39 Spiritual Baptism Gifts For Son To Celebrate Their Blessing

39 Spiritual Baptism Gifts For Son To Celebrate Their Blessing
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These baptism gifts for son can assist to celebrate the day, indicating what a precious time it is for both the infant and parents alike. With individual notes and personalized gifts you can’t go wrong, and they’ll be preserved for years and years as part of their youth.

Celebrate a momentous day with one of these commemorative presents that will be appreciated for years to come. Oh Canvas collected up the best sweet baptism gifts ideas for any budget and many may be customized particularly for your recipient. From gifts they can wear to commemorative décor to new toys, there’s bound to be something on this list to make their day even sweeter. Whether you’re a parent, godparent, or grandparent, these presents will help them remember your role in their baptism day.

Baptism Gifts For Son From Godparents

1. To You, I Make This Promise

Baptism Gifts For Son - A Promise To You
A Promise to You

Godparents can show their love for a new baby by giving a personalized book as a baptism gift. To show how much you care about your godson, this christening gift for son is a wonderful way of doing it. Put your name(s) and the name of your child on it.

2. Sterling Silver and Cultured Pearl Bracelet, Mignonette by Mignonette

Baptism Gifts For Son - Mignonette Sterling Silver &Amp; Cultured Pearl Bracelet
Mignonette Sterling Silver & Cultured Pearl Bracelet

Jewelry has always been a popular choice for traditional baptism gifts. You can’t go wrong with this silver and pearl bracelet for a newborn. Consider it an option for baptism gifts for son that are both classic (hello, silver) and not overdone.

3. Croft the Sewing A Pillow Depicting Winnie the Pooh as the Godparent

Baptism Gifts For Son - The Sewing Croft Winnie The Pooh Godparent Pillow
The Sewing Croft Winnie the Pooh Godparent Pillow

Embroidered on the pillow is the charming sentiment, “A godfather always has love to give and time to spare. A godfather is always there.” and a just-as-sweet Winnie the Pooh illustration Gifts like this christening present for son can be placed in their rooms to be treasured for years to come. The godmother and godparent versions are also available.

4. Designs by Ocean Drops Chalkboard-style print from the godparents for their godchild

Christening Present For Son - Ocean Drop Designs Godchild Chalkboard Style Print From Godparents
Ocean Drop Designs Godchild Chalkboard Style Print from Godparents

Why not have a piece of original art created specifically for the baby’s room? Signs like this one are a great way to spruce up any room. For boys, there are a variety of text possibilities with godchild-related themes. If you are looking for cool baptism gifts for boy, this gift will be the perfect christening gift for son.

5. Susabella’s Godson Necklace and Bracelet

Baptism Gifts For Son - Susabella Godchild Gift With Necklace
Susabella Godchild Gift with Necklace

Another popular baptism gifts for son is a personalized keepsake box. To store the cross necklace they’ll most likely receive, or in this case, the exquisite cross necklace it comes with!

6. Prints of Words at Work Print for Baby’s Nursery Personalized Baptism Gift

Baptism Gifts For Son - Words Work Prints Personalized Baptism Gift Nursery Print
Words Work Prints Personalized Baptism Gift Nursery Print

For godparents who live far away, this christening present for son is for you. Hearts are linked together by a dotted line to represent a connection between you and your baby’s home state. It’s because, as it states, your bond “knows no distance.”

7. Baptismal Bowl Crafted from Natural Materials

Baptism Gifts For Son - Handmade Baptism Bowl
Handmade Baptism Bowl

To commemorate the occasion, this baptism bowl can be used during the ceremony and then hung on the wall to serve as a reminder. The baby’s name, a Bible verse, and the date they were baptized are all embroidered on the christening gown.

8. Keepsake Box with Engraving

Christening Present For Son - Engraved Keepsake Box
Engraved Keepsake Box

Personalized with a special message from you, this box is the ideal place to store their first set of prayer beads. It’s a good christening present for son idea to include their name and the day of their baptism so that they have a permanent record of this information. It’s a box kid can use as they get older to keep smaller objects.

