How to get the incredible coastal farmhouse look for your home

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Each of us must have once had the thought of wanting to get rid of all the troubles to go to a place far away. But, as you may know, joy and relaxation can come from the things that are dearest to you. Why not make your home the place you most want to return to? One of the simplest ways to make you feel happier is to change the process of decorating your home according to your tastes. If you are still wondering what interior decoration style you will pursue and how to decorate them, the following will be the first suggestion for you. In the series on interior design styles, this article will present you to a familiar but never old-style – Coastal Farmhouse Style.

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What is the Coastal Farmhouse style?

The farmhouse is a style that reappears in the peaceful countryside of the United States. The original Farmhouse style was born out of practical demands rather than a design plan designed for home aesthetics. The Farmhouse idea style has its origins in 16th and 17th century Europe. After that, it quickly spread over the world, and the style evolved dramatically.

Coastal style – is an interior design style inspired by the sea, whose origin is the houses along the Atlantic coast. “Comfort and lightness” is the first feeling that Coastal Style brings.

What will the mix of these two styles transfer?

Try to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the sea, how will you feel? I can enjoy the taste of the sea mixed with the scent of the grasslands. Coastal Farmhouse is like a meadow stretched on the sandy shore of a coastal bay. What such a romantic space, right?

Coastal Farmhouse


 Ways to approach an attractive coastal farmhouse look

The 3 prime elements that make up a Coastal Farmhouse style interior space are Color, light, and furniture.

Mix and match Coastal farmhouse style palette

The main colors used in Coastal Farmhouse style are navy blue, brown, and white. Coastal Style comes from the sea. Therefore, the colors used in this style are referred to as a reminder of the ocean: Blue of the sky and blue of the sea. In addition, brown is the representative color of the Farmhouse style to generate a classic and rustic feeling. The pale color helps the light to be amplified and brings light deep into the living space. Otherwise, it also highlights the sun’s yellow color that makes the space more shimmering.

Note that you should pay attention to items with light colors, preventing the feeling of harsh colors. Remember, comfort and relaxation are the goals of using color in this style!

Coastal Farmhouse

Living room design experts always encourage homeowners to use colors giving to the rule of 60-30-10 (%). This means the main color of the living room accounts for 60%, 30% is the color of the furniture and the remaining 10% is the color of the accessories that accentuate the communal living space.

The light of Coastal Farmhouse style

Any space in the house needs to receive natural light to increase ventilation and comfort. The sunlight coming from the windows is a significant factor of “a dream beach”. Therefore, design your home’s windows to be large to receive the most light. For houses in populous urban areas, getting natural light is difficult, you should focus on artificial light sources. And above all, you should avoid placing oversized items that limit the natural light source into the Coastal Farmhouse’s living room.

Coastal Farmhouse

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Wall of Coastal farmhouse

The first thing to furnish in the Coastal Farmhouse is to pay attention to the color of the walls. There are two standard options for you to choose from: painting the walls and or using wooden boards.

Wood planks not only convey the feeling of the sea but also bring the colors of the farm. Painting them with white is a brilliant choice.

Coastal Farmhouse

However, if you want to change the space frequently, or want to refresh the house but you are afraid of repairs, then painting the walls is probably the optimal solution. You can choose pastel blue paint or white paint.

Coastal Farmhouse

Interior of Coastal Farmhouse style

Remarkable your house by jute furniture

For everyone to admire the decoration of your house at first sight, constitute a focal point for Coastal Farmhouse’s space by using a set armchair made of jute fiber. Instead of using the usual armchair, the armchair combined with the jute chairs has a spirit that is both classic and liberal. Jute is one of the typical materials in the coastal style, and it also conveys the rustic beauty of the Farmhouse style.

Coastal Farmhouse

Decorative items can be wicker intentionally rushed or only partially finished to decorate the seat or backseat. Use pastel emulsion paint to create the most effective surface effect.

Wood furniture – an indispensable element in Coastal Farmhouse style

To portray a sense of weather wear and tear, the Coastal Farmhouse style prefers recycled wood components under patchy and unpolished paint. Bleached wood and metal are common materials utilized inside the room due to the sun and wind of the sea.

Coastal Farmhouse

Reappear the scenery of the sea with coastal canvas paintings

A charming house is indispensable for works of art. The coastal farmhouse-themed paintings will bring the breath of the sea into your room. It not only contains aesthetic values, but it also shows the ego of the owner of the house. The ego of freedom and fascination with the beauty of nature.

Coastal Farmhouse

After a tiring day of work, you lay back on the downy bed and enjoy the works from the sea that will help you get rid of the troubles.

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Curtain – The serene beauty of the sea

A scene appeared in front of my eyes of large doors filled with sunshine. When the wind blows, the curtains move slightly as if the real space of houses in the bay reappears. All have created a surprisingly peaceful and gentle picture. The excellent combination between the two styles Farmhouse and Coastal is that it restrains the rustic features in the farm, instead, it is more silky and flexible. Pure white or pastel blue curtains are the easiest choices to combine with other interiors. The size of the curtain should be higher than the window frame to create a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Coastal Farmhouse

Decorate home with Layering rugs  

Instead of choosing armchairs with elaborate patterns or colorful colors. Just a few layers of rugs are enough to give your home armchair a new coat. If you are a person who likes new things, you cannot ignore this effective tool. Whenever you want to change the texture on the chair, just choose a different rug and spread it out.

Coastal Farmhouse

Pillow – The highlight of creativity

Going beyond the mere function of a pillow, these pillows will transform into pretty little “jewels” that will brighten up your Coastal Farmhouse space. The soft pastel blue pillows will bring you a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Coastal Farmhouse


Although solid color pillows bring elegance and simplicity, it can be difficult to avoid boredom if you don’t know how to arrange them, so use plaid or pattern pillows to show your signature.

Coastal Farmhouse

Not only that, but you can also flexibly alter it whenever you feel weary with the current decoration style. According to the season, the flexibility to change the cover helps to bring modern life to the room at an affordable cost. Therefore, it is not exaggerated to say that pillows are an indispensable assistant when decorating the house.

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Seashell – the symbol of the ocean

When it comes to the long white sand beaches, we will definitely think of the image of seashells buried in fine sand. That image is the inspiration of many artists to paint masterpieces. Instead of painting with crayons and brushes, recreate that work of art with real seashells. You can create your works with your imagination. Seashells wrapped in glass jars are also a creative idea to bring the Coastal Farmhouse atmosphere to your home.

Coastal Farmhouse

Do you hear the sound of ocean waves? Another equally surprising idea is wind chimes made from seashells.

Coastal Farmhouse

Some suggestions for home decoration in Coastal farmhouse Style farm

Dreamy Coastal Farmhouse Style Living Room

This is a typical living room design in the Coastal Farmhouse style. Space is expanded by large windows and filled with sunlight. The wonderful combination of 3 main tones: pastel blue, wood brown and white designs a space that anyone dreams of having.

Coastal Farmhouse

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Comfortable Bedroom with Coastal Farmhouse style

The floor panel is made from jute fiber, and the rattan lamp is an interesting highlight for the room. The space makes the most of bright colors to promote light effects and convey a feeling of freshness. This is an ideal space to lay your back and relax after a tiring day at work.

Coastal Farmhouse

Modish Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen

The trend of Coastal Farmhouse kitchen design in 2021 is to use blue furniture combined with deep wood floors. This makes the kitchen space feel more airy and sparkling.

Coastal Farmhouse

Are you stimulated by these Coastal Farmhouse home decor suggestions above? Don’t hesitate and let us know what you think about this decor by dropping a comment below.

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