Top 43 Shiny 60th Anniversary Gifts for Wife, Husband & Couples

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The 60 years of wedding anniversary is such a special occasion in anyone’s life. What better way to honor six decades of marriage than by giving the wife, husband, family members, or married couples an awesome 60th anniversary gift? Whatever path you choose, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful presents for their diamond anniversary year. Scroll now to discover the Oh Canvas blog!

What is the 60th Anniversary Gifts?

The 60-year traditional and modern anniversary gift gained popularity following Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Traditionally symbolizing brightness, endurance, and fidelity, this beautiful diamond anniversary is a suitable homage to a long-lasting relationship. A diamond is one of the toughest minerals on the planet, making it the ideal symbol of eternal love. Colors of 60 years together occasion are diamond white for a love that shines brightly, like a jewel.

43+ Best 60th Anniversary Gift Suggestions

60th Anniversary Gift for Wife

1. Diamond Items

Diamond Items For 60Th Anniversary Celebration Ideas
Diamond Items for couples celebrating the 60th anniversary milestone

In the same way that a long-term relationship is permanent, so are diamonds. When it comes to 60th anniversary gift ideas, there is a list of the best “diamond jubilee” options to send.

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet For The 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Modern Diamond Tennis Bracelet for celebrating the diamond anniversary

This tennis bracelet has more diamonds than you can shake a stick at for anniversary gifts for her. With its 14k rose gold plating, this perfect gift is a stylish complement to any woman’s wardrobe.

3. Street Sign Custom Canvas Print

Street Sign Custom Canvas Print Is 60 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Custom Canvas Print to celebrate 60 years of marriage

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Building a family is a huge undertaking. It is, in reality, a high point for most individuals who have had 60 years of marriage. When you’re looking to give your loved one something they’ll really appreciate, this is an excellent place to celebrate your long journey of happiness and fun. It’s a genuinely unique way to express to your loved ones how much you appreciate them.

4. Jaw-dropping Bracelet

Jaw-Dropping Bracelet For The 60Th Anniversary Wedding Gift
Jaw-dropping Bracelet to celebrate the 60th anniversary wedding

To celebrate 60th wedding anniversary, this stunning gold-and-diamond bracelet is a perfect choice to mark your perennial milestone of marriage. It’s a time-honored present with a contemporary twist that’s likely to be cherished for a long time.

5. Lab-grown Diamond Earrings

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings For 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Lab-grown Diamond Earrings for celebrating the diamond anniversary

Buying a diamond anniversary gift doesn’t have to break the bank. Diamonds made in a laboratory are more inexpensive than you may expect, yet they still look amazing. The timeless white gold studs are a wardrobe staple.

6. Diamond Twinkle Necklace

Diamond Twinkle Necklace For The Anniversary 60 Years Gift
Diamond Twinkle Necklace as the anniversary gift to your parents and grandparents

This gemstone-inlaid necklace is an inspiration of the 60th wedding anniversary gift for wife who has the greatest potential to wow you. A 14K yellow gold 16-inch chain with a delicately glittering salt and pepper diamond pendant swings from the pendant’s four-prong claw setting. This exquisite, handcrafted artwork will be treasured by her nearly as much as you are by her for the whole life.

7. Solitaire Crystal Pendant

Solitaire Crystal Pendant For The 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife
Solitaire Crystal Pendant to celebrate six decades of marriage

Diamonds aren’t for everyone because of their hefty price tags. Because this pendant is so similar to the actual thing, it costs a fraction of the price. Win!

8. Diamond-shaped Carafe

Diamond-Shaped Carafe For The 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Diamond-shaped Carafe for the 60th modern gifts

For 60th anniversary theme ideas, glassware is another diamond anniversary gift. A carafe and glasses with a diamond pattern will look great both on the dining table and in the kitchen cabinet. For a perfect 60th wedding anniversary gift that’s sure to please, include a bottle of their favorite wine with it.

9. Unique gifts For Happy Couple Oh Canvas

Gift Ideas For Couple Oh Canvas For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Happy Couple Oh Canvas as an excellent gift to your parents on the 60th anniversary

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This Hello – Will You – I Do Photo Upload Canvas Print makes a thoughtful anniversary gifts by year. There are three significant occasions in your relationship that will be brought to romantic memory by this unique canvas.

If it is your first, 60th, or 10th anniversary, remind your lover how much you love and treasure your relationship by giving them this unique present.

10. Antique Diamond-Patterned Brass Mirror

Antique Brass Diamond Mirror For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Antique Diamond-Patterned Brass Mirror for the 60th wedding anniversary

These brass mirrors are a great way to add a dash of glitz to a bedroom or living area. These products can also be given as diamond wedding anniversary gifts to your parents and grandparents.

