44 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Made in Minutes!

40+ Mother'S Day Diy Gifts That Are Thoughtful And Easy To Make
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Mother’s Day is approaching, and the quest for the ideal present to show our gratitude and affection for the remarkable women in our lives starts all over again. Although store-bought gifts might be charming, nothing beats the meaningfulness of a handcrafted present. Ideas for homemade Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to express creativity while also adding a personal touch that moms appreciate. Oh Canvas has compiled the best list of easy and creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to impress your beloved woman.

Pampering and Relaxing DIY Gift Ideas on Mother’s Day

1. Bath Bombs Made with K-Cups

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts K-Cup Bath Bombs
Mother’s Day DIY gifts K-Cup Bath Bombs

These lavender-scented bath bombs can help to calm her nerves. She’ll never guess these delectable bath bombs are made from recycled K-Cups.

How to make: Simply gather baking soda, citric acid, and aromatherapy oils in her preferred fragrance. Combine the dry components with olive oil and water to make it moldable.

After you’ve filled the empty K-Cups with the mixture, gently press them down and set them aside to dry overnight. When the K-Cup bath bombs have hardened, Mom may drop them into a hot bath to unleash their calming aromas and softening ingredients for a luxurious soak.

2. Honey and Milk Soap

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Milk And Honey Soap
Milk and Honey Soap

Have you forgotten Mother’s Day and are looking for a last-minute present? It simply takes 10 minutes to make these honey-themed soaps at home. This last-minute Mother’s Day craft is perfect for moms who value their own well-being above everything else.

3. Bath Bombs with Flowers

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Floral Bath Bombs
Mother’s Day DIY gifts Floral Bath Bombs

Let’s bring something fresh for her bath time! Make Mom have a relaxing bath experience with these handmade creations that smell and look like genuine roses! Infused with the gentle scent of rose petals, these blossoming bath bombs are a thoughtful and delicious present she will surely treasure.

4. Bath Tea

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Bath Tea
Bath Tea

A night of self-care for mom includes a bubble bath and a cup of hot tea. With Epsom salt, lavender, chamomile, calendula, roses, and cornflowers, this bath tea — for bathing, not drinking — gives her the best of both worlds. You can’t go wrong with DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas like this!

5. Soothing Body Scrub

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Soothing Body Scrub
Soothing Body Scrub

This sweet-smelling citrus and passion fruit spa treatment is perfect for mom. She’ll feel like she’s on a tropical vacation right in her own living room. This is an excellent homemade Mother’s Day craft that she is sure to like!

6. Soaps with Gemstones

Make these unique soaps to wow your mother. We recommend using darker shades for the base and lighter ones on top, creating a beautiful contrast. But don’t worry about getting to make perfect swirls – a more relaxed approach often leads to the most captivating color combinations.

7. Gift Set of Salt

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Salt Gift Set
Salt Gift Set

Why not wow your mom with a personalized spice set you crafted yourself? To elevate her culinary creations, fill a gift box with six unique salts, like fragrant curry salt and savory celery salt. You can always substitute salt for almost anything else in her spice rack if she prefers more aromatic spices.

8. Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap
Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap

Make a peaceful soap for your mother with lavender essential oil and soothing chamomile tea. These two substances’ calming characteristics will surely aid her in sleeping like a baby. Wrap these handcrafted treats in attractive packaging, and you’re done. You’ll have the finest DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas you could ever give to a busy mama!

9. Pouches made of Lavender

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Lavender Pouches
Lavender Pouches

Need more unique ideas on DIY Mother’s Day gifts to make for your mom? Craft a lovely lavender sachet to add a touch of fragrance to Mom’s purse or drawer. Cut a 2-inch by 4-inch rectangle from a decorative handkerchief. Fold the fabric in half, with the design nestled inside. Sew two sides closed using a sewing machine, then gently turn the sachet right side out. Fill it with dried lavender and hand-stitch the opening shut for a charming, homemade gift.

10. Candle with Dried Flowers

Looking for a more creative Mother’s Day craft? Give your standard DIY candles a gorgeous makeover. Adding dry flowers to this classic gift gives you the most creative candle ever! These lovely pieces will brighten up any space in your mother’s house. You can even add perfume to them for an added great scent!

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Mother’s Day DIY Gifts For Decorating Home

11. Coffee Cup Holder

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Coffee Cup Holder
Mother’s Day DIY gifts: Coffee Cup Holder

Does Mom prepare everyone for the day while holding a hot cup of coffee? Make her a coffee cup holder! It’s a lovely and functional present! In addition to making her life easier, it has the potential to make her kitchen more unique. If you’re going for a homely vibe, go with fabric scraps; if you’re going for a more rustic look, go with painted wood.

