5 Amazing Tips For Farmhouse Room To Try Right Now

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Father’s story was recorded in the endless fields, far away in childhood; Mother’s dream is afternoons spent playing with the family’s pets and dropping thoughts and dreams into the kite flying far, high in the sky. Let’s immerse ourselves in those beautiful memories in the farmhouse room to relive the stories and dreams of our grandparents and parents!

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Have you ever had old house dreams?

Farmhouse Room

Old dreams – dreams told by grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, and mothers – have long been a source of life for every child. Fairy tales with magnificent castles, princes, and Cinderellas, and rustic wooden houses are indispensable spiritual food for children before going to sleep. For every child, stories are new and exciting. Are you like me? I often have good dreams about cornfields and red barns. There I was able to have fun, gather around a wooden table with my family to eat excellent cuisine, relax in a little deck chair in front of the porch and savor my mother’s delicious pies. Those dreams came to life in a vivid way and thrilled my heart.

Farmhouse RoomWe grew up in a peaceful and thriving world. But today’s children have very few quiet spaces like the time of our grandparents.

A farmhouse room – where grandparents and parents are relieved with their childhood dreams, where children are immersed in peace and simplicity but without losing their breath of full and strong vitality of this era. That room is the intersection of old dreams and dreams of the future, where the dreams of generations are born and spread like a leaf soaked in dew.

The farmhouse room – where childhood memories are stored

Time is like a summer breeze, coming and going quickly. People, like landscapes, evolve with time. We shall all mature and learn to adapt to the many cycles that exist. Everything around us never stays the same, but there is only one thing that lasts forever and can never be changed – memory. Memories will follow people through the years of life, memories of mother’s stories, memories of family meals, memories of a small house with a warm fire to warm the cold winter. They are all pearls that shine forever and sparkle among the dust of time.

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Maybe you are like me – still at a fairly young age and have no memories of living in farm life, in a farmhouse room. But I believe, your parents, your grandparents, they have beautiful memories of that life. Moments that perhaps words can never describe its warmth and emotion. But in that farm room, they lived with the warmth of sincere hearts and spent the most beautiful days of a person’s life.

Farmhouse Room

Those are endless memories in the farm room that each of us, once experienced, will never be able to forget. It is like a stream of water flowing forever, flowing forever, flowing through the gap in time, flowing through the blood in each person, never stopping and never be forgotten.

Now it’s time to own your own farmhouse room

The yearning for a separate farmhouse room, therefore, grows stronger in us. Grandparents’ stories, as well as hopes and recollections of parents, provide a great incentive for each person to possess a farmhouse room.

Farmhouse Room

I can’t claim we all have the same dream, though! Everyone has a different taste and sometimes we will bump them together like similarities on the intersections of our own roads. You may not need to build a farmhouse room, maybe you just need to add a few touches of this style to create accents and impress for your room. Let’s take a look at the 5 tips we discovered when constructing a farmhouse room.

Wooden Furniture – the soul of a farmhouse room

Traditional farmhouse style is primarily built of wood, which is still a staple of any farmhouse room today. You can use this material to make furniture in the room, both giving it a warm feel while also giving it a contemporary and elegant appearance.

#1: Handmade Farmhouse Shelving unit is an ideal farmhouse furniture

A do-it-yourself shelf with fully utilized wood pieces. As for the farmhouses of ancient origin, each room in the house is not only used as a shelter from the wind, but it also has to be used for all other uses. This not only helps the owner save costs and money but also makes the room much more comfortable.

This wooden shelf can be used to display the family’s favorite belongings in the living room or to store the ingredients for great meals in the kitchen. And you can even put it in your bedroom to use as a bookshelf for yourself. Additionally, baskets made of rattan or bamboo can be utilized to add to the rustic beauty of the farmhouse style seen in many movies.

Farmhouse Room

#2: A coffee table for family gatherings – The centerpiece of the farmhouse living room

The atmosphere of a family is always an important light for each child’s growth, it determines their thoughts and views on life. You can see that if a family is always lived in a joyful and close atmosphere, the child will have positive thoughts to grow up and build happiness later.

Family conversations are important and necessary times. It not only helps parents understand their children better, but the children also have the opportunity to share their thoughts and aspirations with their parents. Images of conversations always appear in memories and paintings of old farm rooms. Put a stylish wooden coffee table in the middle of your room, it will be a great space for your family’s conversations and rest. There are many shapes of coffee tables that you can choose from, but I am quite impressed with the design of stacking pieces of wood like the one above, which not only maintains its farmhouse charm but also makes a statement in your farmhouse room.

