42 Cool Christmas Gifts For Kids That Will Get Them Excited 

31 Cool Christmas Gifts For Kids That Will Get Them Excited 
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There is something truly enchanting about witnessing the sheer excitement and anticipation that fills the air as children eagerly tear into their presents on Christmas morning. For Christmas gifts for kids in 2023, we’ve rounded up the best options to ensure that whether they’re budding artists, aspiring scientists, or adventure seekers, they’ll love to play with their presents.

From interesting toys to educational games, Oh Canvas’s carefully curated selection caters to a range of interests and ages. Get ready to discover the most sought-after Christmas gift ideas for children that will bring joy to your little ones this holiday season. Say goodbye to shopping stress and hello to a memorable and delightful Christmas shopping experience!

Christmas Gifts For One-Year-Old Kids

1. Small Foot Bear Baby Walker

Baby Walker - Christmas Gifts For Kids
Small Foot Bear Baby Walker

On Christmas morning, the “Small Foot Bear Baby Walker” is here to help newborns and toddlers take their first steps into exploration and movement. This adorable walker is inspired by cuddly teddy bears and is adorned in cheerful, festive colors. The kids Christmas gifts are built of safe and enjoyable materials. Its small size is ideal for toddler hands and will help instill confidence when your youngster takes his or her first steps.

2. Teddy or Bunny Handbell Toy

Handbell Toy Is A Lovely Christmas Toy
Lovely Bunny Handbell Toy

The “Teddy or Bunny Handbell Toy,” a cute playtime companion ideal for the holiday season, will bring cheer to your child’s Christmas. This lovely gift has a lovable teddy bear or a sweet bunny decked up in Christmassy hues that will get you in the holiday spirit. The handbell is made of safe and long-lasting materials, and it is just the right size for one-year-olds’ tiny hands, aiding in developing their sense of touch and fine motor abilities. It is ideal for babies and preschoolers since the relaxing melody develops their hearing and serves as fun Christmas gifts.

3. Christmas Party Cute Short Sleeve Set

Christmas Party Cute Short Sleeve Set
Christmas Party Cute Short Sleeve Set

Get your little one ready for the festive season with the “Christmas Party Cute Short Sleeve Set,” one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for kids. This cute holiday-themed set will put a quirky spin on your kid’s clothes. It features classic Christmas symbols. The one-year-old’s comfort is prioritized with this short-sleeved set made from breathable and lightweight fabric. The set comes in a range of toddler-appropriate sizes, and its bright colors capture the holiday spirit and promote visual engagement, making it perfect for your child’s first Christmas.

4. Personalized Silicone Weaning Set

Personalized Silicone Weaning Set
Personalized Silicone Weaning Set

Make this Christmas special for your little one with the “Personalized Silicone Weaning Set,” a thoughtful and practical gift for the festive season. This set’s lovely style and adaptability make it ideal for giving your child’s mealtimes a special touch. The one-year-old weaning set is built to last and is completely secure because it is made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone. The small size is ideal for toddlers’ hands, encouraging them to eat on their while also making mealtime fun.

5. Kids Audio Player

Set Includes Small Pieces To Enhance Social Emotional Skills
Kids Audio Player is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids

Unleash the magic of music and creativity with this perfect gift idea for kids on Christmas that combines entertainment and education. This innovative device invites young minds to pick a challenge card, each designed to inspire a musical adventure. This “smart” speaker can be operated by scanning, making it ideal for use by children to listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts.

6. Macrame Swing

Macrame Swing - Super Soft Gift For Kids Of All Ages
super soft Christmas gift for kids of all ages

If you want a reprieve from the onslaught of plastic Christmas gifts for kids, think about this stylish, bohemian swing. The macramé swing was made by hand and can accommodate little ones and toddlers up to 40 pounds.

