21 Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2023

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Are you looking for cool but cheap bachelorette party ideas? We’re here to help you. Arranging a budget-friendly bachelorette weekend is not as difficult as it sounds. Bachelorette parties don’t have to spend more cash to be valuable, fun, and great. There are a few tiny tips to make to the journey that will save everybody time and costs while still giving the bride the bachelorette party she deserves.

Items like flight tickets, over-the-top hotels, cover fees, and high-end restaurants can make costs go up quickly. Oh Canvas has some cheap ideas for a bachelorette trip that can help you get started planning and make the whole group happy about how much money you’re saving. Let’s check it now!

At-Home Bachelorette Party Ideas On A Budget

1. Attend A Cooking Class With Friends

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Join Cooking Class
Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas – Join Cooking Class

The cheap bachelorette party ideas are a great way to connect with your best pals. It’s even great if you’re going to be cooking something that you can all share later. Learning a new food or perfecting a special recipe is a fun and rewarding pastime that everyone can participate in.

There are several options for catering a cooking lesson to the bride’s or her partner’s specific ethnic background and difficult-to-learn food. A home-cooked curry is the best way to wow a future mother-in-law (and the rest of the family)! Your instructor may also be able to include an at-home wine tasting and pairing section in order to enhance the experience.

2. Find A Chef Cooking A Fancy Dinner

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - A Nice Dinner With A Private Chef
Great Bachelorette Party – A Nice Dinner With A Private Chef

Find a private chef for the night instead of going to a crowded, pricey restaurant. For those who don’t want to shell out big money or spend all day in the kitchen, this is an affordable alternative. Watching a chef in action is a fascinating and educational experience in and of itself.

You can’t go far wrong with an excellently cooked wedding party meal, from drunken brunches to a three-course dinner. It’s always one of the cheap bachelorette party ideas to start with the bride’s favorite dish—or a meal she’s always wanted to try.

3. Hire A Dance Teacher

Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas - Dancing Activity
Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas – Dancing Activity

It is possible to bring even the most exuberant bachelorette party events to your own house. When it comes to drinking and dancing, this includes all the dancing. Now, a pole-dancing instructor would be a classic choice here.

As a matter of fact, it’s possible to break from the conventional and explore various dance genres. Try swing, tango, belly dancing, hip-hop, and heels dance while looking for a dance teacher. Organize an enjoyable evening by reminding your guests to wear loose-fitting attire and to bring any required accessories.

4. Take A Cocktail-Making Lesson

Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas - Join Drink-Making Course
Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas – Join Drink-Making Course

Cap: Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas – Join Drink-Making Course
This may be the case for you since cooking isn’t your area of expertise, or because you don’t have enough kitchen space for a class to take place in your own home. Alternatively, you might hire a decent bartender to come to your house (or the house of a friend or relative) and offer a drink-making course. It will be one of the interesting but cheap bachelorette party ideas.

Depending on the number of bachelorette party guests and the bride’s preferences, you may learn to make anywhere from 1 to three different beverages. Additionally, the bride may choose to serve these drinks as wedding-day specialties if she loves them enough. Having a pre-dinner or takeaway meal planned ahead of time can ensure that you aren’t sipping on an empty stomach.

5. Organize A Sleepover Party

Bachelorette Party Favors Cheap - Slumber Party
Bachelorette Party Favors Cheap – Slumber Party

Slumber parties are popular among middle school students for a reason. They’re enjoyable, low-key, and usually have all of the essential components for a fun night spent at home. As a bonus, it’s an affordable bachelorette party idea.

The chances to get along and stay out in one place are dwindling as people become more responsible as adults and start having families of their own. Celebrate the final fling of your closest friend with a night of cheese and wine boards (or beer and pizza), girly movies or thought-provoking films, face masks, and, well, updates on your life in general.

If you can’t have an epic slumber party at your or a friend’s house, consider hiring an Airbnb or the bridal suite at a local resort for one overnight and splitting the hefty cost among the participants for a cost-effective place to escape by staying in. Does the rental option come with an additional perk? In comparison to the overnight parties of the past, this is a huge improvement.

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Outdoor Activities For Bachelorette Party

6. Make A Special Trip To The Mountains

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Trip To The Mountains
Bach Party Ideas On A Budget – Trip To The Mountains

It’s possible that your friend group consists of folks who enjoy spending time in nature. When it comes to cheap bachelorette party ideas, planning a long or short hike to a beautiful mountain, waterfall, or gorgeous view is great. Beautiful public trails are frequently available for no charge. For the most part, park admissions are fairly reasonable, with the exception of several national parks and tourist attractions.

