33 Best Living Room Christmas Decor To Ring A Holiday Cheer

32 Best Living Room Christmas Decor To Create A Winter Wonderland
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The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes the annual struggle to find the ideal decor for your own living room. The living room is the heart of any home, where loved ones gather to eat, watch TV, play games, and exchange gifts. Oh Canvas has compiled a variety of Christmas decoration ideas that will make any style come to life! Stunning Christmas trees, colorful ornaments, and fireplace mantels are decorated in a variety of styles. In this blog, we also put up a broad assortment of living room Christmas decor ideas that will certainly put you in a cheerful mood.

Easy and Stunning Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas 2023

1. Choose your styles and colors

Choose Your Styles And Colors. Image Via Pinterest.
Choose your styles and colors. Image via Pinterest.

Whether you’re decking out a minimalist apartment or a small house, your Christmas decorations should reflect the style of the room they’re displayed in. You can also incorporate different styles, but they shouldn’t clash too much with the predominant design.

When it comes to color, using a consistent palette for Christmas decorations is a simple way to increase the class factor and bring everything together. The most common color schemes are various hues of green and red, red and gold, white and red and green, black and white (for a winter wonderland effect), and various bright colors.

2. Concentrate on an entryway area

Concentrate On An Entryway Area. Image Via Pinterest.
Concentrate on an entryway area. Image via Pinterest.

You should focus on the entryway and hallways leading up to your living room before you bring in the main attraction. Decorate the passageway between the foyer and the living room with a wreath, garlands, and honeycomb paper streamers.

Think about the flow of the colors in the room. A well-thought-out color scheme has the dual benefits of elevating a room’s aesthetic and giving the illusion of increased space.

3. Focus on your fireplace

Highlight Your Fireplace. Image Via Sprucingupmamahood.
Highlight your fireplace. Image via Sprucingupmamahood.

Start decorating the living room Christmas decor, which is the heart of your house. Stack up a few brilliant red candles and light them up in front of your fireplace. Embellishing your mantel with beautiful dried flowers is a must. Put a mirror made of ornate brass on top to reflect the candlelight. This chic outfit requires little effort but makes a big impact. Hang colorful stockings with names or messages from loved ones above the fireplace.

4. Choose a focal point

The Sofa Is A Focal Point For Living Room Christmas Decor. Image Via Pinterest.
The sofa is a focal point for the living room Christmas decor. Image via Pinterest.

Unquestionably, the armchair is the living room’s spirit. An attractively decorated armchair will make the entire living area feel cozy. Chunky knit throws are the perfect accessory for cuddling up on the couch or armchair. Choose rich hues associated with the Christmas season, such as scarlet, emerald, or the time-honored design.

5. Think about the top-view

Think About The Top View. Image Via Hotcore.info
Think about the top view. Image via hotcore.info

Chandeliers are fascinating to decorate with and may completely alter the appearance of your ceilings. But if you want a creative yet affordable idea, decorating a bird’s nest on the ceiling is the ideal choice. The nest is adorned with silver and white ornaments and a necklace of white beads. You can make the nest look like a chandelier by lighting pillar candles on top of it. Silver stars and hearts draped vertically from the nest represent chandelier-like crystals.

6. Exhibit a winter village

Exhibit A Winter Village. Image Via Confessions Of A Serial Diyer.
Exhibit a winter village. Image via Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

Empty your shelves to exhibit your Christmas village. You could even illuminate your miniature town from behind by placing it inside a cabinet with a glass door. You may put it on a windowsill to complement your existing window decor.

7. Decorate pillows with a holiday motif

Decorate The Living Room Christmas Decor With Pillows. Image Via Amazon.
Decorate the living room Christmas decor with pillows. Image via Amazon.

Why don’t you put in some seasonal throw pillows in place of your regular ones? It’s a cheap and simple approach to spreading cheer during the Christmas season. Whether you change up your ordinary living room pillows to velvet or full-on Christmas cushions or raise your coffee table decor game, it all counts towards your living room Christmas decor ambience.

