33 Easiest And Cheapest Christmas Craft Ideas To Try Now!

40 Easiest And Cheapest Christmas Craft Ideas To Try Now!
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Christmas is perfect for bringing out your creative side and adorning your home with handcrafted decorations! Look no further than Oh Canvas‘s collection of Christmas craft ideas if you’re ready to add some jolly charm to your holiday celebrations. Whether you’re an expert crafter or just starting, we’ve gathered a sleighload of ideas to help you celebrate the holidays in style. Our Christmas craft ideas will have you whirling through the snow of creation in no time, from charming wreaths that greet guests with open arms to charming ornaments that sparkle with personality.

DIY Christmas Ornaments To Dress Up a Christmas Tree

1. Decorative with Marbled Polish Nail

Decorative With Marbled Polish Nail 
Decorative with Marbled Polish Nail

These Christmas craft ideas are perfect if you own a few nail paint shades! Pour two or three tones of your preferred nail paint into a glass of ice water. While holding the base, thoroughly coat your wooden tree with the mixture. Wait for it to finish leaking over a paper towel, and then lay it face up on the towel to dry.

2. Hand-painted Baubles

Hand-Painted Baubles
Hand-painted Baubles

The ethereal beauty and artistic charm of making faintly painted tree ornaments have captured the hearts of holiday enthusiasts. The artistic freedom to express oneself freely in the form of faintly painted tree decorations makes them a one-of-a-kind addition to any Christmas tree. You may let your individuality shine through when you make these Christmas craft ideas.

3. Cake Molds Decorations

Cake Molds Decorations
Cake mold decorations are the easiest Christmas craft ideas.

One of the cheapest and easiest Christmas craft ideas is to make decorations from cake molds. Collect all the metal molds you like, then embellish them with whatever you like. After that, thread them into craft strings to make a Christmas tree that will be remembered forever.

4. Antlers of A reindeer

Antlers Of A Reindeer
Antlers of A reindeer

You may find that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer takes center stage this holiday season. Cute and simple to construct, this wooden reindeer ornament will surely be a hit with any crafter. It looks great with the wooden tree slices tucked under the pine branches of your Christmas tree. These Christmas craft ideas would be ideal for the tree and make great presents for friends and family.

How to make:

  • Put a large, fluffy red pom on a sliced piece of wood and glue it in place. Use a glue gun for the greatest results while sticking to this craft.
  • Get a bit of beige or brown felt to make antlers. Then, using adhesive, attach them to the wooden tree slice. Then, using adhesive, attach them to the wooden tree slice.
  • Dot his eyes with two little dots of black paint with a little brush. Make it more personable by painting a smile.
  • Another option for a hanger is to use twine or ribbon. To attach wooden discs to your reindeer without holes drilled into them, glue the hanger to their backs.

5. Snowflake Ornament Made Using Macramé

Snowflake Ornament Made Using Macramé
Snowflake Ornament Made Using Macramé

Turn your Christmas tree into a little winter wonderland with these macramé snowflake ornaments. Tying such knots and transforming plain ropes into these elaborate, snow-covered marvels is strangely pleasurable. Making this ornament also benefits you by taking your mind off your problems and letting it rest.

6. Star Matchstick Ornament

Star Matchstick Ornaments Are Quickly Diy Christmas Ornaments
Star Matchstick Ornaments are quickly DIY Christmas ornaments

Whoever stated, “Don’t play with matches,” clearly had no idea how entertaining it would be to fashion them into festive decorations. These Christmas craft ideas stand out among the many unique and well-liked approaches to holiday décor. You only need matches, glue, and creativity this year to create adorable geometric Christmas decorations.

How to make:

  • Get a sheet of blank paper and either sketch or print out a star template. To make the pattern visible, cut out the two sheets and lightly attach them to the flat cardboard.
  • After that, light the matchsticks, blow them out, cool them, and then brush off any excess ash. Glue six matchsticks in a starburst design, beginning in the middle.
  • Next, stuff each space with charred matchsticks and trim them to length. Keep waiting for the adhesive to dry before proceeding.

7. DIY Drum Ornaments

Diy Drum Ornaments
DIY Drum Ornaments

Thanks to this guide, the ordinary toilet paper rolls you buy at the store will appear like works of art. These cute drums are fashioned from recycled toilet paper rolls, which nobody would initially guess. Miniature drums made from recycled materials like washi tape, ribbon, craft paper, and toilet paper are a creative way to turn waste into treasure.

