41+ Best 32nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife, Husband & Parents

32Nd Anniversary Gift
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It’s a big deal when you’ve been married for 32 years! It only seems sensible to honor a significant achievement like this with a lovely gift. To assist you, we’ve put up a list of the greatest 32nd anniversary gift ideas you can present to your significant other or a member of your family. Visit the Oh Canvas site and provide joy to those you care about!

What is the Theme of the 32nd Wedding Anniversary Gift?

32Nd Anniversary Gift Ideas
32nd anniversary gemstone
 Traditional Gift  No traditional gift
 Modern Gift Conveyance
 Flower No official flower
 Gemstone Lapis lazuli
 Color No official color

Modern 32nd-anniversary gift: The 32nd wedding anniversary is associated with conveyances. Throughout their 32 years of marriage, the happy couple has been there for one another through ups and downs. By incorporating a contemporary aesthetic, this theme serves as a gentle reminder to the couple that they still have a long way to go on their shared journey.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Customized map art; Vintage car rental; Adventure experience; Travel scrapbook.

Gemstone of the 32nd anniversary: While some believe that there is no 32nd-anniversary gemstone, some gift lists recommend giving lapis lazuli to the couple. For centuries, healers, priests, and members of royalty have worn lapis lazuli, one of the most ancient spiritual stones. The stone is said to bestow strength, insight, and the ability to tap into one’s psychic and intuitive faculties.

Recommendation ideas for gifts: Lapis Lazuli decor items; Jewelry; Healing crystal set.

32nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

1. Catbird Moon Phase Necklace

Catbird Moon Phase Necklace For The 32 Year Anniversary Gift
Catbird Moon Phase Necklace as best gifts for wife

It’s a show-stopper, yet it’s light enough to wear daily thanks to the pavé-set white diamonds and 18-karat gold. Anyone wishing to offer a meaningful remembrance that takes the receiver to the moon and back should definitely consider purchasing this jewelry.

2. 18-ct Gold Sapphire Vine Leaf Bracelet

18Ct Gold Sapphire Vine Leaf Bracelet
18ct Gold Sapphire Vine Leaf Bracelet

On the 32nd anniversary, treat your lovely wife to a stunning present of sapphires and a gold necklace. Vines inspired the bracelet’s design and will round the recipient’s heart.

3. We Decided On Forever Oh Canvas

We Decided On Forever Wall Art Decor Oh Canvas
We Decided On Forever wall art decor Oh Canvas for 32nd year wedding anniversary.

When a pair of friendly horses approach, it’s a symbol of teamwork, unity, and support. As a 32-year wedding anniversary gift, this custom canvas print is heartfelt since you may include the date and names of your special occasion.

This lovely wall art decor evokes the warmest day when you finally say “I do,” even though it may be cold outside. Because of this, why aren’t you purchasing it immediately?

4. Lapis Lazuli Flower Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Flower Necklace Is Stunning 32Nd Anniversary Gift For Her
Lapis Lazuli Flower Necklace is stunning 32nd anniversary gift for her

The stunning lapis lazuli blossom necklace she received as a 32-year anniversary gift will add elegance to any occasion. To make this delicate and feminine item, lapis lazuli gemstones and glass beads are strung together with stainless steel wire.

Oh Canvas tips

You may choose the length of the choker that comes with this piece of jewelry, making it even more distinctive and satisfactory on your body. Wear it with your favorite jeans, or dress it up for a night out on the town!

5. Ocean Jewelry Dish

Ocean Jewelry Dish
Celebrate 32 years of marriage with an ocean jewelry dish.

Did you and your spouse get married or spend your honeymoon near the sea? This stunning ocean-inspired ring dish is a lovely way to commemorate the start of your romantic journey. Its intricate decorations, made of vibrant resin and handcrafted from porcelain, evoke the sound of waves lapping against a sandy beach. To make this 32nd-anniversary present extra special, it can be personalized with your spouse’s initials or the special anniversary date.

6. Lapis Lazuli Stud Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Stud Earrings
Lapis Lazuli Stud Earrings

Handcrafted from real gemstones and sterling silver, this pair of lapis lazuli stud earrings are stunning 32nd wedding anniversary gifts for wife. The sterling silver’s matte texture enhances the jewels’ deep blue hue. The stones have a one-of-a-kind appearance due to their hand carving and high-sheen polishing.

