45 Best Gifts For Long-Distance Girlfriend To Show Your Love

Gifts For Long Distance Girlfriend
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Being in a long-distance relationship really sucks. Though the high-end technology keeps you well connected, it can not replace your lover in real life. But don’t let the distance separate you and her apart. It’s time to prepare the best gifts for long-distance girlfriend to bring you two closer. You’ll find it priceless to see a look of surprise and happiness on her face when she unwraps your gift in front of the camera. Check out Oh Canvas’s gift guide and you’re sure to have an unforgettable virtual date night with the love of your life.

Custom long-distance relationship gifts for her

1. Custom Wooden Mixtape

Wooden Mixtape: Custom Ldr Gift For Her
Wooden mixtape: custom LDR gift for her

There is no cassette player for this wooden mixtape but it is a nice alternative to the plastic ’90s version. Your finish touch might be her name, a Spotify code of her favorite song, or a QR code that points to a playlist you make on your preferred music platform. Isn’t that awesome?

2. Engraved Wooden Gift Box

Wooden Gift Box: Custom Gift For Ldr
Wooden gift box: custom gift for LDR

You can never go wrong with a custom wooden gift box when seeking long-distance relationship gifts for her. Whatever the contents of this box are, remind your girl that you’re devoted to making this work, no matter how many states or oceans there are between you. Put some chocolates in there if you want to keep it basic and romantic.

3. Capsule Messages In a Bottle

Capsule Messages: Sentimental Gift For Long-Distance Relationship
Capsule messages: sentimental gift for long-distance relationship

Take a look at these colorful little pills with a secret message buried inside if you need a daily “dose” of your lover. Gift her this bottle so that she can open up and read every letter whenever you’re away. Include jokes, flirtatious zingers, and even some cute drawings to make her more excited.

4. Custom Song Album Cover

Custom Song Cover: Sweet Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Her
Custom song cover: sweet long-distance relationship gifts for her

“Our song” has been elevated to a new level by this cover. The elegant acrylic tile is personalized with the lyrics to a song that is special to both of you. With a Spotify scan code, anyone who sees it will be able to immediately start listening. What a great idea for long-distance gifts for her.

5. Printed Wooden Bookmark

Wooden Bookmark: Custom Virtual Gifts For Her
Wooden bookmark: custom virtual gifts for her

This personalized bookmark is a wonderful alternative for someone who is seeking a thoughtful present for girls. With her name on it, she’s sure to realize how much she means to you no matter where she lives.

6. Custom Photo Calendar

Photo Calendar: Creative Gift For Ldr
Photo calendar: creative gift for LDR

A photo calendar of the two of you is one of the cutest gifts for long-distance girlfriend. She can write down the next time you see her and cross off the days in between, waiting for time to fly by.

7. Custom Photo Canvas

Photo Canvas: Sentimental Gift For Long-Distance Relationship
Photo canvas: sentimental gift for long-distance relationship

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If you’re looking for artwork that preserves your memories with her, this photo print is a sweet option. Have it hung in her room, she’ll feel less lonely since she knows that you’re always there with her every day.

8. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frames: Cute Gifts For Long Distance Girlfriend
Digital photo frames: cute gifts for long distance girlfriend

Using this digital picture frame, you can email and upload photos directly from your smartphone. What a great idea to surprise your loved ones with new images!

9. Compass Keychain

Compass Keychain: Ldr Present For Girlfriend
Compass keychain: LDR present for girlfriend

On the hunt for charming virtual gifts for girlfriend that make her beam with joy? This keychain will increase the amount of time your significant other spends thinking about you throughout the day. This is also a wonderful reminder that love knows no bounds.

10. Bamboo Recipe Box

Recipe Box: Custom Long-Distance Gifts For Girlfriend 
Recipe box: custom long-distance gifts for girlfriend

Even if you’re not able to cook together right now, this recipe box is a great substitute. Recipe cards with step-by-step directions for your partner’s favorite foods can be stored inside. When you come to visit her, you’ll be surprised by how her cooking level increases.

