45 Best Funny Gifts For Dad That Make Him Giggle Every Day

Funny Gifts For Dad
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A corny joke is one of the few things that fathers like. A shared giggle may bring two people closer together, and dad jokes are a trademark of their endearing brand. After all, funny gifts for dad are a fantastic way to show your father how much you care and want to make him happy. Ohcanvas has prepared for you more than 45 funny gift ideas for your dad; grab him a humorous gift for Christmas, Father’s Day, or every day you can to celebrate his love of dad jokes!

1. Beard Decorations

Gag Gifts For Father In Law - Beard Decorations
Funny Gifts For Dad – Beard Decorations

Join the trend and adorn his luxurious beard with little ornaments for Christmas. Use the provided clips to attach them, or have some of your party guests do it for you. It’s the perfect gag gift, but it just could make Dad throw up if he tries it.

Reference price: $18.27 on Beardaments.

2. Demotivational Pens

Gag Gifts For Dad - Demotivational Pens
Gag Gifts for Fathers – Demotivational Pens.

Sure, we all need a little boost now and again. Sometimes, they simply need an excuse to have a good laugh. This is exactly what these semi-insulting pens will be. These are funny gifts for dad from daughter that make him remember forever.

Reference price: $29.59 on Amazon.

3. Traditional Beer Holster

Funny Fathers Day Gifts - Traditional Beer Holster
Funny Father’s Day Gifts – Traditional Beer Holster

Give your dad the gift of the Wild West with this funny leather beer holster! It easily attaches to his belt and holds most standard drinks. As an added bonus, it comes with a cool brass bottle opener that fits right in the holster, so he’s always ready for a cold one.

Reference price: $19.90 on Amazon.

4. Fake Belly Fanny Pack Dad’s Bag

Funny Gifts For Dad - Fake Belly Fanny Pack Dad'S Bag
Funny Gifts For Dad – Fake Belly Fanny Pack Dad’s Bag

It’s possible that staring at this man’s belly funny pack for too long may give you nightmares. But why not provide a man who’s enamored with all the pockets of cargo shorts another place to stash whatever it is that males tend to carry around? Your best dad is sure to get a kick out of this fake belly bag.

Reference price: $13.89 on Amazon.

5. Gummy Bears

Gag Gifts For Dad - Giant Gummy Bears
Father’s Day Gag Gifts – Giant Gummy Bears

Is your dad known for his sweet tooth and his sense of humor? This 5-pound gummy bear is sure to be a hilarious and delicious gift that he won’t soon forget. Plus, it’s a guaranteed conversation starter and a fun addition to any party or gathering.

Reference price: $12.99 on Giant Gummy Bears.

6. Cold Beer Coats

Funny Fathers Day Gifts - A Coat Of Cold Beer
A Coat Of Cold Beer Dad Jokes

I’ve got to admit, when I first saw these cold beer coats, I thought they were a bit silly. But then I tried one out on a camping trip with my buddies, and let me tell you, they’re surprisingly awesome!

Not only did they keep my beer icy cold on a warm summer night, but they also kept my fingers from freezing as I sipped. It’s funny how such a simple thing can make such a difference. So, if you’re looking for a fun and functional gift for the beer-loving dad in your life, I highly recommend these cold beer coats.

Reference price: $10.45 on Uncommon Goods.

7. Beard Bib Apron

Gag Gifts For Father In Law - Beard Bib (Official)
Funny Gifts For Dad From Son – Beard Bib Apron

This is a funny gag gift, especially if your father shaves and makes a mess afterward. The reality is that he will use it on a daily basis, which makes it a perfect gift. Think about personalizing a beard bib with a clever saying or your dad’s name. Add a special touch by having it printed or embroidered on the bib.

Reference price: $13.49 on Amazon.

Oh Canvas Tip

To round out the present, provide a beard grooming kit in addition to the beard bib. The beard grooming experience isn’t complete without beard oil, a beard comb, and beard scissors.

8. Dad Joke mug

Gag Gifts For Dad - Funny Father'S Day Mug
Gag Gifts for father in law – Funny Father’s Day Mug

Self-deprecating humor is always a hit, and this Dad Joke mug captures that perfectly. Dad may drink his coffee while simultaneously proclaiming to the world that he is the finest person ever. These are funny gifts for Dad that’ll make him chuckle every time he takes a sip.

Reference price: $15.26 on Cloud 9 Design.

