37+ Best Housewarming Gifts For Men They Will Appreciate

Housewarming Gifts For Men
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Moving into a new house or apartment is a significant event in a man’s life. Despite the fact that the transition and setup process is definitely demanding, there must be time for celebration. So, whether you’ve been invited to the housewarming party or simply want to congratulate him on his new home, you’ll need to think carefully about what to get him.

Oh Canvas has compiled a gift guide below to help you have a stress-free research experience. Let’s get started looking for the greatest housewarming gifts for men now!

How to choose the best housewarming gift for men?

There’s no denying that finding the ideal housewarming gifts for men is tricky. However, if you want to choose something that hits his best gift record ever, it has to be helpful and aesthetically pleasing. Yes! It’s genuinely critical that you buy an item that he indeed enjoys and uses it. So how to make that happen? Oh Canvas has some notice for you.

Excellent Idea For The New Home
ideal housewarming gift guide from Oh Canvas

Consider his character

Firstly, question yourself about his personality. Like, what are his characteristics and favorite activities? Are there any types of foods or drinks he likes the most? Remember that tiny things can make mighty impacts. Noticing his lifestyle gives you a much easier step in finding a suitable gift idea.

Consider his house location

Secondly, it’s great that you know about his new place. Why? If you intend to buy some decor items or kitchen stuff, a glance at his house style helps you bear more truthful thinking of gift preparation. For example, if he follows the minimalist interior design, a flashy throw pillow or runner rug might not suit the place, right?

Consider yourself

Finally, noting all the aspects of your friends or colleagues is crucial, yet considering yourself is also essential. As long as you love that friend and want to congratulate him on his efforts, your gifts become much more worthy. Consider your relationship with him and consider your budget to obtain the unique housewarming gift for men.

The best guide for housewarming gifts for men this year

After reckoning all the necessary details, it’s time to dive into practical housewarming gifts that we’ve gathered below. They are the most helpful pieces that we think every man would love to have when moving to a brand new place. So let’s check them out!

Warm and practical housewarming gifts for ideal guys

1. Manly scented candles

Warm Gifts For New Homeowners Man - Scented Candles
Warm gifts for new homeowners man – Scented candles

When thinking of housewarming gift ideas for men, the first items that come to our mind are these scented candles. They fit into any new space by being delicate and spreading lovely fragrances everywhere.

Candles are easy to use and so good for his health. A first home might make him a little blue and lonely, but we believe that a pleasant fragrance can warm up his mind and feelings.

Usually, these candles have a fresh and heavenly fragrance. However, opt for smells that your friend might love to ensure a higher usage possibility.

Oh Canvas tips

If you notice that this man often drinks fruit juices, a fruit-scented candle might fulfill his taste. Or else, natural scents like sea salt, woods, or seasons might be great housewarming gift ideas for men.

2. Funny coaster set

Housewarming Gift For The New Homeowner - Drink Coasters
ideal housewarming gift for the new homeowner – walnut wood drink coasters

A collection of coasters is virtually essential for all drinks. They help to serve a better drinking experience. Moreover, your beloved man might own a new coffee table, and he doesn’t want it to have any scratches.

A set of funny coasters is our recommendation for the best housewarming gift for men. They can add an exciting vibe to his space and make him want to use them more often.

Funny coasters also play their best when guests come to the new house. Therefore, we think that your friend would hardly put these minor elements away when receiving them.

3. Plants and stands

Green Plants - Home Decor For The New Apartment
Green plants – home decor for the new apartment

Any house or living space needs greenery elements. Don’t worry if your friend already has some plants in his place; the more – the better. Plants help to filter the air and freshen up the atmosphere.

Especially when it comes to a new home with new paints and furniture smell, plants make their full functions. So it’s great that these plants can add a pop of green color to his space and be bright spots that take him out of his loneliness. They are irreplaceable, aren’t they?

Oh Canvas tips

You can opt for some pretty house plants like Monstera Deliciosa, Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, or Snake Plant. They are all easy-to-grow and hard-to-kill types of plants.

