37 Best Mother’s Day Garden Gifts Will Make Her Garden Bloom

30+ Useful Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Ideas In 2022
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Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the moms who nurture not just us, but also the earth itself. Whether she brings beauty and life to her garden with flowers and vegetables, tirelessly improves the soil, or spends hours lovingly tending her garden, a mother who gardens deserves recognition. This year, show your appreciation for her dedication and hard work with thoughtful Mother’s Day garden gifts from Oh Canvas‘s curated list. Even if gardening can sometimes be a complex hobby, it’s clear your love for her blooms just as brightly!

Gardening Tools and Gear Gifts On Mother’s Day

1. Mister of Cut Glass Plants

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Cut Glass Plant Mister
Cut Glass Plant Mister

Beautiful, practical, and dependable… Do the words “remind you of someone you know?” make you think of someone you know? This mister is a must-have for anyone who grows tropical houseplants or begins seeds indoors. This terrain is unique and exquisite, crafted entirely of cut glass, and features a polished brass spray mechanism. It stands six inches tall and has a diameter of three and a half inches.

2. Plant Lighting for the Desk

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Desktop Plant Light
Desktop plant light: great garden gift ideas

Is Mom yearning to grow microgreens but lacking a sunny window for seedlings and houseplants? This innovative plant light offers the perfect solution! With a powerful lumen output of 1620, it fosters healthy plant growth and doubles as a convenient reading lamp. Show Mom you care with this thoughtful gift that brightens her space, literally and figuratively.

3. T-Shirt “Gardening Is My SuperPower”

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Gardening Is My Super Power T-Shirt
Gardening Is My SuperPower T-Shirt

This garden-themed T-shirt is made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Regarding this message, may we just state, “Isn’t that the truth?” Along with providing a much-needed laugh, the shirt is extremely durable, with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hems.

4. Heirloom Garden Gloves That Protect Your Arms

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves
Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves: a tool set for women,

These are stylish, featuring a vintage garden print by Portland, Oregon-based illustrator Kate Blairstone. The palms are synthetic leather, while the extra-long cuffs are lightweight cotton twill with a touch of Spandex. As a result, they are both flexible and resistant to blackberry canes, UV rays, and insect stings.

5. Silk Garden Scarf

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Silk Garden Scarf
Silk Garden Scarf

Not just silky smooth, but genuine silk in a 14-millimeter weight! This flowery print is not only gorgeous but also practical. It is an accessory for work or church clothes and attire for the garden, doubling as a headscarf or bandana. This Mother’s Day gift for garden lovers features a hand-stitched hem and is machine washable or dry cleanable.

6. Cotton Sun Hat

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Cotton Sun Hat
Cotton Sun Hat

This elegant crusher hat is handmade from lightweight and breathable cotton and is ideal for a day in the garden. The packable design combines UPF 50 sun protection and an inside drawstring for a secure fit. This hat is one of the best outdoor Mother’s Day gifts to help them avoid the sun when gardening.

7. Clogs for the Garden

Garden Clogs As Outdoor Mother'S Day Gifts
Garden Clogs as Outdoor Mother’s Day Gifts

The waterproof rubber used to make this slip-on shoe is perfect for gardening. The clog is made of natural rubber and features Hunter’s distinctive tread for added traction. We adore that each handcrafted style is embellished with an unmistakable oakleaf print. Make your mom’s gardening more comfortable and convenient with the idea of Mother’s Day garden gifts.

8. Tee Shirt with a Plant Lady

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Plant Lady Tee Shirt
Plant Lady Tee Shirt

A “Plant Lady” t-shirt is more than simply apparel; it’s a symbol of pride that communicates to the world that the wearer loves the art of growing, not just greenery. Such a fashionable and comfy way to tell her how much you appreciate her commitment to her blossoming sanctuary!

9. Biostar 1500 Seedling Cold Frame

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Biostar 1500 Cold Frame For Seedlings
Biostar 1500 Cold Frame for Seedlings

With a cold frame that shields seedlings from late or early frost, you can help your mother get a jump start on the growing season. The roomy, three-window design also provides a warm spot for starting tomato or cucumber transplants in areas with short growing seasons or for protecting early cole crops such as beets, broccoli, or kale.

This cold frame is built to last and looks fantastic while doing so. The eight-millimeter water-resistant panes also withstand UV radiation and are guaranteed not to discolor for ten years. Now, you know what to buy for Mother’s Day garden gifts.