Tell the entire group to bring their favorite sportswear, water, snacks, and sunscreen, as well as any other items they’ll need to know where they’re going. Once you’ve arrived at your destination party, take a moment to enjoy the scenery and appreciate each other’s company. You don’t have to plan an affordable bachelorette party in order to see some of the world’s most breathtaking landmarks.

7. Take A Dip In The Ocean

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Go To The Beach
Fun Cheap Bachelorette Party – Go To The Beach

Are you looking for an alternative to spending the day at the beach or pool at a resort? Sunbathing and lazing on the beach is a given. Simply pack up your sunshine and sand basics and head out for the day if you live close to a lake or river. Make sure you bring your towels, sunscreen, and cover-ups, as well as a lunch, for both the day and night halves of the trip. Also, don’t forget to take in the view of the sunset as you travel back and forth.

8. Take A Tour Of A vineyard

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - A Vineyard Tour
Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas – A Vineyard Tour

Even if a journey to Napa Valley isn’t feasible, visiting local wineries should be. Bring the bridesmaids and groomsmen together for an afternoon or evening outing that includes a stroll around the vineyards, a light snack (if the vineyard offers food matches), and a few glasses of bubbly.

9. Go Camping For The Weekend

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Go Camping
Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas – Go Camping

Is the cost of a full girls’ weekend too high for you? Camping is an option, but it’s not for everyone. Now, if you have or can rent camping supplies for your group, this is a more cost-effective option.

However, there’s a good chance you can borrow camping gear from a friend or family member. Set up camp at a nearby state or national park and enjoy some time together with your friends. Cook up some hot dogs and marshmallow-covered s’mores for s’mores as you enjoy stargazing and hiking at your chosen campsite.

Is there no place nearby where you can camp for a reasonable price? Set up camp in someone’s backyard and have an informal get-together. You’ll still be able to enjoy the comforts of home, such as showers and toilets, but you’ll be able to pretend you’re somewhere else.

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Unique Ideas For Bachelorette Party

10. Take To A Karaoke Bar And Belt Out Some Tunes

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Take To A Karaoke Bar
Bachelorette Party Ideas On A Budget – Take To A Karaoke Bar

Who said you had to go to a club with your best friends to have fun? If you’re looking for a less crowded and more affordable way to celebrate, karaoke bars are great cheap bachelorette party ideas. Karaoke bars, on the other hand, give your whole group something to do.

The bridal party can sing as a duet, a trio, or a full ensemble as a part of the celebration. You could even try to get the whole bachelorette party on stage at once and sing a special song for the bride.

11. Join Group Art Classes

Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas - Group Art Classes
Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas – Group Art Classes

A growing trend in recent years has been “paint and sip” events, in which participants paint while also drinking wine. As daunting as the prospect of painting and drinking with your bridesmaids sounds, you’ll be surprised at how much fun it is. If none of these options are available in your region, try looking into classes in ceramics, sketching, and painting.

12. Make A Day Of Self-Care At The Spa

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - A Spa Day
Affordable Bachelorette Party Planning – A Spa Day

In the event that self-care is a priority for your BFF, a pleasant and cost-effective option to a more expensive spa that focuses on treatments and massages can be a group trip to a Korean day spa. Most Korean spas give access to saunas, rest areas, jacuzzis, and lots of places to relax with normal daily admission. Spending the day (or even an entire night!) with friends, relaxing, and saving costs are all fantastic reasons when it comes to cheap bachelorette party ideas.

More daring guests or those seeking a more specialized experience can choose from a variety of spa menus that include everything from full body cleanses to massages to pedicures to facials. Guests who are more price-conscious will have more options and won’t feel left out because not everyone at the bachelorette party would have to pay the same amount, which is an important lesson to learn.

If you don’t have time for a full spa day, consider hosting a meditation session. Contact a professional to lead a mediation in a studio or convert a bachelorette party participant’s backyard into a zen haven. Self-care and wellness aren’t just fads; they’re a way of life.

13. Organize A Psychic Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Favors Cheap - Create Psychic Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Party Favors Cheap – Create Psychic Bachelorette Party

There are no doubts in the mind of every bride-to-be. That’s why we’re swooning over the idea of a spooky bachelorette party. As far as costs go, this one depends on the area, who you choose to work with, and the skill level of your own group of friends. Just a little planning ahead of time will easily save you a lot of money.

Learn some of the fundamentals of palmistry and tarot reading from a friend or two. Add an Ouija board to the mix, and you’ve got a complete theme night. Have some extra cash to throw a bridal party? A professional psychic can provide an accurate reading for your guests if you’d like them. Some guests may take things too seriously. A Magic 8 ball, for example, is a fun way to add levity and remind you to not take things too seriously.

