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Custom Pet Portrait Canvas
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Canvas painting is still a fairly new concept for many people, which is a custom pet portrait canvas. Pets, besides family members, are the things that always appear by our side. It is your spiritual healer, a place for you to share the joy, to reduce sadness. To keep this friendship forever, why not think about storing images with a pet canvas? And what are pet photography tips for good pet photos? Let’s find out more details through the article below with Oh Canvas.

1. What Are Custom Pet Portrait Canvas?

Like other canvas prints, custom pet portrait canvas is the use of pictures, beautiful pictures, and details from your pet. From there, use motifs or elements to redesign to make the photo look more sparkling and attractive. As a result, you get an amazing and perfect custom pet portrait canvas. Pet canvas is a line of high-class prints. The painting uses canvas material, also known as canvas fabric, which is created from high-quality cotton, a material with the high color fastness and no mildew. Paintings are printed on a modern digital inkjet printer system with specialized ink.



Custom Pet Portrait Canvas
Take the pet portraits to make a custom pet portrait canvas for your home.

Custom pet portrait canvas fabric is derived from weft cotton yarn, which is characterized by a slightly rough, rough surface, but is light and durable. The fabric has the characteristics of absorbing ink colors to the maximum, treated to prevent termites and fading, so it is the first choice of professional printers or painters. Printed paintings give beautiful images, sharp high resolution, extremely realistic, and vivid colors.

2. The reason you should own custom pet portrait canvas in your home

Besides the advantages we have learned above, there are many reasons for the canvas to become an indispensable part of today’s living space. Pet canvas dominates and thrives in the aspect of industrial production. Although the printing technique is always improved to better serve the needs of customers, it still retains the quality, good aesthetic effect and the price is extremely cheap compared to the traditional wall paintings. Besides, the canvas also:

Bring beauty, highlight to the space

Pet portraits are gradually taking the throne because of the modern, luxurious and minimalist architectural design trend. Canvas paintings are now very diverse in design, the design is the main highlight for the space. Pet canvas is often placed behind sofas or on TV shelves, including cabinets to help the space become fresh and attractive. In addition, paintings also meet the needs of most spaces such as living room, coffee shop, kitchen, bedroom, office, nail salon, spa, children’s room, etc. Refresh your living corner according to your taste.

Fill the void in the room

With a lot of empty living room space, using custom pet portrait canvas art to fill in is the most effective way. Pay attention to the calculation of canvas size, color factors, you can completely create a liberal, modern or cozy living space for the house.

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3. Types Of Custom Pet Portrait Canvas

3.1 Custom Pet Portrait of Royalty – Cute gift idea ever!

The trend of using pictures of their pets to transplant into the body of celebrities has made many people love it. With adorable and mischievous images of cats and dogs grafted to celebrities (such as Monalisa, the presidents of the last century of America, famous celebrities of the era, …) will become extremely impressive and unique.

Custom Pet Portrait Canvas
Custom Pet Portrait Canvas Rules Canvas

3.2 Pet Portrait With Meaning Quotes

Imagine if your pet has acute and active moments, and you have meaningful quotes about motivating yourself. This is an opportunity to bring the two together. A custom canvas is perfect with both things I like, right?

Custom Pet Portrait Canvas
Custom Pet Portrait Canvas Butterflies Canvas

3.3 Engraved Pictures Of Dead Pets With Custom Canvas

It’s unfortunate and condescending to have your pet leave you, whatever the reason. Four-legged love is always watching you, just like the poem “As I Sit In Heaven expresses. If you still keep their best pictures, now’s the time to help you remember your 4-legged friend in heaven. Using some more gentle words, hang the canvas indoors where you can see it often, this helps you feel your dead pet is still watching you.

Custom Pet Portrait Canvas
Custom Pet Portrait Canvas Memorial

4. 10+ Tips To Get A Good Image For Custom Pet Portrait Canvas

To get a perfect personalized pet canvas, in addition to the design elements of the canvas, the image quality of the pets is also a concern. To get a good photo of your pet, it’s important to know some basic tips to capture their cutest moments. Check out some tips that we think can help you:

4.1. Go outside for the best picture

First in pet photography tips is to let your pet go outside so that you can get the best shots. It’s easy for animals and the outside to get along. A lot of people like taking their pets outside because it gives them a good dose of sunshine. Try taking pictures of your dog in the backyard, on a walk around the neighborhood, or at a dog park to show how cute they are. A cloudy day or when the sun is low in the sky will make your pictures look better. if you have a cat that lives inside, try taking it outside on a leash.