8. Add some glitz with gold pinecones

Add Some Glitz With Gold Pinecones
Add some glitz with gold pinecones

This symmetrical mantel cape features large, gold pinecones on either side and a bouquet of red roses on the mantel for a pop of color. Pinecones are a great holiday decoration because they can be found naturally or purchased from a craft store.

9. Drape some greenery garland

Drape Some Greenery Garland To Tv Sole
Drape some greenery garland to the TV sole. Image via cfm.or.ke.

Another interesting way to decorate Christmas is to light up the living room with some LED garlands of varying lengths. For those who don’t want to put in a lot of effort decorating for the holidays, this timeless classic is the way to go. In order to decorate your studio apartment for the holidays, you can line the mantel, drape garlands over the TV console, and hang it over the top of your headboard.

10. Exhibit valuable family ornaments

Personalized Family Reunion Photo Ornament
Personalized Family Reunion Photo Ornament

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Hanging personalized ornaments is the best way to spruce up a living room Christmas decor. Family heirlooms have a special meaning because they have been passed down through the generations. Family traditions, like making adorable family ornaments, can be passed down through the years.

11. Make a Christmas gallery wall

Make A Christmas Gallery Wall For The Living Room Christmas Decor. Image Via Unoriginal Mom.
Make a Christmas gallery wall for the living room Christmas decor. Image via unOriginal Mom.

Create a festive Christmas gallery by displaying your best holiday artwork. You can decorate with paintings of winter scenery and inspiring Christmas phrases, all while sticking to a color scheme (ideally the colors of the event).

12. Bring in some seaside style

Bring In Some Seaside Style. Image Via Sustain My Craft Habit.
Bring in some seaside style. Image via Sustain My Craft Habit.

Don’t force yourself into a conventional red and green color scheme if you prefer a more beachy aesthetic. White pinecones, sea glass blue accents, and elegant palm fronds give this otherwise stark mantel a hearty helping of festive cheer. It’s crucial to make a statement with your holiday mantel decor because it’s the focal point of most living room Christmas decor.

13. Tie more ribbons

Tie More Ribbons
Tie more ribbons. Image via A Piece Of Rainbow.

There’s no rule that says the ribbon has to go around the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree in this living room is decorated with adorable ribbon bows, but the presence of lovely chocolate brown gift wrapping helps to ground the space. Decorate your Christmas tree, wreath, door, or garland with bows.

14. Decorate candlelit corners

Decorate Candlelit Corners For Living Room Cozy Christmas Decorations
Decorate candlelit corners for living room cozy Christmas decorations

Without scent candles, the Christmas vibe will not be complete. Choose scents like cinnamon or pine for an added sensory experience, and let the flickering flames create an aura of warmth and tranquility.

15. Have some fun with funny holiday decorations

Have Some Fun With Funny Holiday Decorations
Have some fun with funny holiday decorations. Image via Walmart.

Nothing beats decorating your living room Christmas decor with funny Christmas decor. Adding ornaments, greenery, and bows to a focal point in your living room will make it even more of a showpiece during the holiday season.

16. Increase your effect using mirrors

Increase Your Effect Using Mirrors For Living Room Cozy Christmas Decorations. Image Via The Coastal Oak.
Increase your effect by using mirrors for living room cozy Christmas decorations. Image via The Coastal Oak.

Mirrors become dazzling canvases, reflecting and enhancing the glow of twinkling lights and the flicker of candle flames. These mirrors create an illusion of space by enlarging the room’s perimeter, much like doors leading to an enchanted winter wonderland. With their variety in style and placement, mirrors add grandeur and anchor the room in a mesmerizing dance of reflection and elegance.

17. Light a fire

Light A Fire
Light a fire. Image via Pinterest.

Nothing feels cozier than a crackling fire on Christmas Eve, so if you want to send warm and welcoming vibes, stack some logs before the hearth and keep it going (nearly) all night. As long as it’s out before Santa comes down the chimney, you should be fine.