11. Rustic Mason Jars Canvas

Rustic Mason Jars Canvas: Best Virtual Gift For Girlfriend
Rustic mason jars canvas: best virtual gift for girlfriend

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In search of the best virtual gift for girlfriend that she’ll treasure for years to come? A personalized canvas print will elevate her living space and make her feel loved at the same time. With this canvas as a present for her birthday or Valentine’s Day, you’re sure to bring a smile to her face.

12. Custom Coordinates Cuff

Coordinates Cuff: Custom Virtual Gifts For Her
Coordinates cuff: custom virtual gifts for her

The long-distance bangle isn’t as corny as some others. Your companion will always feel near to you, no matter where she is, thanks to this stylish cuff is a meaningful custom gift for your girlfriend with the coordinates of where you live.

13. Sound Wave Acrylic Art

Sound Wave Art: Best Virtual Gift For Girlfriend
Sound wave art: best virtual gift for girlfriend

If you and your significant other have a “song” together, this piece of acrylic art will help showcase it in a romantic way. There’s also a QR code so she can listen to the song whenever she misses you. Don’t miss out on this charming piece when you’re finding the best surprises for long-distance girlfriend.

14. Dual Time Zone Wall Clock

Dual Wall Clock&Quot; Cute Surprises For Long-Distance Girlfriend
Dual wall clock: cute surprises for long-distance girlfriend

It’s a delicate way to show your love for your sweetheart. A handmade clock with two different timezones is a great reminder that you always think about her. This adorable present is also a cure for a girl who is homesick and too sentimental.

15. Romantic Photo Canvas Wall Art

Oh Canvas Beautiful You Fly Wall Art Decor
Romantic photo canvas: heartfelt gift for long-distance girlfriend

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If you’re finding a romantic way to show how much your girlfriend means to you, give her this rustic canvas with which you can personalize your photo and names. When she’s living far apart, this gift is something that reminds her of her beloved and thoughtful boyfriend.

16. Puzzle Piece Keychains

Puzzle Keychains: Creative Gift For Ldr
Puzzle keychains: creative gift for long-distance girlfriend

How about a custom set of keychains for you and your lady? This cute custom idea will make the best gift for long-distance girlfriend. It’s a daily reminder of your love, showing that you’re always with her throughout the journey.

17. Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet: Custom Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Her
Morse code bracelet: custom long-distance relationship gifts for her

Even if your significant other isn’t a big fan of jewelry, she’ll adore how this bracelet reminds her of you every time she glances at their wrist. Get one for yourself so that both of you can share a little romance together.

18. “God Knew My Heart Needed You” Canvas

Custom Name Canvas: Heartfelt Ldr Gift For Her
Custom name canvas: heartfelt LDR gift for her

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Tell your partner how much you love her by gifting this heartfelt “God knew my heart needed you” canvas. Rustic and charming, this print is sure to add the warmest touch to her room. Get this canvas now and make it one of the sweetest long-distance relationship gifts for her.

19. Leather Passport Holder

Passport Holder: Thoughtful Gift For Long-Distance Girlfriend
Passport holder: thoughtful gift for long-distance girlfriend

If you’re planning a trip to see each other abroad, this luxurious passport case is the perfect accessory. Put in a cute letter or a picture of yourself so that she keeps it right next to her passport at all times.

20. Leather Photo Keychain

Photo Keychain: Funny Long-Distance Relationship Gifts
Photo keychain: funny long-distance relationship gifts

Each of the photographs on this keychain may be customized for your companion, providing her a convenient way to recall special moments spent together.

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Cute gifts for long-distance girlfriend to make her less lonely

21. Touch Bracelet Set

Touch Bracelet: Cute Ldr Present For Girlfriend
Touch bracelet: cute LDR present for girlfriend

With these waterproof, rechargeable bracelets, you’ll always be in sync with your significant other. When you’re thinking about her, just touch the bracelet and hers will light up and vibrate. Sounds interesting?