Pet Photography Tips
Go outside for the best picture – Source: countryliving.com

4.2. Low F-Stop is a Best Choice

Use a low f-stop when taking portraits of your pets to make them look their best. To make your subject stand out, do this: An out-of-focus background can also help hide any clutter in your home. As an alternative to having a DSLR, you can get the same effect with the Portrait mode on the iPhone 12, which uses two lenses to make the background look blurred. Other smartphone users might want to download an app that lets you change your f-stop by hand.

Pet Photography Tips
Low F-Stop is one of the Best pet photography tips to get perfect portrait – Source: nrdc.org

4.3. Don’t Forget Natural Light

Photographing pets inside, try to get close to a big window so that you can see them. As long as the sun isn’t shining directly into the picture, the diffused natural light will make the shadows less harsh and make the picture more flattering. The best way to get your dog or cat to spend more time in well-lit places is to put its bed near a window.

Pet Photography Tips
Don’t Forget Natural Light – Source: unleashed.education

4.4. Take Action Pictures

There are a lot of images of dogs and cats relaxing around the house. They get old quickly. It’s a great way to show off your pet’s wild side. You can take pictures of them running, jumping, swimming, chasing after a toy, or getting a treat in mid-air. Keep in mind that you should use a shutter speed of at least 1/500 to avoid motion blur.

Pet Photography Tips
Take Action Pictures of Your Pet – Source: fstoppers.com

4.5. Choose Scenic Place

For a truly epic picture of your dog, take the dog on a trip to a beautiful place. A mountain hike, a boat ride, or a trip to the beach are great places to get a picture of your dog in nature. If you want to get ideas, look at amateur photographer Kelly Lund, who has a huge Instagram following because he takes pictures of his dog in beautiful places.

Pet Photography Tips
Choose Scenic Place for the best photo – Source: wheatlandcounty.ca

4.6. Get Closer To Your Pet and Take Personal Shots

Experiment with very close portraits of your pet. Wet noses and bright cat eyes are fun alternatives to the typical pet picture. Make sure you get a macro lens for your DSLR so that you can take close-up photos. Some of the best phones and point-and-shoot cameras also have macro settings built in.

Pet Photography Tips
Get Closer To Your Pet and Take Personal Shots – Source: dreamstime.com

4.7. Tire Your Pet Out

As soon as they’re tired or asleep, pets are more likely to stay still and let you take their picture. Then, when you want to take a picture of your dog, make sure you take it for a long walk or run. If you have a dog that gets really excited, look into canine-calming treats.

Pet Photography Tips
Tire Your Pet Out – Source: jooinn.com

4.8. Use Toy and Food to Make Them Comfortable

Photographing a pet that doesn’t want to look at the camera? Try giving it treats or toys to get its attention. Feather toys work for cats, and meat should work for dogs. The best thing to do is ask a friend to help, so you can keep your mind on getting the picture.

Pet Photography Tips
Use Toy and Food to Make Them Comfortable – Source: womansday.com

4.9. Pursue their adorable behavior

To be at eye level with your pet, you should roll around on the floor. This will give you the best picture of your cat or dog’s face, which will make it look more like a real person.

Pet Photography Tips
Pursue their adorable behavior – Source: blog.hif.com.au

4.10. Remember: Be Chill With Your Pet!

As soon as you reach for your camera, many dogs and cats will stop what they’re doing and start to move around the house. As a general rule, move slowly when taking pictures of pets and don’t make noises that might scare them away. Animals can sense how energetic you are and are more likely to be calm if you are.

Pet Photography Tips
Chill with your pet to create a feeling of comfort, creating the most natural shots of your pet – Source: earth.com

4.11.  Make Your Cutie Smile

When a dog breathes through its mouth, it usually looks like it has a big smile on it. To get your dog to start panting for its picture, you could turn up the heat or play a quick game of fetch. If you’re lucky, you might get a cat to smile if you scratch their favorite spot.\

Pet Photography Tips
The smile of a pet will make the photo brighter and more lovely, this is also one of the interesting pet photography tips for pet owners – Source: Pinterest

4.12. Use Prop – Best Support Stuff To Get Perfect Picture

There are so many pet photography tips for do-it-yourself photo shoots, like this: A Christmas kitten in Santa’s hat or a dog celebrating its birthday could be fun. Pets in holiday sweaters may be cheesy, but staged photos of them are still cute.

Pet Photography Tips
Use Prop to get perfect picture – Source: slrlounge.com

Above are all the outstanding custom pet portrait canvas products and pet photography tips that we have introduced to you on this topic. Hopefully, with the above article, you can have a better understanding of the content as well as have your own ideas for interior decoration with your 4-legged friend. Currently, on the market, there are many different models, types, and prices. Choosing the right painting model that is affordable and reliable is a concern of many people. You can refer to good-quality products from Oh Canvas.

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