9. Feminist Dad Shirt

Funny Fathers Day Gifts - Sweatshirt For Feminists
Father’s Day gag gifts from daughters

For the dad who’s not afraid to challenge stereotypes and champion equality, the “Feminist Dad” shirt is the perfect Father’s Day gift. It’s a proud declaration of his support for women’s rights and a playful nod to his progressive values.

Reference price: $17.85 on Etsy.

10. Watch Arcade

Gag Gifts For Dad - Watch The Arcade
Funny Gifts For Dad – Watch Arcade

This arcade watch is the perfect gag gift for anyone, but especially for dads who remember the glory days of penny arcades! If your dad has a good sense of humor, he’ll get a kick out of this playful spoof. Who knows, it might even make some silly sounds or display cheesy dad jokes!

Reference price: $112.50 on eBay.

Oh Canvas Tip

Various arcade watches provide a variety of games, so it is important to review the games you are interested in. Some arcade timepieces offer vintage arcade games, but others offer newer, more current games.

11. Emoji Slippers With Poop!

Gag Gifts For Dad - Emoji Slippers With Poop!
Father’s Day Gag Gifts – Emoji Slippers With Poop!

Your dad may now wander around the house exclaiming, “Man, I really stepped in it now!” before giggling to himself at his comedic brilliance. These poop emoji slippers are the perfect gag gifts for dads who love a good joke. Since dads might not be familiar with emojis, these slippers are sure to spark some hilarious confusion and dad-joke gold. Just wait and see what other puns he’ll come up with once he slips these on!

Reference price: $19.99 on Walmart.

12. T-Shirt “OKayest Dad”

Funny Fathers Day Gifts - T-Shirt &Quot;Okayest Dad&Quot;
Funny Fathers Day Gifts – T-Shirt “OKayest Dad”

All the men in this world would fall in love with funny gifts for dad from daughter. Encourage him to earn the compliment buried in the fine print of this T-shirt, which boasts in a huge font that reads, “World’s Okayest Dad.” Even if your dad isn’t the “greatest dad in the world,” this is a fun way to let him know that you appreciate everything he does for you.

Reference price: $5.99 on Amazon.

13. Claws For Shredding Meat

Dumb Gifts For Dad - Claws For Shredding Meat
Funny Gifts For Dad – Claws For Shredding Meat

Let Dad unleash his inner Wolverine at the next barbecue with these epic kitchen claws! He’ll have a blast shredding meat like a superhero while impressing his guests. After all, who says meal prep can’t be a little bit playful?

Reference price: $12.99 on Amazon.

14. Toilet Basketball Game Set

Basketball In The Bathroom
Basketball In The Bathroom

Isn’t this bathroom basketball court a little ridiculous and obscene? Sure. Is it also amusing? Yep. Your Dad likes efficiency, so he can now, eh, multitask while taking care of business in the restroom. These favorite things will put a smiling face on him and add a little basketball hilarity to his daily shave, especially in the toilet.

Reference price: $11.99 on Walmart.

15. Funny Gifts For Dad With Alien Costume

Funny Fathers Day Gifts - Alien Costume
Funny Father’s Day Gifts – Inflatable Alien Costume

Beam Dad up to laughter with this hilarious inflatable alien costume! Perfect for the dad who loves to be the center of attention, this out-of-this-world getup is sure to be a hit at parties, Halloween, or any time he wants to get silly. It’s comfy, easy to wear, and guarantees a spaceship full of laughs.

Reference price: $39.00 on Walmart.

16. Custom Canvas Print

Gag Gift For Dad - Custom Canvas Print
Custom canvas print for Dad on Father’s Day

Shop Now

With the “To My Dad” canvas prints, you can show your dad how much he means to you on Father’s Day, Christmas, his birthday, or any other special event. After all, your father showers you with love, attention, and care on a daily basis, and this delights you like nothing else.

In the middle of this canvas print are two great images of your choosing, as well as a sweet phrase or funny for Dad. You may add images of your favorite childhood memories to the ‘To My Dad’ canvas, and you’re done! The print will give his house a personal touch.

Reference price: $39.95 on Oh Canvas.

17. Toilet Seat Glow

Gag Gifts For Dad - Toilet Seat Glow
Nightlight Toilet Seat

Who doesn’t need a little touch of toilet humor? Nothing will confuse, fluster, and make him chuckle like this neon cover for the toilet seat. Every time he goes to the restroom to do his business, you’ll hear him giggle. With some glowy effects of this great gift, you can help him relax. You’ll definitely score some major points for creativity and humor!

