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Wall Art Size Guide
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Your masterpiece will be completed with the perfect size of wall art. However, the dimensions of wall art are sometimes overlooked. Access to the proper wall art size guide is vital, whether you’re redesigning your living room or putting up an art gallery in your home. It can save your life, which is exactly what we will do today. Let’s get started with Oh Canvas‘s easy guide to help you choose the right size canvas and explore more tips for your home decor.

Wall Art Size Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Size Wall Art

1. Calculating the Appropriate Wall Art Size Guide Inches

The height of your house’s ceilings largely determines the scale of your wall art. You must ensure that it is proportional to the length and width of your wall. Generally, your custom-size wall art should take up between 4/7th and 3/4th of your wall space. Here’s how you can appropriate the right size of wall art:

  • Calculate the amount of wall space you have available. It should be a blank space with no furniture, molding, or other decorations in front of it.
  • Multiply the width by 57 and.75 to get the length.
  • Multiply the length by 57 and 75, respectively.

Here’s an illustration. Choose artwork that is no more than 24 inches wide if your wall space is 24 inches wide.

With the canvas wall art size guide below, you can find new artwork selection information, including for blank walls or large individual canvases:

You can purchase canvas art covering 2/3 to 3/4 of the available wall area.

  • If you have one or two large pieces, such as those listed on a large canvas, hang them over the fireplace or your bed to draw attention to a focal point and give the room a more formal feel.
  • In terms of breadth, choose a piece that is 2/3rd to 3/4th the width of the furniture. Your wall art, for example, should not be longer than 2/7 of the length of your couch.
Wall Art Size Guide
Choose parameters based on your canvas wall art size chart for large walls. – Source: icanvas.com

2. Place Wall Art: How And Where to Make It Proper?

Positioning your artwork is the next step in our wall art size guide, which shows how to find the perfect-sized artwork. Whether you’re hanging the canvas art prints on a blank wall or above a piece of furniture will determine this. This way of hanging canvas will suit those pursuing an antique farmhouse style for their home.

Place Canvas Wall Art On a Blank Wall

  • 2/3 to 3/4 of the blank space should be filled with artwork.
  • In open spaces, art should always be at eye level, or about 60–65 inches from the floor, according to a rule of thumb.
  • In a living or dining room, however, place the canvas at a lower level, 6 to 12 inches over the seats.

Hanging Artwork Above Furniture

Keep the canvas wall art at least 6 inches above the top of the furniture. This helps to create a large space for your eyes, like bringing balance to the items in the house.

Hang Canvas When your Home has a Fireplace

  • The space above the fireplace is ideal for displaying wall art. 3 to 6 inches above the mantle, hang your wall art.
  • Purchase a canvas smaller than the mantle but broader than the fireplace opening for a better wall art size.
Wall Art Size Guide
Help you pick wall art. Your artwork will depend on whether you hang it on a plain wall. – Source: hellocanvas.co.uk

3. Before you buy, try it out

Before you go out and buy your art, make a rough sketch of the size of the item you want to buy on your wall, which you can accomplish with masking tape or sheets of paper. Take a step back, or even leave it on your wall for a day or two, and you’ll get a clear sense of the size of your space and whether you made the right choice.

If you can’t decide the wall art dimensions between two sizes, draw a line around the first, snap a photo, and do the same with the second. Then, simply flipping between photographs on your phone, you can easily compare and select the best size. They would ideally hang on the wall.

Wall Art Size Guide
You have to try before you buy oversized wall art decor for your home

4. Level Up Wall Art For Your Home

When it comes to picking the proper wall art size guide, the canvas’s height is essential. As a general guideline, you should attempt to put the middle of the canvas at eye level for the most aesthetically acceptable decor. Give your large artwork some breathing room by hanging it 6 to 12 inches above the top of the furniture if you’re hanging it above furniture. The height at which you hang your wall art will impact the dramatic home decor you desire.

5. Suggestions for Hanging or Arranging Wall Art

Hanging wall art is one of the Living Room Decor Ideas you should take advantage of because of its affordable price and quick application. Homeowners sometimes purchase small pieces of artwork to fill narrow wall spaces. The importance of properly placing them here cannot be overstated.

  • Buying artwork by the same artist is a terrific idea in this situation. Every artist has a distinct artistic style that is reflected in their work. A bunch of tiny paintings or framed images will look great together.
  • You can purchase wall art in various shapes and sizes, or common sizes, ranging from 11–17 to 29–36 inches.
  • If you have a little space, one piece will not suffice. Purchase three identical pieces and arrange them vertically.

Before you place your big canvas wall art to decorate a large wall:

  • Use post-it notes to indicate the corners of the space where you wish to hang your artwork or use paper tape to outline the space’s edges (in a box shape). For a better concept, butcher paper cut to the same size as the artwork can be pasted in that place. This will assist you in visualizing the canvas before purchasing one or drilling a hole in the wall.
  • Allow your eyes to adjust by leaving it up for a few days. If the size is too big or too small, change it.
Wall Art Size Guide
Suggestions for Hanging or Arranging Personalized Canvas Wall Art- Source: walmart.com

6. Gallery Wall or One-Piece?

An important wall art size guide is that you need to determine whether you hang the canvas alone or in groups. What do you want your wall’s focal point to be? What is the center of a gallery wall? Do you want a single standout item on your wall, or do you want to assemble a collection of artwork that complements one another? Whatever your preference is, the measurement above the guideline still applies.

If you want to create a gallery wall, your type of artwork should be smaller yet cover the same amount of space as a bigger, single piece. Divide your wall by the magic numbers once more, and either receive one giant piece of art or several smaller ones. Remember to factor in space as well!

Wall Art Size Guide
Whatever your preference is, the framed wall art size guide still applies. Source: @sara_waiste

Whether you’re redecorating your living room or putting up an art gallery in your home, having access to the right wall art size guide is essential. Hope that Oh Canvas‘s article will help you learn more about choosing the size of wall art

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