33 Best Christian Mother’s Day Gifts To Celebrate Her Faith

31 Best Christian Mother'S Day Gifts To Celebrate Her Faith
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Christian Mother’s Day gifts are a beautiful way to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. They serve as a constant reminder of her strength and dignity, reflecting the blessings she brings to your life and the family. Here at Oh Canvas, we’ve curated a collection of some of the most meaningful presents for the best women in your life that will touch her heart and celebrate her faith.

Trending books for Christian Moms on Mother’s Day

1. Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Risen Motherhood By Emily Jensen And Laura Wifler
Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

This book is a gift from God for any mom support and guidance. To provide support for mothers navigating the challenges of parenting, featured authors Jensen and Wifler, have shared their personal beliefs and experiences, offering biblical truths and practical advice. If your mom is going through a tough time, this book will give her the “feel and knowing” that she is not alone. Give your mom this Mother’s day gift that will make her feel loved, supported, and empowered in her most important role.

2. One thousand gifts – by Ann Voskamp

Christian Mothers Day Gifts - One Thousand Gifts – By Ann Voskamp
One thousand gifts – by Ann Voskamp

Christian mother’s day gifts that openly tell how special moms are for the blessings and joy they bring to the family are the most thoughtful and loving. It’s not easy to be grateful and stay in the moment at the same time. As a result, we’re constantly striving for new and better things, thoughts, and emotions. A thousand entries in ann voskamp’s thankfulness notebook are recounted in her beautiful prose. She exhorts her readers to take their time, appreciate the little things in life, and look for god in everything.

3. Give the Gift of Faith and Strength: Jesus Calling for Moms by Sarah Young

 Gift Of Faith And Encouragement This Mother'S Day With Jesus Calling For Moms By Sarah Young
Jesus Calling for Moms by Sarah Young

Need memorable gift ideas to show your mom how much you care on Mother’s Day? Encouraging, reassuring, and soothing to mothers in the middle of the unknowns of parenting, this lovely devotional book has fifty encouraging words. Attached to each daily reading is a pertinent Bible passage and a devotional message penned as though it were straight from Jesus. No matter what she is going through, from the ins and outs of motherhood to the constant demands of juggling work and family, this book will remind mom that God is with her every step.

Meaningful Jewelry For Christian Mother’s Day Gifts

4. Verse Engraved Bracelet

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - Virtuous Woman Bangle Bracelet
Virtuous woman bangle bracelet

You understand that your mother is a priceless asset. She’ll have written proof that she’s worth more than rubies if you give her this lovely sterling silver bracelet! There is an etched passage from proverbs 31 on it: “who can discover an honorable woman?” her value is significantly greater than that of a ruby. She wears a garment of strength and honor, and she will be happy in the future with this religious mother’s day gift. Her children and husband both jump up to worship her and call her blessed.

5. Cross Necklace

Christian Gifts For Mom - Tassel Necklace
Tassel necklace

These days, tassel jewelry is really popular, and this stunning coral tassel will enhance mom’s already elegant look. Faith is closest to mother’s heart, and these elegant necklaces are the perfect christian gifts for mom who likes to wear theirs daily.

To encourage mom to “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight,” a silver charm is imprinted with “proverbs 3:5-6.” I like to think of it as the WWJD bracelet of the 21st century, except nicer.

6. Miraculous Medal Earrings

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Initial And Cross Earrings
Initial and cross earrings

This initial earring pair is one of the great Christian Mothers day gifts for the cool mom in your life, who is clearly your mom. The initial is a stud, while the cross-shaped earring dangles a little. Consider taking mum to the barbershop for a side shave as you get her this gift!

Christian-Themed Drinkware: A Mom’s Morning Inspiration

7. “God is within her” – Mug

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - God Is Within Her - Mug
God is within her – Ceramic mug

What better way to start the day than with a dash of gold and pink? It may be the perfect religious mother’s day gift for the wife like drinking coffee. To top it off, the motivational message of God’s love will help her get through the day without falling apart under the weight of too much caffeine.

8. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - Spread The Love – Water Bottle
Spread the love – Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Mom, stay hydrated! And with such a lovely water bottle at her disposal, why wouldn’t she want to drink more? She is the source of unbridled joy and love and deserves Christian mother’s day gifts that fully capture their importance on mother’s day. “love each other as I have loved you,” Jesus told the masses on the mount.