7. Lapis Lazuli Angel Figurine

Lapis Lazuli Angel Figurine For 32 Year Anniversary Gift
Carved Lapis Lazuli Figurine for the perfect 32 year anniversary gift

A genuine lapis lazuli angel guards this home. Decorate your house or business with this guardian angel sculpture. If you’re looking for a 32nd anniversary gift, this is a terrific option that your wife will love!

8. Lapis Lazuli Healing Stone

Lapis Lazuli Healing Stone For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift
Lapis Lazuli Healing Stone for 32nd wedding anniversary lapis lazuli

These healing stones are smooth, polished gemstones with a thumb-sized indentation for relaxation or alleviating stress and anxiety. Lapis lazuli is frequently connected to the throat chakra, which is related to expression and communication. Effective communication becomes increasingly important as a couple navigates through many years of marriage. The stone could represent the sincere and open dialogue that has been key to the couple’s happiness.

9. Custom Canvas Prints

Custom Canvas Prints For 32Nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Year
Custom Canvas Prints for 32nd wedding anniversary gifts year

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The two of them have quite different lives. This lovely abode, the warm winter evenings together, and the greatest tunes are the only things that bind them together. Just as the planet rotates, so does life; nevertheless, one thing will never change: your love for one another. In the same way, I’m certain your love is the same: a love that endures despite all that life throws at it.

10. Handcrafted Marble Inlay Jewelry Box

Handcrafted Marble Inlay Jewelry Box
Handcrafted marble inlay jewelry box for floral gift.

Lapis lazuli isn’t only for jewelry; it has many other uses. In times of uncertainty, using this gemstone in-home decor may provide stability and comfort. With the carved marble-inlay jewelry box and rural meadow, you’ll be reminded of how to start your day peacefully.

The lapis lazuli inlay lid might let you perceive the tranquility surrounding you while you put on jewelry. The blue of the summer sky might serve as a gentle reminder to maintain a positive frame of mind throughout the day. This charming sculpture is a thoughtful 32nd wedding anniversary gift for wife and a great addition to any home’s decor.

11. Universe Copper Brass and Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Universe Copper Brass And Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Universe Copper Brass and Lapis Lazuli Necklace

It has a Lapis Lazuli stone, copper brass, a moon, and a star pendant. The chain is made of gold-plated brass and is 30 inches long when worn. So, this is an ideal 32nd anniversary gift for your loved one.

12. Lapis Lazuli Eggs Paper Weights

Lapis Lazuli Eggs Paper Weights For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift
Lapis Lazuli Eggs Paper Weights for 32 years of marriage.

The most unusual paperweight in your home will be this egg-shaped, solid Lapis Lazuli stone. This practical and lovely 32 year anniversary gift will be appreciated by your wife!

13. Lapis Lazuli Coasters

Lapis Lazuli Coasters For 32Nd Anniversary Gift Ideas
Lapis Lazuli Coasters for 32nd-anniversary gift ideas

Every sip becomes luxurious as these coasters skillfully combine practicality and visual appeal. The Lapis Lazuli Coasters take on the luster of priceless stones under the brilliant glow of the anniversary lights, adding a touch of sophistication and romance to the celebration.

14. Lapis Lazuli Coasters with Silver Plated Edge

Lapis Lazuli Coasters With Silver Plated Edge
Lapis Lazuli Coasters with Silver Plated Edge

The lapis lazuli’s inherent veining and golden specks form a magnificent landscape reminiscent of a starry winter night painting. The Lapis Lazuli Coasters stand as an artistic reflection of the profound and lasting love that has developed over 32 years—a timeless and now tangible monument to a journey well-lived.

15. Once in a Lifetime Collection

Once In A Lifetime Collection
Once in a Lifetime collection

Anyone wishing for an unforgettable, high-class adventure will find the ideal present in the Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Collection. True “once in a lifetime” tales from around the globe are brought together in this compilation. You may discover an occasion to fulfill your wanderlust, whether you’re looking for something nearby to do or want to start arranging an overseas journey together.

16. Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Neck Pillow
Travel neck pillows for anniversary gifts by year

This supportive neck pillow is perfect for your partner if they have trouble sleeping on long-haul flights. Made of soft memory foam, it is firm but comfortable and supports a flexible neck for extended hours of sitting by helping to maintain the correct head position. Their next flight will be a breeze with it, whether they utilize it to unwind while watching the in-flight movie.

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32nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

17. Navy T-shirt for Men

Navy T-Shirt For Men
Navy T-shirt for Men

Even if your partner isn’t a massive fan of shopping for clothes, they’ll still appreciate a present that they can put on. This premium blue tee is an absolute must-have for the minimalist or classicist in your life. Its construction includes moisture-resistant nylon and lightweight merino wool.

18. Star Map Gift

Star Map Gift - 32 Year Anniversary Gift For Husband
Star map gift is one of the best 32nd anniversary gift for him

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Are you seeking a way to show your husband how much you appreciate your time together? This modern gift is the best choice for you. Always remember the major events that happened throughout your relationship with your girlfriend. As a result, this map print depicting a couple getting engaged, getting married, and building a home can assist you in accomplishing your task.

19. Lapis Lazuli Stone Wine Stopper

Lapis Lazuli Stone Wine Stopper - 32 Years Wedding Anniversary
Lapis Lazuli Stone Wine Stopper for 32nd wedding anniversary Lapis lazuli

Each stopper in our Lapis Lazuli collection is handcrafted from a real piece of lapis lazuli. In addition to keeping your wine fresh, it’s a beautiful addition to the table. For 32nd anniversary gift ideas, this would be perfect!

20. Apple Unisex Series 7 GPS Starlight Silicone Sports Band Watch

Apple Unisex Series 7 Gps Starlight Silicone Sports Band Watch
Apple Unisex Series 7 GPS Starlight Silicone Sports Band Watch

For your 32nd anniversary, treat your partner to the newest Apple Watch technology. It has a GPS, blood-oxygen sensors, and more. It is water- and crack-resistant and quicker to charge. An on-the-go fitness fanatic can’t go wrong with this watch as a 32 year anniversary gift traditional and modern, for the fashion-conscious mate.

Oh Canvas tips

A sporty wristwatch complements active lifestyles and athletic outfits. As an example, consider a stylish diver’s watch that has a plastic band. However, you can wear just about any watch, but one that goes toward the athletic and away from the traditional will do.

21. Large Blue Weekender Bag

Large Blue Weekender Bag For Happy 32Nd Anniversary Gifts
Large Blue Weekender Bag for happy 32nd anniversary gift ideas

Traveling will be a breeze with this stylish blue weekend bag. Cross-body straps, shoulder straps that can be tucked away, and the option to use the trolley sleeve to connect it to the handle of your rolling bag are all included in Aways’ bigger version of their best-selling weekender. The rich navy shade of this bag is reminiscent of lapis lazuli, the gemstone associated with the 32nd wedding anniversary.

22. Mother of Pearl and Lapis Windmill Cufflinks

Mother Of Pearl And Lapis Windmill Cufflinks
Mother of Pearl and Lapis Windmill Cufflinks

Cufflinks made of lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl have a modern geometric pattern. They’re subtle enough to match everything yet colorful and whimsical enough to stand out. These are very simple to put on, thanks to their bullet-back closures.

23. Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks

Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks For 32Nd Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband
Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks for 32nd anniversary wedding gift ideas for husband

For a guy who enjoys the great outdoors, this set of Lapis Lazuli cufflinks is an ideal gift for the 32nd anniversary. These antique silver cufflinks have a lapis lazuli inlay and are crafted of a special 19mm serrated steel.

24. Personalized Star Constellation Gift

Personalized Star Constellation Gift For The Year 32 Anniversary Gift
Personalized Star Constellation Gift for the year 32 anniversary gift

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This customizable night sky map depicts where the stars are for an important occasion. Let this star map serve as a reminder of the moment your life changed forever, whether it was your first kiss, your first date, or the day you met your other half.

Oh Canvas tips

Add your names, dates, places, and inspirational words to make beautiful constellation art wall décor. In addition, you may even adjust the scene and the window on the canvas. Each item is one of a kind!