Reference price: $61.54 on Oh Canvas.

18. Toilet Paper Mug

Funny Fathers Day Gifts - Toilet Paper Mug
Funny Father’s Day Gifts – Toilet Humor Mug

Dumb gifts for dad like this mug will show your dad how special he is. This would be a great gift for him if your dad loves a cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning. In addition to that, he might use it to enjoy another favorite beverage.

19. Poop Emoji Mug

Dumb Gifts For Dad - Poop Emoji Mug
Funny Gifts For Dad – Poop Emoji Mug

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re looking for an amusing, funny gift for dad that can also be used in their regular lives. This cheeky mug is sure to bring a smile to his face every time he takes a sip of coffee or tea.

Reference price: $63.90 on Etsy.

20. The Chicken Leg Socks

Birthday Gifts For Dad - The Chicken Leg Socks
Dumb Gifts For Dad – The Chicken Leg Socks

These chicken socks will appeal to your father if he likes crispy fried chicken legs. Even if he’s more of a meat person, these funny gifts for dad from son socks will make him giggle every time he considers what he’s wearing underneath his old 90s trousers and shoes. You could choose other animal sock ideas for him so that he can have a whole zoo in his sock drawer.

Reference price: $14.99 on Amazon.

21. Gag Gifts For Father In Law With Shield Sunglasses

Funny New Dad Gifts - Shield Sunglasses
Funny New Dad Gifts – Shield Sunglasses

Spice up your dad’s eyewear game with these futuristic shield sunglasses! They’re the perfect funny gift for the dad who loves to stand out and make a statement. Sure, he’ll remark, “Oh, I didn’t see that coming after opening your Father’s Day gifts.”

Reference price: $18.18 on Amazon.

22. Funny Father’s Day Gifts With Banana Socks

Funny Gifts For Dad - Banana Socks
dumb gifts for dad – Banana Socks

These banana socks are the perfect combination of hilarious and heartwarming! One, the pattern on these socks will make your dad chuckle, and two, don’t you want to giggle when your dad wears banana socks? It will help keep your father’s feet toasty throughout the winter. What a joy it is to give him a good laugh while also making a gesture of affection.

Reference price: $9.95 on Amazon.

23. Funny Gifts For Dad With Duck Faucet Extender

Birthday Gifts For Dad - Duck Faucet Extender
Birthday Gifts For Dad – Duck Faucet Extender

Rubber ducks in the bathroom and baths are often associated with children, but presenting one to Dad may be humorous. These faucet aerators make it easier to close and open faucets. Your father will guffaw at this amusing addition to his bathroom.

Reference price: $24.99 on Amazon.

24. Funny Father’s Day Gifts With Anti Snoring Devices

Funny New Dad Gifts - Anti-Snore
Funny New Dad Gifts – Nose Vents Plugs


Dads are the best – loving, caring, and always there for us. But why do they turn into lumberjack-level snorers when they sleep? We’ve all been there! That is, until now. Yes! When unwrapped, this anti-sore can be one of the funniest gag gifts for dad, but it will also be useful later.

Reference price: $15.99 on Walmart.

25. Mr. Mustache Razor

Funny Gifts For Dad - Mr. Mustache Razor
Hilarious Gifts For Dad – Shaving Razor Holder

These mustache razors are adorable, practical, and everything great gag gifts for dad should be. This would allow him to reach beyond his facial hair while still keeping his preferred blade. You might consider some other ideas shaped by Mr. Mustache Razor, like a mug, comb, or phone stand.

Reference price: $22.08 on Amazon.

26. The Spider In The Box

The Spider In The Box
Spider box prank is one of the funny gifts for dad from son

Looking for a hilarious payback prank for your dad? This spider prank box is the perfect way to return the favor for all those years of playful teasing. It’s a guaranteed scream-inducing surprise that the whole family can enjoy on Father’s Day (or any day, really!).

Reference price: $13.99 on Amazon.

27. Multi-Purpose Groot Man

Funny New Dad Gifts - Multi-Purpose Groot Man
Funny New Dad Gifts – Multi-Purpose Groot Man

This Groot man pot might be your finest pick for funny gifts for Dad. He may use it to hold his little succulents or display them on his desk. The “heart you Groot” will always remind your father of your affection. Looking at that won’t give him the creeps, right? You may also acquire them as amusing Father’s Day gifts!

