50+ Best Gifts For Female Boss That She’ll Actually Love

Gifts For Female Boss
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It’s never easy to shop for the best gifts for female boss. If you’re spending too much time on it, you might risk making them uncomfortable. If you just have a little time for it, you might get nothing great at all. But don’t worry much. Oh Canvas‘s here to help you find the most practical, impressive gifts that tend to win any boss over. From practical gifts for her office to personalized pieces, you’ll find at least one thing to wrap for your lady. Read on and get inspired!

Unique and impressive boss lady gifts

1. Mug & Warmer Set

Gifts For Female Boss
Mug and warmer set for the boss

Is your boss addicted to her coffee mug? Thanks to you and this warmer set, she no longer has to drink room-temperature coffee! It’s a wonderful gift that you can give on any occasion around the year.

2. Accessory Desk Organizers

Desk Organizers - Unique Gifts For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Desk organizers for her

When finding unique gifts for female boss, don’t miss out on this accessory desk organizer. It’s a fashionable and functional gift for a boss who is fussy about their desk space. It’s also an impressive piece of decoration that elevates the look of her workstation.

3. Letter Sorter

Letter Shorter - Practical Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Letter shorter: practical boss lady gifts

Upgrade her workstation with a metal letter sorter. It’s designed with different compartments, which help her classify all the letters. She won’t have to worry about losing anything again.

4. Room Spray

Room Spray For Her. Source: Pinterest
Room spray gift for your boss

This luxurious room spray is a great choice if you want to bring a charming ambiance to her office. It delivers long-lasting, relaxing vibes that make her feel warm and comfortable. Opt for her favorite scents (if you know what she likes) or fresh, natural fragrances such as fig tree, sweet orange, or eucalyptus. That’s how you make your gifts for female boss stand out among others.

5. Bar Tool Set

Bar Tools - Impressive Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Bar tools: impressive boss lady gifts

Along with a bar cart at home, this silver toolset is the perfect gift to complete her cocktail-making equipment. You might be invited to her house for a cheery party or a warm dinner with homemade drinks.

6. Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud As A Unique Gift
Storm cloud: unique gift ideas for boss

Add a little unique, amusing touch to her workstation or nightstand with this adorable storm cloud. When the atmosphere changes, a special liquid in this desk item crystalizes in a variety of designs to keep your lady up to date on weather conditions.

7. Eyeglasses Holder

Eyeglass Holder For Bosses
Eyeglass holder for bosses

On the hunt for other unique gifts for your boss female? This handcrafted wood eyeglass holder would be ideal for your boss, who is notoriously bad at remembering where she put her specs. She’ll be thankful for your thoughtful gesture, which helps her save time and not get mad finding her glasses.

8. Charging Station

Charging Station - Practical Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Charging station: practical gifts for lady boss

There is nothing worse than carrying along many different chargers for all of your different gadgets. This multitasking charging station is the missing piece on your boss’s desk. Besides keeping all her devices fully charged, this station plays its best in keeping the workspace nice and organized.

9. Inspirational Canvas Print

Live By Faith Canvas Art
Adorable canvas print for boss lady

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Spruce up your boss’s working place or her home with this adorable “Live by faith” canvas print. Calming blue color, along with elegant elements featuring dandelions and butterflies, will add the most charming touch to her space. Don’t miss out on this stunning piece when finding perfect gifts for your lady boss.

10. Concrete Bookend and Vase

Concrete Bookends. Source: Pinterest
Concrete bookends: adorable presents for boss

Are you looking for impressive gift ideas for boss lady that can win her over? These concrete vases are a wonderful addition to any shelf or desk. In addition to serving as charming bookends, they hold pens and other pieces of writing implements. Especially, your boss can still display a small bouquet or any lovely decorative item in these vases to elevate her working desk.

11. Desk cable clips

Desk Organizers - Unique Gifts For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Desk organizers: cool gifts for female boss

It’s a little but useful gift that will finally put an end to her clutter of cords. You can make the gift set look more substantial and impressive with a few of these wire clips, a card, and some sweets.