25. Lapis Lazuli and Marble Chess Set

Lapis Lazuli And Marble Chess Set For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift
The Lapis Lazuli chess set is associated with the 32nd anniversary ideas.

Each chess piece is hand-carved in real Lapis Lazuli or marble and is a stunning home decor piece. There are no obvious seams or gaps between the stones, which makes the board a piece of beauty in and of itself. Felt lines at the bottom of the chessboard. This 32nd wedding anniversary gift for him is packaged in a beautiful blue silk box with a separate compartment for each pawn.

26. Lapis Lazuli Napkin Holders

Lapis Lazuli Napkin Holders For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift For Him
Lapis Lazuli Napkin Holders for the 32nd anniversary gift for him

In the broad tapestry of a 32-year love tale, the choice of Lapis Lazuli Napkin Holders as a traditional and modern gift is a stroke of subtle elegance. Let’s take an eating experience to a new level by including lapis lazuli napkin holders into your routine. These napkin holders are a beautiful memento of your couple’s many years of shared memories, achievements, and growth.

27. Wireless Earbuds 3D Surround Sound Blue

Wireless Earbuds 3D Surround Sound Blue
Wireless Earbuds 3D Surround Sound Blue. Image via Aukey.

Whether it’s a long flight across the Atlantic or a crowded subway ride, we always bring our wireless headphones. So, your husband will appreciate this earbud as a 32nd wedding anniversary gift for husband. One of the many fantastic color options is a royal blue reminiscent of the lapis lazuli stone.

28. Simple Silver and Lapis Lazuli Plated Cake Set

Silver And Lapis Lazuli Plated Cake Set
Silver and Lapis Lazuli Plated Cake Set

Cake spatulas and knives adorn a simple cylindrical Lapis Lazuli handle for a luxurious look. It is packaged in a classy blue silk gift box.

29. “Royal Blue” Flute Champagne Glasses

&Quot;Royal Blue&Quot; Flute Champagne Glasses 
“Royal Blue” Flute Champagne Glasses

Celebrate your 32nd wedding anniversary in style with a pop of bubbly and these exquisite flutes. These crystal-clear glasses will surely be the talk of your next dinner party. To kick off the festivities, serve them champagne or anniversary wine. The perfect 32nd wedding anniversary gift for husband!

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32nd Anniversary Gifts for Parents

30. Custom Star Sky Map Print

Custom Star Sky Map Print For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift
Custom Star Sky Map Print for the 32nd anniversary gift

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It’s the perfect wedding anniversary gift: a star map canvas print with night sky imagery. If your significant other is a fan of astrology, constellations, or the night sky, this is the perfect present! Additionally, the canvas is a romantic gift for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day and your partner’s birthday. Even after your leather anniversary has passed, you can still make your partner happy with this star map!

31. Cooking Subscription

Cooking Subscription For The 32Nd Wedding Anniversary Gift For Parents
Cooking Subscription for the 32nd wedding anniversary gift for parents

Cooking is a great way to spend time with your parents. Meal kits contain chef-developed recipes and high-quality ingredients in monthly plans. Because their wine subscriptions are designed for two, they’re the ideal way to wish a loved one a happy anniversary.

32. Hard Cooler

Hard Cooler For The 32Nd Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift
Hard Cooler for the 32nd wedding anniversary traditional gift

With this cooler, any couple that enjoys the great outdoors will have everything they need for their next outdoor adventure. With a three-inch layer of insulation and freezer-quality gaskets, this 32 year anniversary gift for parents will be around for a long time to come!

33. Cobalt Pour Over Carafe

Cobalt Pour Over Carafe For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift
Cobalt Pour Over Carafe for the 32nd-anniversary gift

This is an aesthetically pleasing and practical gadget that may be used daily. With it, you can make a pot of coffee using the immaculate pour-over method, which has the perfect sweetness and acidity for one person or several people. The borosilicate container keeps drinks hot for a long time without being hot to the touch.

34. Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet For The 32Nd Anniversary Gift Traditional
Wishbeads Intention Bracelet for the 32nd anniversary gift traditional

Wear this lovely bracelet with an ingeniously designed hidden chamber instead of making your wish at the next shooting star. In addition to serving as a helpful daily reminder, it has a great aesthetic appeal.

35. Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Lapis Lazuli Necklace For The Year 32 Anniversary Gift
Lapis Lazuli Necklace for the year 32 anniversary gift

Lapis lazuli globes and silver accents are arranged in a stunning necklace. The birthstone for September is lapis lazuli, which would also make a lovely birthday present for someone special.

Oh Canvas tips

Avoid wearing any colors besides your lapis lazuli necklace that can detract from its stunning blue color. For instance, you probably shouldn’t wear a lapis lazuli jewelry with a purple outfit. Fortunately, deep blue is suitable for a wide range of settings, so you won’t be limited to just one choice.

36. Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Money Tree

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Money Tree - 32Nd Anniversary Gift
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Money Tree – 32nd anniversary gift

Giving a Lapis Lazuli Money Tree to someone who practices Feng Shui will be a wonderful experience for you both. The Lapis Lazuli Money Tree is a natural gemstone constructed from lapis lazuli and gold wire. The foundation of this beautiful money tree is made of wood from India. The money tree banishes positive energy from the home, which is a protective charm. If you’re looking for a 32nd wedding anniversary gift for parents, this is it.

37. Lapis Lazuli and Oak Cheese Board

Lapis Lazuli And Oak Cheese Board
Lapis Lazuli and Oak Cheese Board

You’ll also get a cheese-serving knife made of silver-plated steel! The drying process causes splits, inclusions, voids, and/or knot holes in most slabs, and each of these natural characteristics offers a unique and fantastic chance for design.

38. Custom Star Map And Lyric Song Canvas Print

Custom Star Map And Lyric Song Canvas Print Oh Canvas
Romantic gift for 32nd year anniversary

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If you’re looking for a unique anniversary present for your sweetheart, consider creating your own. Your search ends here with this canvas print with a rustic backdrop and song lyrics. A starry night sky is a sight to see for anybody.

As a bonus, try adding the words of a beloved song that has particular significance to this piece of wall art. For your next wedding anniversary, a magnificent night sky and the profound song lyrics of you and your partner will be a wonderful 32nd wedding anniversary gift for parents.

39. Lapis Lazuli and Oak Hot Plate Holder Board

Lapis Lazuli And Oak Hot Plate Holder Board - 32 Anniversary Gift
Lapis Lazuli and Oak Hot Plate Holder Board for for the year 32 anniversary gift

You can’t go wrong with these lapis lazuli holder boards as a 32nd-anniversary gift for the couple. Solid Lapis Lazuli tiles are laid on a strong wood slab. Such a gorgeous 32 year anniversary gift for parents!

40. Lapis Lazuli Coffee Table Clock

Lapis Lazuli Coffee Table Clock - 32Nd Wedding Anniversary
Lapis Lazuli Coffee Table Clock for 32nd wedding anniversary

Coffee table adornment! With a clock inset made from a piece of Grade A Lapis Lazuli. Batteries power the clock and have a one-year warranty. An exquisite blue silk box is used for shipping.

41. Lapis Lazuli Desk Clock with Letter Holder

Lapis Lazuli Desk Clock With Letter Holder
32nd wedding anniversary lapis Lazuli

This item will impress even the most refined desks. Solid-grade Lapis lazuli, packaged in an attractive silk box, is used to make this piece. A warranty is included with the clock to increase the value of purchasing this 32nd anniversary gift.

42. Road Barn and Vintage Motorcycle Wall Art

Road Barn And Vintage Motorcycle Wall Art Oh Canvas
Road Barn and Vintage Motorcycle Wall Art Oh Canvas

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“God blessed the broken path that brought me right to you” is one of our most popular goods. Let these motorcycle wedding presents help you convey your sentiments to your spouse, since it might be difficult. It’s not simply a statement that these vintage motorcycle presents make; they’re also functional. You made the message more personal by typing in your and your partner’s names when you sent this customized wall art to your spouse.

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When it’s time to buy a 32nd anniversary gift, look at all the possibilities. A little research on Oh Canvas posts is all needed to find the perfect present for your loved one, and there is no lack of alternatives. Celebrate this important anniversary with a gift that your spouse and that particular pair will treasure for years to come.

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