In addition, giving him a plant with its stand is more of a delicate decision. This stand helps to keep the floor unscratched and retain its cleanliness. So, plants and stands can be matched to become perfect housewarming gifts.

4. Adorable housewarming gift basket

Stunning Housewarming Gift Basket
Stunning housewarming gift basket

Gift boxes are among the most delightful housewarming gifts. They attain an interest and curiosity when receivers wonder what’s inside. Besides tea and coffee (popular and helpful), a food box of snacks, cheese & sausage, or whisky glasses & stones is an adorable selection. They are all essential and practical items that most men want to have.

Oh Canvas tips

An important note is that you must prepare a clean and attractive box, which helps win the first impression. Remember to write some words on the gift card, too; your friend or colleague will appreciate it.

5. Coffee maker

Coffee Machine As Best Housewarming Gifts For Men To Make Their Life Better
Functional housewarming gifts for men – Coffee maker

The coffee maker might cost you a fortune. But if you can afford it, make it remarkable with thousands of housewarming gift ideas for men. Of course, you need to know for sure that your beloved man is truly a coffee lover, or else your gift will be meaningless.

This coffee maker can win a high position among his other electrical appliances. Once he’s owned it, there’s more time for self-made coffee. It also helps him to feel much warmer in his new house. More specially, when he enjoys it, he will greatly appreciate your thoughtful selection.

6. Breakfast sandwich maker

Adorable Housewarming Gift Ideas For Men
Adorable housewarming gift ideas for men – Sandwich maker

Another delicate choice among housewarming presents for men is the sandwich maker. It can become the most valuable appliance among the available cooking utensils in his kitchen.

What’s unique about this sandwich maker is that there are no difficulties in usage. It also helps to make tasty dishes without costing much time. Rather impressive, right?

It is a practical gift for men who love to cook. Time is saved, and no breakfast is skipped. We’re sure that he will use it pretty often.

7. Cocktail shaker set

Housewarming Gifts For Men Cocktail Set
Elegant housewarming presents for men – bar tools

A set of cocktail shakers will make a strong impression among the most satisfactory housewarming gifts for men. It is a unique gift that you can prepare for your companion.

However, choosing this set might be tricky since you’d better know his interest. If he is a man who loves making himself some drinks, this set has all the tools that would be perfect.

8. Kitchen Appliances

Unique Gift For New Homeowners - Kitchen Appliances
Unique gift for new homeowners – Kitchen Appliances

Of all the most useful new homeowner gifts for him, kitchen appliances are a great way to show how thoughtful you are. Men might not pay much attention to cooking. They might not be too clever at selecting kitchen things either. That’s why your gifts have a chance to lighten up his cooking area.

There’s no limitation for kitchen appliances. Every little thing will be so valuable to your beloved man. You can come with some spice shaker sets, cutting boards, dashpot holders, or a knife block for some suggestions. We bet you’ll see a happy impression on his face when seeing these small but helpful items.

9. Navigator Big Dresser Valet Tray for Men

Navigator Big Dresser Valet Tray For Men
Navigator Big Dresser Valet Tray for men

Do not need to spend hours hunting for the best housewarming gift for him. This drawer organizer’s multiple compartments of varied sizes make it a vital component of any housewarming organization gift. With space for many watches, cufflinks, and other accessories, this housewarming gift is certain to please the recipient.

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High-tech housewarming presents for a son

10. Bluetooth speaker

High-Tech Housewarming Gift Ideas For Men
High-tech housewarming presents for men – Bluetooth speaker

If your companion is a music lover, the Bluetooth speaker might satisfy him. This electrical device is relatively small and light to place in any room of the house. It also easily fits in bags. So carrying a speaker outside to the office or the park can’t be more convenient if he has a Bluetooth one.

When someone moves to a new place, he might feel a little lonely. It’s when music plays its best in healing his emotions. So if you think your friend is enchanted with music all over the house, do not hesitate to give him this adorable speaker. It might stand upon various housewarming gift ideas for men out there.

