Top 31+ Touchy Anniversary Poems to Enhance Your Romance

Anniversary Poems
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Anniversary poems, either lengthy or short, may demonstrate to the recipients your commitment. And this is particularly true when you are penning anniversary greetings for your wife or spouse. Aside from that, even if you have not tied the knot yet, anniversary poems absolutely match your significant other! Enjoy our choice of the finest anniversary poetry on our Oh Canvas blog below.

Anniversary Poems Short

You may use these poems in your anniversary card since they’re short and sweet. My personal favorites are two poems by William Shakespeare. Despite their age, these anniversary poems will always have a place in the anthology of love poetry for anniversary celebrations.

Anniversary Poems Short
Anniversary Poems Short

1. I love thee, I love but thee
With a love that shall not die
‘Till the sun grows cold
And the stars grow old.

– William Shakespeare

2. Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.

– William Shakespeare

3. May you always be each other’s best friend,
May your mutual love continue to be so,
May your successful marriage continues to thrive,
May love flourish, prosper, bloom, and grow.

– Jon Bratton

4. May you always be warmed by each other’s smiles,
Always take time to walk and talk while,
Always know deep down you’re each other’s best friend,
And enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end.
Wishing you an ‘always’ kind of love!

– Anonymous

5. We send anniversary wishes to you,
For years of joy and pleasure.
May each year keep getting better,
With memories to treasure.

– Joanna Fuchs

6. Wives are for sharing with,
Dreaming dreams and caring with
spending time with,
chatting to,
Making plans with,
Hoping they come true…
Holding hands with, hugging, kissing
Laughing with and reminiscing…..
Working with to see things through,
and loving
Just like I love you.

– Anonymous

7. I love you not only for what you are
but for what I am when I am with you.
I love you not only for what you have made of yourself
but for what you are making of me.
I love you for the part of me that you bring out.

– Roy Croft

8. Love you
in ways, you’ve never been loved,
for reasons you’ve never been told,
for longer than you think you deserved,
And with more than you will ever know existed
Inside me.

– Tyler Knott Gregson

9. The sea hath its pearls
The heaven hath its stars
But my heart, my heart
Has its love.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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10. Loving Pair

It takes two special people,
To make a loving pair.
There’s a joy just being around you,
A feeling we love to share.

We send anniversary wishes to you,
For years of joy and pleasure.
May each year keep getting better,
With memories to treasure.

– Joanna and Karl Fuchs

11. Happiness

Today is a celebration
of something very rare.
You’ve been married 50 years
And your happiness we share.
So here’s to a special couple.
May your happiness lives on.
And may you kiss each other
Every dusk and every dawn.

– Sharon Hendricks

12. I love you
I have loved you,
And I will love you.
Only time will tell how my love manifests itself,
But I can tell you it will never end, and no amount of time can ever change that.

– Alicia N. Green

13. No other love story
could compare
to the love story
that you and I are so lucky to share.

(Years) ago today
we finally said, “I do”
And that’s when all of
our wildest dreams came true.

Happy Anniversary!
I love you!

– Anonymous

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Anniversary Poems Long

Here are a few lengthier anniversary poems for your celebration. The receivers will be moved to tears by this heartwarming and beautiful poetry, which is accompanied by your best wishes. We recommend that you use different pages for the poetry and your wishes so that you don’t overfill your anniversary card.

Anniversary Poems Long
Anniversary Poems Long

14. Love Sonnet 18

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometimes declines,
By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

– William Shakespeare

15. Today is our anniversary, and it seems just like yesterday
When I asked for your hand in marriage and you simply said “okay”
I still remember the day we were married
Looking deep into each other’s eyes and souls.
The promises we made to one another
Even if we became broken down or stayed whole.
I remember the promised words we said – on sickness or in health.
I remember the words for better or for worse, joy or sorrow, even poverty or wealth.
Though life has hills and valleys and some great challenges this is true.
Each valley has made us stronger as our God has always seen us through.
I thank the Lord for sending you as my partner, lover, spouse, and friend.
Our relationship has matured and grown although the roads did curve and bend.
Long ago we made a commitment to God and to each other – until death does us part.
These words are still ringing very true and are buried deep within my heart.
When I think about our life together and how we’ve been so blessed.
I always thank the Lord for you, as I consider you the very best.
My heavenly father knew the perfect fit when He chose you for me
I will always praise God for – my very best friend and lover – throughout eternity.

