31 Best Gifts For Single Moms That Make Them Feel Special

Gifts For Single Moms
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Are you looking for the most wonderful gifts for single moms who are too busy raising their kids and balancing their lives? Explore Oh Canvas‘s archive below. We’ve included the most thoughtful, meaningful pieces that make any strong single mother feel loved and proud. There’re also spiritual presents that only you can give to your single mom friends. They’ll appreciate your sincere gesture a lot when bringing a little joy and lots of love to their life.

Practical gifts for single mom

1. Cozy Blanket

Gifts For Single Moms
Cozy blankets – Best gifts for single moms. Source: Pinterest

It’s thoughtful to give single mothers cozy blankets. They’re excellent options when moms are cuddling up with their kids or alone. Get her a super-soft blanket so that she can use it whenever she needs a warm ambiance.

2. Custom Coffee Mugs

Custom Mugs For Moms. Source: Pinterest
Custom mugs for moms. Source: Pinterest

Add a lovely personal touch to their routine with these adorable personalized mugs. Inscribe names or photos on them to create one-of-a-kind gifts for single moms. They’ll love enjoying hot sips of coffee using the thoughtful gift from you.

3. Jewelry Organizer

Mom'S Jewelry Organizer. Source: Pinterest
Mom’s jewelry organizer. Source: Pinterest

The jewelry organizer makes it simple to keep track of all of her timepieces. She won’t have to go through all her other jewelry to find a necklace or favorite ring. This is one of the best gifts for single mothers that they’ll appreciate receiving.

4. Gift Cards

Gift Cards - Practical Gifts For Single Mom. Source: Pinterest
Gift cards – Practical gifts for single mom. Source: Pinterest

Giving a gift card to the single mothers in your life is a great way to encourage them to buy something for themselves. Take your friend to her favorite store, like a clothes shop or a jewelry store, so she can take her time choosing what she wants.

5. Instant Pot

Instant Pot For Cooking. Source: Pinterest
Instant pot for cooking. Source: Pinterest

This instant pot will reduce your single mama friend’s stress of preparing dinner for her kids. It can cook so much faster due to its pressure-cooking capabilities. Moreover, there’re many adjustable cooking programs like soup, ribs, or chicken, which allow her to prepare the most nutritious dishes. Opt for this pot if you want to have the best gifts for single moms.

6. Makeup set

Make Up Set For Busy Single Parent. Source: Pinterest
Make up set for busy single parent. Source: Pinterest

Single mothers might find it difficult at times to prioritize their attractiveness. This makeup set is something that encourages them to take care of their appearances more. Find necessary pieces for your friend, and she’ll show up stunningly the next time you meet her.

7. Houseplants

Fresh House Plants. Source: Pinterest
Fresh house plants. Source: Pinterest

Plants are amazing gift ideas for single moms. Even if she doesn’t have a green thumb, there are lots of types that are simple to care for. Succulents and snake plants are both excellent options. In addition, they don’t cost a fortune and may be used in any room.

8. Key finders

Key Finders - Practical Gift Ideas For Single Moms. Source: Pinterest
Key finders – Practical gift ideas for single moms. Source: Pinterest

Moms with young kids often forget where they put their keys. Thus, she’s bound to leave the house more quickly with this key finder. By attaching a potentially lost object to one of the key finders, she’ll find it much faster and simpler. They’re excellent practical gifts for single mom that won’t go unnoticed.

9. Video Doorbell

Smart Video Doorbell. Source: Pinterest
Smart video doorbell. Source: Pinterest

This ring lets her see who’s at her doorbell at any time of day or night. Real-time notifications, pre-selected messages for particular visitors, and motion settings can be customized so that she’ll know whether someone is at the door.

10. Bedding Set

Comfy Bedding Set. Source: Pinterest
Comfy bedding set. Source: Pinterest

Stress and busy routines might keep a single mother up at night. However, with a soft bedding set, she’s about to have a complete night’s sleep. Thoughtful gifts for single moms like this set will warm her heart.

11. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker - Smart Watch. Source: Pinterest
Fitness tracker – Smart watch. Source: Pinterest

Are you still looking for other adorable, practical gifts for single mom? This charming piece will help her keep track of her success as she maintains a healthy lifestyle for herself and her children. She’ll appreciate your sweet gesture a lot to give her this smartwatch.

Thoughtful gift ideas for single moms

12. Cosmetic Organizer

Cosmetics Organizer. Source: Pinterest
Cosmetics organizer. Source: Pinterest

Spruce up her sink with a practical cosmetic organizer. She can keep her mascara, lipsticks, brushes, and many other pieces all in one place. From now on, she won’t worry about mixing her makeup stuff with her child’s accessories.

13. Custom pieces of jewelry

Custom Jewelry - Best Gifts For Single Moms. Source: Pinterest
Custom jewelry – Best gifts for single moms. Source: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with a custom necklace when finding unique gifts for single moms. With her initial on it, this memento piece of jewelry will be treasured for a lifetime. Besides the necklace, you can also go with a personalized bracelet or earrings. Each of these heartfelt pieces will leave the best impression on her.

14. Spa Basket

Spa Basket For Her. Source: Pinterest
Spa basket for her. Source: Pinterest

It’s quite difficult to leave the house and care for yourself when you’re a single mother. So why not bring the spa into the house? Give her a gorgeous basket filled with relaxing items like bath salts, body scrubs, shower gel, candles, and essential oils to help her unwind after a long day.

15. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat For Her. Source: Pinterest
Yoga mat for her. Source: Pinterest

Getting to a yoga class might be a challenge when she’s got kids at home. However, she can do basic practices to improve her health and body with a yoga mat. Sign her up for a virtual online yoga class if you want to have the perfect gifts for single mothers.

16. Cupcakes

Tasty Cupcakes Gift Set. Source: Pinterest
Tasty cupcakes gift set. Source: Pinterest

How sweet it is to give your friend a gift box of cupcakes to wash her tiredness away. Opt for different flavors that you know she loves the most. Whenever she tastes these gorgeous cupcakes, she’ll know how sweet and thoughtfulness you are.

17. Bath Bombs

Fresh Bath Bombs. Source: Pinterest
Fresh bath bombs. Source: Pinterest

On the hunt for the best gifts for single moms that tend to win them over? Get your endearing single mother the most relaxing time in her bathroom with these stunning bath bombs. Opt for fresh oils like citrus or bergamot to excite her and help her rest during bath time.

18. Cotton Bathrobe

Comfy Cotton Bathrobe. Source: Pinterest
Comfy cotton bathrobe. Source: Pinterest

Show a single mother how much you love her with a luxury cotton bathrobe. It will keep her warm and cozy when she wears it right after getting out of the shower. The shawl neck and long sleeves will keep her warm no matter the season. She’ll love this thoughtful present a lot.

19. Stunning Books

Books As Excellent Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Books as excellent gifts. Source: Pinterest

Books are the best gifts for single moms who need relief in her mind. After the kids have gone to bed, she’ll have a lot of free time, so make it worthwhile for her to spend it reading! Get her a book to distract her from her worries, whether it’s an inspirational or self-help book.

20. Interesting journal

Journal Gift For Moms. Source: Pinterest
Journal gift for moms. Source: Pinterest

For single mothers, keeping a journal is a helpful way to work through some of life’s toughest challenges. When she writes down all her thoughts and sorrows, she’s bound to get a better mood. This journal is regarded as one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for single moms since they tend to affect their lives positively.

21. Flowers

Gorgeous Flowers For Mothers. Source: Unsplash
Gorgeous flowers for mothers. Source: Unsplash

Brighten up her space and lift her spirit with adorable fresh bouquets. Suppose you know what types of flowers she like, that’s great. Your bouquet is one of the best gifts for single moms that show off your attention and kindness. If she loves all flowers on earth, consider a floral subscription that sends her different gorgeous flowers every week or month.