9. “Fueled by the holy Spirit” – travel mug

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Spread The Love - Water Bottle
Spread the love – water bottle

Moms-to-be will love these holy christian gifts for mom! Whether she’s running errands with the kids, picking up groceries, or going to bible study, she can harness the inner and outer strength of this ceramic mug while sipping her favorite beverage. You’ll be the envy of all the other moms at church with this one!

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Beautiful Religious Home Decor for Mom’s Sanctuary

10. “Give me Jesus” – Canvas Wall art decor

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Give Me Jesus – Plank Wall Art
Give me Jesus – plank wall art

Signs made from planks are becoming increasingly fashionable, and this one with its lovely script and inspirational message is sure to be a welcome addition to any home as Christian Mothers day gifts. When mum reads the script of this gorgeous piece, she’ll be hard-pressed not to smile. It’ll be even more difficult for her to keep a straight face when she sees it every day on her wall.

11. Wonderfully Eloquent Canvas Print for Christian Walls

Christian Mothers Day Gifts - Amzing Grace Canvas Print
Amazing grace canvas print

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Personalized Christian mother’s day gifts are unique, can convey heartfelt feelings, and have amazing sentimental value. It’s a great idea to give your Christian mother a personalized canvas print with a picture of her. On mother’s day, she will be delighted to receive this perfect gift that is in accordance with her religious beliefs.

12. We Are Blessed – Personalize Scripture Lantern

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - We Are Blessed – Lantern
We are blessed – lantern

This unique gift allows you to show your mom how much we appreciate her constant faith and the blessings she brings to your life. Adding a beloved biblical passage or a meaningful message to the “We Are Blessed” message makes it an incredibly unique and treasured present that will be remembered for a long time.

Hang it outside for all to see – a warm welcome your guests and a constant reminder of the strong Christian foundation that guides your family. With each flicker of light, the lantern becomes a symbol of faith, illuminating not just your house but also the path to salvation for those who seek it.

13. Awesome grace – text block

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Amazing Grace – Word Block
Amazing grace – word block

Amazing grace is one of the most popular and recognizable hymns of Christian Mothers day gifts of all time, regardless of one’s favorite musical style. As she reads, sings, and meditates on god’s unending love, this word block will be the perfect addition to any Christian woman’s home décor.

14. Canvas wall art “A prayer for my mother”

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - “A Prayer For My Mother” Photo Canvas Print
“a prayer for my mother” photo canvas print

Some of the sweetest Christian Mothers day gifts celebrate mom the endless love a mother has for her children. This type of present is a one-of-a-kind item that conveys a personal message and has a great deal of sentimental value. Gifting her this canvas print is a wonderful way to express your love, as well as a wonderful way to decorate her home.

Thoughtful Christian Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Journals & Planners

15. Daily Devotional Journal with Isaiah 40:31

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Isaiah 40:31 Journal
Isaiah 40:31 journal

Is there anything more stylish than a diary made from Carrara marble? This is the ideal religious mother’s day gift for any mom who wishes to keep a notebook, carry a small sketchbook, or perhaps create the next great American novel, thanks to its simple lay-flat style and combination of blank and lined pages. While you’re at it, buy her a nice pen!

16. Planner of incredible grace

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - Amazing Grace Planner
Amazing grace planner

She is the wellspring of unrestrained joy and love, and she deserves Christian mother’s day gifts that truly reflect her significance. This exquisite purple leather planner with its embossed leather cover is a must-have for the organized mother, or perhaps the mother who aspires to be more organized. In order to keep mom motivated to stick to her program and to stick with Jesus, there are daily devotional thoughts, scripture verses, and even a bible reading plan included.

17. Strength and Dignity Proverbs 31 Journal

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Strength And Dignity Proverbs 31 Journal
Strength and Dignity Proverbs 31 Journal

Searching for a meaningful gift for the Christian woman in your life? This exquisite journal, drawing inspiration from the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:25, serves as more than a mere writing space. It’s a place that fosters inner strength and a sense of dignity, much like the Bible verses she holds dear. This exquisite companion perfectly complements her favorite Bible and church supplies, providing a sacred space for deep contemplation, nurturing inner resilience, and embracing a dignified spiritual journey.