Reference price: $33.96 on Amazon.

28. Birthday Gifts For Dad With Skull Spoons

Novelty Gifts For Dad - Skull Spoons
Funny Gifts For Dad – Skull Spoons

Yes, keeping an eye on your father’s sugar consumption is a smart idea. Give him this spoon, and I’ll load it with sugar to the brim. Because of the eye openings, more will tumble down. Wink at your father now. Hahaha, thoughtful but amusing!

Reference price: $9.88 on Amazon.

29. Flu Socks For Men

Birthday Gifts For Dad - Flu Socks For Men
Birthday Gifts For Dad – Flu Socks For Men

They look like the nicest greeting cards you’ve ever seen, except on a sock. If your father tends to get a bit dramatic about the cold weather, these socks will not only keep his feet warm but also bring a smile to his face during the winter months.

Reference price: $8.10 on Amazon.

30. Funny New Dad Gifts With Cartoon Portrait Of A Family

Cartoon Portrait Of A Family
Cartoon Portrait Of A Family

Have your father’s image immortalized in the manner of the classic Simpsons cartoon series! Gather some fantastic photos of him, your family, your pets, and anybody else you think he’d like to see in his family portrait.

This cartoon portrait will take those likenesses and turn them into a one-of-a-kind Simpson image. They also do Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, and a variety of other shows if the Simpsons aren’t your thing. Everyone will find something they like!

Reference price: $2.89 on Amazon.

Oh Canvas Tip

Once you’ve selected an artist, you should convey your vision for the portrait to them. Be specific about the desired style, portrait size, and any other pertinent characteristics. After all, make sure to discuss the schedule for the portrait with the artist.

31. Amusing Beer Labels

Funny Gifts For Dad - Amusing Beer Labels
novelty gifts for dad – Amusing Beer Labels

If your dad loves beer, this is a more fantastic present than other gift ideas! You could bring him a conventional happy Father’s Day six-pack, or you could slap these unique labels on his beers and watch his expression change from “Oh yeah, thanks” to “OMG, THIS IS THE FUNNIEST GIFT EVER!”

Reference price: $5.09 on Etsy.

32. The Book Of Hidden Flasks

The Book Of Hidden Flasks
The Book Of Hidden Flasks

Remember those funny gifts for Dad, the kind he’d proudly show off to complete strangers? This is one of those. Each flask book is cleverly crafted from recycled library books, so you’ll never know which literary classic he’ll receive – making it an even more unique and unpredictable gift.

Reference price: $20.00 on Amazon.

33. Funny New Dad Gifts with A Print Wall Art

Funny New Dad Gifts - Art That Kills Spiders
Funny New Dad Gifts – Art That Kills Spiders

Simple, direct, and well-stated. That Dad’s ability to kill spiders is valued will make him happy to hear. It is a valued accomplishment for him to have the title of spider killer. And this certificate will look fantastic framed and displayed at his place of business or wherever else he chooses to brag about it. This gift will make Dad smile whenever he looks at it!

Reference price: $11.40 on Etsy.

34. Custom Golf Ball

Personalized Golf Balls Are Funny Gifts For Dad
Personalized Golf Balls for Dad

These golf balls for a passionate golfer, a set of golf balls that are customized with his name, initials, or even a photo, will put a big smile on his face. You can even choose to have his name engraved on the ball. (And if he’s too worried about losing them in the forest, you should get him a display case — or three — to go along with them.)

Reference price: $13.08 on Etsy.

35. Personalized Canvas For Dad

Birthday Gifts For Dad - Personalized Gifts For Dad
Personalized gifts for Dad on his birthday

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Any father will appreciate the customized canvas as a funny gift. You simply need to submit a picture of you and your father to the website to keep those priceless family memories. Your father will be pleased and brimming with joy the instant he gets and opens the present.

Reference price: $39.95 on Oh Canvas.

36. New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game

New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game
New Yorker Cartoon Caption Game

For the dad who enjoys skimming the New York Times. This entertaining game sets players against one another in a battle of wits to see who can come up with the most amusing, witty, and hilariously horrible captions for their cartoons. Give it to him during Father’s Day dinner and establish a new family tradition!

Reference price: $16.99 on Oh Canvas.