7. Dino Egg Bath Bomb

Dino Egg Bath Bomb - Top Toys This Christmas
Top toys this Christmas for kids who love dinosaurs

You can’t go wrong with these lovely Christmas toys for babies. Make bath time during the fun Christmas season extra delightful for kids with these charming bath bombs. Your child will play games with the dinosaur toys inside each one long after the bath.

8. Personalized Baptism Canvas Gift

Personalized Baptism Canvas Gift For Holiday Shopping Season
Personalized Baptism Canvas Gift – holiday gifts by age
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Nothing compares to personalized canvas prints of your children’s images as the best gifts for kids 2023 Christmas holiday. The memories captured by this canvas print will be treasured for years to come. Even as grownups, they will always appreciate the thoughtful gifts they receive.

9. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament
Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

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This gorgeous porcelain ornament makes the ideal holiday present for a one-year-old baby! With this unique souvenir, you can commemorate your child’s first Christmas and cherish it for years to come. This ornament will make a lovely and sentimental gift for the new mother and father, whether for a newborn boy, girl, or both. With our baby’s first Christmas ornament, make this holiday season even more memorable!

Christmas gift ideas for 2-year-old Kids

9. Radio Flyer Scoot About Sport

Radio Flyer Scoot
Radio Flyer Scoot

Surprise your little one this Christmas with this fantastic gift that blends excitement and development. This ride-on toy is built of sturdy steel and comes in a stylish color that blends classic and modern design features. This bike is the perfect size for a two-year-old. It has a sturdy frame, a supportive seat, and simple handlebars. These features will make learning how to move around fun and safe for your child.

10. Wooden Handmade Music Box

Wooden Handmade Music Box
Wooden Handmade Music Box

Create enchanting memories with these timeless Christmas gifts for kids that adds a touch of magic to the holiday season. This beautiful sound box was carved from high-quality wood and festively colored to recall the joy of the holiday season. The small but sturdy design of this music box makes it perfect for babies. The soothing tune it plays will help your child develop their hearing, teach them to appreciate music, and show them the joy of traditional craftsmanship from a young age.

11. Personalized Baby Comforter

Personalized Baby Comforter
Personalized Baby Comforter

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with the “Personalized Baby Comforter,” an affordable gift for your little one during the festive season. This comforter is crafted from high-quality, hypoallergenic fabrics and features a soothing color scheme, making it ideal for your youngster. This personalized comforter is the perfect size for a 2-year-old, making it an essential friend for them. It provides safety and comfort, makes bedtime fun, and promotes mental health during holiday celebrations.

12. Baby and Toddler Learning Bot

Interactive Toys For Christmas Gifts For Younger Kids
Give baby and Toddler Learning Bot as fantastic Christmas gifts for younger kids

Young toddlers enjoy the spinning arms and ball-popper, while some older kids may sing along to various tunes, work on their ABCs, and develop their building abilities. An intelligent coding robot is on every kid’s wish list this holiday season.

13. Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys - Christmas Gifts For Kids
Christmas gifts for little kids who love brain toys

Parents may find this toddler’s Christmas toy just as fascinating as their children’s. It’s a good way for your toddler to work on coordination and imaginative play skills.

14. Personalized Crayon Name Set

Personalized Crayon Name Set - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Personalized Crayon Name Set for kids who love creative toys.

If your kids love drawing, these personalized crayons will sure to bring out their creativity. Whether it’s a simple doodle or a masterpiece in the making, you can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride. These creative Christmas gifts for kids will give them a extra fun time to make their very own unique pieces of art.

15. Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Baby Octopus for kids Christmas gifts 2023

This baby octopus is incredibly plush and soft, making him the perfect nighttime companion. The fact that it has a frown makes it truly distinctive and can teach younger children to exhibit emotions other than happiness at the family game night.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Kids From 3 year old

16. Custom neon sign name

Custom Neon Sign Name
Custom neon sign name

Personalize the holiday mood with this unique and vivid Christmas present for baby girl. This meticulously constructed neon sign allows you to display your child’s name in dazzling neon lights, providing a compelling and joyful party decoration. There are different shapes and colors of the sign, so it can be used anywhere. Its soft, warm light makes it feel like a soothing nightlight. It’s a great addition to your child’s Christmas celebrations and will teach them to be proud of their surroundings.

