32 Impressive Going Away Gifts For Coworkers (2023 Gift Guide)

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers
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It can be difficult to find the perfect going away gifts for coworkers to show them how much you’ll miss them. The most boring farewell present you can give someone is a generic “good luck” card.

Many creative and unique farewell gifts for your coworker are on this list compiled by Oh Canvas that will make a lasting impression. Sending your favorite coworker off on a high note is easy with these amusing farewell party supplies, joke gifts, and sarcastic farewell cards.

For those who prefer something more sentimental, there are plenty of options for gifts for your coworker, such as desk accessories, spa products, or mementos of your time together. Choose your own adventure with these parting gifts; either way, you’ll be remembered as the most thoughtful coworker ever!

Personalized Gifts For Coworkers Leaving

1. Guestbook For A Farewell Party

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Teammate'S Signal Print
Teammate’s Signal Print

Your teammates’ signals and a frame are all needed to transform this digital print into a gorgeous gift for coworker leaving. Your departing coworker can display it as a memento of the best team in their new workplace.

2. Customized Wine Tumblers

Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Personalized Wine Tumblers
Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Personalized Wine Tumblers

Are you already missing out on the chance to spend time with your coworker? This is a goodbye gift for coworker that will carry on giving for a long time. There are over 30 different typefaces and six different colors to choose from when personalizing this travel wine tumbler.

3. Pet Portrait Canvas Print

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Pet Portrait Canvas Print
Pet Canvas Print For Dog Lovers

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This dog portrait canvas print is perfect for a dog enthusiast coworker. Using a photo of her beloved pet is a great way to demonstrate your concern for her well-being.

In her new office, this print will look lovely. She will think of you whenever she sees it, and it will remind her of your love. Consider these canvas prints from Oh Canvas as going away gifts for coworkers‘ ideas to surprise your bestie at work.

4. Plaque With Photos Of Coworkers

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Photo Plaque
Coworkers Photo Plaque

When it comes time to say goodbye, why not include a snapshot of the entire team? Make it one of the best farewell gifts for coworkers by choosing a girly frame color. You don’t have to give up on each other just because you’re thousands of miles apart!

5. A Custom-Made Photo Glass Block

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Photo Glass Block
Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Photo Glass Block

If you can bring a bit of the old gang with you, your buddy will appreciate it. Adding a beautiful photo set encased in high-quality glass to this thoughtful gift for leaving coworkers makes it even more special. Having something on your desk will make it much easier for you to adapt to a new work environment!

6. Custom Vintage Street Sign Print

Vintage Street Sign Print
Vintage Street Sign Print

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Your coworker will appreciate it if you give unique gifts to her. Give it to her with her name and the date she began working on it to make it even more special for her. This print will be perfect for her favorite room as a decor piece. You can check our website Oh Canvas for more gift suggestions for your beloved coworker.

Funny Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

7. “Escape” Candle

Personalized Candle Gift For Coworker Leaving
Personalized Candle gift for coworker leaving

You may give your coworker something to laugh about and a chance to relax with this personalized candle, which comes in more than 50 scents. So long as you don’t have your supervisor around when you send the message. These special gifts for coworkers leaving will make the recipient laugh for a long time.

Oh Canvas tips

Candles made from plant wax are the greatest option when shopping for a gift. There are many types of candle wax made from vegetables or plants that are significantly more sustainable, healthier, and last longer.

8. Stupid Balloons To Send-Off

Farewell Gifts For Coworkers: Sardonic Balloons
Farewell Gifts For Coworkers: Sardonic Balloons

You can’t go wrong with sarcasm when it comes to showing your affection. These sardonic balloons are ideal for an outgoing coworker’s farewell party to make the party happier and more memorable.

9. Funny Socks

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Funny Moving Socks
Funny Moving Socks

With these moving socks, you can give your coworker a gift they’ll never forget! To make it a group present, you can add the faces of up to six members of your team. Add this idea to your list when it comes to going away gifts for coworkers.

10. “New Job” Mug

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: &Quot;New Job&Quot; Cup
Going-Away Present For Coworkers: “New Job” Cup

Your coworker will appreciate this new job cup as the perfect way to celebrate. Adding a card to it will make it even more special. While sipping their morning cup of coffee, your coworker will look like a Cheshire Cat.

