45 Best Funny Gifts For Girlfriend That Will Make Her Laugh

Funny Gifts For Girlfriend
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Practical and luxury gifts are great. But sometimes, heating the relationship with some funny gifts for girlfriend can help you win the gifting game. Since she deserves a good laugh after all the stress and tiredness at work, the laughter-inducing presents are a cool way to show how thoughtful you are. If you need inspiration for your search, browse the Oh Canvas gift guide below. You’ll find a way to fill her days with joy and relief.

Custom Gag Gifts for Girlfriend to Brighten Her Day

1. Customized Photo Sweatshirt

Customized Photo Sweatshirt: Silly Gifts For Girlfriend
Customized Photo Sweatshirt

Not only does this hoodie fit her snugly and is made of thick fabric, but it will also keep her body and heart warm. Your happy face enclosed in a lovely frame is the only design on the back or front of the sweatshirt. When she wears it, she’ll want you to snap one of those “hands holding from behind” Instagram photos.

2. Lunchbox with Emergency Snack Kit

Lunchbox With Emergency Snack Kit: Silly Gifts For Girlfriend
Lunchbox with Emergency Snack Kit: Cute gifts for girlfriend

When your girlfriend is a snack aficionado, there’s never a bad moment to indulge. Thanks to its large size and insulated construction, this bag can accommodate her daily essentials and keep her happy.

3. Funny Phone Case

Funny Phone Case: Gag Gifts For Girlfriend
Funny Phone Case: Cute gifts for girlfriend

You can’t go wrong with these humorous phone cases as gag gifts for girlfriend. It shields her phone from harm and gives it a fun and quirky touch. It’s an ideal way to add humor to her daily life because of its imaginative design and cheerful message.

This kind and enjoyable present will protect her phone and be a constant reminder of your sense of humor and the happiness you both provide for each other’s lives. Giving her something that will make her smile every time she checks her phone is a thoughtful and useful present.

4. Funny Stickers

Funny Stickers: Silly Gifts For Girlfriend
Funny Stickers: silly gifts for girlfriend

Give her a package of absurd stickers so she can make her things funnier and make others laugh everywhere she goes. With this collection, she may find the cutest Mr. Bean on her water bottle and a sobbing Kim K on her laptop.

5. Pet Paw Slippers

Pet Paw Slippers: Gag Gifts For Girlfriend
Pet Paw Slippers

Consider these animal paw slippers as funny birthday gifts for girlfriend in your life. She may add a whimsical touch to her daily routine while keeping her feet warm and comfy in these adorable and unique slippers. She can go about grinning and adding a little fun because of their adorable animal paw design. She will giggle at this delightful and amusing gift—the slippers.

6. Funny Bikini T-shirt

Funny Bikini T-Shirt: Gag Gifts For Girlfriend
Funny Bikini T-shirt

The funny beach T-shirt may be a hit if she likes clever and unusual presents. Fun Fact: Getting in shape for summer and being healthy are typically linked to having a “beach body.”. The shirt turns into an inside joke between the two of you when you both love going on beach vacations or sharing recollections along the coast.

7. Cat Coffee Mug

Cat Coffee Mug: Funny Girlfriend Gift
Cat coffee mug: funny girlfriend gift

A novelty coffee mug is always a smart choice for joke gifts for girlfriend. It features a cat and the quote, “I do what I want,” implying that your girl is a strong woman. Customize the mug with her name or nickname (that you usually call her) to make this gift impressive.

8. Humorous Scented Candle

Humorous Candle: Gag Gifts For Girlfriend
Humorous candle: gag gifts for girlfriend

Would you say your girlfriend is a fragrance junkie? Consider lighting a fragrant candle. A humorously scented candle might be a thoughtful and unexpected present. The unusual aroma and label will make your lady grin or laugh when she opens it.

9. Tabletop Pool Game

Mini Pool Game: Funny Gifts Ideas For Girlfriend
Mini pool game: funny gifts ideas for girlfriend

Does she wish to have a pool table right in her game room? But if buying an actual table is out of your budget, getting her a replica instead is a fun option. Cute and tiny, this item is still perfect for parties.

10. Custom Face Socks

Funny Custom Face Socks Gift For Her
Funny custom face socks gift for her

It’s a specific way to show your support for her narcissistic tendencies with a pair of personalized face socks. They’re joke gifts for girlfriend who are overly concerned with their appearance.