11. Multi-functional docking station

Modern Housewarming Gift Idea For New Homeowner To Make His Life Easier
Modern housewarming gift idea for the new homeowner

Want to find other housewarming gift ideas for men? Multi functional docking station can help. It’s not wrong to assume that men use a lot of electrical devices. There are phones, tablets, watches, and so on. That makes the charging area usually turn into a mess with cabs and plugs. Therefore, we recommend you give your companion a charging station to tidy your man’s life up for many years.

12. Gaming console – Excellent housewarming gift

Advanved Housewarming Presents For Men - Gaming Console That Most Of The Men Love
Advanced housewarming presents for men – Gaming console

Does your friend love to play video games? If yes, he would be excited to receive a gaming console from you. Of course, this type of device usually has a high price, so you need to consider his interest and budget before purchasing.

However, we think this is an excellent chance for you to help him have some fun when moving to a strange living space. He can also invite you and some friends back to play together when having time. Such a fascinating idea of the best housewarming gift for men, isn’t it?

13. Electric Wine Opener Set

Electric Wine Opener Set
Electric Wine Opener Set

This Automatic Electric Wine Opener Set removes corks in 7 seconds! The wine foil cutter effortlessly removes seals, while the wine stopper maintains the wine’s freshness. This powerful and rechargeable cordless wine opener set packaged in a quality box is the ideal housewarming present. The ideal gift for the Holidays, Birthdays, and Christmas.

14. Inaudible Wall Clock

Housewarming Gifts For Men - Wall Clock
Housewarming gifts for men – Wall Clock

This ultra-modern wall clock is ideal for the kitchen, office, and bedroom. It is silent and does not tick, so it can be placed anywhere in the new home. There are numerous color options available to suit his taste.

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Other ideas for adorable gifts for new homeowners man

15. Rustic and elegant canvas prints

Best Housewarming Gift For Men Featuring Canvas Print
Best housewarming gifts – Canvas print

Gorgeous canvas prints can make all your effort worth it. They can be the most promising housewarming gifts for men that you can consider. A new plain wall needs art to supplement its look; your gift will fulfill this challenge.

Canvas prints with breathtaking beauty can enhance the overall look of his house. In addition, they will add more aesthetic effects and make his corners more fascinating.

16. Personalized gifts for people who love horses

Unique Personalized Housewarming Gifts For Men Canvas
Unique personalized housewarming gifts – Horse canvas

Around the world, horses are adored by people of all ages. Many civilizations’ mythologies and folklore have incorporated horses as spiritual animals and people’s personal lives. They stand for independence, strength, courage, knowledge, and self-reliance. So, giving a horse canvas painting on the housewarming occasion implies that you bring him good luck.

One of the most powerful spirits in the world is the black horse, which signifies tenacity and desire. Considered dependable, it’s always happy to guide you when you need it most when the black horse is your mascot. Another type of horse with cultural and symbolic importance is the white horse. The meaning of the white horse encompasses purity, courage, as well as the victory of truth and justice.

17. Cow gifts for him

Lovely Housewarming Gift Ideas For Men - Canvas For Room Decor
Lovely housewarming gift ideas for men – Cow canvas

Good fortune and good offspring are said to be brought by the cow mascot. This animal symbolizes many other good things, including harvest, survival, and nurture.

On the other hand, when you see a cow coming towards you in your dreams, it is claimed that happiness and wealth will come to you in the real world. In that way, it is the ideal decorative piece that stands out among other unique housewarming gifts for men. Who doesn’t appreciate motivating home decor in their new home?

18. Personalized coastal wall art for beach house gifts

Stunning Housewarming Presents For Men Canvas
Fresh housewarming gift ideas for men – Personalized Coastal canvas

There are various types of canvas prints out there, ranging from funny to abstract ones. If you are wondering where to shop for them, browse our collection of stunning and custom canvases.

We provide different samples with gorgeous appearances and strong meanings. That makes them stand out among other beautiful gifts your friend might receive.

What do you think about farmhouse canvas prints for him? We think they are lovely housewarming present ideas for men. This artwork’s rustic and nostalgic look can warm up the brand new space and help your man feel much more relieved.