9. The Boy’s Chaplet

Baptism Gifts For Son - Chaplet For Boy
Chaplet for Boy

When a baby boy gets baptized, it’s the right time to present him with his first chaplet. Light blue and pearl tones give this chaplet a youthful appeal. Because of their guardian angel, it’s one of the special baptism gifts for son that they’ll have to grow into.

10. Plush Lamb with Embroidery

Baptism Gifts For Son - Embroidered Plush Lamb
Embroidered Plush Lamb

Embroidered with a cross, the phrase “God Bless,” and the baby’s name on its tummy, this soft lamb is just irresistible. Everything is done in baby blue, making it ideal for a small boy, and the date from their baptism is displayed on it.

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Personalized Baptism Gifts For Boy

11. My Blessings of the Day

Baptism Gifts For Son - My Daily Blessings
My Daily Blessings

When it comes to baptism gifts for son, we can’t get enough personalized children’s books. The “blessings” concept of this narrative is suitable for the occasion, despite the fact that it is not overtly religious. There are so many lovely things to be thankful for, including you, in this book!

12. Company Custom Baptism Quilt for 26 Children

Christening Present For Son - Company Twenty Six Personalized Baptism Quilt
Company Twenty Six Personalized Baptism Quilt

This stunning quilt will be a wonderful addition to the nursery. Embroider the baby’s name and the date of baptism on the personalized baptism gifts.

13. Things Remembered Snow Globe with Engraving of a Praying Boy Personalized

Baptism Gifts For Son - Things Remembered Personalized Praying Boy Musical Snow Globe With Engraving Included
Things Remembered Personalized Praying Boy Musical Snow Globe with Engraving Included

This christening present for son is made just for them! It’s a snowglobe holding a praying youngster that will captivate them for many years to come. With “The Lord Is My Shepherd” playing as its soundtrack, it effectively encapsulates its subject matter. Adding to that, you may personalize the silver message plate by etching it with your own wording. (Also, there’s a girl’s baptism version, too, if that’s your thing.)

14. Creations for a Lifetime A Baptism Photo Frame with a Personalization Option

Christening Present For Son - Lifetime Creations Personalized Baptism Picture Frame
Lifetime Creations Personalized Baptism Picture Frame

With a photo frame, you’ll never go wrong. Especially if it’s this personalized one with their baptism information and your favorite Bible passage. Because the baby’s parents can use it to display a photo from the big day, this christening gift for son is fantastic.

15. Edge Inspired Personalized Baptism Wooden Star Keepsake

Baptism Gifts For Son - Edge Inspired Personalized Baptism Wooden Star Keepsake
Edge Inspired Personalized Baptism Wooden Star Keepsake

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on baptism gifts for son. The baby’s name and the date of their christening or baptism are engraved on this star-shaped souvenir. On their nursery shelf, it will be a lovely addition.

16. Blessings Custom Photography by Jennifer Postorino

Baptism Gifts For Son - Jennifer Postorino Blessed Custom Photo Art
Jennifer Postorino Blessed Custom Photo Art

Consider this nondenominational personalized baptism gifts and themed wall print for your nursery’s decor. In addition to the child’s name, the artwork reads, “the world is tremendously privileged to have you in it.” Our favorite parts of this piece are the positive message and the starry night sky backdrop.

17. Customizable Banner Blocks

Baptism Gifts For Son - Bannor Toys Personalized Blocks
Bannor Toys Personalized Blocks

As a baptism present for both boys and girls, baby blocks are a classic choice. As toddlers get older, they’re both adorable keepsakes and fun toys to play with. You can buy a set of these blocks with a name or initials carved into them for your newborn.

18. Tree Toys with a grin Cross Rattle is made from organic materials

Christening Present For Son - Smiling Tree Toys Organic Cross Rattle
Smiling Tree Toys Organic Cross Rattle

Check out this adorable engraved cross-shaped baby rattle, which is made of wood and would make a lovely baptismal present. It’s an added bonus that it’s created using natural materials.