Kitchenware Gifts with Faith: Perfect for Christian Mothers Love Cooking

18. Cutting board with a Bible Verse about Blessings

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Beyond Measure – Cutting Board
Beyond measure – cutting board

Any religious woman will appreciate this religious mother’s day gift. Your mum will adore this cutting board if she spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals and desserts. Seeing this cutting board is sure to warm your mother’s heart and motivate her to put even more love into the delights she prepares because of its gentle reminder that god’s love and blessings are all around her.

19. “He fills my life with good things” towel

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - He Fills My Life – Tea Towel
Flour sack towel with a faith-inspired message

Mom enjoys quoting scripture even more than receiving Christian Mothers day gifts from you, her favorite person. She’ll be able to wipe away the day’s tension and disappointments thanks to the upbeat phrase and vibrant colors on this flour sack tea towel. She might even say that it’s too nice to use to wipe hands with!

20. In the mixing bowl: women of faith

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Women Of Faith – Mixing Bowl
Women of faith – mixing bowl

It’s as though the scripted message mixes the notions of prayer, generosity, and love to create a woman of faith in this brilliant, lovely bowl. Your mom will make whatever you want in this bowl if you say those precise words to her as she receives it! It’s chocolate cookie time!

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Stylish & Faith-Based Clothing Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

21. Comfy Christian Tee

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - Hot Mess – Tshirt
Hot mess – T-shirt

She’s a stunning woman. Mom is a good person. Mom has a lot of responsibilities. My mom is tolerant. Mom is a giver. Mom has been up all night. Mom is in a state of disarray. The good news is that Jesus accepts her just the way she is. Make mum smile and other moms exclaim with recognition by wearing this handmade shirt with a scripted message! A few of the best Christian mother’s day gifts are simple and unique, which symbolizes their importance to the family and to god.

22. Cozy Mom Sweater with a Bible Verse

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Keep Calm – Sweatshirt
Keep calm – sweatshirt

Anyone who wants to stay calm and pray hard instead of watching Downton abbey, drinking tea, eating cupcakes, or snuggling their pet should do so. Mom will be wrapped in both warmth and hope when she wears this cozy religious mother’s day gift. But don’t even think about asking. It’s going to be hard for her to give it up!

23. Faithful Socks with a Sheep Design

Christian Mothers Day Gifts - The Lost Sheep – Socks
The lost sheep – socks

Even her automobile now has a fish sign on the back of it, and she wears a cross around her neck and decorates her home with biblical decor. Is there a pair of holy socks in her drawer somewhere, however? In addition to being comfy, these lovely Christian Mothers day gifts socks serve as a soothing reminder that you’re not alone. Mom’s never had socks with such deep meaning before!

24. Be Still Tote Bag

Find Peace On The Go With The &Quot;Be Still&Quot; Tote Bag - A Thoughtful Christian Mother'S Day Gift

Find Peace on the Go with the “Be Still” Tote Bag

This softcover canvas is perfect for “know we carry” all her essentials thanks to its spaciousness, whether she’s packing for a picnic or browsing featured stores. The message serves as a gentle reminder for our moms to find moments of peace and quiet reflection amidst the busyness of life. So why wait? This tote is a fantastic choice for any Christian woman and is bound to become a beloved accessory for daily use.

Unique Christian Collectibles Mom Will Treasure

25. Ornament – collectible willow tree

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Willow Tree – Christmas Ornament
Christian Mothers day gifts – Willow tree – christmas ornament

Are you looking for Christian mother’s day gifts? Is your mother a fan of the finer things in life? Add this willow tree angel to her ornament collection for the holiday season. The angelic figure will offer a tranquil reminder of god’s love for the Christmas tree, and the 2023 inscription will bring to mind all the lovely events and occasions of the past year.

26. Memorable moments – imagination

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - Precious Moments – Figurine
Precious moments – figurine

Is there anything more enchanting than a precious moments angel figurine? Spending time in prayer is time well spent, as this exquisite porcelain figurine serves as a soothing reminder. Moms who value their quiet devotional time would appreciate having this tiny angel at their side with this religious mother’s day gift.

27. Bobblehead, by Charles Spurgeon

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Charles Spurgeon – Bobblehead
Charles Spurgeon – bobblehead

How about a life-size bobblehead depicting a legendary novelist and preacher? Oh, my goodness! Definitely! It’s a great way for mom to remember the man’s many wise remarks and inspirational, enlightening sermons while having a lot of fun. You’ll also enjoy the man’s impressive beard! Are these funny mother’s day gift ideas Christian?