37. “Before You Ask…” Doormat

Funny Gifts For Dad - Before Asking For The Doormat
Funny Gifts For Dad – Before Asking For The Doormat

This coir doormat will let Dad make a bold statement to his neighbors: “Before you ask… I won’t turn the music down.” It’s the perfect gift for the dad who wants to crank up his tunes and isn’t afraid to let everyone know. Get ready for a good laugh when he unwraps this cheeky doormat!

Reference price: $26.99 on Oh Canvas.

38. You Are The Luckies Dad Glass

Whiskey Glass - Novelty Gifts For Dad
Whiskey glass for the best dad who loves alcoholic beverage

An interesting whiskey glass can be a constant reminder of the unique father-daughter relationship and the father’s hilarious sense of humor. This is one of the best funny gifts for dad from daughter that will remind their father of all the good times they’ve had together and make him smile every time he uses it.

Reference price: $15.99 on Oh Canvas.

39. Star World Snack

Star Wars Snacks - Dumb Gifts For Dad
Star Wars snacks are funny gifts for Dad who has everything

It’s a fun and unusual way to show Dad how much you care about choosing him a present he’ll love. Not only will he appreciate the humor behind the present, but it can also create a chance for you and your dad to spend quality time together while indulging in some of their favorite snacks. These funny gift ideas for dad from son can help make a lasting memory and strengthen your father-son connection.

Reference price: $43.58 on Walmart.

40. Funny Engraved Tape Measure

Tape Measure - Funny Gifts For My Dad
Engraved Tape Measure for Dad

For the dad who’s always measuring things (and cracking jokes), this funny engraved tape measure is the perfect gift. It’s practical yet personalized with a humorous message that’ll make him chuckle every time he uses it. Whether he’s a DIY enthusiast, a handyman, or just someone who likes to be prepared, this tape measure will add a touch of fun to his toolbox.

Reference price: $9.99 on Amazon.

41. The Very Embarrassing Book Of Dad Jokes

Birthday Gifts For Dad - The Very Embarrassing Book Of Dad Jokes 
Birthday Gifts For Dad – The Very Embarrassing Book Of Dad Jokes

Want to give Dad an ideal gift that he’ll enjoy? There’s no better resource than “The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes.” The next family gathering is guaranteed a roaring success with this book’s compilation of the finest, most embarrassing dad jokes. This book is full of old and new puns and corny one-liners. It’s fun to spend time together and laugh with your dad.

Reference price: $12.79 on Amazon.

42. Custom Bobblehead

Funny Gifts For Dad From Son - Bubblehead
This bubblehead is a hilarious present for your father

Your dad might already have a lot of stuff, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a custom bobblehead of himself! Send in a photo of him, and you can even pick the color of his eyes, hair, and skin to make it look just like him. It’ll be the coolest thing on his desk!

Reference price: $44.56 on Etsy.

43. BBQ Grill Accessories in Golf-Club Style

Funny Gifts For Dad From Daughter
Funny BBQ Grill Accessories for Your Dad

Combine grilling tools with his love for golf, and you get the perfect gift! This seven-piece set includes a golf club-shaped spatula, tongs, a fork, golf ball salt and pepper shakers, a basting brush, and a golf bag to keep it all organized. It’s a hole-in-one for any dad who loves grilling and golf.

Reference price: $62.99 on Etsy.

44. Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book

Funny Gifts For Dad - Mega Dad Personalized Comic Book 
Funny Gifts For Dad – Custom Comic Book

This one-of-a-kind gift lets Dad star in his very own comic adventure, complete with a personalized storyline and illustrations. Watch him beam with pride as he flips through the pages and sees himself as the hero he truly is. It’s a fun and heartwarming way to show your appreciation for all he does.

Reference price: $36.74 on Etsy.

45. Dumbbell Beer Glass

Funny Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything
Dumbbell beer glasses are funny gifts for Dad who has everything

Even dads need a day off! Whether he’s a gym rat or just likes a cold brew, this dumbbell-shaped beer glass is sure to be a funny gift that the whole family will appreciate.

Reference price: $20.03 on Amazon.

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Funny gifts for dad aren’t just about a temporary laugh. They’re about creating lasting memories and celebrating the special bond you share. So, whether your dad is a pun-loving dad joke enthusiast or just appreciates a good chuckle, our collection has something for every type of dad. With Oh Canvas, keep this collection to yourself or serve as a source of motivation for other shoppers!

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