32 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents They Will Both Love (2023)

32 Best Valentine Gifts For Parents That They Will Both Love
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If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents, show them how much you care by putting time and effort into it. Most of your life, your parents fed, dressed, and sheltered you. Therefore, they are deserving of thoughtful gifts; we’re preparing them all!  On this Valentine’s Day, why not make a distinctive gift for your best Mom and Dad?  Oh Canvas is here to help you find the perfect gift for your adoring parents. Take a peek at some of our top suggestions.

Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents

1. Personalized Keychains

Personalized Keychains - Valentine Gifts For Parents.
Personalized Keychains. Image via Etsy.

These personalized keychains are great Valentine gifts for parents. This keychain is a wonderful way to let your parents know how much you value and respect them.

The reverse of the keychain can be customized with your own inscription and a heart if desired. These are great for parents who can’t be with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day because they live far away or have other obligations.


  • The wooden Key Chain is made from natural Wooden.
  • Easily engraved with name and thoughtful message
  • Special gratitude and love for your special gift

2. Pair Candle Holder

Pair Candle Holder - Valentine Gifts For Parents
Pair Candle Holder. Image via Etsy.

On Valentine’s Day, finding the perfect gifts for parents on valentine’s day might be especially difficult. Rather than buying a gift for only your spouse, why not give something that shows how much you care about your parents, too?

It’s a fantastic idea! A personalized statement on each of the candle holders expresses your feelings toward the recipients. If you’re going to buy two gifts, why not get one that shows how much you care about each of them?


  • Warm and romantic unity tealight candleholders.
  • A cute and elegant home decor
  • A great gift to warm your parents’ heart

3. Spice Grinder

Spice Grinder.
Spice Grinder. Image via Google.

This battery-operated all-in-one pepper mill and spice grinder are sure to be a hit with any parent who enjoys cooking or is just fussy about how they season their food. This is also a terrific option for parents who are elderly and may have difficulty moving about.


  • Reduce their wait time for a cup of morning coffee.
  • The copper wire motor has overheat protection and is durable.

4. Wine Glasses Set

Wine Glasses Set - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Wine Glasses Set – Gifts for parents on valentine’s day. Image via Pinterest.

You can’t go wrong with this amusing wine glass set as amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents. These glasses are both utilitarian and amusing, with two stemless wine glasses that resemble big beer mugs.


  • Great gift for any special day such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding anniversary for mom and dad…
  • Perfect for the next wine night, self-care, or a romantic party

5. A Custom Couple Portrait

Custom Couple Portrait - Valentine Gifts For Parents.
Custom Couple Portrait – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Pinterest.

There’s no better place to give this lovely work of art than to your parents this Valentine’s Day. It is sure to bring a tear to their eyes to receive this thoughtful last minute present from their child.

Your parents will love receiving this for their wedding anniversary! You have the option of receiving it as a digital file that you can print yourself, or I can have it printed on poster paper or canvas for you!


  • Make it the focal point of a shelf or end table so everyone can see it.
  • Be customized and inexpensive
  • Consider a creative couple photograph to save memories.

6. Family Tree Canvas Art

Family Tree Canvas Art - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Family Tree Canvas Art – Personalized gift for parents on valentine’s day. Source: Ohcanvas.

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Do you want to give meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents that they will remember for a long time? Then you can take this picture of the family tree with you.

Emphasize how much you appreciate each other in your family by expressing your love and gratitude to one another. Creating your family tree is a wonderful way to show your father and mother that they are important members of the family.


  • Demonstrate your affection for your family.
  • Unique, custom-made with favorite photo and message.
  • Enhance the beauty of the wall

7. Loose Tea Sampler

Loose Tea Sampler - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Loose Tea Sampler – Gifts for parents on valentine’s day. Image via Pinterest.

With a heart-shaped tea bag in hand, your parents will enjoy teatime even more. Besides the fact that they’re lovely, they’re also delicious and soothing. Your best mom will love this charming pack of loose leaf teas, whether she is a tea connoisseur or just likes to have a well-stocked pantry.


  • All-natural, caffeine-free loose leaf teas made from 100% organic ingredients.
  • A great gift for any person who enjoys drinking tea.
  • With a range of tastes inside each function, it fits every taste & lifestyle.

8. Valentine Scented Candles

Valentine Scented Candles - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents
Valentine Scented Candles – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Pinterest.

This perfumed candle will help you set the mood for a romantic evening on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Your parents, especially your mother, will be overjoyed by this classy but heartfelt gift. Their room will look fantastic with this eye-catching candle!


  • Candlelight symbolizes love.
  • Scented candles hold memories, evoke emotions, and disseminate value.

