33 Great Christian Father’s Day Gifts For Spiritual Dad

33 Great Christian Father’s Day Gifts For Spiritual Dad
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According to the Bible and Christian tradition, fathers play a critical role in the family. Our fathers assist in teaching and demonstrating the principles and virtues that allow us to grow into responsible, ethical people. It is now time to reciprocate their gifts of love and wisdom. Whether you’re looking for unique Christian Father’s Day gifts or something special to recognize his spirituality, you’ll surely find something on Oh Canvas‘s list of Father’s Day church gift ideas that he’ll treasure.

Personalized Christian Father’s Day Gifts That Touch His Heart

1. Stainless Steel Travel Mug with the verse Psalm 84:5

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Psalm 84:5 Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Is Psalm 84:5 “”Blessed is the man whose strength is in you” his favorite verse from the Bible? He will undoubtedly appreciate this stainless steel travel mug when it comes to Christian Father’s Day gifts. With this unique Christian gift for men, he can keep his coffee and heart warm throughout the day.

2. Wooden Pen with Personalization

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - Personalized Wooden Pen
Personalized Wooden Pen

Every working professional appreciates a high-quality pen, but it becomes an essential tool for a pastor who constantly jots down blessings and sermons. This beautifully engraved wooden pen, presented in a matching wooden box, would be a thoughtful and practical Christian Father’s Day gift.

3. Personalized Engraved Leather Wallet

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Engraved Leather Wallet
Engraved Leather Wallet

One of the most important things to your father is that he can pass his religious views to his children and grandchildren. Incorporate your father’s favorite statement or passage from the Bible into the piece to demonstrate to him that you genuinely comprehend what he taught you. Amongst the Father’s Day church gift ideas, this personalized wallet will make him smile all day.

4. Custom Christian Wood Coasters

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Christian Wood Coasters
Christian Wood Coasters

Having bible texts printed on everyday home products is a wonderful reminder to live each day in the name of the Lord. These wooden coasters are not only attractive reminders for him to live in his faith, but they are also practical Christian Father’s Day gifts.

5. Christian Father and Daughter Canvas Print

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Christian Father And Daughter Print
Christian Father’s Day gifts – Christian Father and Daughter Print

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Your father’s love for you is everlasting, just as Jesus’ love for his followers is everlasting for those who follow him. The Father’s Day gift for church members would be a great Christian Father’s Day present from the daughter. You are confident that he will always love you.

6. Wedding Band with Etched Crosses

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Etched Crossed Wedding Band
Etched Crossed Wedding Band

Looking for unique Christian gifts for dad that goes beyond the ordinary? Consider this understated yet elegant piece of jewelry featuring a beautiful cross-design. It’s a thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation for his faith.

7. The canvas print “A Prayer For Father”

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - &Quot;A Prayer For My Dad&Quot; Canvas Print
“A Prayer for my dad” Canvas Print

We don’t realize that Dads carry a lot on their shoulders. Something is making him tired, and this is a fantastic gift you may give him to help him get through it. Even if you are not quoting Bible verses regularly, this canvas print will inspire and encourage him in his daily activities and interactions.

8. The Compass of God’s Way

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - God’s Path Compass
God’s Path Compass

If your father or a father figure in your life enjoys the great outdoors, particularly hiking, boating, or hunting, he will undoubtedly appreciate this compass that is based on Christian principles.

The compass is presented in a memento box and is engraved with a Bible verse that is fitting for the occasion: “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you” (Psalm 32:8). This is one of the nicest Christian gifts for Father’s Day on our list.

9. Scripture Jar – 55 Bible Verses in one container

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Scripture Jar – 55 Bible Verses
Scripture Jar – 55 Bible Verses

Life throws challenges our way, but this scripture jar offers a year’s worth of encouragement. Filled with 55 uplifting Bible verses, it gives him strength, comfort, and hope whenever he needs it most. While non-denominational Father’s Day gifts are great, this thoughtful present can be given any time of year.

10. Necklace with the words “To My Father”

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - To My Dad Cross Necklace
To My Dad Cross Necklace

Dads rarely hear how much we admire them, but a personalized gift can be a powerful way to show your appreciation. This custom necklace is a lasting reminder of the incredible father figure he’s always been (and will continue to be) to you.