Tech Accessories with Faith for the Modern Christian Mom

28. Blessings–phone case

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Blessed – Phone Case
Blessed – phone case

Considering how many phones and cases she’s had, she’s likely gone through a lot. However, has she ever had a phone case as beautiful as this one? Or, on the other hand, may this religious mother’s day gift be a source of inspiration to remind her every day, if not every hour, of all the blessings she has been given by God, including yourself!

29. USB drive cross

Christian Mothers Day Gifts - Cross – Usb Drive
Cross – USB drive

For this mother’s day, give her a meaningful gift of hope in the form of a sweet and delicate piece of Christian mother’s day gifts. How about a tiny bit of christ-centered technology for the mother who has it all? USB drives come in every hue of the rainbow, but she probably doesn’t have one that represents her beliefs. There’s no chance of other members of the family mistaking it for their own anymore!

30. Ipad case, john 14:8

Mother'S Day Gift Ideas Christian - John 14:8 – Ipad Case
John 14:8 – iPad case

Perhaps the mother in your life is engrossed in endless sessions on her iPad and she is looking for Christian Mothers day gifts. If this is the case, then this exquisite rose gold iPad case might not be the best choice for her. Because of its lightweight and the silky feel of the synthetic leather, it’s unlikely she’ll want to put it down once she gets it!

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Christian Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Amazing Subscription Boxes

31. Faithbox: Monthly delivery of Christian books, jewelry, and self-care items

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Faithbox

You can’t go wrong with this subscription box because it’s full of Christian-themed treats that mom will appreciate! You might expect to find books, devotionals, eco-friendly products, and occasionally even digital music downloads in the gifts. What could possibly go wrong with this thoughtful and meaningful mother’s day gift ideas Christian?

Oh Canvas Tip

Believer’s Box is one of the best subscription services available. There are anything from five to seven special offers, such as a framed print, inspirational Christian jewelry, scripture cards to pass along, and products for beauty, wellness, and general home decor. In addition, they provide a low-cost version that only costs approximately $10 per month and includes a scripture print, cards, and a lifestyle item based on the same topic.

32. Jesus in a box

Christian Mothers Day Gifts - Jesus Box
Jesus box – Christian Mothers day gifts

The sweets in this box are just too lovely to eat! For each month, mom will get a new devotional or book, as well as a variety of other modest Christian mother’s day gifts from Christian-owned small businesses.

33. The Elijah box

Christian Mother'S Day Gifts - Delilah Box
Delilah box

Have you ever wondered about the bible’s lesser-known female characters? A new bible verse is the focus of each month’s selection of books, journals, candles, and other study materials included in this subscription box. With this religious mother’s day gift, mom’s bible study will be elevated even further.

Christian mothers day gifts questions you may concern about

What is a good Bible verse for Mothers Day?

Proverbs 31:31: “Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Psalm 139:13-14: “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

How do I pray for Mother’s Day?

We pray in gratitudeto you, Good and Gentle God, for our mothers and for all the christian women of theory who have assisted you in the wonder of birth. You, who became human via a woman, bestow upon all moms the fortitude necessary to face the uncertain future that life with children invariably brings.

What is the power of a praying mother?

A mother’s role is to pray for her children when they lack the language, comprehension, or insight to pray for themselves. We pray for their salvation, gifts, and life in the same way that the Spirit prays for us” (p. 25). As mothers, we go above and beyond to serve our children.

What do you write in a Mother’s Day card for a Christian?

We would like to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. God blessed me as He weaved me together in your womb. I’d like to show my appreciation for being the best mother a child could wish for. I pray that He continues to shower you with blessings of health and prosperity throughout your life.

Is Bible a good gift?

Along with finding the ideal job and developing new professional and personal relationships, the Bible is an excellent gift that will provide them with wisdom, comfort, and God’s love, all while assisting them in developing their most profound and important relationship of all: their relationship with God.

Is Mother’s Day religious?

Due to the fact that it is a Christian holiday, it always falls on the fourth day of Lent, the Christian time of fasting that precedes Easter. Today, for the majority of Britons, the day is a secular (and very commercial) holiday, similar to the one observed in the United States, which was started by Anna Jarvis.

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Those are the most thoughtful Christian Mother’s Day gifts in 2024 that will last a lifetime. But, must remember, the sweetest thing you can gift her is the gift of time together. On Mother’s Day, every moms always want to stay with their big and beloved family, so think about what mom would love to do and spend the cherish time together and show them how much their faith inspires you.

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