How to make:

  • Using scissors, trim a toilet paper roll until it is 1.5″ to 2″ tall.
  • Apply acrylic paint to the exterior of the roll and allow it to dry entirely.
  • Two circles the same size as the roll’s opening should be cut.
  • Stick the craft paper in place with a small bead of hot glue.
  • Using washi tape or ribbon, create a crisscross pattern on the drum’s side and attach any desired embellishments. When necessary, secure them with a tiny bead of hot glue.
  • To make a neat line, glue a piece of washi tape, ribbon, or craft paper to the top and bottom of the drum.
  • Use a dot of hot glue to adhere the ribbon loop you made to the drum.

8. Craft Bead Snowmen

Craft Bead Snowmen
Craft Bead Snowmen

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without Christmas craft ideas about snowmen. All you need is a variety of white craft beads in varying sizes to make the snowman’s body and one black bead to serve as the head. Scarves and caps adorned with multicolored beads are another option.

How to make:

  • Attach three white beads to a craft wire in descending order of size to create the snowman’s body. Beads can be fastened by twisting the wire ends.
  • The head of the snowman can be made by threading a black bead onto the wire. Make a beaded cap or a small felt or paper cap. The snowman’s head bead is the perfect place to glue the cap.
  • To finish, use markers to paint snowmen’s faces on wooden craft beads.

9. Handmade Repurposed Wallpaper Decorations

Handmade Repurposed Wallpaper Decorations Are Easy Christmas Crafts
Handmade, repurposed wallpaper decorations are easy Christmas crafts

Don’t rush to throw away old wallpaper or wrapping paper in your home. Those discarded papers can become beautiful Christmas craft ideas with our guide. This year’s Christmas tree ornament will be unique, thanks to the variety of paper designs and colors.

How to make:

  • Separate the wallpaper into nine equal pieces, 2-inch by 10-inch pieces cut into strips. Punch three holes in every strip’s upper, middle, and lower parts.
  • Thread a 10-inch floral wire with a wooden bead and fasten it by wrapping the wire over itself.
  • Then, using the center hole, attach paper strips to the wire. Attach the bottom strip to the wire by threading each end onto it.
  • Once you’ve connected the ends of each strip to the wire, move clockwise. For extra security, attach a second wooden bead and secure it by creating a wire loop and wrapping it around itself. Put a bow on top so it can be hung.

10. Pine Cone Swan Ornament

Pine Cone Swan Ornaments Make Cute Christmas Crafts For Adults
Pine cone swan ornaments make cute Christmas crafts for adults

Has snowfall been heavy where you live yet? If not, now is the perfect time to gather pinecones to make DIY-painted swans! We love pinecones for crafting—we made a trio of gorgeous decorations two years ago and these colorfully painted swans lately. We’ve been thinking a lot about turkey crafts in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving. Then it hit us: pinecones also make a great material for swan crafts!

How to make:

  • After painting a small pinecone white, allow it to cure entirely. To create a small head for your swan, wind the tip of a white pipe cleaner around itself.
  • Attach the pipe cleaner to one end of the pinecone with a dot of hot glue, cutting it approximately 1″ below the head you formed. This will create the neck and head of your swan.
  • To create the beak, cut a little triangle from the golden craft paper and glue it onto the side of the pipe cleaner head.
  • Cut out two little felt forms and hot glue them onto the pinecone’s side to create the wings.
  • Turn the swan into an ornament by attaching a looped piece of thread. Display it with pride on your tree.

11. Candy-Wrapped Ornaments

Candy-Wrapped Ornaments
Candy-Wrapped Ornaments

A fantastic way to give dull or mismatched trinkets a new life! Arrange a spherical decoration in the middle of a piece of parchment paper. Secure it by wrapping it in the paper in a twist, just like candy. Finish by tying ornamental bows on the ends and suspending them.

12. Holiday Calendar with Santa Claus

Holiday Santa Claus Calendars Are Great Christmas Craft Ideas
Holiday Santa Claus calendars are great Christmas craft ideas

Take it one cotton ball at a time and help Santa perfect his holiday attire. Start by tracing Santa’s head and red cap onto separate red and white paper sheets. Jot down 1–25 on his white beard after you’ve drawn his eyes, pink cheeks, and nose. Get your children started on Santa’s beard on December 1 by having them tape a cotton ball until it’s full.

13. Twig Ornaments

Twig Ornaments Are The One Of Cutest Christmas Craft Ideas
Twig ornaments are the one of cutest Christmas craft ideas

How pumped up are you for Christmas? Let’s decorate your trees this year with a little bit of nature. Gather twigs outside on a walk as the first step in this craft’s adventure. Wrap festive embroidery thread around the twigs, then apply glue to make holiday shapes.