22. Sill Hoya Heart

Sill Hoya Heart: Sweet Ldr Gift For Her
Sill hoya heart: sweet LDR gift for her

Trying to find creative long-distance gifts for girlfriend? Send them a little bit of your heart, if that’s possible. This plant is so easy to maintain, even those who lack a green thumb can grow one by themselves.

23. Flowers Subscription

Flowers Subscription: Sweet Long-Distance Gifts For Her
Flowers subscription: sweet long-distance gifts for her

Don’t worry if you can’t physically deliver a bunch of flowers to her door on Valentine’s Day. With this subscription service, you can send her gorgeous flowers at any time. Opt for her favorite types and don’t tell her that you send them until they arrive at her door.

24. Kissing Mugs

Kissing Mugs: Lovely Gift For Ldr
Kissing mugs: lovely gift for LDR

Kissing mugs are cute surprises for long-distance girlfriend that’ll make her insane. Long video chat dates call for plenty of coffee, and these mugs are just what both of you need.

25. Wi-Fi Touch Lamps

Touch Lamp: Cute Surprises For Long-Distance Girlfriend
Touch lamp: cute surprises for long-distance girlfriend

After purchasing the connected bracelets, you’ll need these lamps to complete your present. To change the color of your significant other’s lamp, all you have to do is touch its top once you’ve connected it to Wi-Fi. Place it next to your bed to give yourself the impression that she’s right next to you.

26. Hands Casting Keepsake

Hands Casting Keepsake: Sentimental Gift For Long-Distance Relationship
Hands casting keepsake: sentimental gift for long-distance relationship

This time, surprise your lady with this hands casting keepsake as the best virtual gift for girlfriend. When you and your lover are together, this kit allows you to create a heartfelt plaster keepsake. When you’re apart from each other, she’ll be able to see it and remember you all the time.

27. “Loving You” Canvas

Loving You Canvas: Heartfelt Gifts For Long Distance Girlfriend
Loving you canvas: heartfelt gifts for long-distance girlfriend

Have you ever said to your sweetheart that “Loving you is a wonderful way to spend a lifetime”? If not, send her a heartfelt canvas this time to let her know your deep love regardless of the distance.

28. Scratch Off Movies Poster

Movies Poster: Practical Virtual Gifts For Girlfriend
Movies poster: practical virtual gifts for girlfriend

Invest in two of these posters: one for you and one for your girlfriend. A fun way to spice up your virtual dates is to watch the 100 greatest movies of all time through video chat and mark each one off as you go.

29. Hug This Pillow

Hug This Pillow: Cute Ldr Present For Her
Hug this pillow: cute LDR present for her

When it comes to cute long-distance gifts for girlfriend, this charming pillow is a must-have. Every time she gets into bed at night, seeing this pillow is the perfect remembrance of you.

30. Adorable Pet Canvas

Pet Canvas: Cute Long-Distance Gifts For Her
Pet canvas: cute long-distance gifts for her

This cute gift is for any girl who adores her boyfriend’s little puppy a lot. Besides being a cozy piece of decoration, this print is a strong motivation for her through harsh times living far from home.

31. Lovebox Spinning Heart

Lovebox Heart: Best Virtual Gift For Girlfriend
Lovebox heart: best virtual gift for girlfriend

This Lovebox Messenger is one of the most popular long-distance gifts for her that she’ll fall in love with. You can send a message to your lady using an app that alerts her with the spinning heart on the box. With this gift, she’ll be able to read your message inside at any time, anyplace.

32. Handmade Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug: Adorable Ldr Present For Her
Ceramic mug: adorable LDR present for her

Long-distance romances are sweeter when they find a way to feel connected. Having a cup of coffee together in a handcrafted ceramic mug will make the experience even more memorable.

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Practical virtual gifts for girlfriend who needs care and pampering

33. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Oil Diffuser: Cool Ldr Gift For Girls
Oil diffuser: cool LDR gift for girls

Smell is well-known for its ability to elicit intense emotional responses and recollections. There is a good chance that the essential oils in this diffuser set may bring back memories of you and your significant other.