18. Dress up the dessert station

Dress Up The Dessert Station
Dress up the dessert station

Guests at a large Christmas dinner will appreciate the extra effort you’ve put into adorning the dessert table. To complement the wreath ribbon, you can weave some branches over serving dishes and strew a few decorations here and there. Stacking the cake stands to create a variety of heights and visual interest is another detail we adore.

19. Use a display to add interest to windows

Use A Display To Add Interest To Windows
Use a display to add interest to windows

Since the majority of our time during the holidays is spent in the family room, it’s important that it be decorated to its fullest potential. We’re not advocating going overboard with tacky displays, but Christmas window dressing is often overlooked or underutilized.

Decorate the vase with twigs, clip-on birds, and other embellishments for a low-key alternative to decals. The vase and branch can be kept out as decorations all year, and this is a terrific way to reuse ornaments that didn’t make it onto the tree.

20. State wall with neon lighting

State Wall With Neon Lighting. Image Via Pinterest.
State wall with neon lighting. Image via Pinterest.

Whether you decide for a subtle homage to the holidays with a “Joy” sign or go full-blown festive with a personalized Christmas neon sign, this alternate kind of illumination in combination with your glittering tree will undoubtedly pack a punch in your living room Christmas decor.

21. Set up a comfortable reading nook

Set Up A Comfortable Reading Nook
Set up a comfortable reading nook for Christmas living room aesthetic

The atmosphere of this reading nook is warm and inviting, perfect for curling up with a good book. Even better, the blue color palette is spot-on for a chic and modern take on the holiday season. This is a cozy area to read the new book Santa brought you or peruse your holiday wish list.

The first step in sprucing up a nook of living room Christmas decor is to track down a chunky knit blanket in the style of your favorite holiday sweater. To set the mood for the perfect holiday selfie, place spare ornaments, illuminated presents, and candles throughout the living room.

22. Spruce up the look of baubles

Spruce Up The Look Of Baubles
Spruce up the look of baubles for Christmas living room aesthetic

You may easily increase the holiday spirit of your home by hanging baubles in strategic locations that aren’t limited to Christmas trees. You may also use these as holiday door decorations. Gorgeous ornaments from your collection can also be shown by dangling them from the knobs of cabinets, trees, or the cords of desk and floor lamps.

23. Sparkle up that bar cart

Sparkle Up That Bar Cart
Sparkle up that bar cart. Image via askaria.edu.pk.

A vintage-inspired cart is a fantastic spot to store your favorite beverages and some Christmas treats. Add some flair to your living room Christmas decor by grouping together a variety of boozy-themed Christmas decorations, art posters, and signs.

24. Places to Put Santa’s Letters

Places To Put Santa'S Letters
Places to Put Santa’s Letters

Make a comfortable space where kids can sit and write about Santa. At the center of this enchanted corner sits a table decked out with festive paper, quills, and a personalized mailbox, all of which are ready to receive the hopes and dreams of young and old alike. Just picture how the author’s personality shines through in each letter—a blend of childlike wonder, eager anticipation, and the special charm that only the holiday season can bring.

25. Bring out the Christmas toys

Bring Out The Christmas Toys
Bring out the Christmas toys. Image via Good Housekeeping.

Having children in the house during holiday time means you should probably decorate the living room Christmas decor with some entertaining toys. These toys can be the centerpiece of a narrative on a blank table in your living room. That toy mimics Santa transporting all the presents in a vintage car, which is sure to please every child.

Top Trendy Christmas Living Room Theme Ideas

Living room Christmas decor ideas can transform your ordinary atmosphere into a home that’s festive and bright for the holidays. The following ideas can be used to create the most eye-catching holiday area ever, whether your living room is neutral or decked out in holiday cheer.

26. A Festive Living Space Full of Color

Traditional Christmas Living Room. Image Via Homewings.
Traditional Christmas living room. Image via Homewings.