14. Holiday Santa Ornaments

Holiday Santa Ornaments
Holiday Santa Ornaments

This set of charming Santa gnome ornaments is a great way to liven up your holiday decor. They look adorable, dangling from the tree, and are simple to make. Seeing cheerful gnomes decked up in fluffy beards and miniature Santa hats adorning the Christmas tree will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

15. Snowflake Decorations Made from Popsicle Sticks

Snowflake Decorations Made From Popsicle Sticks
Snowflake Decorations Made from Popsicle Sticks

These popsicle stick ornaments draw inspiration from classic Scandinavian straw ornaments and are great Christmas craft ideas. One of those classic ideas that will always be in vogue is this snowflake made of popsicle sticks. These are a hit with youngsters and are quite simple to whip up. We used them for our Christmas tree decorations, but you can whip up a batch whenever the weather turns chilly!

How to make:

  • The recipe calls for white paint and some time to dry on popsicle sticks.
  • Make an X shape using pieces of corresponding sizes and glue them together. Put glue in the center of the snowflake you made by arranging two Xs diagonally on top of each other.
  • Wait until it dries entirely. Wrap the popsicle sticks with colorful embroidery thread to make an X or grid pattern.
  • Finally, snip the excess thread and tie it to the back of the snowflake. Attach a ribbon loop to the snowflake’s reverse side so you can hang it.

16. Popsicle Stick Holiday Window Decoration

Popsicle Stick Holiday Window Decoration As Diy Christmas Ornaments
Popsicle stick holiday window decoration as DIY Christmas ornaments

Do you think you might use more ornaments for your tree this year? Add some jolly to your winter window display with these easy-to-make stick trees! These adorable do-it-yourself ornaments require five standard popsicle sticks and one longer stick for the base. Add a photo of your child, some artificial snow, and a miniature wreath to your design.

17. Decorative Pom Poms

Decorative Pom Poms
Decorative Pom Poms

If you don’t have enough time, making pom-poms is the quickest way. Carefully unwind the yarn by winding it around your hand several times; then, knot it around the center. After you cut the ends, you’re done. But if you want perfectly round pom-poms, cutting out cardboard circles is your best bet.

18. Vintage Paper Decoration

Vintage Paper Decoration
Vintage Paper Decoration

Dress up your Christmas tree with these simple yet unique decorations. Mix a bunch of paper ornaments with multicolored baubles. The first step is to cut out the outlines of our templates onto some card stock.

Add sparkles and ornaments with snowflake cutouts and pipe cleaners as you desire. Poke a hole in each one, tie a ribbon around each one, and then hang them from your Christmas tree.

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Simple Christmas Craft Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home

19. DIY Snow Globe

Diy Snow Globe As Christmas Crafts For Adults
DIY Snow Globe as Christmas crafts for adults

No Christmas is complete without a handmade snow globe! Việc tận dụng some annoying plastic figurines collecting dust is the nicest part about these snow globes. If your youngster is willing to give them up, LEGOs are another great option for these Christmas craft ideas.

How to make:

  • Apply glue to the interior of the lid of the jar. Stick in your little one’s plastic figurine.
  • Pour cold water into the jar.
  • Include one or two teaspoons of glitter and mix well.
  • Incorporate a small amount of glycerin.
  • Tighten the jar’s lid. If you’re worried about your kids attempting to open it, you can secure it with glue.

20. Greeny Garlands

Greeny Garlands
Greeny Garlands

Making your Christmas garland is fun, easy, and environmentally friendly. You only need a little string and maybe one or two other things. Making a garland is an art form that can also be calming. The phrase “crafty eco-warrior” is best summed up by creating one’s own eco-friendly Christmas decorations, and here are a few easy garland ideas to inspire you.

21. Decorate with Wine Corks

Decorate With Wine Corks
Decorate with Wine Corks

You most likely have a surplus of wine corks if you’re a wine enthusiast. Making a garland from wine corks is an excellent way to keep your memories more aesthetic.

Firstly, drilling a hole in the cork is a time-consuming but secure option. Alternately, you may use small screw eyelets and attach one to the cork’s end. You can embellish them with bells, tiny snowflakes, and red, white, and green wooden beads to make them more festive for the Christmas display.

22. Tart Oranges Decorations

Tart Oranges Decorations
Tart Oranges Decorations

Receiving one orange in the past century would have been considered a Christmas miracle because they were rare and expensive. Since an orange slice looks like a coin, it is believed that a golden garland strung around a house or tree will bring good fortune.

How to make:

  • Cut your oranges into small slices, then sandwich them between two paper towels to extract any remaining juice.
  • Place the slices on a baking sheet coated with parchment paper and bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four hours, turning once halfway through.
  • When the oranges have cooled, use a toothpick to make small holes in each one to thread your string.
  • You can use cinnamon or pinecones, which stand for rebirth, family, and enlightenment (represented by the symbol sage), to spread even more joy throughout the holiday season.