– Lisa S. Satcher

16. We got married today (a number of) years before
My love for you at that time was a little immature
As we are moving forward in this busy life
I am very proud to say that you are my wife
We don’t have anything today from each other to hide
Our false egos therefore now seldom collide
Both of us have left behind our fake impressions
Because life has taught us its reality lessons
We are accepting things as they are unfolding naturally
Peace has been prevailing slowly in our small family
Let us now break all the remaining useless barriers
And just keep our focus on health and children’s careers
All pairs in this world have something very unique
So never think yourself to be comparatively weak
God gives all for which He finds them suitable
No one in this life is perfect and all capable
Our future will be nice; please do not worry
Let us just dance and enjoy our marriage anniversary

– Shishir Kumar Goel

17. Happy Anniversary

Every day I find myself,
Loving you more and more,
As I wish you another
Happy Anniversary.

Blest, in my mind and soul,
With beautiful images of you,
Embedded in my most valued memories,
Of treasured gems.

Your smile will eternally inspire me,
To write the loveliest of sonnets,
Describing you will be
Like describing the first day of Spring,
Or the Universe on a clear Summer night.

There are no words I could ever express,
Of my feelings at this moment,
As they circulate through my loving soul,
Of holding you Ever so near.

Our time will come when finally,
We’ll be in each other’s arms
Staring at our future
Within our sensuous hearts.

I will love you forever,
My angel,
Until that day my darling,
I will hold you in my heart.

– William Bonilla

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18. Every Year

Every year that I’m with you
Has been better than before;
It’s hard for me to even think
How I could love you more.

Every year you’ve graced my life
Has been full of happiness;
I love your caring face, your voice,
Your tender, sweet caress.

Every year when this day comes,
I’m filled with love and pleasure;
Happy Anniversary, Love,
My joy, my delight, my treasure.

– Joanna Fuchs

19. A cup of tears, a pool of smiles,
Our love is an adventure, such a crazy ride.
Each day is not quite the same, always something new,
I never knew love, until I found you.
So many emotions, all mixed into one,
It’s quite the journey, but oh so fun.
We’re a little bit playful, a small bit sad,
Sometimes we’re naughty, but mostly we’re glad.
It’s all so strange, everything is surreal,
The experiences are amazing, there’s so much to feel.
Fear grips my heart when I think about losing you,
Yet I still give in to my heart, there’s nothing else I can do.
This must be what love is, so strange and so new,
But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, I want nothing but you.

– Anonymous

20. Dreams of Forever

A mirror of reflections
through the veil of time
I look over my shoulder
as the years have passed us by ~
A lifetime full of memories
together we have made
And I know I couldn’t want for more
then I did our wedding day.

Our yesterdays are history
but we have yet to share
So many more tomorrows,
and nothing could compare ~
To the joy you’ve given me
the way you make me smile
You don’t even have to say a word
you just make life more worthwhile.

Always and forever
by one another’s side
Some days it seems unbearable
and others it’s alright ~
Nothing can be perfect
but at least we always know
That through the veil of heartache
the stronger our love grows.

The hand divine upon us
to cherish and defend
Through the years that shapes us
with love that never ends ~
Mirrored by reflections
this life we journey through,
Today, tomorrow, always
as long as I’m with you.

– Christina

21. 30th Anniversary Poem

Thirty years ago, hand in hand
you stood side by side
A long white dress, a tailored suit
as a groom and a bride.

Exchanging rings and promises
this partnership for life
For better or worse, living in love
together husband and wife.

As you journeyed the road together
God, in His grace above
Extended the love you both shared –
two little gifts of love.

And even though the darkest days
through smiles and through tears
Your faith, hope, and love endured
during these happy years.

You had captured the fulfillment of love
you never let it go
But displayed its wonder and its beauty
in watching your children grow.

Throughout the years you made memories
of all, you’ve shared together
Engraved through time in your hearts
remaining there forever.

– Christina

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Anniversary Poems Funny

If you’re giving a speech or sending an anniversary card, consider using one of these humorous poems to lighten the mood. Consider using one of these humorous anniversary poems in your invites if you and your partner are a fun-loving pair. Everyone will be aware that they are about to partake in an unforgettable celebration.