11. Mug With A Lovely Design

Personalized Retirement Gifts - “A Job Made Us Coworker” Tumbler
“A job made us coworker” Tumbler

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Is there anyone out there who doesn’t adore unicorns and everything they stand for? Make sure your favorite coworker knows how much you appreciate them by giving them a thoughtful departure present. They’ll serve wonderful caffeine and make statements with charming farewell gifts for coworkers!

12. A Keychain With Humorous Inscription

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: A Practical Joke Keychain
A Practical Joke Keychain

Work besties are like family; you’ll miss them when they leave the office. Give them a laugh every time they go to get their keys with a practical joke present to keep the connection fresh and healthy. The funny going away gifts for coworkers are cheerful but sarcastic at the same time.

13. Customized Bobblehead Figure

Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Bobblehead Figure
Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Bobblehead Figure

You may give your departing coworker a bobblehead like this as a final farewell present. Think of the bobblehead doll as an unusual farewell gift for your colleague. This unique collectible is great fun for the whole family.

14. A Stress Relieving Toy

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Stress Relieving Doll
Stress Relieving Doll

One acceptable technique to deal with a buildup of bad energy is to point the finger at someone else. It’s not only about blaming the doll; you may also take out all your frustration on it. Put this doll through its paces and watch your tension dissipate.

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Unique Parting Gifts For Coworkers

15. Gift Box For Self-Care

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Self-Care Products
Self-Care Products

Due to the stress of starting a new career. Self-care products such as a face mask and a hand-poured candle are included in this box. Your coworker is sure to like one of these two calming smells! Consider these going away gifts for coworkers to show your care about them.

16. A Bestie Necklace

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Work Bestie Necklace
Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Work Bestie Necklace

When wearing this necklace, your coworker will always be reminded of your excellent relationship. You can choose from a golden, silvery, or rose gold finish depending on your coworker’s preference.

17. Maker Of Iced Coffee

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Iced Coffee Maker
Iced Coffee Maker

If your departing coworker is a coffee connoisseur, they’ll be blown away by this gadget, which cools hot coffee in 60 seconds flat!! Consider the practical goodbye gifts for coworkers to make their life more convenient.

18. Notebooks With Hard Covers

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Hardcover Notebook
Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Hardcover Notebook

A greater notebook is a timeless gift for leaving coworker. Faux leather gives it a polished look and comes in five different colors for added variety. Your former coworker can use it to record their thoughts about your appreciation.

19. Chocolates With A Heartfelt Message

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Chocolates With A Meaningful Message
Chocolates With A Meaningful Message

As farewell gifts for coworkers, chocolates are an excellent choice for anyone. Your colleague’s last day of work should be celebrated, so give him or her something sweet to cheer them up. Say goodbye and ask for a piece of their delectable treats. You might get lucky and get a bite.

Oh Canvas tips

It’s best not to throw the gift into a large bag, handbag, or backpack before you leave the house to give it. The chocolate may be crushed or otherwise ruined if you did that.

If you have to travel a long distance to deliver the chocolate present and the weather is quite hot, make sure the air conditioning is on and the chocolate is kept out of direct sunlight.

20. An Uplifting Pillow

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Inspirational Pillow
Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Inspirational Pillow

What’s going on with your coworker’s move? You can tell her how much you miss her by giving her this pillow. For her new home or business, this style is ideal. Get your hands on one right away.

21. A Foot Rest For The Desk

Under Desk Footrest For Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers
Under desk Footrest for goodbye gifts for coworkers

Even if it’s a last-minute parting goodbye gift, it’ll look like you’ve been planning for months. With one push of the button, your feet will be relieved of their aches and pains forever. While still seated at your desk, it’ll be like getting a foot massage. Add this footrest to your going away gifts for coworkers list to show how much you care about their health.

22. A Practical Gift Basket

Coworker Farewell Gift Baskets
Coworker Farewell Gift Baskets

Coworker farewell gift baskets can be made with this. It includes a ceramic cup with a cover, a drinking sock, and other accessories. The coworker’s goodbye gift is presented in a beautiful way, and it includes a message of good wishes.

23. A Mug Warmer With A Wireless Fast Charger

Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Mug Warmer
Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Mug Warmer

This mug warmer says it all when it comes to showing your appreciation for a coworker. Besides charging their phone, this tech gift for a coworker leaving will keep her beverage warm as a parting gift. Despite moving on to better things, there is no better way to tell your coworker to stay in touch and stay in touch!