17. Wooden play food

Wooden Fruit
Wooden Fruit

Give the Cutting Fruit Set to your little chef as creative Christmas gifts for kids. It’s a great toy that will help them learn new skills and have fun at the same time. The brightly colored toy is made from strong materials to make sure the safety of its parts, which include different kinds of fruits, a wooden knife that is safe for kids, and a cutting board. Get your three-year-old a fun, interactive cooking set for the holidays. It will help them develop their thinking and fine motor skills while they play.

18. Kids’ Activity Tracker

Kids' Activity Tracker - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Kids’ Activity Tracker

It can be challenging to convince your child to go outside during the colder months. The kids’ tracker will help you set fitness goals for your child, teach them how to tell time, and even track their sleep patterns so you can use an app to evaluate them.

19. Keyboard Play Mat

Amazon Kids That Have Educational Insights
amazon kids that have educational insights

Your kids really into singing and dancing, right? This enchanting play mat is designed to ignite their curiosity and foster a deep appreciation for the world of sound. Let their imaginations run wild as they build a symphony of sound, weaving together stories and harmonies with these fun Christmas gifts that only they can create.

20. Crazy Forts

Crazy Forts - Great Gifts By Age On Christmas
Crazy Forts for a great christmas gift by age

You’ve never seen blanket forts like this before! Instead of putting blankets over sagging couch cushions, use these rods and connectors to help families build more complex structures.

21. Light Up Tracing Pad

Light Up Tracing Pad - Christmas Gift Kids Will Love
Light Up Tracing Pad – Christmas preschool learning toy

Another creative Christmas gift for kids of all ages? The kit includes more than 100 traceable images that children may combine to create their own creations. The night light makes tracings visible in any environment.

22. Fashion Studio

Fashion Studio - Top Toys This Christmas
Top toys this Christmas for little girls love design and fashion

Have you found interesting Christmas gifts for kids that she will all adore? With the help of this kit, which walks children through the fashion design process, get them ready for their own take on intelligent audio.

They can first develop ideas and make sketches, then use fundamental tools to make a model of the miniature mannequin.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids From 4-year-old

23. Holiday family matching t-shirt

Holiday Family Matching T-Shirt
Holiday family matching t-shirt

Celebrate togetherness and festive cheer this Christmas with the “Holiday Family Matching T-Shirt” set, a delightful way to unite your loved ones in style. These shirts are available in various sizes, and all have festive graphics that will keep you looking good and feeling great all season long. These 3-year-old-targeted matching tees are a sweet addition to holiday get-togethers, promoting community and bonding among the youngest guests.

24. Tree Cape Costume

Tree Cape Costume
Tree Cape Costume

The Tree Cape Costume is a fanciful ensemble that brings Christmas magic to your little one’s appearance. Made from soft and lightweight fabrics, this adorable costume features a tree-shaped cape in brilliant festive colors embellished with decorations and a star at the top. It is tailor made for children aged three and not only encourages creative play and helps even the youngest partygoers feel like part of the festive mood.

25. Kick Scooter

Kick Scooter - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Kick Scooter – kids Christmas gifts 2023

It can be operated standing up or like a bike or scooter. For an effortless ride for kids, the back wheels can be spread out to resemble a tricycle more than anything else. These hottest Christmas toys that kids will love can improve their gross motor skills! It comes in various colors and would make a fun and exciting present for both boys and girls.

26. Bike or Balance Bike

Christmas Toys For Children Ages 8
Christmas gift ideas for children ages 8

We truly believe in getting kids moving around here. Therefore, we favor kids’ toys that encourage them to play outside while getting some exercise and enhancing their fine motor skills!