9. Cooking Aprons for Couples

Cooking Aprons For Couples - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Cooking Aprons for Couples – Gifts for parents on valentine’s day. Image via Etsy.

This adorable couple’s apron is a great way to show your parents how much you care about them. As excellent Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents, these gorgeous couple aprons are a great choice. With the hope that your parents will spend time together in the kitchen, this set has 2 options: one size for mom and one for dad.


  • The fabric is of exceptional quality and extreme durability, guaranteed to resist the test of time.
  • Neck and waist sizes may be adjusted to accommodate everyone.
  • The ideal Valentine’s Day, engagement, and anniversary presents.

10. Photo Shape Heart

Photo Shape Heart - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Photo Shape Heart – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Etsy.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your parents how much you care by giving them a heartfelt gift like this photo heart box. Create an exquisite photo heart with their favorite photos to save all the precious moments. These unique last minute gifts for parents on valentine’s day will make your loved ones happy and spread smiles all around you.


  • A present that is both sentimental and sparkly for one’s parents
  • Take pictures of the many beautiful moments that occur along the way.

11. Engraved Money Clip

Engraved Money Clip - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Engraved Money Clip – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Etsy.

For fast trips to the store, they’re great for keeping loose money together and stowing away the necessities. This type of currency storage appeals, particularly to minimalists. Because of this, they are also great valentine gifts for parents.


  • The money clip has been expertly etched and is a beautiful addition to any collection.
  • Sufficiently thick for money and credit card.

12. Soothing Foot Mask

Soothing Foot Mask - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Soothing Foot Mask – Valentine’s day gifts for parents.

Whether they’re pedicure friends or just have a lot of time on their feet, they’ll enjoy watching a movie while wearing one of our best-selling foot masks. It’s like having a foot spa in the comfort of your own home.


  • As a foot care routine, it is simple, quick, and effective.
  • The consistency is sufficient to cleanse, soften, and hydrate the feet.

13. A Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents
Custom Pet Portrait – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Source: Ohcanvas.

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Purchasing an original work of art isn’t as expensive as you would assume. With a budget of less than $50, you can get a beautiful portrait like this one! To order, simply upload a photo of your parents’ dog and wait for a custom-made piece to arrive in the mail.

14. My Family Cookbook

My Family Cookbook - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
My Family Cookbook – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Google.

With the help of this cookbook-style notebook, your family’s recipes will be passed down for years to come. Ingredients, instructions, cooking times, and user ratings are all included.


  • Blank recipe book pages that can hold over 80 different dishes.
  • Included are some introductory notes on cooking that might be quite helpful.
  • Photos and newspaper articles can be stored in their respective sections.

15. Personalized Kitchen Spoons

Personalized Kitchen Spoons - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Personalized Kitchen Spoons – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Etsy.

Personalized spoons are great valentine gifts for cooking-obsessed parents. This spoon will serve as a constant reminder of the wonderful times they had with you.


  • Sizeable and easily transportable to several locations.
  • Adorable for one cup of favored beverage

16. Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils.
Kitchen Utensils. Image via Etsy.

Everything you need is in your parents’ kitchen. And if they both enjoy cooking, a set of culinary tools would be a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for parents. Every time they cook with your tools, this kitchen utensil will be worth more in their hearts.


  • The wooden spoons come in a wide enough range of sizes and shapes to accommodate any kitchen.
  • Safe for use since it contains no chemicals, is non-toxic, and has no off-putting odor.

17. Vintage Tea Set

Vintage Tea Set - Valentine'S Day Gifts For Parents.
Vintage Tea Set – Valentine’s day gifts for parents. Image via Pinterest.

If your Mom and Dad are tea connoisseurs, these Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents are a must-have. This tea set is perfect for your elderly parents who love tea. Every time a guest comes to your house and sees this gift, it will bring a smile to your parents’ faces.


  • Packaged securely, so it came without a scratch.
  • Adorable, and just the thing for a little traditional high tea.

18. Stunning Personalized Vase

Personalized Vase - Valentine Gifts For Parents
Personalized Vase – Image via Etsy.

The parents of the world would be overjoyed to get flowers of this caliber on Valentine’s Day. There are three price tiers available for this set-up, so there’s something for everyone. It might be the a sweetest gift for mom to say, “I love you” for any occasion.


  • The ideal vase to complement your home’s decor on the coffee table or in the living room.
  • Form and size are standard and classy, making flower arranging a breeze for Mom.

19. Custom Blanket

Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents - Custom Blanket
Custom Music Blanket

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Are you looking for special Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents? This unique couch blanket will add a lovely glow to the room. This custom blanket is constructed from the finest materials and will be cherished for many years. Safe and environmentally friendly ink is used to make the blanket, which will not fade or wash away.