10. Scissors for Gardening in Walnut

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Walnut Garden Scissors
Walnut Garden Scissors as a garden-themed gift

Take a large pair of these garden scissors on tougher branches or a tiny pair on more bonsai-style branches. The ambidextrous handles are inlaid with walnut for added comfort. Mom’s hands will welcome the extra effort required to complete her most challenging gardening tasks.

11. Snips of Niwaki Herb

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Niwaki Herb Snips
Niwaki Herb Snips

Traditional Japanese Nigiri Badami, or sewing scissors, inspire these stainless-steel herb snips. The ergonomic tool is ideal for pruning or herb snipping on a small scale. The ergonomic Mother’s Day gift for garden lovers is ideal for pruning or herb snipping on a small scale.

12. Garden Tools with a Personal Touch

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Custom Garden Tools
Custom garden tool set

Enhance Mom’s gardening arsenal with beautiful, personalized copper tools. These copper dibbler, fork, and trowel tools feature a custom-engraved solid ash wood handle. Each item has a genuine leather hook for convenient hanging storage. You can buy the tools individually or as a set for Mother’s Day garden gifts.

13. Garden Tool Maintenance Kit

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Garden Tool Maintenance Kit
Garden Tool Maintenance Kit

This garden-themed gift is ideal for the potting shed! This handsome oak box holds everything needed to keep their tools in top shape, from handle to blade.

A brass-bristled wire brush effortlessly removes dirt and debris, while linseed oil and a soft polishing cloth keep hardwood handles conditioned and looking their best. The included sharpener boasts a silicon carbide stone, ideal for maintaining the sharp edges of even the largest garden equipment.

14. Carrier for Maple Gardens

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts - Maple Garden Carrier
Maple Garden Carrier as a personalized garden gear for Mom on Mother’s Day

This roomy garden tote is ideal for picking flowers, weeding, harvesting fruits and veggies, and transporting tools. Each heirloom-quality basket is constructed from maple for the handle and side rails, white pine for the end pieces, and metal mesh for the basket.

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Seeds and Start Kits Gifts On Mother’s Day

15. Seed Box Made of Steel

Seed Box Made Of Steel As Mother'S Day Gifts For Plant Lovers
Seed Box Made of Steel as Mother’s Day gifts for plant lovers

This fashionable galvanized steel container is ideal for keeping and organizing Mom’s seed collection. It includes 20 seed packets, monthly divider cards, and a pencil, and it is long-lasting.

16. Apricot Begonia Double Flower

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Apricot Begonia Double Flower
Apricot Begonia Double Flower – favorite flowers for mom on Mother’s Day

This cascade of tropical colors will continue to bloom throughout the summer and fall, providing a welcoming sight on the patio or in the sunroom. These double-flowering Begonia tuberhybrida plants flourish in containers or fertile, well-drained soil in a raised bed or border.

17. Double Bloom Apricot Begonia

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Double Bloom Apricot Begonia
Double Bloom Apricot Begonia as Mother’s Day gifts for plant lovers

These rose-shaped begonias are hardy only to Zones 9–11, but in colder zones, the tubers can be dug out ahead of winter. Keep them cool (not freezing) and dry until next spring, when you plan to replant them. This best Mother’s Day gift for gardeners will make their mornings sunny and cheery!

18. Nadia Ruth Dahlias

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Nadia Ruth Dahlias
Nadia Ruth Dahlias

Are you looking for a great decorative blossom for your garden enthusiasts? This Dahlia pinnata ‘Nadia Ruth’ is a perfect option. This delightful variety boasts delicate, pastel-colored ruffled flowers atop plants reaching 35 inches tall. They’ll also thrive in pots, adding beauty to your container arrangements if the soil is moist.

Planting is easy; wait for the soil temperature to hit 55–60°F, and then enjoy a summer-long display of blooms, starting in July and lasting until the first frost.

19. Seed-Starter Kit for Sunflowers

Seed-Starter Kit For Sunflowers As Gardening Gifts For Mom
Seed-Starter Kit for Sunflowers as Gardening Gifts for Mom that she is sure to love

Featuring non-GMO seeds and plant soil mix, this one-of-a-kind package is the perfect way to get Mum started on an indoor garden. The kit has additional seeds if the mother forgets her seedlings since moms make errors.