34. Sea Salt Candle

Sea Salt Candle: Sentimental Gift For Long-Distance Relationship
Sea salt candle: sentimental gift for long-distance relationship

Candles with the distinctive scents of popular perfume brands may be found everywhere. A candle that smells like your favorite aroma is an excellent way to remind your sweetheart of you. Get her this sea salt candle and it’ll become the best gift for long-distance girlfriend that she’s received so far.

35. Coffee Sampler

Coffee Samplers: Cool Gifts For Long Distance Girlfriend
Coffee samplers: cool gifts for long-distance girlfriend

To help your partner get out of bed in the morning, send her this coffee care package with a cup of your handmade brew as an alarm clock. A new cup is available every day, so she can experiment with different flavors. Of course, nothing beats yours.

36. Duffel Weekender Bag

Duffle Bag: Practical Gift For Ldr
Duffle bag: practical gift for LDR

A tough duffle bag is a must-have for practical gifts for long-distance girlfriend who frequently take weekend travels back and forth. This one is made of strong material and features a separate compartment for shoes. When she’s not on the road, she can use it as a gym bag.

37. Aromatique Room Spray

Room Spray: Cool Long-Distance Relationship Gifts For Her
Room spray: cool long-distance relationship gifts for her

Even though you don’t live in the same house, you can still find some commonalities. You and your long-distance partner can enjoy the same heavenly room spray. Your visit to her will be like a homecoming.

38. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat: Practical Virtual Gifts For Her
Yoga mat: practical virtual gifts for her

This sleek, non-slip mat will come in handy for all of those online yoga sessions she’s been having. This best gift for long-distance girlfriend is an amazing way to show how thoughtful you are.

39. eGift Card

Egift Card: Cool Surprises For Long-Distance Girlfriend
eGift card: cool surprises for long-distance girlfriend

We could see a movie together! You can choose a new Prime release to watch with Zoom by sending her a gift card. A special bonus for re-creating the same luxury popcorn recipe!

40. Full Body Pillow

Full Body Pillow: Cool Ldr Gift For Girls
Full body pillow: cool LDR gift for girls

Practical long-distance relationship gifts for her are all about focusing on the times you miss being with your partner the most. The nighttime is a specific case. Not as wonderful as you, this cushion still serves her with warmth and comfort as she’s with you.

41. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Card: Practical Virtual Gifts For Girlfriend
Airbnb gift card: practical long-distance gifts for girlfriend

Plan a trip where you and your lover meet halfway instead of flying to your place or the other way around. With this gift, she’ll be eager to see you and travel with you.

42. Travel Suitcase

Travel Suitcase: Cool Ldr Gift For Girls
Travel suitcase: cool LDR gift for girls

Don’t let the lugging get in the way of the fun when she finally arrives to see you or when you take that trip you’ve been planning. Simple, stylish, and roomy are just some of the best features that make these suitcases cool virtual gifts for girlfriend.

43. Triangle Cushion

Triangle Cushion: Thoughtful Long-Distance Gifts For Her
Triangle cushion: thoughtful long-distance gifts for her

To make a long-distance relationship more bearable, give your lover something that will make her feel more at home. This pillow may be adjusted to suit her height and weight, so she can stay upright and comfortable while conversing for long periods of time.

44. Pro Stream Webcam

Pro Webcam: Useful Ldr Gift For Her
Pro webcam: useful LDR gift for her

It’s time to embrace FaceTime as the decade’s most popular date method for long-distance relationships. Video chats are more fun when you have a higher-quality camera to work with. You can never go wrong with this webcam for surprises for long-distance girlfriend that make her proud and satisfied.

45. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ll need a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones to help you communicate. They’re also great for blocking out distracting background noises like airplane engines or horns.

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It’s a challenge that you’re in a long-distance relationship. You might feel sorry when your girl has a difficult time and she needs a warm hug from you (but can’t). And you’re trying to compensate for this loss to make her feel loved and less lonely. It’s when special gifts for long-distance girlfriend do the part. Revise Oh Canvas’s list above and you’ll find at least one thing to send her this holiday.

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