19. Food and Drink Smoker

This accessory can add a smoky scent and flavor to your culinary and mixology creations! The smoke infuser machine adds the right finishing touch to your meal or beverage in less than a minute. Using the portable smoke infuser, you can add a gourmet touch to your food and celebratory drinks by infusing them with cold smoke. It’s a safe bet that this will quickly become one of his most-used cooking tools.

Food And Drink Smoker - Best Housewarming Gifts For Men To Make Their Life Easier
Food and Drink Smoker – best housewarming gifts. Image via Amazon.

20. Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

A non-serrated steak knife is a new experience for him. The steak will be cut like a bird soaring through the sky with this stainless steel knife. Non-serrated steak knives benefit greatly from this feature because the blades will stay sharper longer.

Stainless Steel Steak Knife Steak Knife Set
Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set – Image via Pinterest.

21. State Cutting Board

He’ll be the talk of the housewarming party with this state-shaped serving cheese board. With this state-shaped serving board, you’ll be sure to impress your guests no matter what you’re serving.

Display your state pride in your new home or business by hanging this stunning reproduction of your own state on the wall. The pre-drilled hanging hole on these boards means they’re ready to use as wall decor right out of the box!

State Cutting Board - Best Housewarming Gifts For Men.
State Cutting Board – best housewarming gifts for men. Image via Pinterest.

22. House Slippers

Keep your feet warm and cozy with these. Anti-odor fabric is used in the construction of these moc-style slippers. Even when climbing up or down the stairs, the closed-back construction ensures that the slippers don’t fall off your feet.

Thanks to the cotton knit upper and moisture-wicking terry lining, your feet will be able to breathe. To remove perspiration, grime, or stains, wash the entire slipper in the washing machine.

House Slippers - Housewarming Presents For Men.
House Slippers – housewarming presents for men. Image via Pinterest.

23. Hanging Mini-Bar

This natural rustic pine fold-down bar is number one on our list of must-have new apartment gifts for guys. It has a lot of storage but doesn’t take up a lot of room. The fold-down mixing station may be transformed into a bar top with a couple of bar stools. His preferred wine bottles and bar gadgets are also always close at hand.

Long Lasting Hanging Mini-Bar To Store Wine Bottles - Housewarming Presents For Men.
Hanging Mini-Bar – housewarming presents for men. Image via Amazon.

24. Whiskey Barrel

An oak barrel that has been etched and handcrafted would be ideal for aging his favorite wine and for use as a man cave decoration. Barrels are made of wood that has been burned in order to release the wood’s natural flavorings and fragrances slowly. Before usage, the barrel needs to be sealed and cured, but the directions are detailed. It’s also a great idea for the greatest housewarming gifts for men.

Walnut Wood Whiskey Barrel
Whiskey Barrel. Image via Pinterest.

25. Cast Iron Key Rack

A great gift for the man cave, this cast iron key holder looks both manly and cool. He can hang his keys, coat, clothes, and tools on the cast iron rack.

Cast Iron Key Rack.
Cast Iron Key Rack. Image via Pinterest.

26. Mini Basketball Hoop

This guy cave concept is a surefire winner! There are five different ways to personalize this tiny hoop with a name or initial for the basketball fan in your life. This is a terrific piece of home decor for the man cave that will keep your special man – and his buddies – entertained. Let’s give the customized present to him; we are sure he will love this and have great fun after a hard-working day.

Mini Basketball Hoop To Enjoy Fun
Mini Basketball Hoop. Image via Etsy.

27. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

When ice is added to your whiskey, it melts and dilutes it. Whiskey aficionados will appreciate the beautiful and functional whiskey stone and glass combination. Whiskey glasses and stones are dishwasher safe and best stored in a lovely wooden box. This whiskey glass and stone set is the perfect housewarming gift for the man cave or new home bar.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set.
Whiskey Stones Gift Set. Image via Etsy.

28. Italian Dinner Gift Basket

Pasta is a comfort food favorite for many people. Quality ingredients enhance the flavor of these dishes even further. Every ingredient for a delicious pasta dish is included in this gift box. One for the man with a taste for the finer things in life! Manga! A perfect addition for a couple in their new home to give one other.