12. International cuisine

Mexican Cuisine Source: Pinterest
Mexican cuisine gift for boss female

If you want to give your boss lady this special gift, you must understand her favorite taste of cuisines. Mexican tacos, Italian spaghetti, or Thai tom yum are ready to arrive at her door if you place an order. Along with a gift card, you’re making great gifts for female boss that show how sweet and thoughtful you are.

13. Google Nest Mini

Excellent Google Nest Mini. Source: Pinterest
Excellent google nest mini

This can be a luxury present for her. Mini smart speakers with built-in Google Assistant let her do everything from dimming the lights to checking the weather using just her voice. She can still have it read her daily schedule out loud or look up random information on the internet. These amazing features make them excellent boss lady gifts that you’ve ever given.

14. Macaron Gift Set

Macarons - Impressive Gifts For Your Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Macarons: impressive gifts for a sweet tooth

If your big lady has a sweet tooth, these colorful and tasty macarons are sure to please her. When she opens this macaron gift box, you’ll see a happy smile on her face. This unique present for her is sure to brighten up her day.

15. Air Plant

Air Plants For Her. Source: Pinterest
Air plants for her

How fantastic it is to give your supervisor air plants on special occasions. Besides bringing a fresh atmosphere around her office, these plants are ideal for workplace decoration. Especially, she can just grow these hard-to-die air plants with the least amount of time and effort required. She’ll appreciate it a lot.

16. USB-Heated Slippers

Warm Slippers - Unique Gifts For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Warm slippers: unique gifts for female boss

This winter, she’ll be warm and toasty with these adorable heated slippers from you. She can wear them between meetings to keep her feet from suffering at the end of the day. These sleepers are sure to be impressive gifts for lady boss that successfully show how much you care about her.

17. Weighted Eye Mask

Silk Eye Masks: Considerate Present For Your Lady Boss
Silk eye masks: considerate present for your lady boss

If your boss frequently travels, give her this weighted eye mask as a gift. It provides immediate relief from headaches and allows passengers to get some much-needed sleep on long flights. Additionally, it’s wonderful for protecting her face and is sure to be a hit with her if she’s a beauty fanatic.

18. Marble Coasters

Marble Coasters - Adorable Gifts For Your Boss
Marble coasters: adorable gifts for your lady boss

There is no better thing for someone who despises water ring marks on furniture than having an excessive number of coasters! With or without a beverage on top, these marbled coasters are still a stylish addition to any table. They’re unique gift ideas for female boss that won’t go unnoticed.

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Personalized gifts for female boss

19. Custom Mug

Custom Mugs For Bosses. Source: Pinterest
Custom mugs for bosses

Surprise your boss’s birthday with a couple of custom mugs that are sure to win her heart. Personalize them with her name or a lovely quote that makes her instantly smile before she has the first sip. These mugs are considered the best custom gifts for a female boss that you shouldn’t miss out on.

20. Custom canvas art

Boss Definition Canvas Print - Personalized Gifts For Female Boss
Boss Definition Canvas Print

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Nothing can compare to a custom canvas print in providing a sentimental ambiance to your lady’s office. With photos, names, or inspirational quotes on it, the canvas is sure to attract everyone’s attention. It’s also a charming decorative piece that tends to elevate the charming look of her working space.

21. Leather Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder. Source: Pinterest
Business card holder for her

Another wonderful present for a boss is this sophisticated case. It’s a useful piece that helps her look professional whenever she takes out her cards. Add a monogram to your order to take this gift to the next level.

22. Personalized Cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks - Personalized Gifts For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Custom cufflinks: cool personalized gifts for female boss

Are you still looking for other stunning gifts for your boss female that tend to leave the best impression on her? These customized cufflinks in stainless steel with hand-punched letters make a thoughtful gift for a stylish boss. They add an extra elegant touch to her outfit, making her feel loved and special.

23. Personalized Name Necklace

Funny Sign As Lovely Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Name necklace: custom boss lady gifts

Your supervisor will appreciate the personalized touch when receiving this custom name necklace from you. Whether it goes with silver, gold, or rose gold, it’s an amazing piece that she’ll treasure year-around.