24. Crystal Farewell Gift With A Message Of Love

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Crystal Farewell Gift
Crystal Farewell Gift

This crystal plaque can stand alone and be given as a going away gift for coworkers. The crystal is engraved with a personal message. Because of the sturdy base can be set on a shelf, desk, or mantel for decorative purposes. For a one-of-a-kind look, each letter is painted by hand.

25. A Stress Relieving Toy Table

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers: Stress Relieving Toy
Stress Relieving Toy

It can be difficult to leave a place you’ve worked for a long time with great memories. Heading into the abyss can make it much more difficult. That’s why giving a stress reliever to a departing coworker might be a smart option. For a relaxing effect, the Helicone spins at a low speed.

26. Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Soundwear

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Wearable Speakers
Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Wearable Speakers

Music has a unique ability to bring people together. Because of this, wearable speakers are a great gift option. Hands-free activities are made easier by wearing this present around the neck instead of carrying it around in a pocket. It’s a coworker leaving gift that will last for a long period of time.

27. Planter With A Moving Lid

Relaxing Plants - Going Away Gifts For Coworkers
Relaxing Plants – going away gifts for coworkers

This is one of the great going away gifts for coworkers who enjoy gardening or decorating. Relaxing plants also assist to keep the air clean, making them a great addition to any room’s decor. You can express your best wishes for someone leaving the company by gifting them a plant. This levitating plant spins in mid-air as it floats above the ground. Because of this, it’s both enjoyable and functional.

28. Gift Basket Of Organic Teas

Organic Teas Basket Gift For Coworker Leaving
Organic Teas Basket gift for coworker leaving

Having a cup of green tea has been one of the best things in life. Infusions of 40 distinct tea flavors are included in one bundle, making it a long-lasting gift for leaving coworker. Giving this thoughtful present to someone who is stepping down for better opportunities will make them feel good about their decision.

29. Keychains For Goodbye Colleagues

Farewell Gifts For Coworkers: Thoughtful Keychain
Farewell Gifts For Coworkers: Thoughtful Keychain

Every day, we carry a keychain with us wherever we go. There are few better places to leave an important message than this location. The coworkers who are saying their goodbyes have left a particular message on this keychain for the departing employee. It brings back memories of the good times had while working.

30. Soy Candles

Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers: Soya Candles
Soy Candle To Warm Up Their Space

Simple ideas for going away gifts for coworkers should never be overlooked. This soya candle can help you say goodbye to a coworker in a memorable way. 8.5 oz. of high-gloss paper and 50-60 hours of fuel load make this gift greater. You and your coworker deserve the best possible farewell.

31. Box Of Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats Box Gift For Leaving Coworker
Sweet Treats Box gift for leaving coworker

A stylish delivery of the world’s most popular houseplant! It’s a great housewarming gift or a way to send your coworker off on their next big adventure with a kind token of your support.

32. Jewelry Box With Musical

Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Acoustic Jewelry Box
Going-Away Present For Coworkers: Acoustic Jewelry Box

When it comes to making a lasting impression, this acoustic jewelry box is a perfect choice. They’ll see how much you value them as individuals and as a team when they see the attention to every last detail in this piece.

When they open the lid and discover the personalized etching and music that you can choose, you’ll show them that you actually appreciate their efforts for your organization.

FAQs about Farewell Gifts For Coworkers

What is the best farewell gift for a work colleague?

  • Lovely Mug
  • Team T-Shirt
  • Travel Tumblers
  • Journal and Pen
  • Home Plants
  • Gift Cards

How much should I give for coworker farewell gift?

Contributions to a group retirement present for a coworker typically range from $5 to $20. When it’s your present, the price might increase to $30 or $50. Consider how close you are, how long you’ve worked with them, and what else you’ve done for them.

How do you celebrate a coworker leaving?

  • Get a slack thread going
  • Relax and reflect on the past
  • Sign a farewell card together
  • Get a self-care bundle
  • Throw a goodbye party
  • Organize a break for snacks

What is a good gift for a female colleague farewell?

  • Olive Oil Bottles
  • Cozy Socks
  • Friendly Houseplants
  • Classic Notebook
  • Romantic Candles
  • Wireless Charging Stand

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A colleague you have worked with for a long time is always hard to say goodbye to, especially when you have a deep connection with them. Show them that no matter where they go, they’ll always be in your heart with a thoughtful gift they’ll cherish.

We hope that the going away gifts for coworkers from Oh Canvas will assist you in finding the perfect present for your beloved coworker. Do not hesitate to share any additional thoughts you may have with us in the comments section below.

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