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#3: Farmhouse dining room table for your family 

Farmhouse Room

In addition to the living room or bedroom, the kitchen plays a very important role in the overall house. This is the place where the family will enjoy a delicious meal of grandma and mother. If you’ve seen any of the previous decade’s films, you’ll notice that the picture of family members sitting around a meal and praying together is always cozy and pleasant. Because every moment of life, every moment of peace and fullness is a valuable gift that God gives us. Being grateful, respectful, and building it for the better is how we respond to what God has given us.

Thus, a rustic table and chairs with the main material being wood – the lifeline of the farmhouse style – will be the space for you and your family to do those things. You can refer to these types of tables and chairs on many sales pages, choose a set of tables and chairs that match the size of your room, and of course, it must match your preferences and your personality.

Convert attic spaces into a fairy farmhouse bedroom

If you are a movie buff, you probably won’t be able to ignore the attic rooms. It is every child’s dream with the desire to own an attic room of their own. As teenagers, each of us needs a space of our own so that we can freely express our individuality and a farmhouse attic room will be a great shelter for boys and girls. The wooden dome-style ceiling, which is typical of ancient farmhouse rooms, is the room’s most striking feature. At the same moment, the brilliant light from the high blue sky will shine through the window, making the room brighter. When we reach this age, every one of us has a hobby: looking out the window and immersing ourselves in the white clouds or the dazzling stars in the night sky. This is the main attraction in this farmhouse attic bedroom.

Farmhouse Room

For boys, you can use the main color tone as black and white or deep tones. This can show the strong but deep personality of the boys when they rarely show their emotions outside. Boys are always special colors because of their strong and mysterious inner like the black and white color that the room brings.

Farmhouse Room

What about girls who are dreamy and gaiety? White color combined with light brown or pink is the perfect combination for a girl with a gentle and loving personality. For more vibrant girls, combine light tones ideally and appropriately to create accents and show off their style.

Decorating farmhouse room with Country Gingham pattern

Country Gingham is a familiar detail with a farmhouse style that you can see in most pictures or movies about this life. Because of the refinement they provide to every space, this style may be found in almost any family, from nobility to commoners. Red is the color of the blood sign, the color of fire, and the color of unbridled zeal. As a result, for your farmhouse room, you can choose red-toned ornamental furniture with white accents. The red and white checkered design not only amazes and illuminates the space, but it does so without being overly bright or overbearing.

Farmhouse Room

You can use it to highlight the bed in the bedroom with pillowcases or blankets. You can also use it to decorate your kitchen with vibrant colors. Its variety of decorative uses makes it one of the indispensable decorations of the farmhouse style as this style always emphasizes diversity and makes full use of the uses of furniture objects in the house.

Use bright colors for modern farmhouse living room

A modern farmhouse room is a perfect choice for those who are not too inclined to any taste. For that neutrality, the combination of the tradition of farmhouse style and the elegance and sophistication of modern beauty is something that you can consider.

These style rooms are designed with limitless human creativity. From open spaces, white walls, armchairs or rugs, and more, you can easily choose the style for them. Mainly, keep a few rules in mind when following this style. For example, earth colors or black and white are always the main colors and are widely used for this type of room. A set of tables and chairs with a soft long armchair for family members to rest is reasonably placed between the room or the clothes spread on it and the carpets on the ground with impressive textures with earthy textures. 

Farmhouse Room

And do not forget that, with a modern farm room, wood is still a necessary material. Maybe you don’t need to use it all for the room, but you just need to use it for a few special accents or for your floor, for example. This will not lose the typical color of the farmhouse style and it will even add a luxurious touch to your room.

Beautify your farmhouse room with a few canvas paintings

Of course, pictures of farmhouse life are indispensable in farmhouse rooms. You see, we can only live in the breath of this style through the stories or memories of our grandparents and parents. But those are just faint images in our imagination, we need more specific and sharp images to be able to get the feeling that our grandparents and parents used to experience in different places in the decades ago. Therefore, I suggest you canvas paintings depicting the fine details of this life. A life with endless fields, the color of sunset falling on the reeds or blooming rice. The kites that fly high and far, the cows, the chickens of the family farm. And even pictures of the kitchen with traditional and rustic dishes and bowls. All those images are depicted and painted very clearly and delicately in each brushstroke and color combination of the artist.


Farmhouse Room


#1: A picture of farm life with pictures of wooden houses and animals raised in barns. You see, the artist is very skillful when adding meaningful messages to the picture, both a motivation and a solution to all the stress of life, right?


Farmhouse Room


#2: The picture of farm life with pictures of kitchen items is a gift for all the children in the world. It is an image for them to remember about a warm family meal in farmhouse rooms, and great energy for them to try and make efforts every day. Because family is the happy destination of each person and each mother’s meal is a strong vitality for the children.

Here are some tips on building a farmhouse room. Hope you will have more great ideas and remember to share them with us.