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Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts For Parents

20. Succulent-Like Heart Plant

Succulent-Like Heart Plant - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Succulent-Like Heart Plant – Image via Etsy.

What a one-of-a-kind Valentine gift for parents! This low-maintenance heart-shaped plant is perfect for parents who enjoy gardening.

21. Dark Chocolate Valentine’s Gift Box

Chocolate Valentine'S Gift Box - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Chocolate Valentine’s Gift Box – Image via Pinterest.

Mix up a box of candy to satisfy your parent’s sweet tooth (you could even persuade them to share) as a lovely valentine’s gift. The traditional Valentine’s Day gift of chocolate is never out of style. This gift will mean even more to your parents if you make the chocolate yourself.

22. Handwritten Recipe Towel

Handwritten Recipe Towel - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Handwritten Recipe Towel – Personalized Valentine’s day gift for parents. Image via Pinterest.

The popularity of your parents’ go-to dish is beginning to grow. You may make a meaningful heirloom out of a handwritten message, a drawing, or a photo.

23. Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Indoor Hydroponic Garden - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Indoor Hydroponic Garden – Image via Pinterest.

Buying new herbs is a hassle that no one enjoys. Using this indoor planter, you can help your mother create her own little garden, which includes lights and notifies you when to water and feed it.

24. Parent’s Bobbleheads

Parent'S Bobbleheads - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Parent’s Bobbleheads – Last minute Gifts for parents on valentine’s day. Image via Pinterest.

These are wonderful Valentine gifts for parents this year! If you want to give your loved ones something truly special, these bobbleheads figure of two people in a cream-colored frock and a cream-colored shirt and black pants is the answer. Your parents will cherish their gift for years to come.

25. Wine Labels

Wine Labels - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Wine Labels – Personalized Valentine’s day gift for parents. Image via Pinterest.

Make your parents smile with the wine labels that have a personal meaning to you. Label the wine with your wedding date and names for a very unique touch! On Valentine’s day, wine labels are an excellent chance to get creative.

26. Large Photo Album

Large Photo Album - Last Minute Gift For Parents.
Large Photo Album – The best Valentine’s day gift for parents. Image via Pinterest.

This huge album provides a location to put all of your most cherished memories in order, rather than leaving them on your phone forever. Before handing it over to your parents, print out some family photos and put them in the album!

27. Electric Neck Massager

Electric Neck Masssager - Valentine'S Day Gift For Parents.
Electric Neck Massager – Gifts for parents on valentine’s day. Image via Pinterest.

This is a must-have for all parents. Let’s make it easier for them to unwind after a long day of work. Your Mom and Dad will be amazed by these thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents from you.

28. Serving Plates

Serving Plates - Gifts For Parents On Valentine'S Day.
Serving Plates – Gifts for parents on valentine’s day. Image via Pinterest.

Personalize this serving platter for your parents if they enjoy entertaining. To provide a variety of appetizers to guests, they can use this board for cheese boards and charcuterie plates. Charcoal and white color variations are available, as well as the opportunity to customize the marble bowls with your initials.

29. Armchair Throw

Armchair Throw.
Armchair Throw. Image via Pinterest.

Armchair throws are a must-have for movie nights and naps on the couch. Dads and moms are the most likely to appreciate this, as they are the most likely to fall asleep while watching a movie. Let’s give these stunning armchair throws as Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents.

30. Thirty-One Bags

Thirty-One Bags.
Thirty-One Bags. Image via Pinterest.

People who do not reside in the same city as their parents understand how much they enjoy spending a long weekend with you. You may help them travel in style by giving them this bag to carry their things in. This Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents comes in a range of colors and sizes, allowing you to respond to the tastes of your children and their typical packing habits.

31. Mug Set for Mom and Dad

Mug Set For Mom And Dad.
Mug Set for Mom and Dad. Image via Amazon.

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One of the most relaxing things to do in the morning is to savor each sip of hot coffee. This Valentine’s Day, surprise and delight your parents by giving them these personalized mugs.

32. Couple Pillowcases

Couple Pillowcases.
Couple Pillowcases. Image via Etsy.

A couple of pillowcases are a great way to show your parents you care. Only the most thoughtful gift will suffice for each mother and father on your list! Drawn pictures will never disrupt their calm sleep and pleasant sleep.

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It can be challenging to come up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas. In any case, we’ve put together a list of the best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents from around the world. Even if you want to buy a last-minute gift for your parents, there is no shortage of Valentine’s Day ideas for Mom and Dad. Hopefully, these fantastic ideas above will help you to find the perfect gifts for parents on valentine’s day.

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