14. Mark Off All Of The Bride’s Favorite Locations

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Go To Bride'S Favorite Locations
Unique Experience For Bride – Go To Bride’s Favorite Locations

Make it an adventure by drawing a map of the area (that can, of course, double as a scavenger hunt of sorts). Make it a goal for the cheap bachelorette party ideas to try the bride’s favorite smoothie at her favorite burger joint. Or to check into someone’s house for appetizers before everyone gathers at the final destination for a few drinks.

By leaving clues around town or by texting hints to your best friends about where to go next, you’re attempting to help your Best friend stay connected with her origins (when you’re in her hometown), her favorite haunts in a bigger city, or just discover new places (if you’re in a spot that everyone has never been).

It’s possible to host an at-home manicure and flower crown-making bachelorette party at the same time so that all of the guests can get their nails done at the same time. Hopefully culminates in a big party at the end to celebrate the bride-to-be and relive the day’s events with her friends and family.

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Great Tips For An Affordable Bachelorette Party

15. Try Off-Season Travel

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Choose Off-Season Travel
Budget Friendly Bachelorette Party Ideas – Choose Off-Season Travel

In high season and on the weekends of major events, hotels and Airbnbs hike their costs significantly. If you can, schedule your trip for an “off-season” or “off weekend” to save money on lodging as well as to avoid the swarms of people and the ensuing chaos. You might not want to go to Florida over spring break or on the 4th of July or Labor Day weekend; nevertheless, Florida in the late winter time is a laid-back, cheap fantasy!

16. Stay At A Friend’s House

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas- Organize At A Friend'S House
Cheap Bachelorette Party Idea – Organize At A Friend’s house

A buddy who is willing to hold a great bach party at her home should be taken advantage of! A large beach or lake cottage could also be an option for you and the rest of your crew. The money you would have spent on lodging can instead be used to buy gifts, decorations, and meals. To celebrate the friend’s upcoming nuptials, nothing beats a raucous house party for the bride-to-be! You are finding cheap bachelorette party ideas? This is a great option.

17. Take Some Food At Home Or To A Hotel

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Take Food At Home Or Hotel
Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Planning – Take Food At Home Or Hotel

When you include the cost of the meal, the drinks, and the tip, a restaurant meal may easily cost $40 or more per person. In order to make the bride feel special, serve her waffles and mimosas for breakfast in bed.

Incorporating her favorite breakfast delicacies and an assortment of flavored coffee might help you make it extra special. Just invite every one of your guests to contribute a small amount of money or take your own food to the table! At least $80 per person can be saved by hosting a taco or pizza bar for supper, which isn’t bad at all.

18. Choose A Place That Is Accessible By Car

Bachelorette Party Favors Cheap - Pick A Place With Short Driving Distance
bachelor party favor cheap – Pick A Place With Short Driving Distance

You can easily save a lot of costs by picking a location that has a short driving distance for the bulk of your group. It’s a lot cheaper to drive than fly, and carry meals and drinks in coolers. Use ride-sharing apps, and split the cost of petrol with pals to save even more money. Then there’s the fact that every female enjoys a road trip! When it comes to cheap bachelorette party ideas, remember this tip to save costs.

19. Look For Cost-Free Events

Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas - Find Free Activities
Affordable bachelor party Ideas

Many of the most enjoyable experiences in life can be had for nothing. For a bachelorette weekend, you can find a plethora of free events for your group to participate in online. BYOB at outdoor concerts, yoga on the roofs of city buildings, popular hiking trails, farmer’s market stalls, drag shows, festivals, and other gatherings. It’s a good idea to check the city’s event calendar first.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do, our city guides can help. It’s easy to find the greatest events for bachelorette parties in any destination, including several free ones.

20. Make Your Own Party Treats And Decor

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Diy Decor
Budget Friendly bachelor party – DIY Decor

In order to save money on store-bought decorations and shipping, make some of them yourself. If you’re looking for a creative photo background concept, look no further. We also like this inexpensive nail paint as a party favor choice. There are countless ways to personalize the wedding reception to reflect the bride’s own style. Consider this tip when thinking about cheap bachelorette party ideas to save costs.

21. Create Your Own Digital Invites

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas - Make An Online Invitation
bachelor party ideas on a budget – Make An Online Invitation

Online invitation printers and high-end invitation companies frequently charge exorbitant prices for their design and prints. When you don’t know where to acquire them, invitations might become outrageously expensive.

These customizable, printable invitations will save you costs without compromising on style or practicality. Enter the details of your bride, download, and then send by email or text to save costs on printing without cheating the guests of a legitimate invitation.

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Oh Canvas has compiled a list of cheap bachelorette party ideas that are both fashionable and fun. All of the bride’s closest friends are taking time out of their busy schedules to enjoy her marriage to the man she loves. Remember that the bride will be thrilled no matter how much you spend or how much planning you do, so there is no need to go overboard!

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