12. Dip-dyed DIY Basket

Dip-Dyed Baskets Mother'S Day Diy Gifts
Dip-Dyed Baskets

This easy-to-make colored cotton basket can hold Mom’s favorite chocolates, makeup, or car keys. These unique and easy DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms will not disappoint! To make it, dye the top quarter of a cotton basket in the chosen color. Fill sweets or other trinkets once they’ve dried.

13. DIY Thumbprint Coffee Mug

Diy Thumbprint Coffee Mugs Are Great Homemade Gifts For Mom. Image Via The Bestideasforkid.com
DIY Thumbprint Coffee Mugs are great homemade gifts for moms. Image via the bestideasforkid.com

Is your loving mother a hopelessly addicted coffee drinker? Then, this easy DIY Mother’s Day gift will undoubtedly come in handy! Make these lovely thumbprint mugs that remind your mother of you whenever she drinks her morning coffee.

14. Spice Rack with Cutting Board

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Cutting Board Spice Rack
Mother’s Day DIY gifts: Cutting Board Spice Rack

For the mom who loves to cook and appreciates a well-organized kitchen, create a charming DIY spice rack that fulfills all her organizational dreams! Screw miniature wooden cheese boxes onto a vintage cutting board. Finish it by hanging this unique kitchen masterpiece with a rustic leather rope. It’s a heartfelt and functional Mother’s Day gift for a mom that will surely add charm to her culinary haven.

15. Embroidery Tea Towel for the Initial Name

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Initial Embroidery Hoop
Initial Embroidery Hoop

To make this lovely tea towel, embroider the desired letter on a piece of fabric in an embroidery hoop. If necessary, adjust the cloth to ensure the letter is in the center of the hoop. Leave a one-inch overhang after cutting off the excess fabric. Hot glue the overhang to the inside of the hoop. This is one of the best Mother’s Day DIY gifts we can think of!

16. Make Your Own Wood-Burned Cutting Board

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Diy Wood-Burned Cutting Board
Mother’s Day DIY gifts: DIY Wood-Burned Cutting Board

This is the perfect Mother’s Day for a wife if she often entertains or cooks something delicious. And the wood-burning instrument used to create such detailed, rustic-looking designs is always a wise buy.

17. Wooden Utensils with Stripes

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Striped Wooden Utensils
Striped Wooden Utensils

A splash of color in the kitchen will delight your “culinary superstar.” Give Mom a break on Mother’s Day and allow her to sit back and relax while you prepare a festive holiday feast with these beautiful spoons.

18. Tulip-Printed Napkin

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Printed Tulip Napkin
Printed Tulip Napkin

Making gifts for Mom is not always simple. However, if you put your mind to it, you’ll soon have a heartwarming and easy DIY Mother’s Day gift! These gorgeously painted napkins for Mother’s Day breakfast don’t require you to be a Picasso. Your flowers will look as good as the bouquet you purchased by stamping on the design.

19. Tea Towel with Stencil

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Stenciled Tea Towel
Stenciled Tea Towel

This last-minute, easy DIY Mother’s Day gift will appear to have taken more time and work than it took. Tea towels are another extremely handy everyday item that she will undoubtedly utilize. Make a lovely quotation that reminds her of you or her name from a basic cloth napkin.

20. Crochet Basket

Crocheting becomes a soothing and therapeutic pastime as you work your heart and soul into each stitch. When it’s all said and done, Mom will have a lovely and practical gift to keep her keys, sewing supplies, yarn, and other little items in.

21. Egg Carton Wreath

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Egg Carton Wreath
Mother’s Day DIY gifts: Egg Carton Wreath

This wreath, crafted from an ordinary paper egg carton, will surely be a hit with Mom. Whether it’s hung on a covered door or used as a mantel centerpiece, this lovely wreath, when finished, will be a welcome addition to her house.

How to make: Prepare the egg cups and cut each carton into cups. With scissors, notch, and cut decorative edges. Cups can be dyed or painted in whatever color you want. Hot glue the cups and craft paper leaves on a painted craft ring.

22. Pillow Sham Cases

Pillow Sham Cases Are Easy Mother'S Day Crafts
Pillow Sham Cases are easy Mother’s Day crafts

Add some color and creativity to your mother’s bedroom! Handmade pillow shams are a surprisingly easy and quick project that she will appreciate.

How to make: Choose a beautiful fabric that complements her decor, be it a soft floral for a touch of springtime charm or a classic stripe for timeless elegance. Taking measurements of her current pillows to guarantee a precise fit, followed by cutting and stitching the fabric pieces together. You may add ribbon or ornate trim around the edges to make it appear more put-together.

23. Planters made of papier-mâché

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Papier-Mâché Planters
Papier-Mâché Planters

Make a papier-mâché planter to hold the lovely bouquet you will give Mom this year. To make it, fill a large or medium balloon with air. Cover each with white papier-mâché craft paper, roughening the bottom third and edges. Allow drying. Pop the balloons and take them away. Fill each with water and flowers and place a vase inside.