Show off your bohemian side by decorating your living space for the holidays. A big garland strung with wood beads, blush colors, and natural elements puts a feminine spin on traditional Christmas decorations. Numerous bottlebrush trees can be displayed with little effort on a coffee table or sofa. Lighten up the room by dotting it with cream-colored accessories.

27. Gardens of Flowers Living Room

Gardens Of Flowers Living Room
Gardens of Flowers Living Room. Image via Pinterest

Those with a soft spot for flowers will enjoy this living room Christmas decor idea. Decorate your tree with as many real or artificial flowers as you like. Use a wide range of hues and try out various flower arrangements.

This rainbow-like ombré effect on the Christmas tree flowers is stunning. Greenery and wine-themed flower arrangements make up the mantel’s distinctive decor. The glittering disco ball adds a final flourish to the spectacular show.

28. Maximalist Christmas Living Room

Maximalist Christmas Living Room
Maximalist Christmas Living Room. Image via The Spruce.

The seasonal touches of decor highlight the living room’s minimalist modernity. The mantel is a study in symmetry, with little evergreen trees, hot pink ornaments, and sprigs of pine all shining in the spotlight. The window and built-in bookshelf design are brightened by geometric boxwood wreaths.

29. Festive Scandinavian Decorations

Festive Scandinavian Decorations. Image Via The Spruce.
Festive Scandinavian Decorations. Image via The Spruce.

Decorate your home with vintage skis and snowshoes to embrace the great outdoors. Cool down the wood’s natural tones with some red and white for the perfect Scandinavian-inspired winter retreat. Decorating the mantel with warm lights and a massive garland can bring even more holiday spirit to the living room Christmas decor.

30. Farmhouse Christmas Living room Decorations

Farmhouse Christmas Living Room Decorations. Image Via Country Living Magazine.
Farmhouse Christmas Living room decorations. Image via Country Living Magazine.

This farmhouse living room Christmas decor idea gives you everything you need to imagine a traditional Christmas in a farmhouse. Keep the design basic with classic Christmas colors and plenty of warm white furnishings with a lovely patina. Display worn wood artwork and signs, and finish the effect with a couple of plaid throw pillows.

31. Red and White Living Room For The Holiday

Red And White Living Room For The Holiday. Image Via Pinterest.
Red and White Living Room For The Holiday. Image via Pinterest.

This living room Christmas decor is filled with lovely details inspired by the traditional crimson red and crisp white of baker’s twine. A flocked evergreen wreath, a pine garland, and a galvanized tree collar keep the focus on the Christmas tree. Layered decorations are the key to a full tree, so follow this easy-to-follow guide.

32. Morden Christmas Living Room

Morden Christmas Living Room. Image Via Elle Decor.
Morden Christmas Living Room. Image via ELLE Decor.

This modern living room Christmas decor has a soothing color scheme. The tan sectional softens the starkness of the room’s otherwise monochromatic design. The fireplace, however, is a striking matte black against the stark white walls. Pom poms and tassels on the cushion cover, chandelier, and stockings give the room a casual, bohemian air.

33. Decoration In The French Style

Decoration In The French Style
Decoration In The French Style. Image via Canadian Log Homes.

This space exudes a refined Parisian air. A gold birdcage, antique French pictures, pink satin bows, crystal beads, French macarons, and delicate pastel ornaments give the Christmas tree an air of refined elegance. The two French Macaron topiary plants on the marble-topped French coffee table with the huge gold appliqué The gifts are accompanied by an old French box, which is a wonderful complement to the ambiance of the living room Christmas decor.

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It’s important to keep an open mind as you decorate your living room Christmas decor. Whether you’re partial to a traditional red and green color scheme or prefer something more modern and minimalist, the most important thing is to incorporate your own sense of style. So, let your imagination go wild, dive headfirst into the Christmas mood, and enjoy the thrill of a beautifully adorned living room this holiday season!

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