20. Design Your Seed Packet Label

Design Your Seed Packet Label Are Unique Garden Gifts For Mom
Design Your Seed Packet Labels are Unique garden gifts for Mom

Both your mother and her garden are absolutely unique! That is why these unique seed packs, which may be personalized, are ideal for Mother’s Day. “Adding my name to the customization makes it extremely meaningful to me and my gardening enterprise. “I would suggest it!” by one reviewer.

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Relaxation Garden Gifts For Garden Lovers

21. Comfy Wooden Garden Seat

Comfy Wooden Garden Seat For Mom Who Has A Green Thumb On Mother'S Day
Comfy Wooden Garden Seat for mom who has a green thumb

Make the gardener’s outside space more inviting with a comfy garden seat—the perfect surprise! This comfortable garden seat with a built-in table is ideal for gatherings outside. On hot days, your mother may cool down under the parasol hole in the center table, which is part of the practical design, and the strong fir wood structure is coated with protective paint. The tilted back and supporting armrests of the seat make it ideal for maximum relaxation.

22. Zen Garden Kit

Zen Garden Kits Are Relaxation Gardening Gifts For Mother'S Day
Zen Garden Kits are relaxation gardening gifts for Mother’s Day

If you know a gardener who might need a break, this little Zen garden would be the perfect present. As a kind of outdoor meditation, tending a little zen garden may help you relax and unwind. Unwinding at the end of a hard day? Try raking the sand and arranging the rocks.

23. Book “Cut Flower Garden”

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts &Quot;Cut Flower Garden&Quot; Book
“Cut Flower Garden” Book that she’ll adore

“Cut Flower Garden” by florist-farmer Erin Benzakein is equal parts instructional and inspirational — a flower gardening book brimming with luscious photos of spectacular blooms and stunning arrangements sorted by season.

For the full year, learn how to grow in a range of climates and how to create magnificent garlands, airy centerpieces, and florist designs. Let the gorgeous Mother’s Day garden gifts like this book speak for themselves as the sweet floral scent envelops her affectionately.

24. “The Wisdom of Vegetable Gardening” Book

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts “Vegetable Gardening Wisdom” Book
“Vegetable Gardening Wisdom” Book

Whether Mom is a novice or an expert gardener, support her blossoming season with an inspirational gardening book this year. Kelly Smith Trimble, editorial director at HGTV.com, authored this book with bite-size information and inspiration grouped by season.

From growing advice to inspirational gardener quotes to recipes, this wonderfully illustrated Mother’s Day gift for garden lovers is one Mom will return to time and time again when she needs some gardening help.

25. The Gardener’s Log Book: A Five-Year Planning Guide

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Gardener’s Log Book: A 5-Year Planner
Gardener’s Log Book: A 5-Year Planner

A waterproof journal for recording planting dates, flowers, and harvests is a thoughtful present for someone wanting to optimize their gardening cycle. This book is jam-packed with informative appendices on garden-related and season-specific reminders. Take this Mother’s Day gift for a garden lover to give her new gardening inspiration.

26. Jessica Roux’s “Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers”

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts ‘Floriography: An Illustrated Guide To The Victorian Language Of Flowers’ By Jessica Roux
‘Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers’ by Jessica Roux

Unlock the secret language of plants and flowers with this comprehensive 224-page guidebook. Learn the art of Victorian-style floral communication, where every bloom whispers a hidden message. This fascinating book is the perfect gift for any gardener or flower enthusiast, allowing them to express themselves without a single word.

27. Claire Takacs’ ‘Dreamscapes: Inspiration and Beauty in Gardens Near and Far’

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts ‘Dreamscapes: Inspiration And Beauty In Gardens Near And Far’ By Claire Takacs
‘Dreamscapes: Inspiration and Beauty in Gardens Near and Far’ by Claire Takacs

If a coffee table book is more your Mother’s style of garden love, then begin the oohs and aahs with this wonderful compilation of photographs of gardens worldwide at their most beautiful. Expect laughs like never before with these cheeky Mother’s Day garden gifts.

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Decorative Items for Mother’s Day Garden Gifts

28. Cypress Potting Table Handmade by the Amish

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Amish-Made Cypress Potting Table
Amish-made Cypress Potting Table as an eco-friendly gift on Mother’s Day

This gardener’s companion is as lovely as it is utilitarian, thanks to unfinished cypress smooth-sanded by Amish artisans. The 34-inch-high surface area is excellent for dividing and repotting houseplants, transplants, shrubs, and perennials.