24. Cupcake Liner Flower Card

Cupcake Liner Flower Card As Easy Diy Mother'S Day Gifts For Mom From Kids
Cupcake Liner Flower Card as easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts for moms from kids

Little hands and creative minds will love this easy craft. You can make a cute bouquet with only a few cupcake liners, construction paper, and glue (probably already in your craft box!).

25. Seed Packet Wreath

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Seed Packet Wreath
Seed Packet Wreath

This one-of-a-kind wreath is a quick Mother’s Day DIY gift that elevates your mother’s spring decor. Secure roughly 12–14 vintage seed packs with straight pins to a 12-inch foam wreath. Finish with a sprinkle of stray blooms and a beautiful hemp ribbon.

26. Hanging Planter with Hankie Wrapping

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Hankie Wrapped Hanging Planter
Hankie-wrapped hanging planter

Give a homemade gift for mom that keeps giving—a live plant nestled in a handmade decorated ceramic planter—to moms with a green thumb. Wrap a handkerchief around a ceramic hanging planter, overlapping as required to keep it flat. To apply to the planter, use Mod Podge.

27. Handmade Photo Coasters

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts: Personalized Photo Coasters
Mother’s Day DIY gifts: Personalized Photo Coasters

Don’t miss the idea of turning boring coasters into something that may hold precious memories. Mom will treasure these one-of-a-kind coasters with every drink of her favorite beverage as a gentle reminder of your affection and the precious times you’ve shared.

28. Custom Photo Candles

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Photo Candle
Photo Candle

Adults can construct a variety of easy but meaningful Mother’s Day crafts. On the other hand, these lovely DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas will undoubtedly be Mommy’s favorite this year. Bring some light into her life by immortalizing her best memories with you on a gorgeous photo candle.

29. Framed Pressed Flowers

Framed And Pressed Flowers Are Easy Homemade Gifts For Mom From Daughter
Framed and pressed flowers are easy homemade gifts for mom from daughter

Make a unique Mother’s Day project while capturing the splendor of nature! Stroll in your yard and choose some lovely flowers (or even exciting weeds!). For a gorgeous work of natural art, carefully press the blossoms between the pages of a hefty book for a few weeks before arranging them in a frame. The sunshine accentuates the pressed flowers’ vivid colors and textures when this heartfelt present is hung next to a window.

30. Vase with Mason Jar Picture Frame

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase
Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Are you wondering how to present a whole collection of pictures you took with your grandmother? We’ve got a lovely concept for turning treasured experiences into a sentimental memento! Make a lovely picture display out of several recycled Mason jars!

How to make: All you have to do is pick out several pictures that depict Nana at a memorable moment and then be creative with arranging them in the jar. A few of her favorite flower sprigs will offer a personal touch, a burst of color, and a gentle expression of your affection. With the memories preserved inside the jar, this personalized present will make Nana smile.

31. DIY Herb Planter

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Diy Herb Planter
DIY Herb Planter

Start working on a unique Mother’s Day craft to brighten mommy’s or nana’s kitchen! This handcrafted herb planter will deliver fresh ingredients for her favorite recipes whenever she wants them! Her already delicious food will taste much better, so you’ll be able to appreciate this present as well! Isn’t it cool?

32. Make Your Own Photo Flowers

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Diy Photo Flowers
DIY Photo Flowers

Instead of a boring bouquet, why not gift mum these stunning photo DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas? Make her heart sing with pictures of her children! The kids can decorate this handmade gift for mum to make it as distinctive as possible. It’s a simple way to make any proud mother smile on Mother’s Day!

33. Homemade Hug Pillow

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Diy Hug Pillow
DIY Hug Pillow

This lovely, cuddly gift is an easy DIY Mother’s Day gift for mothers who live far away. Don’t worry if you don’t see her as often as you’d like. This sweet, handcrafted pillow will be an excellent placeholder until you can return it. You can mail it to her or hand it to her the next time you see her!

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Homemade Delights For Mom on Mother’s Day

34. Strawberry Bouquet with Chocolate Covering

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet
Mother’s Day DIY gifts – Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bouquet

This Mother’s Day, why not surprise your wife with a romantic and erotic gesture? With a delicious chocolate-covered strawberry bouquet, thank her for everything she does. It’s one of those simple DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom that looks expensive but doesn’t cost a fortune! Even your children can assist you in working on this fantastic concept!

35. Bouquet of Cupcakes

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts: Cupcake Bouquet. Image Via 52 Kitchen Adventures
Cupcake Bouquet. Image via 52 Kitchen Adventures.