11. Diamond Tiara

Diamond Tiara For The 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
Diamond Tiara as a traditional gift to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary

A gemstone-inlaid tiara is traditionally a time-honored present for every bride-to-be. In addition to making her surprised, this 60th year traditional present is a declaration that she will always be your queen. Take a shot at it! This is what we’re betting on.

12. Raw Diamond Ring

Raw Diamond Ring For The Anniversary 60 Years Gift
Raw Diamond Ring as the anniversary 60 years gifts

A stunning gemstone is a great way to show your wife how much you care on 60th wedding anniversary. It’s a beautiful raw stone ring for her. She’ll never take it off since she’ll adore it so much! Diamonds are, after all, the most iconic 60th anniversary gifts.

13. White Diamond Flower Pendant Necklace

White Diamond Flower Pendant Necklace For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
White Diamond Flower Pendant Necklaces as 60th anniversary gifts

The beautiful flower pendant necklace is a dream for every lady, and I can tell you from personal experience. Do you think she’ll fall in love with this white diamond flower pendant necklace?

14. Custom Star Map

Custom Star Map For 60Th Anniversary Gift Suggestions
60th traditional anniversary gift ideas – Custom Star Map

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Have you run out of interesting anniversary gift ideas? We’re here for you! This Star Map with Song Lyrics framed artwork is a wonderful way to show your implicit love for your other half.

Personalize it with the romantic lyrics to your favorite song or the words of your first wedding dance song. It’s possible to preserve the precise moment when you said “I do” by adding a date and location of your wedding day.

15. Winged Angel Open Heart Diamond Pendant

Winged Angel Open Heart Diamond Pendant For 60Th Anniversary Theme Ideas
Winged Angel Open Heart Diamond Pendant for 60th anniversary gifts by year

As of anniversary gifts by year, this will show your spouse how much you care about them and how much they mean to you. Real diamonds are used to make this angelic open heart diamond pendant necklace. With a sterling silver chain and attractive packaging, it’s perfect to give as a stunning present. It’s one of the nicest presents to celebrate the special occasion of the 60th anniversary.

16. White Gold Diamond Angel Wing Pendant

White Gold Diamond Angel Wing Pendant For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Traditional 60th anniversary gifts – White Gold Diamond Angel Wing Pendant

If you want her to know how much you care, I recommend getting her something sentimental but also practical. Think of a modern necklace like this lovely diamond angel wing pendant necklace, which is crafted from white gold. It comes in a beautiful traditional gift box and is ready to be given as a great surprise.

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60th wedding anniversary gifts for Husband

17. Diamond Cufflinks

Diamond Cufflinks For 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions
Diamond Cufflinks As themed gifts to mark the 60th wedding anniversary milestone

Cufflinks are a simple solution for men who want to give them as 60th wedding anniversary presents. When a guy attends a wedding or anniversary party and wants to get a luxurious appearance, this is the perfect item to have on hand.

18. Personalized Wedding Glass Award

Personalized Diamond Wedding Glass Award For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Personalized Wedding Glass Award for celebrating the 60th anniversary

If you’re shopping for a happy couple that likes adornment, this modern glass award can be a good fit. You may customize this perfect present with a name or initials by engraving them into the cut-glass component, which features a heart-shaped pattern. With the names of the married couple, the number of years, and the name of the person who gave it, it reads “Happy Anniversary.”

19. Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

You Can Write Some Special Message On Family Tree Photo Collage
You can write some special message on Family Tree Photo Collage

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You may also make a personalized picture collage and use great gift as the centerpiece of your 60th wedding anniversary celebration for your hubby. Your considerate 60th anniversary gift of a canvas print collage enables you to showcase all of your greatest memories and fun shared with your companion throughout the years.

20. Black Diamonds Wedding Band

Black Diamonds Wedding Band For The 60Th Anniversary Wedding Gift
Black Diamonds Wedding Bands as the 60th anniversary modern gifts

Why not treat yourself to a new wedding band now that you’ve been married for 60 years? Black diamonds in 18k white gold are placed in a modern ring that may be personalized for an additional fee.

21. Four-Diamond Hour Markers Watch

Four-Diamond Hour Markers Watch For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Four-Diamond Hour Markers Watch As themed gifts to mark the 60th anniversary milestone

When you’re spending time with the one you cherish, time seems to fly by. The four-diamond hour markers are a subtle homage to the 60th wedding anniversary motif as you commemorate your everlasting love with this perfect timepiece.

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22. Crystal Diamond Wine Stopper

Crystal Diamond Wine Stopper For The 60Th Anniversary Wedding Gift
Crystal Diamond Wine Stoppers for the 60-year anniversary wedding gifts

This crystal wine bottle stopple is created to appear like a diamond pattern yet costs less than a diamond for the average person. In order to preserve its taste, this 60th anniversary gifts is placed in a partially completed bottle.