19. Gifts that are made from scratch Container for Preserving Baptismal Memories

Baptism Gifts For Son - Handmade Gift Ideas Memory Box For Baptism
Handmade Gift Ideas Memory Box for Baptism

This memory box is a wonderful personalized christening present for son for a baby boy or girl, and it comes in a variety of colors. If you’re looking for something with extra storage, this three-tiered one is a terrific option, thanks to the elephant cutouts on the front. Choose the interior color of your choice and personalize it with the baby’s name and birth date, you will have a perfect custom gift for him.

20. Baptism Handprint

Christening Present For Son - Baptism Handprint
Baptism Handprint

This christening present for son includes everything their parents need to stamp their hands onto the ready-made paper in order to save their handprint forever. They can put their handprints in the frame that comes with the paper, which says, “Lord teach my little hands to pray.”

21. A Named Wooden Cross

Baptism Gifts For Son - Wooden Cross With Name
Wooden Cross with Name

There are a number of configurable baptism gifts for son for this painted wooden cross, including the color of the wood cross and the color of the writing. The top of the page features an image of a dove, while the bottom reads “May you grow in the light of God’s love.”

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Unique Baptism Gift Ideas

22. God Bless Our Babies Scriptural Swaddle Blanket

Baptism Gifts For Son - Bless Our Littles Baby Swaddle Scripture Blanket
Bless Our Littles Baby Swaddle Scripture Blanket

Consider this scripture-printed swaddle instead. (Yes, such things do exist.) A christening gift for son from godparents to their godson, the “God holds you in the palm of his hands” bracelet reads:

23. Wood Life Prints Baptism Gift Constellation Art

Baptism Gifts For Son - Wood Life Prints Baptism Gift Constellation Art
Wood Life Prints Baptism Gift Constellation Art

Oh my goodness! You (or they) can commemorate an important event in time by printing an image of the sky where you (or they) were on the day in question. We call that is one of the unique baptism gifts for son.

24. Blessings in a Mud Pie Jar

Christening Present For Son - Mud Pie Baby Blessings Jar
Mud Pie Baby Blessings Jar

Are you more of a sentimental person or a handyman? Make your own “blessings” with this kit, which comes with a jar and miniature hearts that you may write on and then drop into the container. Until they can read, the baby’s parents are going to have a lot of fun with this book.

25. Scripture Art

Baptism Gifts For Son - Scripture Art
Scripture Art

This lovely scripture art, which reads “Every good and perfect gift is from above,” is likely to find a home in their nursery or bedroom. In addition to being personalized baptism gifts for son, it is done in a style that resembles a watercolor painting.

26. Bookmarks that you design yourself

Baptism Gifts For Son - Personalized Bookmark
Personalized Bookmark

While they may not appreciate it right away, a personalized bookmark can be a thoughtful and long-lasting christening present for son that they’ll use often in the future. There is also a phrase that reads, “It’s never too late to be a child of God,” and their name and the day they were baptized. This day and every day, I ask for God’s blessing and protection.

27. A Baptism Plate Painted by Hand

Baptism Gifts For Son - Hand-Painted Baptism Plate
Hand-Painted Baptism Plate

Presents like this one is great for putting on display, either in the baby’s nursery or in a place where fragile gifts are kept. A cross in the center, their name, and the date of their baptism adorn the plate, which has a special design.

28. Affirmation of my status as a divinely adopted child

Christening Present For Son - I Am A Child Of God Sign
I am a Child of God Sign

“I’m a child of God” is all that’s written on this rustic-looking sign. With the world child colored blue, it’s one of the cool baptism gifts for son for a boy’s nursery or bedroom. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art that looks great and is sure to be hung straight away.

29. An infant’s “Godchild” outfit

Baptism Gifts For Son - The Godchild Babysuit
The Godchild Babysuit

This baby costume features the well-known emblem of The Godfather, made to read as The Godchild, with mobile in place of marionette puppet strings. For godparents, this is a great christening gift for son and an excellent photo op.

