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The year 2020 has come to an end and a New Year is coming. Do you feel like your home is starting to be too familiar? Why not change it up by adding new colors and style into your home. This below is a little guide to show you how you can change up your home with a new farmhouse style color.

What Is Farmhouse style and Why You Should Join The Trend In The New Year

Farmhouse style used to be a traditional country house with brick walls, old furniture, cattle wallpapers,… But the modern farmhouse style combined the charms of a traditional farmhouse style with a modern home twist to it by combining a neutral and monotone color palette with old and rustic furniture to accompany it. The style is famous for its simplicity and practicality but still feels cozy and modern at the same time. 

Farmhouse Style Living Room With Neutral Color Palette

Source: @sgadesigns via Instagram


Farmhouse Style Living Room With Beige Color

Source: @mycoastalchiclife via Instagram

The modern farmhouse style is a combination of the warm and inviting vibe that no other style can compare with the soothing and relaxing color palettes to create a family-friendly atmosphere for family members and guests can enjoy themselves. And thanks to the neutral color palette like white or gray, you can incorporate other interior design styles into your farmhouse style home without losing the charm and the authenticity of the style. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Neutral Color Palette

Source: Brooke Sailer

The modern farmhouse style is a blend of modern and natural casual. It creates a welcoming and laidback feeling to your home and makes your home a perfect place to return and relax after a hard-working day. Because of its charm, farmhouse style has taken the world by storm and become one of the more popular interior design people usually go for.

Finding The Right Color Palettes For Your Farmhouse Style Home

Now that you know what farmhouse style is, it’s time to find the perfect colors for your home. It is important to remember that these are only our suggestions and you can always try to incorporate your favorite color into your own home. After all, the farmhouse style is known for its versatility.

  • The Neutral Colors – Back to Basics 

Neutral colors are the best at being the foundation color in your farmhouse style home. If you look for farmhouse style ideas online, you will see most of the interior designs are in either white, cream, or grayish color. The neutral usually goes well with all other colors that are used as accent furniture or wall decor. This is why these colors are usually chosen as the foundation for modern farmhouse style.

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room With Neutral Color Palette

Source: The Beauty Revival

A white or cream color is probably the most popular color palette you see in a typical farmhouse style home thanks to its versatility. A pure white is usually used on shiplap and trim to create a highlight for a room. It can also be a wall color to create a bright blank ‘canvas’ for your room. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room With Neutral Palette And A Twist Of Green Pillows

Source: Micheala Diane Design

Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Neutral Palette And Wood Accent Floor

Source: Better Home & Garden

You can pair white with yellow to brighten up the look of a room or pair it with a soft blue to give the room a more chill and calming look. Or simply put white and the brown of wood from your furniture to create a more simple but effective farmhouse style look. 

Farmhouse Style Living Room With A Little Warm Tone White

Source: @brightyellowdoor via Instagram

Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Dark And Light Neutral Color Palette

Source: Sanctuary Home Decor

Gray is dependable, practical and a great foundation to any farmhouse style room. Let it be the living room or kitchen or bathroom, the color gray is easy on the eyes, it doesn’t necessarily pop out in a crowd of colors but it works great as a neutral harmonizer and let other colors be the hero in the room.

Farmhouse Style Dining Room With Neutral Color Palette

Source: Sanctuary Home Decor

Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Neutral Color Palette

Source: Leah Lamberson Photography

  • The Cool Tone Colors – Soothe Your Mood 

In farmhouse style, cool tone colors usually have a blue undertone to them, to generate a cooler feel and look on the walls. The most popular ones are pale blue, pale green, teal, or gray with a blue undertone. This palette will give you versatility while still keeping that familiar and relaxing feel of a modern farmhouse style home.

Farmhouse Style Living Room With Cool Tone Color Palette

Source: @inspiringthreads via Instagram

Farmhouse Style Dining Room With Gray With Green Undertone Color

Source: Sanctuary Home Decor

The cool color palette always brings a calming and relaxing feel to your home. A pale blue painted wall with white accent furniture can bring a clean and airy look to the room, while green will give you an earthy and optimistic atmosphere. 

Farmhouse Style Living Room With White And Blue Color Palette

Source: @swiftcohome via Instagram

Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Green Color Palette

Source: Southern Hospitality Blog

If you feel like the color in your home is too warm, change it up with pale blue curtains or re-paint the wall with a soft blue to create a more seamless farmhouse style look. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room With Blue Curtains

Source: Hymns and Verse

  • The Warm Tone Colors – Catch The Light 

The warm tone palette includes colors with a red or yellow undertone to them, like pale yellow, blush pink, pale coral, beige with a yellow undertone. These colors are usually bright and light-catching, what farmhouse style is all about. 

Farmhouse Style Living Room With Yellow Color Palette

Source: Re-fabbed

Just like a neutral color, using a light warm tone color on the walls is a great harmonizer to make other colors pop in a room. Blush pink painted walls can create a warm and loving feel to a room. While pale yellow will add an energetic and optimistic look to your home. 

Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Pink Color Palette

Source: House & Garden

Vibrant warm tone colors can give a striking and bold look to your home if used as an accent color. When used as a decoration like a canvas print, flowers, or a fruit bowl, they can be a splash of color that is added to your beautiful farmhouse style home without taking away the seamless look and feel. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room With A Colorful Color Palette

Source: HGTV

  • The Darker Colors – Add The Contrast 

The darker colors on the spectrum are not usually used for a typical farmhouse style home. But in a modern farmhouse style home, you can add a bit of darkness to a room, together with the light colors, they will make your room stand out with the contrast between light and dark colors. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Dark Grey Colors

Source: S R Grambrel 

A darker gray creates more contrast for your home and adds a modern twist to your room. A darker gray with yellow accent furniture and wall decor is a trend coming in 2021. And if you have a lighter colored floor, darker gray is a must to make your room feel less washed out.

Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Dark Grey And White Colors

Source: masterbrand.com

Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Dark Grey Accent Wall

Source: Little House of Four

A darker color like navy blue can give a more sophisticated and contemporary look to your room without losing its calming and relaxing factor. A dark cool tone color in the bedroom can give a cozy feel to it as well and make you feel more comfortable. Or you can paint your cabinets in the kitchen a darker blue or green and complete the room with white painted walls to offset the darkness.

Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Dark Green And White Color Palette

Source: Jacklyn Peters Design

When choosing a color palette for your home, make sure that all the colors are blended and nothing too strong or overwhelming. After all, subtle but relaxing and colorful is a theme in any farmhouse style.

Color Combinations You Can Try Out For 2021 

  • Ultimate Gray and Illuminating 

Farmhouse Style Color With Pantone Colors Of 2021

Source: Pantone

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray have been chosen by Pantone LLC to be their 2021 colors of the year. This color combination is described as “Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic”, said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute.

Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Grey And Yellow Colors Combination

Source: House and Garden

If you are looking for a new color combo for your farmhouse decor, this combo is perfect for you in the new year. Can be used for your walls or furniture, Ultimate Gray is a great foundation for your interior. Paired with it is Illuminating, a vibrant yellow, which will add a flare of optimism and brightness to your home by using it on accent furniture, wall decoration, or accessories. 

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room With Gray And Yellow Colors Combination As Furniture On A Neutral Color Palette

Source: Emily Henderson Design

  • Aegean Teal with Gold and White 


Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Aegean Teal From Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

Similar to Pantone, this year Benjamin Moore has chosen Aegean Teal (2136-40) as their color of the year for 2021, alongside 12 other shades as their trending color in 2021. This blue-green with gray undertone is a calming and relaxing color to have in any farmhouse style home. The soothing nature of it makes this a perfect color for a farmhouse style kitchen, bedroom, and living room, where you and your family would be spending most of your time. 

Farmhouse Style Dining Room With Aegean Teal Color Paint

Source: Benjamin Moore

Naturally, this color is perfect on your wall, as Benjamin Moore is one of the biggest paint companies in the world. But aside from that, you can use this color for farmhouse decor like accent furniture, cabinets in your kitchen to add an elegant pop of color to the room. Aegean Teal with gold furnishing is a perfect combo as the two will complement each other, or an Aegean Teal wall with white trim to make your room look crisp and elegant.

Farmhouse Style Living Room With Aegean Teal As Accent Color For Furniture

Source: Hadley Court

  • Urbane Bronze with White and Brown 

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room With Urbane Bronze As Wall Color

Source: Sherwin-Williams

Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) is the color of 2021, chosen by Sherwin-Williams. The shade is an earthy dark brown with a grey undertone. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, described the color in a press release: ″Urbane Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.” 

Modern Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Urbane Bronze Wall Color

Source: Sherwin-Williams

This earthy dark gray is a perfect color to have for your bedroom, creating a cozy and sophisticated look for a modern farmhouse style bedroom. Or if you don’t feel like painting your whole room a dark gray color, try painting it on the cabinets or the kitchen counters, it will add great contrast to the white and make your kitchen pop even more.

Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Urbane Bronze As Cabinets Color

Source: Home Bunch

Accessories to Go with a Farmhouse Style Home.

Farmhouse decor is all about practicality and simplicity. There needs to be a balance between old and new to keep the look clean, warmhearted but not outdated. This is why many furniture or decorations of the modern farmhouse style consist of old rustic items and a modern style item that goes with it. 

Farmhouse Style Living Room With Wood Coffee Table

Source: Lovemade14

Farmhouse Style Bedroom With Old Rustic Red Closet

Source: Savvy Southern Style

You can use vintage furniture combined with new pieces to create a more seamless blend for the farmhouse style. A new sofa paired with vintage chairs and a table for the living room or a new bed with an old chest and a vintage lamp to add character to your bedroom. 

Farmhouse Style Bedroom With A Dark Brown Chest

Source: Savvy Southern Style

Why Not A Canvas Print to Add a Pop of Color to Your Home 

Canvas Print is one of the most versatile wall farmhouse decors you can have in your home. They usually last a long time, easy to clean and affordable with a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from. 

Farmhouse Style Canvas Print Just Breathe

Dandelion and butterflies, Just Breathe | OhCanvas 

If you feel like your home is lacking some colors. Why not add a designed canvas print to complete the look. At OhCanvas.com, we are passionate about farmhouse style and the simplicity that comes with it, that’s why we love creating canvas prints designs specifically for farmhouse style homes. 

Farmhouse Style Canvas Print Left The Gate Open

Dogs with a Barn, Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open | OhCanvas

We use high-quality and fade-resistant ink for all our prints. The durable cotton canvases are stretched and wrapped on a sturdy pinewood frame that will make sure the colors stand the test of time on your wall. 

With a new and unique design for your home every day, we guarantee you can find something that will fit perfectly for your home. 

So check out all our designs HERE! And remember, all orders over $150 will get free shipping.

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