Meaningful gifts for single moms

22. Family photoshoot

Cheerful Family Photoshoot. Source: Unsplash
Cheerful family photoshoot. Source: Unsplash

A photoshoot might be a lovely and unexpected gift for her if you’re good at photography or know someone who is. Arrange an adorable background or plan an outdoor photoshoot. Your friend will find it one of the most valuable moments in her life. She’ll love hanging these stunning photos taken in her home and keeping some as the most meaningful keepsake for her lifetime.

23. Custom photo canvas

Custom Canvas - Heartfelt Gift For Single Moms
Custom canvas – Heartfelt gift for single moms

If you want to find the best gifts for single moms which result in a happy tear or two on their face, go no further than a custom photo canvas. With a favorite photo with their kids, names, and a loving message inscribed, this canvas is sure to win them over.

24. Your Time

Make Dinners For Busy Single Moms. Source: Unsplash
Make dinners for busy single moms. Source: Unsplash

When it comes to meaningful gifts for single mothers, giving them your spare time is an excellent option to consider. She may need some assistance around the house, such as shopping for groceries or making dinner. Ask her if you can lend a hand with errands with which she doesn’t have much time. We’re sure that she’ll appreciate your thoughtful gesture a lot.

25. Friendship

You'Re Her Best Gift. Source: Unsplash
You’re her best gift. Source: Unsplash

Not all the best gifts for single moms are worth your money. When you spend time with her, meeting face-to-face or via phone call, it’s a special present that she appreciates the most. You let her know that you still care about her, no matter how harsh this life is. Listening to her thoughts, giving her valuable advice, or going shopping with her is sweet enough to brighten up her day.

26. Babysitter Services

Babysitting Services. Source: Unsplash
Babysitting services. Source: Unsplash

A single mom with young kids won’t have much time to care for herself. Thus, think of giving her a coupon for free babysitting that she’s happy with. Or else, why not offer your services as a temporary nanny for her children? She believes in you more than any babysitter out there.

27. Gift Basket

Gift Basket With Mom'S Favorite. Source: Unsplash
Gift basket with mom’s favorite. Source: Unsplash

Isn’t it time to surprise her with a creative gift basket? Candles, lotions, teas, chocolates, and other her favorite pieces should be included in the gift. She’d love to receive a gorgeous basket that tends to make hẻ happy all day.

28. Home-cooked Meals

Home-Cooked Meals - Meaningful Gift Ideas For Single Moms. Source: Unsplash
Home-cooked meals – Meaningful gift ideas for single moms. Source: Unsplash

If you want to send a meaningful present to a single parent but are on a tight budget, make them dinner by yourself. This is a wonderful gesture to demonstrate your affection and care for them. Home-cooked meals make one-of-a-kind gifts for single moms that they haven’t expected.

29. Foot Spa

Foot Massager- Excellent Gifts For Single Mothers. Source: Pinterest
Foot massager- Excellent gifts for single mothers. Source: Pinterest

With this foot massager, she’ll have a spa-like experience right in the comfort of her own home. The machine’s buttons help massage and calm her feet while the pedicure kit keeps her feet looking their best. Opt for some natural herbs or flowers to add to the warm water, bringing her experience to the next level.

30. Cleaning service

Cleaning Service For Busy Mom. Source: Pexels
Cleaning service for busy mom. Source: Pexels

Looking for other meaningful gift ideas for single moms? If your favorite mom doesn’t have enough time to keep her house tidy, provide her with this cleaning service. You’ll help her save a lot of time and effort while keeping her mind fresh in an organized home.

31. Car maintenance

Car Maintenance Service For Mom Source: Pexels
Car maintenance service for mom. Source: Pexels

As a single mother, she may not always afford to have her car serviced or repaired. Thus, a car maintenance offer from you is an amazing gift that can alleviate some of her financial burdens.


It’s no doubt that single mothers are superheroes who try their best to overcome challenges in life and bring the best things to their children. However, there’re moments when they’re too overwhelming and need love and care from their family and friends. Excellent gifts for single moms are meaningful ways to show how much you think about them. They’re thoughtful gestures indicating you’re ready to help them whenever they need. Oh Canvas believes that no matter what gift you’ve chosen for them, they’ll appreciate it a lot.

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