Consider a balancing bike for your child if they are starting (for kids ages 2 to 4). Older children can either start riding with training wheels or a giant bike.

27. Laser Kid Toy Car

Laser Kid Toy Car - More Toys On This Christmas
Laser Kid Toy Car – Top Christmas toys for boys

The way this race car climbs walls and even the ceiling will astound kids! It has a laser that children may use to steer its direction, and it can travel over any flat surface (without destroying walls).

28. Talking Microscope

Talking Microscope - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Talking Microscope for kids Christmas gifts 2023

Are you looking for practical Christmas gifts for kids? Kids will view close-up nature photographs when they gaze at the slides underneath this educational toy.

The microscope’s voice then provides information about the creatures and vegetation. To determine whether they have remembered anything, they can also use it in quiz mode.

29. Jewelry-making Supplies

Jewelry-Making Supplies - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Jewelry-making Supplies for creative kids Christmas gifts 2023

Give your girls these lovely Christmas toys with a jewelry-making kit if they enjoy accessories and you want to encourage their interest in a new activity. Making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for their pals can keep them entertained for hours.

30. Magnatile Gift Set

Magnatile Gift Set - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Magnatile Gift Set – kids Christmas gifts 2023

These vibrant, translucent magnetic tiles help kids develop their spatial, numeracy, and building skills. Older children can create in three dimensions, while younger children love building with them on a flat surface. They are excellent for single-child or group play.

You can never have too many of these great building tiles, so if you already have a set, think about getting another set in different shapes or colors as a holiday gift this year.

Best Christmas Gifts For Kids From 5 year old And Up

31. Busy Board Montessori Toys

Busy Board
Busy Board

This Christmas day, give your kiddo the gift of a lifetime: the chance to learn while having fun with the Busy Board Montessori Toys. This interactive board is made of long-lasting materials and bright colors to encourage sensory exploration, and it includes various activities like buttons, laces, and switches. It is a wonderful and educational holiday gift for children since it is just the right size for their hands while encouraging the development of fine motor skills, problem-solving strategies, and cognitive ability.

32. Loog Mini Electric

Loog Mini Electric
Loog Mini Electric

Give your little musician the exciting gift with the Loog Mini Electric, the perfect blend of holiday cheer and musical discovery. This kid-friendly electric guitar is ideal for beginners because it is small, colorful, and made of high-quality materials that won’t break easily. The streamlined design of its makes it a great instrument for introducing children to the world of music, stimulating their imaginations and developing their motor skills as they play.

33. Wonderbly Our 12 Days of Christmas Book

Wonderbly Our 12 Days Of Christmas Book
Wonderbly Our 12 Days of Christmas Book

In the “Wonderbly Our 12 Days of Christmas Book,” you’ll take a joyous and unique trip through the classic Christmas carol as you celebrate the season. Personalized with the child’s name, this exquisitely designed book features colorful images. Its enormous size, bright colors, and sturdy construction not only make it visually appealing but also ensure that it withstands the passionate treatment of tiny hands, making it fantastic Christmas gift ideas for children.

34. Family Photo For Christmas

Family Photo For Christmas - Christmas Gift Guides For The Whole Family
Family Photo For Christmas – Christmas gift guides for teen girls
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Do you want to leave your kids with a lasting impression? Give them a canvas print of a particular event your family had together, and they’ll cherish it for years to come. This canvas will undoubtedly add the coziest touch to their room.

35. Minions LEGO

Minions Lego - Top Toys This Christmas
Top toys this Christmas for kids who are crazy about Minions.

No child on the planet does not adore the Minions. LEGO is a gift that will always be popular because it helps kids be creative and imaginative while also teaching them to follow directions. Overall, it’s a potent combination.

My two watched The Rise of Gru at least three times in the theater; it was the big kids’ movie hit of 2023. As a result, they will have the opportunity to recreate one of the film’s most memorable scenes with Kevin, Stuart, and Otto.

The Lego Life app even has a fantastic interactive guide to assist them with all their favorite characters.