30. Baby Satin Shoes with Embroidery

Baptism Gifts For Son -Personalized Satin Baby Shoes
Personalized Satin Baby Shoes

The Baby’s name is embroidered on a pair of blue satin infant shoes that can be personalized with the baby’s initials. When they are baptized, they can wear them after the service, and they can keep them until they outgrow them.

31. Blanket with an Embroidered Keepsake

Baptism Gifts For Son - Embroidered Keepsake Blanket
Embroidered Keepsake Blanket

This powder blue commemorative blanket has its name sewn directly onto it, so they’ll stay toasty all winter long. Swaddling your baby in a unique blanket before and after the baptism ceremony is a thoughtful gesture. In addition, an embroidered cross decorates the garment.

32. Personalized Baptism Print

Baptism Personalized Print
Baptism Personalized Print

An elegant way to remember their baptismal ceremony. The name of the church and the date of the event are included in this document. Images of a tree with Bless This Child written in script and a silhouette of a bird on a branch are also included.

33. Pacifier Clip

Baptism Gifts For Son - Pacifier Clip
Pacifier Clip

You are finding useful baptism gifts for son, don’t you? If your baby is going to be fussy during the baptism ceremony, this adorned pacifier clip will come in helpful. To match their white baptismal attire, this bracelet features a series of beads in polished metal.

34. Photo Cubes with a personal touch

Baptism Gifts For Son - Personalized Photo Cube
Personalized Photo Cube

Several photos from their baptism can be stored in this cube, which also includes their name and the date of their baptism. Now, their parents won’t be stuck with just one photo, instead, they can select their four favorites and view them all at once.

35. Canvas for Baptism Blessing

Baptism Gifts For Son - Baptism Blessing Canvas
Baptism Blessing Canvas

With a light blue color scheme throughout and a lamb in the center, this painting contains their name and the completion date of their baptism. When it’s up on the wall, it adds a charming and feminine touch to the space while serving as a gentle reminder of this auspicious occasion. It is just one of the most thoughtful baptism gifts for son on our list that you can consider.

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DIY Christening Gifts For Your Son

36. Shadow Box for a Baby

Christening Present For Son - Baby Shadow Box
Baby Shadow Box

This shadow box, which may be filled with all of their baby items, will serve as a wall-hanging piece of art that can be displayed in their nursery. The fact that babies tend to gather a lot of this material is a wonderful bonus since it offers them somewhere to put it.

37. Nursery Decor with a Monogram

Baptism Gifts For Son - Monogrammed Nursery Art
Monogrammed Nursery Art

It is possible to make these personalized baptism gifts for boy nurseries by hand, adding that unique touch that means so much to the recipient. It is a simple yet adorable item. You simply begin with the first letter of their given name and, before you know it, you’ve created something that is both functional and visually appealing.

38. Mr. Handsome Onesie is a gentleman in a onesie

Baptism Gifts For Son - Mr. Handsome Onesie
Mr. Handsome Onesie

Create this onesie for that bouncing baby boy and you’ll be able to provide them with an outfit that they can wear after the ceremony is through. It has handwritten writing that says Mr. Handsome on it, and when he first puts it on, it is guaranteed to go viral on social media because he smiles a lot in it. He looks great in this christening present for son.

39. Baby Bonnet with a Neutral Color Scheme

Baptism Gifts For Son - Neutral-Colored Baby Bonnet
Neutral-Colored Baby Bonnet

Give him a christening gift for son that is as adorable as he is. Our favorite part about this hat is its homemade appearance!

You’re scrambling to think of a baptism present for a newborn due any day now, and you’re at a loss. We’re here to help, so don’t worry about it. Are you unsure of what constitutes a suitable gift? Are you looking for something truly one-of-a-kind? We’ve got you covered, no matter what. If you’re looking for some ideas for baptism gifts for son, this is the place to start! Because he deserves a special celebration on this momentous milestone.

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