24. Custom Insulated Tumblers

Custom Tumblers For Her. Source: Pinterest
Custom tumblers for her

Custom tumblers are stunning personalized gifts for female boss that she’ll actually love and use. Opt for her favorite color and inscribe her name on it; you’ve got an amazing tumbler to give on her birthday or any special occasion.

25. Custom book embosser

Unique Book Embosser. Source: Pinterest
Unique book embosser

If you’re looking for truly unusual and thoughtful personalized gifts for female boss, this book embosser is a brilliant choice for you. Your boss can use it to make a remarkable sign for her books or envelopes. With her name appearing, she’ll be impressed and proud.

26. Funny desk sign

Funny Sign As Lovely Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Funny sign: lovely boss lady gifts

It’s a great gesture to add a lovely touch to your boss’s working desk. With a funny desk sign, you’re bound to make her happy and proud. She’ll treasure this adorable sign for years to come.

27. Truffles And Wine Gift Set

Wine Gift Set With Truffles. Source: Pinterest
Wine gift set with truffles

If you get your boss this truffles and wine package, she will be overjoyed. The set with a bottle of dessert wine and a box of truffles with flavors like coffee, cherry, raspberry, and almond is sure to satisfy her taste. Put them on in a box or a basket where you can add the final custom touch. It’ll be one of the most amazing personalized gifts for female boss that won’t go over the top.

28. Gift Card

Gift Cards - Adorable Gifts For Your Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Gift cards: adorable gifts for your female boss

Among the most popular bodd lady gifts, gift cards stand out to be practical and impressive. Bookstores, spas, department stores, or restaurant gift cards work well. If she’s a fan of coffee, a gift card to Starbucks is a good start. Noting her interest and lifestyle will help you go with the smartest decision.

29. Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

Custom Cheese Board. Source: Pinterest
Custom cheese board

When it comes to excellent personalized gifts for female boss, you can’t skip this classic cheese board set. With cracker and nut side trays and some utensils included, this board will be well appreciated by your lady boss for years to come. More specially, she’ll be surprised when seeing her name on it. That’s a thoughtful gesture that impresses her the most.

30. Custom trinket tray

Trinket Trays - Personalized Gifts For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Trinket trays: personalized gifts for female boss

Add an elegant touch to her nightstand with an adorable custom trinket tray. Besides keeping her rings, earrings, or other accessories tidy, the tray makes your boss feel special with her name beautifully inscribed on it.

31. Personalized Canvas Art

Personalized Gift For Female Boss
Personalized canvas gifts for female boss

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If you know your boss lady and her husband so well, this canvas might be a brilliant gift idea for her. She’ll treasure how sweet and considerate you are to give her such an adorable present.

32. Soft throw

Throw Pillow. Source: Pinterest
Throw pillow: thoughtful gift for your boss

A soft, cozy throw is sure to win any lady over. She can use it at home or right in her office to get the warmest vibe. With her initials personalized on it, she’ll treasure this blanket all year-round.

33. Healthy Snack Subscription

Healthy Snacks For Her. Source: Pinterest
Healthy snacks for her

Your supervisor will appreciate receiving a box of gluten-free, organic, and healthy snacks. It’ll be a delight that powers her workday with chips and candies from new and trending food companies.

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Thoughtful gifts for your boss female

34. Bonsai Plant

Bonsai Plants - Lovely Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Bonsai plants: lovely boss lady gifts

A little green ornament will look great on your boss’s desk. It livens up the atmosphere around her, delivering a fresh working vibe. To gain an extra point, opt for an easy-to-grow type of tree for your busy boss lady.

35. Bamboo Desk Organizer

Desk Organizers - Unique Gifts For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Desk organizers: unique gifts for female boss

This desk organizer has less of an impact on the environment since it’s made of bamboo. Thus, it’s one of the delicate gifts for female boss who is ecologically conscientious. We’re sure she likes how useful it is to have large compartments for a file folder and smaller ones for notepads, paper clips, and pens.

36. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Steel Water Bottle. Source: Pinterest
Steel water bottle: cute present for boss

Your boss will never run out of water, thanks to this stylish water bottle. It’s also a nice change from her usual plastic-based version. Giving this bottle to her is an amazing way to show how much you care about her.

37. Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves - Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Touchscreen gloves: thoughtful gift ideas for boss lady

From now on, she’ll never miss an opportunity to send you a slack message while they’re on the go again. With these touchscreen gloves, she’ll easily manage her phone no matter how cold the weather is.

38. Candle Set

Scented Candles. Source: Pinterest
Scented candles: cute boss gift

You can never go wrong with candles for thoughtful gifts for your female boss. With a variety of scents out there, it’s quite tricky to choose the most appropriate one for her. If you know what she likes, no need for brainstorming. But if you’re clueless, we suggest fresh fragrances of prosecco, pomegranate, gardenia, or warm cedar. Or else, place-themed candles are excellent choices if you know she has a special bond with her hometown.

39. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers - Adorable Gifts For Your Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Bluetooth speakers: adorable gifts for your female boss

You’ve got a tech-obsessed boss? Try giving them this Bluetooth speaker as a present. It’s compact and comes in various colors, so it can easily fit into any room. When she goes for a short bike ride or trek, a high-quality portable speaker will come in handy. Because it can be attached to a backpack or tote, it offers the most convenience.

40. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcases - Practical Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Silk pillowcases: practical boss lady gifts

When it comes to bedding, who doesn’t appreciate silky smooth pillowcases? After a long day of hard work, your boss will appreciate having a comfortable place to rest her head and have a nice sleep. They’ll simple but elegant gifts for lady boss that she’ll love to receive.

41. Mini Beauty Cooler

Mini Beauty Cooler. Source: Pinterest
Mini beauty cooler

It’s remarkable how well this little beauty refrigerator preserves your boss’s expensive cosmetics. She can keep it at home or right in her office to help her take a fresh enjoyment whenever she wants to.

42. Essential Oil Diffusers

Oil Diffusers - Practical Gift Ideas For Boss Lady
Oil diffusers: practical gift idea for boss lady

Oil diffusers never go over the top when it comes to thoughtful gift ideas for lady boss. Besides freshening up the workstation, they’re elegant pieces that elevate the overall look of the space. Include some natural-scented oils with your gift to bring it to the next level. How cool it is that this present will give her the best mood to fulfill all her to-do lists.

43. Beautiful photo frame

Lovely Photo Frame. Source: Pinterest
Lovely photo frame

Add a sentimental touch to your boss’s working desk with a lovely frame with a photo of her family, colleagues, or pets. If you like to let her choose a photo on her own and personalize the gift, a gift card is the best option.

44. Trendy olive oil

Olive Oil. Source: Pinterest
Olive oil

The benefits of using high-quality olive oil are probably well-known to those who cook frequently. Everything tastes better with a dash of oil drizzled on top. In addition, she can proudly display the stunning bottle in her kitchen.

45. Korean sheet masks

Oh Canvas Beautiful You Fly Wall Art Decor
Sheet masks: thoughtful gifts for your female boss

Still can’t decide what gift for your boss female to go? This box of Korean sheet masks is likely to provide much-needed relaxation to any stressed-out boss. She’ll appreciate every fresh moment with natural sheet masks on her face.

46. Toiletry bag

Toiletry Bag. Source: Pinterest
Toiletry bag

Your on-the-go boss lady seems to travel a lot for working or vacation. Then she’ll need this toiletry bag to come with her. Opt for an elegant design and her favorite color; you’ll gain a better point.

47. Romantic Canvas Art

Romantic Canvas Gift For Her
Romantic canvas gifts for female boss

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A vintage canvas print will satisfy her taste at her first look. With amazing gifts for lady boss like this one, you’re bound to win a better place in her heart.

48. A beautiful vase

Flower Vases - Adorable Gifts For Your Female Boss. Source: Pinterest
Flower vases: adorable gifts for your female boss

A vase is a great gift idea for everyone, from the newly engaged to those who prefer practical gifts for decoration. Include her favorite flowers to show how sweet and sentimental you are.

49. Lunch Box With Utensils

Lunch Box - Practical Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Lunch box: practical boss lady gifts

If your supervisor prefers cooking for her lunch to eating out, this lunch box will be ahead of the game while finding the best gift ideas for female boss. With all the necessary utensils included, her meal planning for the week can be a little more enjoyable.