23. Diamond Ring Cocktail Stirrers

Diamond Ring Cocktail Stirrers For 60 Year Anniversary Theme Ideas
Diamond Ring Cocktail Stirrers for 60 year anniversary theme ideas

If you’re coming up with the 60th wedding anniversary celebration ideas, these gold diamond ring cocktail stirrers are the perfect presents. They come in a set of five and will elevate whatever drink you serve them with.

24. Sterling Silver and Diamond Cufflinks

Sterling Silver And Diamond Cufflinks For 60Th Anniversary Gift Suggestions
Sterling Silver and Diamond Cufflinks as the 60th anniversary gifts

They don’t get much better than diamond-studded sterling silver cufflinks. Even the reverse of the cufflinks may be engraved with your wedding date or the day you first met.

25. Custom Photo Gift For Anniversary

Custom Photo Gift For 60 Years Of Marriage Anniversary
Custom Photo Gift For 60th wedding anniversary gifts

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You’ve been married and lived 6 decades together as a close-knit family and want to enjoy life’s biggest moments with something genuinely special. This is the great selection if you don’t know what to purchase. This piece of wall art may be customized with your name, wedding date, favorite photograph, and other details of the wedding day.

26. Sterling Silver Diamond Tie Slide

Sterling Silver Diamond Tie Slide For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Sterling Silver Diamond Tie Slides as the diamond anniversary gifts

This diamond tie slide will add a touch of glimmer to their suit. You don’t even have to wrap this perfect gift since it comes in a luxurious silky drawstring bag!

27. Personalized Diamond Pocket Watch

Personalized Diamond Pocket Watch As A Meaningful Wedding Day Anniversary Present
Personalized Diamond Pocket Watch as a 60th anniversary gift

What is the most popular gemstone for a diamond-encrusted wedding ring? Don’t let your spouse forget your diamond wedding anniversary. Pay note to his enthusiastic reaction when you gift him this gunmetal pocket watch. It’ll be extra wonderful if he enjoys classic flicks.

28. Vintage Square Diamond Shape Cufflinks

Vintage Square Diamond Shape Cufflinks For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Vintage Square Diamond Shape Cufflinks for the 60th anniversary gift

Have you been unsuccessful in your search for unique gifts for 60th wedding anniversary? You don’t have to be concerned anymore! These diamond-shaped cufflinks are a great gift for a guy who likes practical gifts. They’re not just cheap, but they’ll go with whatever he wears.

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60th Anniversary Gifts for Married Couples

29. Personalized Photo Gifts

Personalized Photo Gifts For The 60Th Anniversary Wedding Gift
Personalized Photo Gifts for the diamond anniversary wedding gift

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This is the pinnacle of sentimental 60th anniversary thoughtful gift ideas for parents and grandparents. You may add a photo and details of their wedding day, such as their vows or the words to their first dance music, to make the print really unique to wish your happy couple a life of longevity. This is a thoughtful traditional gift that they will cherish for a long time. You can make it become a funny wedding anniversary gift depending on your creativity.

30. Gold Yellow Diamond Studs

Gold Yellow Diamond Studs For The Anniversary 60 Years Gift
Gold Yellow Diamond Studs for wedding anniversary gift ideas

Clear diamonds aren’t required, after all. If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring, yellow diamonds are a perfect gift. They can wear these classic studs every day since they are so timeless.

31. Diamond Opal Bracelet

Diamond Opal Bracelet For The 60Th Anniversary Gift For Parents
Diamond Opal Bracelet for the diamond wedding anniversary gift for parents

The 60th wedding anniversary is referred to as what? A celebration of 60 years. You’ve come to the correct location if you’ve been asking yourself this question. This gorgeous diamond opal bracelet will make an excellent 60th anniversary gift for parents. They’ll be the talk of the town in no time at all!

32. Large Crystal Diamond Paperweight

Large Crystal Diamond Paperweight For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Large Crystal Diamond Paperweight for the 60th anniversary traditional gift

If you don’t know what to send as 60th anniversary gifts for couples, get them this large crystal diamond paperweight instead. It’s impossible to go wrong with a perfect gift like this. Presented in a gift box, this piece of art is both lovely and considerate. People will feel cherished and valued because of its well-maintained equipment.

33. Diamond Bangle Strap Watch

Diamond Bangle Strap Watch For The 60Th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Parents
Modern Diamond Bangle Strap Watch to celebrate the 60th anniversary for parents

Three small diamonds adorn the face of this stunning black and stainless steel Gucci watch. It’s a lovely token of appreciation for all of the wonderful experiences you’ve had together in this wonderful marriage life, and the diamond motif is subtly referenced.

