collection over time if you’re a gourmet.

39. Yellow Gold-Plated Watch

Yellow Gold Plated Watch For The 14Th Anniversary Gift Modern
Yellow Gold Plated Watch for the 14 wedding anniversary gift modern

Gifting a watch as a memory of an anniversary is a considerate gesture that may be worn every day. This gold watch is a perfect fit for the jewelry theme, and we love the concept of giving the modern 14th anniversary gift of time to someone you care about.

40. Nut Necklace

Gold Jewelry Gold Jewelry Traditional Ivory Anniversary Gift Traditional Ivory Anniversary Gift Ivory Gift Ivory Gift Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Perfect Gift Perfect Gift Modern Gift Modern Gift Thoughtful And Romantic Gift Modern Gifts Modern Gifts Traditional Gifts Traditional Gifts Thoughtful Gift Fun Gift Anniversary Theme Fresh Flowers Unique Gifts Special Keepsake Special Meaning
Nut Necklace for the 14 year wedding anniversary gift

An ivory necklace with none of the savage overtones of a real one. This unique piece of jewelry is guaranteed to put a grin on their faces. It is ideal for wearing a light summer dress or a short-sleeved top.

Oh Canvas tips

Selecting necklaces that have matching earrings or a bracelet will make it much easier to choose a few future presents that she is likely to adore.

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Your 14th wedding anniversary is just around the corner, and the Oh Canvas team has the ideal present for you! If any of our wedding anniversary gift ideas pique your interest, please share your thoughts in the comments below! Let us know if we’ve missed any 14th anniversary gift ideas you want to share!

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