Italian Dinner Gift Basket.
Italian Dinner Gift Basket. Image via Pinterest.

29. Funny Wine Rack

Traditional wine racks have been wiped out on his table centerpiece. If you’re looking for a prehistoric wine protector, this (arbor) mist creature is the answer. A terrific discussion starter as well as a beautiful ornamental centerpiece.

Funny Wine Rack
Funny Wine Rack. Image via Pinterest.

30. Metal Drink Tub

Consider something customized if you’re looking for unique and memorable housewarming gifts for men. This enormous metal tub is ideal for chilling many beverages and will be the talk of his next backyard get-together. Galvanized, rust-proof metal construction with side handles for easy transport.

Metal Drink Tub.
Metal Drink Tub. Image via Etsy.

31. Personalized Address Sign

It’s a great way for the new owner to show his pride and remind him that there’s no place like home. Laser cutting is used to create each metal sign, ensuring that every design aspect is captured to the smallest of details! If you’re looking for an excellent housewarming gift he’ll appreciate, this is it.

Personalized Address Sign.
Personalized Address Sign. Image via Pinterest.

32. Personalized Triple

Never underestimate the importance of a well-fueled lighter when it comes to critical home items. Using this Triplex is a breeze thanks to its wide and simple-to-use activator and a trio of flames. This custom lighter is an excellent addition to the armory of any cigar enthusiast, thanks to its huge flame height control wheel and large fuel level viewing glass.

Oh Canvas Beautiful You Fly Wall Art Decor

33. Walnut Wood Engraved Hatchet

Housewarming Gifts that are useful to the recipient are always appreciated in his new home. Fire pitmasters and those who enjoy obtaining kindling with a stylish tool will appreciate this carved hatchet.

Engraved Hatchet - Unique Housewarming Gifts For Men.
Engraved Hatchet – unique housewarming gifts for men. Image via Pinterest.

34. Whiskey Making Bootleg Kit

Housewarming Gift Ideas For Men - Whiskey-Making Bootleg Kit
housewarming gift ideas for men – Whiskey-making bootleg kit

Would he take the opportunity to brew his own whiskey? You’re aware of it!
So why not give him his own whiskey-making kit as a present? The wine kit includes everything he’ll need to produce (and enjoy) three batches of barrel-aged scream, except the booze.

This set includes a white oak barrel with charred inside, a wrought iron stand, steel hoops, bung and spigot, a barrel cleaning kit, materials, and instructions are all included in this set. That’s a fantastic way to turn your wine party into a long-lasting memory!

35. Aluminum bottle opener key tags

Housewarming Gifts For Men - Aluminum Bottle Opener Key Tags
Housewarming gifts for men – Aluminum bottle opener key tags

Don’t know where to begin your quest for the perfect gift? Let us recommend a timeless item your clients will surely appreciate: aluminum bottle opener key tags. A bottle opener, for example, is really popular and will be cherished by your friends for many years to come!

36. The Rolling Stones 50

The Rolling Stones 50 
The Rolling Stones 50

As a great housewarming gift, coffee table books are a safe bet. Why? They are aesthetically pleasing and display-friendly. This book about the Rolling Stones should be a hit depending on the gentleman’s musical preferences — if he’s rocking a Moby shirt, reconsider.

37. Personalized Wooden Tic Tac Toe

Personalized Wooden Tic Tac Toe 
Personalized Wooden Tic Tac Toe

This Personalized Wooden Tic Tac Toe is a perfect gift for a housewarming. It includes six Xs and six Os. It is ideal for decorating your coffee table at the new home. The colors are customizable upon request. The norm is black-and-white.

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A perfect present will show your thoughtfulness and delicacy. When you choose a great addition for your endearing man, that will be something he would actually use and treasure for years.

Our suggestions for the finest housewarming gifts for men above are the best gifts you could consider. We believe that they’ll help you reach an easier decision. More than that, Oh Canvas hopes your gift can be the nicest housewarming present he’s ever received. Good luck with your selection.

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