23. Card Holders with Candy Cane Designs

Card Holders With Candy Cane Designs Are Easy Christmas Crafts For Adults
Card Holders with candy cane designs are easy Christmas crafts for adults

These handmade candy card holders are simple Christmas craft ideas. Easy to put together with adhesive, these candy cane place cardholders take calligraphy to the next level. But when the little ones help out by writing the guests’ names, they become even more adorable.

How to make:

  • Starting at the bottom and working your way up, run hot glue along the length of a candy cane.
  • Hold the two candy canes together until the adhesive cools, and press another cane on top of the other.
  • Apply a second coat of hot glue to the fold between the two glued candy canes, then push the third cane into the glue. (To make them sit up as in the photographs, you should attach the three candy canes triangularly.)
  • Create a lovely bow by wrapping a ribbon around the candy cane tripod’s center.
  • Set up the name cards, which you can print or write by hand, using two of the three candy canes as an easel.

24. DIY Stockings Stuffers

Diy Stockings Stuffers
DIY Stockings Stuffers

If you have enough time, stuff each member of your family’s stockings with their own unique ornaments before Christmas morning. Stitch ribbon or pom-pom trim to the stocking’s hem before decorating with felt cutouts and seasonal stickers for a homemade gift. Fill it with a variety of stocking stuffers once it’s completely dried.

25. Christmas Character Candy Pots

Christmas Character Candy Pots
Christmas Character Candy Pots

Bringing joy and coziness to your home, these sweet pots are more than just decorations. For this simple holiday project, gather small flower pots. Make them into festive figures like snowmen, elves, and reindeer with craft materials like felt googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

26. Craft Your Own Winter Village

Craft Your Own Winter Village
Craft Your Own Winter Village

Made entirely from cardboard, paint, and wooden discs, this Christmas village seems like it came from a store. However, they’re actually do-it-yourself Christmas craft ideas. Everything, even the colors, will be up to you to decide. You can even make your own set of villagers by printing them off from the guide.

27. Holiday Masks Made of Paper Plates

Holiday Masks Made Of Paper Plates
Holiday Masks Made of Paper Plates

Homemade plates aren’t to be taken lightly! This cute Christmas activity only requires plain white paper plates and basic crafting materials. Remember to snap many photos of the young artists wearing their Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, and snowman masks.

28. Crafty Christmas Countdown

Crafty Christmas Countdown
Crafty Christmas Countdown

Making your own advent calendar that complements your home’s decor is much better than purchasing a ready-made one. Gather some twine and drawstring bags, stuff them with goodies, tie on some tags, and then hang them from a tree branch of a reasonable size. All month long, you can present gifts in an easy and homemade way.

29. Jars for Winter Stockings

Jars For Winter Stockings
Jars for Winter Stockings

Anyone lucky enough to receive one of these homemade stocking stuffers will be overjoyed. Spoon white candy into four-ounce Mason jars and top with snowman-shaped decorations. Choose the ideal white sweets to stuff these jars, including shimmering marshmallows, icy mints, or icy white chocolate treats.

30. Carers for Clothespins

Carers For Clothespins
Carers for Clothespins

You might assume these adorable Christmas craft ideas are as easy as they come since they only require four components. Because of the meticulousness required—if you want your carolers to have flawless vocal expressions—it might be better suited for older children.

31. Handmade Wreath

Handmade Wreaths Are Simple Christmas Crafts For Adults
Handmade Wreaths are simple Christmas crafts for adults

You can show off your unique flair by crafting your wreath. If you want to make your own wreath, use a ready-made wreath form, embellish it with embellishments, or use artificial or fresh foliage. Whether you want to be quick or meticulous depends on your time constraints, but either way, it’s fun for a gathering.

32. Honeycomb Trees Made of Paper

Honeycomb Trees Made Of Paper
Honeycomb Trees Made of Paper

These Christmas craft ideas are ideal if you enjoy making paper honeycomb decorations. For a frosted effect, spray the top with some white spray paint. Then, place them on a string of fairy lights to create a dazzling centerpiece for your table or mantel.

33. Picture of a Tinsel Wreaths

Picture Of A Tinsel Wreaths
Picture of a Tinsel Wreaths

A little tinsel never hurts a party! You can make your own vintage star wreath by simply adding your photos. The alternative is to distribute Polaroid cameras and let people snap their photos as they happen.

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We have the ideas to add a touch of handcrafted magic to your celebrations, whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or just starting to dip your toes in the sparkling pool of creativity. Get your creative juices flowing, gather your materials, and let the holiday spirit inspire you to make something special. Warmth, love, and the joyful art of festive creation will be the story that your holiday décor tells with our Christmas craft ideas. Indulge in the joy of crafting this Christmas season and create something very special for yourself!

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