Have a sweet-toothed mother? Create a lovely cupcake bouquet for her with her favorite flavors! Such a delectable notion will undoubtedly appeal to her. This is a great alternative for a Mother’s Day gift you can make with your older kids. Even children, however, can assist in mixing the components for such a delicious gift!

36. Coffee Syrup Made at Home

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts Homemade Coffee Syrup
Homemade Coffee Syrup

Is wine something your mother enjoys? Take her old bottles and upcycle them into this perfect gift that may be tailored to her favorite flavors to make her mornings especially delightful.

37. Bouquet of Mother’s Day Cookies

Bouquet Of Mother'S Day Cookies: Homemade Mother'S Day Gifts From Child
Bouquet of Mother’s Day Cookies: Homemade Mother’s Day gifts from child

Who says flowers can’t be eaten? Make a gorgeous, tasty, visually appealing bouquet that will surely please Mom’s sweet taste. For this craft, plain chocolate and sugar cookie dough are shaped into flowers and frosted in various colors. The best aspect? Even after Mother’s Day, Mom enjoys this unusual arrangement!

DIY Wearables & Accessories Gifts on Mother’s Day

38. Scarf Watchband

Mother'S Day Diy Gifts: Scarf Watchband
Mother’s Day DIY gifts: Scarf Watchband

Vintage scarves are good DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that are easy to fall in love with at flea markets and thrift stores. What’s the difficult part? Finding a new way to wear ladylike artifacts is a challenge.

Here’s an example: Simply take the straps off a watch and weave a scarf between the lugs (the bars that hold the straps in place). Wrap the scarf’s ends over your wrist and tie a knot to make a fashionable statement.

39. Lovely Handprint Apron

Handprint Aprons Are Lovely Homemade Mother'S Day Gifts
Handprint aprons are lovely homemade Mother’s Day gifts

Are you looking for an easy and adorable handmade gift for mom who loves cooking? This DIY apron is a perfect choice for you.

How to make: You’ll only need a basic apron made of fabric, non-toxic fabric paint in a color that Mom would like, and some cardboard or newspaper to shield your work area.

Lay out the newspaper and flatten the apron. Help your child (or yourself!) imprint their hand on the apron by gently pressing it against a paint-covered plate and then guiding it to the right spot. After the paint dries, you may finally package and give your one-of-a-kind handprint apron as a perfect gift!

40. Daisy Square Bag

Daisy Square Bags As Budget-Friendly Gifts On Mother'S Day
Daisy square bags as budget-friendly gifts on Mother’s Day

Make a chic tote bag for Mom by unleashing your inner artist. With its whimsical, colorful daisy square shape, this project is ideal for intermediate learners. Whether she uses it for everyday outings or trips to the library or grocery store, this tote bag will draw everyone’s attention.

41. Painted Wooden Bracelets

Painted Wooden Bracelets As Great Mother'S Day Craft Ideas For Adults
Painted Wooden Bracelets are great Mother’s Day craft ideas for adults

Kids of all ages can easily show their creativity and make thoughtful presents with these hand-painted wooden bracelets. They are very simple to make. Add patterns, motifs, or even custom inscriptions for Mom to the bracelets using acrylic paint or paint pens. Apply a final layer of Mod Podge to the bracelets to ensure they are sturdy and long-lasting.

42. Organizer for Earrings

Is Mom’s collection of earrings often a jumbled mess? With the help of this charming DIY organizer, she can keep her favorite pairs neatly arranged and stylishly displayed. Make sure every hole in the earrings is precisely aligned using an online, downloadable template. Then, use paint, fabric, or accessories to give the item a unique look.

43. Macramé Tote Bag

Macramé Tote Bag: Homemade Gifts For Mom From Daughter Easy
Macramé Tote Bag: Homemade gifts for mom from daughter easy

Is your mom a local shopper who is passionate about sustainability? If so, she could adore this macramé tote bag. Make her a macramé tote bag that will be lovely and useful for many years. This project is ideal for novices and seasoned macramé aficionados alike. The final item might be a trendy beach bag for summertime excursions or a fashionable tote bag for her farmer’s market trips. This handcrafted present will undoubtedly spark discussion wherever she takes it.

44. DIY Clay Ring Dish

Help Mom sort through her jewelry with this lovely and valuable marbled clay ring dish. Using oven-baked clay and this DIY project, you can make gorgeous marbled designs in any color scheme to match Mom’s decor. Consider personalizing a gift tag for the dish with a meaningful Mother’s Day remark for an added special touch.

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The heart of homemade Mother’s Day presents is not in the finished item, but in the care, attention, and love that went into making them. As we celebrate the remarkable women in our lives who have made a difference, let us take pleasure in making thoughtful gifts that express our gratitude without saying a word. We hope this post helps you choose great DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas to wow your mom.

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