34. Custom Your Photo And Music Song Lyrics

Custom Your Photo And Music Song Lyrics Oh Canvas
Custom Your Photo And Music Song Lyrics Oh Canvas

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Whenever you think about your lover, what music comes to mind? It might be the music with so much fun that was playing when you first met, your wedding ceremony song, or the first dance tune. A heart-shaped song lyrics canvas wall painting would be a great anniversary present for parents and grandparents if they have one.

35. Dried Flower Bouquet

60Th Anniversary Gift - Dried Flowers Bouquet 
Dried flower bouquet to mark 60-year anniversary milestone

Dried flowers are the floral world’s unsung heroes—they’re a fun alternative to fresh-cut flowers that are far simpler to care for (and last much longer!). You may mix airy grasses with colourful blossoms to create a grouping of dried flowers. Anyone who likes to decorate will love this stylish touch of nature. It’s the perfect focal point for any space in your house.

36. Diamond Wedding Cake

Diamond Wedding Cake For 60Th Anniversary Cake Ideas
Diamond Wedding Cake for celebrating sixty years together

This is something completely out of the ordinary. Delectable is the best way to describe this gourmet food. It’s an excellent decision because of the contrast between the hues. You can’t go wrong with the 60th wedding anniversary gift for parents like this.

37. Photo Wall Clock

Photo Wall Clock For The 60Th Anniversary Gift For Mom And Dad
Photo Wall Clock for perfect 60th anniversary gift for family members

A thoughtful touch like a family picture wall clock elevates the value of the presentation considerably. Make this one-of-a-kind and advise the pair to keep going for as long as they can.

38. Diamond Anniversary Picture Frame

Diamond Anniversary Picture Frame For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Diamond Anniversary Picture Frame to celebrate 60-year anniversary

A family picture frame may be a wonderful 60th anniversary wedding gift since it can help someone remember a particular occasion by allowing them to display a photograph evoking nostalgic fun. ’60th anniversary’, ‘Mr & Mrs.’, and ‘husband & wife’ are just some of the inscriptions emblazoned on this silver-mirrored frame.

39. Chateau Plastic Champagne Flute

60Th Anniversary Gift - Chateau Plastic Champagne Flute
Chateau Plastic Champagne Flute to celebrate the 60 years together

Are you looking for a way to entertain a large group? A sprinkle of Champagne is always in order, whether you’re tying the knot, celebrating a graduation, or toasting to an anniversary—but who wants to buy and clean hundreds of crystal glasses? The excitement of a classic flute is channelled through this pair of plastic Champagne glasses, but without the bother of genuine glass. The beautiful gold rim and unique glitter pattern of these glasses add a bit of sparkle to any cocktail hour.

40. Diamond Wedding Anniversary Tea Light Holder

Diamond Anniversary Tea Light Holder For The 60Th Anniversary Gift
Diamond Anniversary Tea Light Holder for the 60 year wedding anniversary gifts

This tea light holder is a nice 60th anniversary gift for parents since candles are charming. Square in form, it is constructed of glass. ’60th anniversary’ is inscribed in sliver and glitter on the front of the heart, which is also silver and shiny. Tea light holders are positioned behind the candle, allowing it to glow and flicker when the candle is lighted.

41. Paper Custom Song Lyric Bouquet

60Th Anniversary Gift - Paper Custom Song Lyric Bouquet  
Paper custom song lyric bouquet to honor 60-year anniversary

From song lyrics to wedding vows, you may create a personalized bouquet of the words that define your connection. These paper flowers, which are shaped like roses, kusudama flowers, dahlias, and wild roses, are painstakingly made by hand and placed on flexible stems. You may even choose the paper color to create a bouquet that is unique to you and your spouse. Furthermore, no watering or wilting is required!

42. Star Map Gift

Star Map Gift For 60Th Anniversary Gifts For Couples
Star Map 60th anniversary Gift for married couples

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Diamonds in the sky, if you will! Maps of the night sky from certain dates and places will be provided. Your loved ones are going to swoon over this sentimental memento from the happiest day of their life by this great gift.

43. Set Of Personalized Champagne Flutes

60Th Anniversary Gift - Set Of Personalized Champagne Flutes 
Set of personalized champagne flutes to celebrate 60 years of marriage

The tall, slim design of the glasses keeps the bubbles alive for longer, increasing your champagne or sparkling wine experience. On your anniversary, these engraved glasses can help you make romantic memories with your other half via cozy meals.

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It’s understandable that you’d have difficulty finding a great gift that’s both special and appropriate after sixty years 60 years together. In order to do this duty, there is no need for rushing the choice. It’s all you need to do is spend a few minutes perusing the 60th anniversary gift suggestions here and give yourself the inspiration you need to get the traditional and modern gift you want for your loved one. So, don’t pass up any post from Oh Canvas!

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