11. Christian Wood Wall Art with a Personal Touch

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Personalized Christian Wood Wall Art
Personalized Christian Wood Wall Art

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For church members seeking a heartfelt Father’s Day gift, a personalized piece of wall art is a unique and meaningful option. It’s a unique way to show appreciation for all he’s done for you and your family. This special gift will be a source of pride he’ll cherish and display for years to come.

12. Canvas Print of Psalm 91 Greeting Card

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Psalm 91 Canvas Print Sign
Psalm 91 Canvas Print Sign

Many see a reflection of God’s love in a father’s devotion. Just like the Lord in Psalm 91, a father offers protection, provides for his family, and extends forgiveness. This stunning canvas artwork features the entirety of Psalm 91, a beautiful reminder of the parallels between fatherhood and faith.

13. Keychain with a Bible verse

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Bible Verse Keychain
Bible Verse Keychain

Are you looking for Father’s Day church gift ideas? Giving Dad this keychain on Father’s Day is a simple and meaningful gesture you can make for him. This would make an excellent gift for your father or a group of fathers on this particular day.

14. Print of a Christian Message

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Christian Art Print
Christian Art Print

Psalm 147:4 speaks volumes about God’s love for all creation. This verse, especially meaningful to your father, reminds us that God knows each of us intimately from birth. This beautiful artwork captures the essence of the verse, expressing the message that God sees him and everyone else as equals in his eyes.

15. A blanket of Family Love and Blessing

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Family Love Blessed Blanket
Family Love Blessed Blanket

Are you looking for sentimental personalized father’s day gifts so that he will be happy? He is well aware that he has been blessed. With this comfortable family, love, and fortunate fleece blanket, you can be sure he has a unique way to show off his newfound wealth. It’s a beautiful way to display God’s goodness for the entire world to see.

16. A Desktop Plaque with My Greatest Blessings

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - My Greatest Blessings Desktop Plaque
My Greatest Blessings Desktop Plaque

The titles of “daddy” and “father” are the most important to him out of all of his other titles. While he may be fortunate in various ways, his greatest blessings are those who named him father. This is a unique Father’s Day gift for church members that he will be proud to exhibit at work or in his personal space.

17. Stainless Steel Bracelet

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Stainless Steel Religious Quote Bracelet
Stainless Steel Religious Quote Bracelet

One of the best Father’s Day church gift ideas you can think about is this bracelet. This stainless steel bracelet with the verse Philippians 4:13 engraved on it will surely become one of his favorite pieces of jewelry.

18. Folding Pocket Knife with Personalized Engraving

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Custom Engraved Folding Pocket Knife
Custom Engraved Folding Pocket Knife

The language on this personalized pocket knife does not have to be explicitly Christian; nevertheless, you can personalize it with your father’s name and his favorite psalm or Bible verse.

Practical Christian Father’s Day Gifts For Dad’s Everyday Use

19. Man of God Coffee Mug Collection

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Man Of God Coffee Mug
Man of God Coffee Mug

Your father is known by several titles, including father, husband, grandpa, and Christian, and he is a devout follower of Christ. This mug would make an excellent Father’s Day gift for church members who value their faith and believe that family comes first. This is the ideal mug he uses daily to drink his coffee.

20. Hat with a Christian Jesus Cross on it

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Christian Jesus Cross Dad Hat
Christian Father’s Day gifts – Christian Jesus Cross Dad Hat

Are you seeking a Father’s Day gift for church members that is both affordable and appropriate for a devout father? Then he’ll enjoy this antique, washed cap with a Jesus cross-stitched on the front, which is perfect for the season. Perfect for going out and about or just lounging around the house in comfort and style.

21. Shirt with the Cross of the Christian Blessed Father

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Christian Blessed Dad Cross Shirt
Christian Blessed Dad Cross Shirt

Your father can be described in various ways: as a strong leader, a mentor, someone who can be trusted, and wise. But above all, most fathers cherish their blessings, especially their wonderful children. This Father’s Day, consider a “Blessed Dad” t-shirt, a constant reminder of the incredible man he is.

22. Leather Journal with Christian Art on it

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Christian Art Leather Journal
Christian Art Leather Journal

Dads don’t always have an outlet for their thoughts and worries. This luxurious leather journal could be the perfect Father’s Day gift. The velvety texture is a delight to hold, and it offers a private space for him to reflect, record his prayers, or jot down scripture that inspires him.