The cypress contains oil that helps wood resist deterioration, and the table will weather to a rustic, worn gray over time. It may end up being passed down through generations.

29. Family Presents Hummingbirds and Daisies

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Family Gifts Daisies And Hummingbirds
Family Gifts Daisies and Hummingbirds: personalized Mother’s Garden art

Even if you are a rather rigid son who is not particularly sensitive when selecting a present for your mother, this will undoubtedly be the best and most appropriate option. Your mother will fall in love with it at first sight because of the untamed beauty of tiny daisies, hummingbirds, and, most importantly, the names of the children she adores.

30. Hummingbirds and sunflowers You Are My Sunflower Canvas

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Sunflower And Hummingbirds You Are My Sunshine Canvas
Sunflower and Hummingbirds You Are My Sunshine Canvas

Does your mom have a green thumb and a love for beautiful blooms? This Mother’s Day canvas gift combines the best of both worlds! A stunning canvas print features a vibrant flower corner scene reminiscent of her own garden haven.

The canvas is personalized with new, cherished photos of you and your mom, adding a heartwarming touch. The bright sunflowers on the print will add a touch of sunshine to her walls, and the entire piece becomes a beautiful reminder of your love and appreciation.

31. Autumn Perennial Wreath That Has Been Preserved

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Preserved Fall Perennial Wreath
Preserved Fall Perennial Wreath

This year-round dry wreath maintains the wildflower vibe. It’s reassuring during the months when everything is brown and dry, and it’s lovely during the summer heat when outdoor time is also limited.

It is handmade with Sweet Annie as the base and yarrow, lemon mint, orange safflower, and globe amaranth as accents. The wreath, which is 22 inches in circumference, may be displayed on the front door or above the mantle and will last at least two years indoors.

32. Lighted Landscape Panel with Sunflower Garden

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Sunflower Garden Lighted Landscape Panel
Sunflower Garden Lighted Landscape Panels as the best gardening gifts

This yard art is created by connecting five battery-operated LED lights with a single wire. The four sunflower-shaped screens, each with a light in the center, are visible 24 hours a day. It includes a timer and emits a gentle glow for six hours. Stakes for the ground are included to provide additional stability.

This decorative garden is perfect for those who adore sunflowers or dream of growing them. It even offers a clever solution to hide away eyesores like composters or bare patches in the landscape.

33. Birdfeeder for Porch Swing

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts Porch Swing Birdfeeder
Porch Swing Birdfeeder as a home garden gift

This porch swing bird feeder is a miniature version of the genuine thing, with hanging rope and a realistic wood texture. It is suited for little birds and features a detachable feeding tray for simple cleanup.

34. Pots Painted by Hand

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Hand-Painted Pots
Hand-Painted Plant Pot

While the seasons change outside, ensure Mom has a touch of nature’s greenery indoors at all times. With its hand-painted terra-cotta design, this container adds a contemporary aesthetic to any botanical planting. This creative Mother’s Day gift for garden lovers is truly special!

35. Planter in a Cement Basket

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Cement Basket Planter
Cement Basket Planter

Are you looking for affordable Mother’s Day garden gifts that will make mom feel cherished regardless of where she is? These cement baskets have been woven to survive the elements and time. Each planter is crafted from durable rock-solid cement and includes a densely woven pattern and permanent droop reminiscent of rattan baskets.

36. Plant Animals Decorative

Apricot Begonia Double Flower Decorative Plant Animals
Decorative Plant Animals

Allow Mom to personalize and embellish her indoor plants with these adorable metal critters. Gently wrap their arms, legs, and tails around a plant’s stems to create a little menagerie that will add even more excitement to her greens.

37. Masterfully Designed Birdhouse

Mother'S Day Garden Gifts - Intricate Birdhouse
Intricate Birdhouse: a great gift for garden lover on Mother’s Day

Birds will enjoy visiting this charming birdhouse in Mom’s garden. The birdhouse is vital because it is placed on a post and includes fine decoration. Mom may now rest and have a cup of tea while admiring the beauty of nature with one of the lovely Mother’s Day garden gifts.

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This Mother’s day garden gifts guide is certainly exhaustive. It’s brimming with Mother’s Day gifts for new and seasoned mothers alike. We are who we are today as a result of their sacrificial love. The very least we can do is demonstrate how much our superheroes mean to us!

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