50. Back Cushion

Back Cushions - Thoughtful Boss Lady Gifts. Source: Pinterest
Back cushions: thoughtful boss lady gifts

With this molded back cushion, you can give your on-the-go boss the extra lumbar support that she actually needs. She’s about to enjoy a more relaxing and comfortable chair which helps her work well every single day.

Farewell Gift For Female Boss

51. Travel Case for Electronics/Cables

Gifts For Female Boss Travle Case
Travel Case for Electronics/Cables

If your boss is leaving the company, you can’t go wrong with this gift. It doesn’t care about gender, so even your female boss will be happy if you give her this. The inside of the bag has safe places to put things and keeps them from getting scratched. Small electronics like cell phones, documents, power adapters, and even memory cards can be stored and kept safe in them.

52. Credit Card Holder

Gift For Female Boss Card Holder
Credit Card Holder

We all carry a lot of cards, like debit cards, credit cards, ID cards, and so on. When you need something, it is very helpful to have it all in one place. Give your boss a designer card holder that is made of high-quality materials and looks good. Not only that, but make sure to choose a holder that has RFID protection, which stops scammers from getting your card information.

53. Customized Document/Laptop Sleeve

Gift Ideas For Female Boss Sleeve
Personalized Document/Laptop Sleeve

Your boss probably walks all day to meetings, offices, and cities so give her this customized laptop sleeve. These personalized gifts for female boss cases are elegant. It features several pockets and compartments, and you can add your boss’s name or initials to the sleeve. Pick the one that would look best on your boss.

54. The Deluxe Scratch Map

Boss Lady Gifts Map Deluxe
Scratch Map Deluxe

Choose this farewell gift for female boss if she likes to travel. This Scratch off Map World Poster Deluxe Edition is a fun way for your boss to keep track of his travels around the world. It makes a great gift. This is made with hand-picked, high-quality materials, like the thick premium card and an easy-to-peel-off foil. It looks great as wall art, too.

55. Wonderful Boss Print

Gifts For Boss Female - Personalized Gift For Mentor
Personalized Gift for Mentor

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You want to make your boss smile as they leave the office? The only way to do this would be to download this Amazing Boss Print and give it to them at the farewell party. At the moment, you can download this boss print from Oh Canvas. It’s easy to print and put in a frame yourself.

56. A Coffee Mug!

Alternatively, A Coffee Mug!
Alternatively, A Coffee Mug!

This mug is a great choice of gifts for female boss if you want to give her something simple but meaningful. It has a message on it that shows how much you appreciate your boss.

57. Retirement Boss Mug

Farewell Gift For Female Boss Retirement CupWith this warm coffee mug, you can wish your boss a worry-free retirement. The cup is a little bit sassy when it says goodbye, but it’s a cute kind of sass. After all, this woman is your co-worker and friend, so give her this gift to wish her the best in her new life.

58. Boss Lady Wine Glass Tumbler

Boss Lady Tumbler Wine Glass
Boss Lady Tumbler Wine Glass

Give this tumbler to your boss if she likes wine a lot and is a cool woman. Its sassy message will make her feel like she knows the drink better. What a great farewell gift for female boss who isn’t afraid to close a deal.

FAQs About Stunning Gifts For Female Boss

What should I gift to my female boss?

  • Eyeglasses Holder
  • Smart Charging Station
  • Mug & Warmer Set
  • Accessory Desk Organizers
  • Room Spray
  • Storm Cloud

What is the best birthday gift for a lady boss?

  • Gift cards
  • Business card holder
  • Specialty tea or coffee
  • Gift basket
  • Mug or drink holder
  • Office plants
  • Notebook set

What should I get my boss lady for Christmas?

  • The Sill snake plant
  • Wireless Charger Station
  • Food Gift
  • Storm Cloud
  • Cold Brew Bottle

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Not all expensive, luxurious things are the best gifts for female boss. By considering your relationship with her and noting her interest as well as lifestyle, you’ll make a further step in making your boss lady satisfied. Oh Canvas‘s lift above includes the most practical, sentimental, and unique pieces that won’t go unnoticed. Stick with our gift guide, and your choice will stand out from the rest office.



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