23. Cufflinks featuring the Ichthus Jesus Fish

 Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Ichthus Jesus Fish Cufflinks
Ichthus Jesus Fish Cufflinks

For many years, the Jesus fish has served as a symbol of faith among religious community members. And with reference to Christian father’s day gifts, most people choose this symbol to make a thoughtful gift. The fact that these faith-filled fish can be worn to work daily or used for a special event ensures that he will like them!

24. ‘Stand Strong: 365 Devotions by Men for Men’

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - 'Stand Strong: 365 Devotions By Men For Men'
Christian Father’s Day gifts – ‘Stand Strong: 365 Devotions by Men for Men’

You can’t go wrong with these meaningful books as Christian father’s day gifts. Every father has experienced the stresses of life and the overwhelming nature of each day at some point in his life. This devotional, written exclusively for men, may be exactly what they’re looking for to help them through the challenges of parenting, marriage, and everything in between.

26. Bracelet with the verses from Psalm 23

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Psalm 23 Bracelet
Christian Father’s Day gifts – Psalm 23 Bracelet

One of the top Father’s Day church gift ideas is the Psalm; these bracelets can give you more choices. The Psalm 23 verses serve as inspiration for this fashionable bracelet. Each hue represents a different image from the Psalm text and is intended to depict a particular emotion. White represents Shephard, green represents verdant pastures, blue represents peaceful seas and clearly represents the soul, among other things.

27. Flashlight with a specific function

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - Function Flashlight
Christian Father’s Day gifts – Function Flashlight

Are you on the search for last-minute father’s day gifts in bulk? This flashlight is an inexpensive and practical gift that you may give to every father you know. Whether you give it to every father in your family or a member of your church, this present is guaranteed to make him smile!

28. Perpetual Calendar with 365 Days in a Year

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - 365 Day Perpetual Calendar
365 Day Perpetual Calendar

Sometimes, all your dad needs is a few words of encouragement to get him through the rest of the day at the office. Featuring a daily piece of Scripture or personal advice from the preacher and author Tony Evans, this tiny desk calendar is the perfect Father’s Day gift for church members.

29. Pen with a Bible verse engraved on it

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Pen With Engraved Bible Verse
Pen with Engraved Bible Verse

The always-inspiring Bible quote “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” is etched on the cap of this gorgeous metal pen with a lacquered wood-colored finish (Philippians 4:13). The pen is packaged in a souvenir presentation case with a satin-lined interior, allowing Dad to keep it as a keepsake for life.

30. Mug with the phrase “Real Men Love Jesus”

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - 'Real Men Love Jesus' Mug
Christian Father’s Day gifts – ‘Real Men Love Jesus’ Mug

Who doesn’t appreciate well-designed father’s day gifts for grandpa, right? Dad will look forward to drinking from this Jesus-themed mug every morning, evening, and night.

31. Slipper Socks for Men

Father'S Day Gift For Church Members - Men'S Slipper Socks
Christian Father’s Day gifts – Men’s Slipper Socks

The Christian message does not have to be in his face for it to be conveyed through the Christian gifts you provide for father’s Day. While the style of these soft calf-length slipper socks is straightforward, the statement on the inside is encouraging, reminding Dad that even the strongest feet require rest occasionally.

32. Inspirational Bible Verse Cards for Everyday Use

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - Everyday Inspiration Bible Verse Cards
Everyday Inspiration Bible Verse Cards

Bible verse cards are the perfect Christian father’s day gifts if he finds motivation and inspiration in bible quotations and scripture. In each set, he’ll find 80 cards, each containing some of the most soothing verses from the Bible and profound interpretations.

33. ‘Day-by-Day Devotions for Dads’ Book

Christian Father'S Day Gifts - 'Day-By-Day Devotions For Dads'
‘Day-by-Day Devotions for Dads’

Throughout this holy prayer book’s more than 200 pages of encouraging passages, Dad will find himself incorporating them into his everyday practice.

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When your father receives one of these beautiful Christian Father’s Day gifts, he will likely be overwhelmed with gratitude. He won’t be dissatisfied with anything, whether it’s sentimental or practical!

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