11. Funny Sloth Ring Holder

Funny Sloth Ring Holder: Funny Gifts For Wife
Funny Sloth Ring Holder

A hilarious gift for a lady would be this funny sloth ring holder. It brings a little fun into her everyday routine and gives her a pleasant and useful way to keep her rings and jewels. Her dressing room or vanity will look delightfully and humorously decorated with a charming sloth design with outstretched arms. While she organizes her jewels, this kind and humorous present will make her smile and bring back memories of your times filled with love and laughter.

12. Cat Hand Towel

Cat Hand Towel: Funny Gifts For Wife
Cat Hand Towel: funny gifts for wife

Those looking for a humorous present for their lady will adore this funny cat hand towel. This isn’t just any hand towel; it adds a fun and quirky touch to her bathroom or kitchen decor. Its clever twist and adorable cat design make ordinary activities like drying hands or dishes fun.

In addition to being useful, this kind and hilarious present expresses your sense of humor and appreciation for life’s small pleasures. It’s fun to make her smile and laugh, bringing back memories of your loving and funny times together.

13. Pet Photo Collage Mug

Pet Photo Mug: Hilarious Gift For Her
Pet photo mug: hilarious gift for her

Every year, this mosaic mug tops the list of the best funny gifts for girlfriend. You have the option of including different images and a custom message. Besides having her photos on the mug, insert her beloved cat’s pictures this time. She’ll treasure this adorable piece for years to come.

14. Funny Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag: Funny Gifts For Girlfriend
Makeup bag: funny gifts for girlfriend

This cheesy saying, “Better late than ugly,” on a woman’s makeup bag is universally agreed upon. Finally, she’ll be able to explain why she’s spending so much time on her appearance. It’s all in the bag!

15. Pet Photo Coasters

Pet Photo Coaster: Hilarious Gift For Her
Pet photo coaster: hilarious gift for her

You can never go wrong with these pet photo coasters to get the best gag gifts for girlfriend. They protect her tables from water rings, and these coasters create an amusing vibe to communicate her feelings. We promise that morning coffee will never be the same again! These coasters are sure to be a hit!

16. Adorable Earrings

Adorable And Funny Earrings
Adorable and Funny Earrings

These cute earrings are an excellent option for funny birthday gifts for girlfriends. These earrings are a fun and imaginative way to decorate her ears; they’re not ordinary jewelry. Their distinctive patterns of strawberries, butterflies, and goldfish lend a quirky and endearing touch to her look.

It’s the perfect accessory to enhance her special day and remind her of your shared laughs. This thoughtful and humorous present is the ideal way to celebrate her birthday and express your gratitude for her sense of fun and originality.

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Funny Gifts for Girlfriend to Spice Up Her Home

17. Bubble Tea Light

Bubble Tea Light: Funny Girlfriend Gift
Bubble tea light: funny girlfriend gift

When it comes to bubble tea lovers, this hilarious and adorable boba-filled lamp is a must-have item in their home. If your girlfriend adores that drink, this light will surely make her overjoyed.

18. Pizza Blanket

Pizza Blanket: Gag Gifts For Girlfriend
Pizza blanket: gag gifts for girlfriend

This blanket will make her dream about a pepperoni pizza while she is asleep. Then again, at the very least, they’ll be snug and toasty while binge-watching their favorite shows.

19. Cat Paw 3D Mousepad

Cat Paw 3D Pad: Gag Gift For Girls
Cat paw 3D pad: hilarious gifts to make her laugh

This squishy cat paw mousepad is an adorable and functional present for gamers and cat lovers alike. Consider including it in your list of funny gifts for girlfriend to readily surprise her this birthday or Christmas.

20. Cute Pig Watering Can

Cute Pig Watering Can: Funny Gifts For Wife
Cute Pig Watering Can: funny gifts for wife

Girls with a green thumb will appreciate this animal metal watering can. It may be a luxury gift for a girlfriend with a guy, but it is exclusive to girls passionate about the garden. Adorable and long-lasting, elephant watering can give her the best gardening experience.

21. Funny Dish Towel

Dish Towel: Hilarious Gift For Her
Dish towel: hilarious gift for her

This humorous dish towel will surely be a hit with foodies and those who enjoy a good pun. As they all have those days where they feel lost and blue, prank gifts for ladies are a good solution to cure their minds.

22. Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

Are you searching for the most impressive gag gifts to make her laugh? We all laugh at seeing a red tube figure flapping in the wind. Any home office will be filled with giggles after seeing this parody.

23. Ravioli Spoon Rest

Ravioli Spoon Rest: Funny Gifts Ideas For Her
Ravioli spoon rest: funny gifts ideas for her

If she loves cooking, she’ll adore cute, funny kitchen funny gifts for girlfriend. Thanks to this silicone spoon rest, you’re keeping her from drizzling sauce all over the counters. She’ll cook you dinner as a thank you!

24. Funny Doormat

Funny Door Mat: Cheesy Gifts For Girlfriend
Funny doormat: cheesy gifts for girlfriend

Before your guests walk through the door, a doormat may set the tone for the rest of their visit. Naturally, this is only if they are still interested after reading it. These caustic doormats are a great gag present for women with a sense of humor.

25. Hilarious Oven Mitt

Oven Mitt: Hilarious Gift For Her
Oven mitt: hilarious gift for her

These gloves are a terrific gift for bakers for delivering a humorous response. This is one of the best gag gifts for girlfriend who enjoys cooking. Get her a couple of mitts as a birthday gift for her!

26. Squishy Gummy Bear Light

This novelty teddy will brighten up her life. When you squeeze your tummy, it emits a gorgeous, colored glow that fills the space. Consider including these stuffed bears in your collection of joke presents for women for Christmas. On the Christmas tree, there’ll be lovely decorations.

27. Burrito Blanket

Burrito Blanket: Inappropriate Gifts For Girlfriend
Burrito blanket: Inappropriate gifts for girlfriend

If you want the best funny gifts idea for girlfriend, look no further than this. A burrito-themed double-sided blanket is all you need for a brand-new home ambiance. This huge burrito would be more hilarious if it included your favorite gal wrapped up inside.

28. Cat-Shape Ice Tray

Cat Shaped Ice Tray: Funny Gifts For Girlfriend
Cat-shaped ice tray: funny gifts for her

This cat-shaped ice tray is a fascinating way to liven up a party. It is dishwasher-safe, so you may use it repeatedly to make ice cubes. Cat lovers will enjoy this gift!

29. Plastic-Free Food Bags

Funny Food Bags: Cheesy Gifts For Girlfriend
Funny food bags: cheesy gifts for girlfriend

These pun-filled plastic-free shopping bags are a great way to carry your groceries. Being eco-friendly, they’re charming gag gifts for girlfriend who is a home cook. As she shops, she can arrange her food more easily, and she might even strike up a fascinating discussion.

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Funny Gifts for Girlfriend as Keepsakes and Other Purposes

30. Survival Kit for Public Toilet

Public Toilet Survival Kit: Joke Gifts For Girlfriend
Public toilet survival kit: joke gifts for girlfriend

Even though most public restrooms are in disrepair, women face a significant battle when using one. You can help your lady by providing her with this gag emergency kit with tools and instructions for surviving a trip to the public restroom!

31. Pack Bathe & Brew

Pack Bathe &Amp; Brew: Funny Gifts Ideas For Her
Pack Bathe & Brew: funny gifts ideas for her

If you’re planning surprisingly joke gifts for girlfriend, you can’t go wrong by giving her this package, including the absurd Bathe and Brew. The idea of this product calls to mind the goofy late-night commercials seen on television, and it’s sure to make any woman laugh.

32. Amusing Wine Socks

Wine Socks: Gag Gifts For Girlfriend
Wine socks: gag gifts for girlfriend

This pair of soft, charming, hilarious socks will be welcomed as the best funny gifts for her, whether she is a wine enthusiast or a chocolate connoisseur. They tell everyone close enough to read them to bring her some of her favorite delicacies!

33. Black Death Wish Coffee

Black Death Wish Coffee: Joke Gifts For Her
Black death wish coffee: Inappropriate gifts for girlfriend

When buying for a female with a reputation for drinking a lot of coffee or who prefers her coffee a little stronger than most people, this death wish coffee is a brilliant choice. Having had a cup of this dark roast, she won’t need her afternoon cup of Joe to get through the day. Amazon customers are raving about its flavor, despite its high caffeine content.