36. Gemstone Dig Kit

Gemstone Dig Kit - Top Toys This Christmas
Best Christmas gifts for kids who love archaeology

With this kit, you may enjoy the thrill of having genuine jewels and the enjoyment of chipping away to uncover a hidden treasure! A chisel, a brush, and a magnifying lens are all included in this dig kit so kids can go treasure hunting and examine the magnificent gems they find, such as amethyst, tiger’s eye, quartz, and obsidian.

37. Augmented Reality Globe

Augmented Reality Globe - Top Toys This Christmas
Augmented Reality Globe – top toys this Christmas

Not your grandmother’s globe. Kids may learn about the world while they play with the help of an app that couples an augmented reality globe with over 1,000 local facts. They only need to scan a portion of the world to go on an augmented reality journey.

38. Rollerblades or Skates

Rollerblades Or Skates - Kids Christmas Gifts 2022
Rollerblades or Skates are the trendy kid Christmas gifts 2023

What kid doesn’t love a stylish skate as a Christmas gift? Don’t forget to wear a helmet, knee pads, ankle guards, and elbow pads! These trendy skates are one of the greatest Christmas gifts for kids you should consider.

39. “Dear Santa for Christmas” Ornament

&Quot;Dear Santa For Christmas&Quot; Ornament Kids Christmas Gifts 2023
“Dear Santa for Christmas” Ornament

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This jolly ornament is the ideal present to sprinkle merriment and giggles into your little one’s festive festivities. Adorned with the delightful shape of a jolly letter to Santa, it showcases a whimsical and merry message that joyfully exclaims “Dearest Santa…” – creating a festive and lighthearted ambiance for the yuletide season.

This festive ornament is adorned with charming pictures of jolly old Santa Claus and exudes the magical spirit of Christmas, making it irresistible to children. It’s excellent for the holiday season since it can be used both as a tree ornament and as a keepsake, and because it captures the wonder and delight that children feel at this time of year.

Intentional kid-friendly Christmas presents

40. Kids’ experience day

Kids' Experience Day - The Best Gift For All Child'S Age
Kids’ experience day for the most fun

A memorable experience is a perfect gift for all the kids at every age at Christmas because it will leave them with a lasting impression. They will get excited and have so much fun when you spend a day visiting the amusement parks with them.

41. Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden - Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids
Fairy Garden – best gifts on Christmas for multiple kids

These unusual Christmas gifts for kids are fairy hamlets full of plants that kids can cultivate from seeds on their own.

Create a beautiful world with the Fairy Garden activity set—a perfect place for imaginative play that any kid is sure to love. This one comes with enchanting lights, music, sound, and play items for fairies – everything the kids need to create a lovely fairy garden at home. This magical kit allows little ones to bring the charm of a fairyland indoors, nurturing creativity and sparking joy for any kid in need of a delightful escape.

42. Candy Floss Maker

Candy Floss Maker For The Little Chef On Christmas
Candy Floss Maker – a favorite toy in the real life

This talented kid will like it if you don’t mind a little sugar rush. What could be more enjoyable than crafting your own fluffy candy floss that would pass muster at a fair (with a bit of adult assistance, of course)?

A spoonful of candy floss, sugar, and several wooden sticks are included in this adorable set. Add them together and watch the magic happen!

43. Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie - Top Toys This Christmas
Walkie Talkie – funny Christmas gift ideas by age

“I’ll see you in five minutes.” Whether your child has a neighbor who lives nearby or enjoys playing spy games with friends, they will enjoy interacting with one another using walkie-talkies.

The walkie-talkies are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and have a key lock mechanism to prevent children from accidentally entering unauthorized channels.

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As the holiday season approaches, every kid counts the days until they open their presents. They will wait for Santa to come down the chimney and put their gifts in their socks. Be Santa to them and present them with the gifts they deserve. We hope the gift list of Christmas gifts for kids above might inspire you as you search for the perfect present for your precious child.

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