Anniversary Poems Funny
Anniversary Poems Funny

22. You’re a wonderful husband,
I’m not gonna lie.
This poem won’t make you,
vomit nor cry.

Let’s get a few things,
out of the way.
You’re in plenty of trouble
if you forgot what’s today.

Time to take a ride,
down memory lane.
I think I found you,
underneath an old train.

I’d need a book,
to list all your flaws.
So let’s just stick,
to a few basic laws.

You’ve always made me laugh,
You’re hilariously funny.
I didn’t care,
that you had no money.

The way you hold me,
In your manly arms.
Your voice and smile
result in charms.

Ok, now wake up,
You’re in real deep.
If my gift is super cheap.

– Anonymous

23. Silly, Silly, Wine, and Willy

Dresses were bought,
Prices were silly,
This is not how I was taught!

But, oh, how wonderful it will be!
I thought and thought,
with endless glee

Will he open the wine we just bought?
Or go down on one knee?
Perhaps he forgot

No, no, silly me!
He must be out,
buying me a daisy

Yes, he is always distraught,
striving to be right for me,
little did I know, he forgot
our anniversary!

– Amanda

24. I Still Love You

The dog threw up.
The kids are ill.
Our bank account
Is almost nil.

The laundry’s
Stacked up in a pile,
And still, I know
I have to smile.

Although our life
Might look like blight,
I get to be
With you each night.

It may be tough,
That much is true,
But still, I love
My life with you.

Happy Anniversary!

– Denise Rodgers

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25. A Gift

We have a gift that’s sweet
And rare.
It’s just that we’re a perfect pair.

The years go by
With no regret
Because we are a perfect set.

What matters if this thought is sappy?
So long as
Both of us
Are happy.

Happy Anniversary!

– Denise Rodgers

26. Just live and be happy!

The Anniversary – what does it mean?
Is it a fine and wonderful thing?
Is it a time to review and think
What you have done and, sometimes, to sink…

Please send it to hell…
Don’t be so sappy!
Don’t hassle yourself
And just live and be happy!

– Elena Melkumova

Anniversary Poems Death

How long have you been grieving the loss of a beloved? In spite of the fact that you are still grieving, you may have realized that your sorrow has evolved. You may carry the anguish with you for the rest of your life.

Anniversary Poems Death
anniversary poems death

27. Every day in some small way
Memories of you come our way.
Though absent, you are always near
Still missed, loved, and always dear.

– Anonymous

28. Let me be sad today,
give me this day to mourn.
It’s the date my little son died
and also the date he was born.
Let me think back to his birth,
the fear of viewing him, dead.
Memories of holding him close,
and cradling his little head.
Allow me to visit his grave,
to let a few balloons go.
To place flowers lovingly,
and trim the grass that does grow.
Allow me tears to cry,
love fills my heart to the brim.
Spilling it on those close by,
while always longing for him.

– Anonymous

29. Loving and kind in all her ways,
Upright and just to the end of her days;
Sincere and true, in her heart and mind,
Beautiful memories, she left behind.

– Anonymous

30. Nothing can ever take away
The love a heart holds dear
Fond memories linger every day
Remembrance keeps him near.

– Anonymous

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31. When I remember you, I remember the first time we met.
I look back at our time together with absolutely no regret.

When I remember you, I remember the first time I looked into your eyes.
I couldn’t believe my luck; I thought I had won first prize.

When I remember you, I remember when you stole my heart.
I knew from that first moment that they could never keep us apart.

When I remember you, I remember our favorite song,
But somehow it sounds different without you humming along.

When I remember you, I always shed a tear
For every moment we had together and every happy year.

When I remember you, I miss our walks alone at night,
Stars in the sky, hand in hand, we surely were a sight.

When I remember you and the love we always shared,
Of life without you at my side, no way was I prepared,

So now when I remember you, my love, I remember mostly this…
I’ll see you soon in paradise, and together we’ll reminisce.

– Timothy Halliday

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We hope you find some inspiration in this list from the Oh Canvas team. In addition to these anniversary poems, you may put an anniversary quotation on your husband or wife’s card to show your sincerity and respect. Don’t put off exhibiting your affection just because it’s your first, second, or fiftieth wedding anniversary. In anniversary poetry, the feeling is never unnecessary in order to bring a smile to your partner’s face.

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