34. Flamingo Float Tea

Flamingo Float Tea: Gag Gift For Girls
Flamingo float tea: gag gift for girls

When shopping for joke gifts for girlfriend, ask if she likes to sip tea. A tea infuser disguised like a flamingo that floats in a cup of tea is the funniest thing ever.

35. Cold Beer Cozy Coats

Cold Beer Coats: Joke Gifts For Girlfriend
Cold beer coats: joke gifts for girlfriend

These beautiful koozies can keep their hands warm and prevent condensation from forming on their beer or soda cans. Gift her these adorable cold beer coats, and you’ll receive a sweet message showing her gratitude for your considerate gesture.

36. Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Coffee Mug: Funny Gifts Ideas For Her
Coffee mug: funny gifts ideas for her

It’s a severe problem that many women face daily, yet they’re embarrassed to bring it up. This coffee mug openly acknowledges the awkward problem that our favorite morning beverage has caused, which most of us try to hide. So show your female giftee that you care and that she is supported in her struggle.

37. Crafting with Cat Hair

Crafting With Cat Hair Book: Funny Girlfriend Gift
Crafting with cat hair book: Inappropriate gifts for girlfriend

These tutorials are sure to delight any cat mother. Even though it’s a cheap gag gift idea for ladies, this book is full of creative DIY projects. As it turns out, cat fur can be used to manufacture stuffed toys, finger puppets, and even tote bags. Who would have rejected it?

38. Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug: Gag Gift For Her
Toilet mug: gag gift for her

Are you on the hunt for inappropriate gifts for girlfriend that she can’t help but use? Coffee in a toilet cup isn’t the best way to start your Monday morning, yet it’s sure to bring humor to your lady.

39. Period Pack – Cards Against Humanity

Period Rack: Funny Girlfriend Gift
Period rack: funny girlfriend gift

When it comes to her period, it’s impossible to know how she’ll feel. On the other hand, this Cards Against Humanity expansion pack gives you one more shot at making it better. Nothing else will do it if this hilariously dumb gift doesn’t.

40. Cat Tarot: Cards & Guidebook

Cat Tarot: Funny Gifts For Girlfriend
Cat tarot: funny gifts for girlfriend

If you know someone obsessed with cats, you may help them by giving them this set of cat tarot cards and accompanying instructions. Your girlfriend will have the funniest time exploring this gift set and/or with you.

41. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

Funny Cookbook: Joke Girlfriend Gift
Funny cookbook: joke girlfriend gift

You’re looking for sexy gag gifts for girlfriend who enjoy trying new recipes, and we’ve got you covered. The sensual undertones of Fifty Shades of Grey can be found in these recipes. Following the seductively worded instructions in this cookbook, she may want more than just chicken!

42. Dog Farts Cotton Candy

Dog Farts Cotton Candy: Gag Gift For Girls
Dog farts cotton candy: Inappropriate gifts for girlfriend

Amazon reviewers claim that this confection smells better than the original. As a result, no matter how wonderful their dog may be, their farts are not composed of pink sugar.

43. Baguette Slippers

Baguette Slippers: Joke Gifts For Her
Baguette slippers: joke gifts for her

These loafer-inspired slippers take the funny presents for girlfriend to a new level. This pair is almost as much fun as the fishy ones. They keep feet warm, but they could also make you hungry. Any lady who considers themselves to be a foodie will appreciate this gift.

44. Soap Noodles for Bath and Shower

Soap Noodles: Funny Gifts Ideas For Her
Soap noodles: funny gifts ideas for her

These noodle-shaped bath bombs are perfect for a peaceful evening at home. If you’re looking for impressive, funny gifts for her, don’t miss out on this fascinating creation.

45. Amusing Wine Tumbler

Amusing Wine Tumbler: Gag Gift For Her
Amusing wine tumbler: gag gift for her

The punny wording on this stemless wine glass makes it seem clever (like a fox) and adorable. Drinking a glass of wine can help her recover her sense of humor when she doesn’t feel like engaging with anyone or anything.

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All your loved ones deserve a good laugh. Thus, don’t hesitate to buy them something laugh-inducing this year. This list of the best funny gifts for girlfriend is what you might find helpful for your gifting journey. Oh Canvas believes that she’ll be giggling after unwrapping your gift box. After all, gag gifts might be the best option to brighten one’s day.

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